What’s in a Name? 

Sara Salyers   If you answered, ‘not much’ you would be wrong.  The British establishment has been playing fast and loose with Scottish constitutional law, historical fact and the terms of the English contract with Scotland, (the international Treaty of Union), all entirely on the basis of a kind of re-classification game, a terminological reinterpretation ofContinue reading “What’s in a Name? “


A 40 minute podcast highlighting key issues of our case. Beat the Censors Regretfully there are some among us who seek to censor what others read. Sadly within the YES movement there are sites which claim to be pro Indy but exist to only promote one Party and will not publish articles which come fromContinue reading “SALVO,SOVEREIGNTY AND LIBERATION”


A good speech from Neale Hanvey. “THERE MUST BE NO LIMITS PLACED ON SCOTLAND’S RIGHT TO INDEPENDENCE” SAYS HANVEY IN COMMONS DEBATE Opening the Westminster Hall Debate today (Wednesday) on a further independence referendum for Scotland ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP will state: I beg to move that this House has considered “Government policy on a further independenceContinue reading “THERE MUST BE NO LIMITS ON SCOTLAND’S RIGHTS”

So who are the people on the SNC Steering group?

Organised jointly by Salvo and Liberation a steering group has been meeting weekly for the last few months building the Scottish National Congress which will be the vehicle that will prepare and present the case for Scottish Independence to the United Nations. At the outset of this important process I promised that the names ofContinue reading So who are the people on the SNC Steering group?

Ewan Kennedy on that ruling.

Ewan is becoming a regular on my blog. He is a solicitor by profession and lives in Argyll. I have more articles coming from other lawyers coming soon. Like buses they all turn up at the same time. Comments on the Supreme Court I can’t say I’m surprised at the ruling. The only good thingContinue reading “Ewan Kennedy on that ruling.”


David Davis once stated there would be no downsides to Brexit. Here are this month’s so far reproduced from the Yorkshire Bylines site which has been adding them up every month. 829. Paperwork: A British man working in Denmark has been told to leave the country, his job and his fiancee after he was four daysContinue reading “BREXIT DOWNSIDES SO FAR THIS MONTH.”

‘Banking on phoney economics

This is a guest article from Scott Egner who is regular commentator on this site. ‘Banking on phoney economics’ You can tell it’s squeaky bum time when another ‘expert’ on the economy weighs with another ‘devastating’ blow to Scottish independence. I often hear the claim that we didn’t do enough back in 2014 to persuadeContinue reading “‘Banking on phoney economics”


A guest comment from Breeks, a regular contributor to this site. People perhaps should reflect on the content of this article before the “Supreme Court” fiasco comes to a head. To those disappointed in ALBA’s share of the vote, don’t lose perspective. The disappointment is NOTHING besides the disappointment which the SNP has become. You’veContinue reading “GREAT RESPONSE FROM BREEKS TO “THE LONG ROAD””


This was a comment, worthy of highlighting that was left on my blog site today from a friend whose identity I am familiar with. I use the photo above because I think everything, including appealing to England’s Supreme Court could not have happened without the deliberate and intentional moves to damage Alex Salmond, in advance,Continue reading “WELL SAID BREEKS”