This is a post from the 24th June 2020, arguing for measures to put restrictions on the border before the holiday season so that the progress in eliminating the virus in Scotland could be protected during the holiday season. Look at the numbers at the time compared to today. Of course nothing was done andContinue reading “SHOULD THE BORDER BE CLOSED?”


WISH AWAY…IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN While the unionists throw the kitchen sink at the Independence Movement they swirl around in a cloud of self delusion that this move or that attack will be the one that finally brings the drive towards Independence to a halt. If they  could only cripple Alex Salmond or pull down NicolaContinue reading “WISH AWAY..IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!”

Dealing with the linen.

Dealing with the linen There has always been differing views about this in political parties. The arguments can be credible on both sides of any argument.  There is little doubt keeping all discussion internal can be effective with the electorate. Keeping them in the dark about any potential disagreements can be at least initially electorallyContinue reading “Dealing with the linen.”


Should Nicola close the Border to non commercial traffic. IS an argument that is raging across the country. Has she the power to do it? What would justify it? What would be the economic cost? Good questions, let’s try and answer them. I will take the easiest first. I think there would be overwhelming public supportContinue reading “SHOULD THE BORDER BE CLOSED?”