Russell, Crowing from His Horse-box

Two years ago, I was convinced Angus MacNeil, Douglas Chapman, and Joanna Cherry were stick-ons to abandon Sturgeonism. Angus and Chris’s Plan B had been booed at conference, Douglas was lost in the black hole of the indyref fund, and Joanna was being simultaneously abused, threatened, and effectively barred from standing as an MSP. I also imagined,Continue reading “Russell, Crowing from His Horse-box”

In Search of The High Admiral of Scotland 

In Search of The High Admiral of Scotland  Waves sometimes splash over the front of this little ro-ro ferry. For that reason I’ve parked my two wheels a wee bit further back. The crossing is only 20 minutes but it cuts quite a bit off the journey. Leaving the harbour there’s a panoramic view toContinue reading “In Search of The High Admiral of Scotland “


A guest article from Peter Young, who runs IndyScot News from his home in Denmark. I plan to leave it up as the main post for the entire weekend. Please read and share, it deserves a wide audience. Patriots and Traitors “Someone lays flowers there every year,” my friend John said. “It’s just around the cornerContinue reading “PATRIOTS AND TRAITORS”


This is another article by Peter Young from Denmark who runs IndyScot News webpages and Scotnews. I know many of my readers have enjoyed his previous articles. I am sure this new one will only add to his reputation as a fine and interesting writer. Left or Right? If you exit Copenhagen’s main railway station,Continue reading “LEFT OR RIGHT? HOW DENMARK HANDLES REFERENDUMS.”