Through the Stones at Cafe Karisma.

Another guest article from regular Peter Young of IndyScot News in Denmark. I always try to publish Peter on a Sunday so people have time to enjoy the fine quality of his writing. Today he uncovers more historical links between Scotland and Denmark. Built when Scotland was an independent trading nation and before England putContinue reading “Through the Stones at Cafe Karisma.”

Fraud by Semantics

Fraud by Semantics The difference between the Scottish and English Crowns is far more than a historical curiosity: because of the nature of the Scottish Crown, Scotland remains a sovereign territorial nation, that is, one whose resources remain the property of that nation and that nation alone.Crown property rights in Scots law, which are anContinue reading “Fraud by Semantics”


A good speech from Neale Hanvey. “THERE MUST BE NO LIMITS PLACED ON SCOTLAND’S RIGHT TO INDEPENDENCE” SAYS HANVEY IN COMMONS DEBATE Opening the Westminster Hall Debate today (Wednesday) on a further independence referendum for Scotland ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP will state: I beg to move that this House has considered “Government policy on a further independenceContinue reading “THERE MUST BE NO LIMITS ON SCOTLAND’S RIGHTS”


Part of the Scottish European diaspora, Peter Young has lived and worked in Scandinavia for several decades. He moved to Denmark after completing a BA and taught for 10 years in Copenhagen. Since 1994, Peter has edited and published The School Times International, a monthly educational, news-based magazine he established as a teaching innovation. ItContinue reading “YET ANOTHER SNC STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBER REVEALED”


THE GREAT PAIN ROBBERY I’m enjoying letting this sink in. It bears all the hallmarks of an endgame strategy that has been decades in the making. It’s been longer than that, I know, but its only been decades for me to witness first hand. This is the hornet’s nest that the UK’s Supreme Court wasContinue reading “A RESPONSE FROM BREEKS”


Having pursued a career around Europe and North America from the late 80’s first as an Astrophysicist and then as a ‘Computer Specialist’,  Ivan Bishop , born in Dunoon – now lives on the Pacific Coast. He put the ‘Act of Union’ online and operated the first anti “NewLabour” blogging web site in the early 90’sContinue reading “ANOTHER SNC STEERING GROUP MEMBER REVEALED.”

The Unintended Consequences of the Law

Another article from Ewan Kennedy, who has become a regular contributor in recent months which is good for this blog because he writes very well. Yesterday’s article from Graham Fordyce which was also well received and displays that we have lawyers of talent willing to speak out on the best way forward for Scotland. WhileContinue reading “The Unintended Consequences of the Law”

Well it’s been some week has it not?

Well it’s been some week has it not? I can’t remember a better story for a journalist than the one presented by the Scottish National Congress Group on behalf of the Scottish Liberation Movement which revealed Westminster has been illegally involved in extensive fraud and deception while plundering the North Sea of hundreds of billionsContinue reading “Well it’s been some week has it not?”

Where we are; where we’re going; and how we get there.

Graham A Fordyce @gafordyce 26 November 2022 The decision of the Supreme Court on Thursday 24 November 2022 was no great surprise but those who support Scotland’s right to choose are now left wondering how to respond.  So let’s draw breath and put aside for a moment the legal, political and intellectual game of pingContinue reading “Where we are; where we’re going; and how we get there.”