written by Martin Hannan. Originally published in the National Extra. POLITICS is like history. If you don’t learn from mistakes, you’re condemned to repeat them.I have resigned from the SNP after nearly two decades of membership. I did not do so on a whim. I have become increasingly disillusioned and left because the SNP of 2021 isContinue reading “ARTICLE OF THE WEEK”


A guest post by Steve Norris of the Kirkcudbright Branch of the SNP Galloway and West Dumfries Constituency. I raised the possibility of a plebiscite election with Steve and he confirmed if it was possible to arrange in the time between now and May he would happily support 100% doing so. MANIFESTO FOR INDEPENDENCE: SCOTLAND’S FUTUREContinue reading “MANIFESTO FOR INDEPENDENCE”


BEWARE THE AMBUSH As we all recall the recent NEC elections made sweeping changes and a lot of people lost their places, including several senior figures. Noses were out of joint for a few days as some of that faction in the Party very publicly announced they were moving to the Greens. Already one ofContinue reading “DON’T SLIP UP NOW!”


GENERATIONS COME AND GO As the New Year commences it is a time for reflection. The year itself 2020 was fraught with difficulties, culminating with another spike in new Covid infections and the first true impacts of Brexit being experienced. We see these problems as being very serious and of course they are but previousContinue reading “GENERATIONS COME AND GO”


BORDER CLOSED..IT’S A JOKE. Once again wee timid Scotland talks big but then delivers absolute zero. No sooner had the half hearted announcement been made than  the Chief Constable publicly pulls the rug by announcing his force will not be carrying out any special measures to enforce the measure. We have learned nothing from the lastContinue reading “BORDER CLOSED…IT’S A JOKE!”


UK Government ‘too busy’ for Scotland: Kate Forbes on struggles with Westminster Exclusive by Kirsteen Paterson Originally published in the National. EXCLUSIVE Kate Forbes is the MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch Photograph: Ruaraidh White. “IT’S not about me being disrespected, it’s about Scottish businesses not getting the cover that they deserve.” Kate Forbes is talkingContinue reading “DEVOLUTION IS NOT WORKING.”


INDEPENDENCE IS KILLING LABOUR With polls showing support for Independence anywhere between 53-58% and on an upward trend, the Labour Party, formerly the dominant force in Scottish politics, were suddenly overcome with their latest overwhelming desire to achieve self destruction  and decided this was precisely the right time to announce they would oppose any referendum forContinue reading “INDEPENDENCE IS KILLING LABOUR.”


First published in the National Joanna Cherry: Ignore bumbling Boris Johnson, we need a concrete indy plan NOW By Joanna Cherry COMMENT Boris Johnson and his hapless Scottish Tory chums have spent the week digging themselves a hole. NEVER interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. It’s a good maxim. Boris Johnson and hisContinue reading “ARTICLE OF THE WEEK”