THE LATEST “CHANGE” When it comes to problem solving, the SNP have abandoned all pretence it is a democratic process. As the nominations for office and the NEC closed, giving the leadership advance notice of who the main challengers would be (based on the number of nominations for each candidate)the rule book was being extendedContinue reading “CONFERENCE LOOMS”


HOW CONFERENCES HAVE CHANGED In my day I genuinely enjoyed conferences. They were lively often featuring great debates on a wide range of different issues. There were often differing views and those differences were thrashed out in full public view, without rancour or name calling, but with strength and passion nonetheless. It was not unusualContinue reading “HOW CONFERENCES HAVE CHANGED”


Letters Originally published in the National. I LIKE Alyn Smith. He’s a great and eloquent debater. As one of those members also seeking nomination for SNP Policy Development Convener, I think Alyn’s article on Wednesday (We must call out tactics that are out to disrupt indy cause, November 11) paints a picture which disparages those who disagreeContinue reading “LETTERS OF THE WEEK.”


MASSACRE OF THE STRAW MEN I have just read another defence of Section 30. Never have so many straw men arguments been created and slain in the one article. If you criticise the SNP for anything you are immediately accused of trying to destroy the SNP. It’s ridiculous and the last desperate defence of peopleContinue reading “YOU HAVE JUST BEEN PLAYED!”