What follows is a programme put together by TRT World the Turkish Public Service Broadcaster about the SNP LEADERSHIP RACE. It will be shown all over the World it’s a bit like the BBC WORLD SERVICE and as the presenter explained to me at the beginning of the programme, the introduction at the beginning withContinue reading “SCOTLAND’S CHOICE”


A guest post from Gordon Millar. HUMZA’S REMARKABLY UNENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORTERS From the first minute of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation speech, her departure and the election of her successor have been covered by a cloak of dishonesty. For example, while people certainly do resign because of burn out, they don’t normally do it via a midweek emergencyContinue reading “HUMZA’S REMARKABLY UNENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORTERS”

The Leadership Election Week 3 Review.

The Leadership Election Week 3 It would not be a normal week without further evidence on how the SNP Leadership are fiddling the rules to benefit the “continuity candidate”. For that read Mr Silent Lips because make no mistake that is why he has the overwhelming support of the guilty…sorry leadership. He has taken theContinue reading “The Leadership Election Week 3 Review.”

It is not compulsory to be timid every day.

This leadership race is beginning to annoy me. Where is the freedom of thought and speech that can inspire? Where is the vision and explanation of the route to deliver Independence?. One is no use without the other. Equally importantly when is one of the candidates going to give some of these unionist commentators andContinue reading “It is not compulsory to be timid every day.”


Leadership election. After a quiet start it explodes down South. Questions over who can vote? The week started with Humza promising an expansion of universal childcare with no explanation of the source of money, he also had several other spending promises. What they all had in common was a complete lack of explaining where theContinue reading “LEADERSHIP ELECTION WEEK 2 REVIEW.”


I was initially very angry about the “threat” from seemingly six SNP MSP’s that if the membership elected anyone other than Humza Yousaf they would vote against the newly appointed leader perhaps even electing Anas Sarwar or Douglas Ross as First Minister. Despicable, cowardly and disloyal to their Party? Sure, but it’s also a giantContinue reading “THINGS NOT GOING AS INTENDED.”


A GOOD START FROM ASH REGAN Being less well known to the Scottish public it was important Ash got off to a positive start. What I was looking for was a positive message, a clarity of message and some bravery and vision about the challenges in front of her in this contest. On all ofContinue reading “A GOOD START FROM ASH REGAN”


The Indian Council of Scotland and the United Kingdom, along with the Muslim Council of the United Kingdom, have this morning issued an extraordinary joint statement regarding their serious concerns about the SNP leadership contest. The Indian community in Scotland would live in fear if Humza Yousaf becomes First Minister. Neil Lal, Chairman and PresidentContinue reading “FAITHS UNITED BY HUMZA YOUSAF”