”Fixing” needing sorted.

Dr Tim Rideout is a very competent member of the Scottish National Party. Readers may recall he was successful in getting the SNP CONFERENCE to back his call for our own Independent Scottish currency on a timescale considerably faster than the proposal laid out in the ”Growth Commission Report”. This did not endear him toContinue reading “”Fixing” needing sorted.”


Hi Iain, I have issued the following statement today: “I spent my school and university days in apartheid South Africa. I was so appalled by the racism that I refused to accept the system and was ultimately expelled in January 1985 because of it. So it is very difficult for me to hear myself describedContinue reading “STATEMENT FROM TIM RIDEOUT.”


A GUEST ARTICLE FROM TIM RIDEOUT OF THE SCOTTISH CURRENCY GROUP. Can Scotland Afford to pay the State Pension? In summary: Scottish state pensions will be more than covered by Scottish National Insurance. Annual NI receipts = £11476m Annual Pensions = £8517m Leaves £2959m surplus for other benefits. Source Table 1.1 & Box 3.2 GERS 2021 FullContinue reading “WELL CAN WE?”