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Through the Stones at Cafe Karisma.

Another guest article from regular Peter Young of IndyScot News in Denmark. I always try to publish Peter on a Sunday so people have time to enjoy the fine quality of his writing. Today he uncovers more historical links between Scotland and Denmark. Built when Scotland was an independent trading nation and before England putContinue reading “Through the Stones at Cafe Karisma.”


YES that is what I said at the start of November BUT it did not turn out that way, indeed it was one of the busiest months of the year for Yours for Scotland. I really do need a break so I am going to try again in December. There will be some guest posts,Continue reading “AS IT GOES MONTH”

Fraud by Semantics

Fraud by Semantics The difference between the Scottish and English Crowns is far more than a historical curiosity: because of the nature of the Scottish Crown, Scotland remains a sovereign territorial nation, that is, one whose resources remain the property of that nation and that nation alone.Crown property rights in Scots law, which are anContinue reading “Fraud by Semantics”

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