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A guest comment from Willie Hutchison highlighting how our colonial status impacts our country in sector after sector. Farmed Salmon is only a small part of the wholesale rape of Scotland’s assets The £2 billion industry marketed around the world as Scottish is virtually all owned by investors in Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Canada and other…

Faroese Friends

A particularly powerful article contrasting the status of the 54,000 population of the Faroe Islands with the 5.5 million Scots. It throws up multiple embarrassments that we need to learn from and sort out. Written by Peter Young of IndyScot News in Denmark. Faroese Friends We were in the staff room when I suddenly realised…


Fish farming seems to me the archetypal British business in Scotland; capitalising on Scotland’s hard won reputation for having a high quality salmon, but utterly trashing that reputation on the way to short term profits, followed by ever diminishing returns, as people realise the salmon on their menu is the equivalent of a battery hen…

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