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What follows is an extract of an exchange from this website’s comment column between Mia and a Davey Tee 19 who is also a regular on this site. “If they’re sovereign, they can exercise their sovereignty either to leave or remain in the United Kingdom” That sovereignty was exercised in 1706 by Scotland’s representatives whenContinue reading “I THINK MIA ENJOYS A CHALLENGE.”


A guest post from Sara Salyers. Look at Kenny MacAskill’s call for a convention of elected representatives. Every elected representative in every regulatory body has a constituency and a mandate. This is an internationally recognised expression of a representative body should it gather enough support. What would such a convention do? Well, it *could* useContinue reading “SO HOW COULD IT WORK?”


A week or so ago I reported on this site that Jim Sillars had written to Scottish Police requesting they carry out an investigation into the “missing” documentation into the Ferry Fiasco. No sooner had my feet touched earth back home in Scotland and miracle of miracles “some” of the documentation was found in theContinue reading “FERRY INTERESTING!”

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