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Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution Survives!

Written comment from Breeks in answer to those who prefer English lies and deception. DaveyTee19 is no different from the Unionist doctrine of unwritten conventions taken as gospel without rudimentary scrutiny, and simply asserted as being superior to the formal Constitutional doctrines of Scotland. Scottish doctrines which ARE documented, ARE supported by evidence, ARE witnessed,…


ALBA MP LAUNCHES SCOTLAND (SELF DETERMINATION) BILL SCOTS MUST HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN FUTURE “IF DEMOCRACY IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR NORTHERN IRELAND THEN WHY NOT SCOTLAND?” SAYS HANVEY ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP will introduce and speak to the Scotland (Self Determination) Bill on Wednesday 1 February in the House of Commons.  Launching his Bill today…

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