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Press Information 4th March 2021 STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF ALEX SALMOND  “The documents released tonight confirm that sisting (postponing) the Judicial Review was indeed under active consideration by the Scottish Government in September 2018. John Swinney must now be the only person in Scotland who believes that the piecemeal release of these extraordinary legal documentsContinue reading “STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF ALEX SALMOND.”


A lively discussion discussing recent events in the Inquiry, the state and future prospects of the SNP in the lead up to May. Warning…SNP fantasists might find the reality outlined in this broadcast upsetting. I am, as always Yours for Scotland


TARNISHED FOR ALL TIME I think I got it mostly right in my article yesterday. If anything I was too generous in terms of Nicola’s presentation skills. It was not as smooth as I expected and there were times when she was seriously rattled. First of all the contrast. Last Friday an innocent man, whoContinue reading “TARNISHED FOR ALL TIME”

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