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“Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going to the ball.

A guest post from Professor Alf Baird. World Leaders Summit at COP26 in Scotland (Based on info extracted from the COP26 website: https://unfccc.int/cop26/world-leaders-summit) Will Scotland’s First Minister appear, Cinderella like, at the COP26 World Leaders Summit in Glasgow? That does not appear very likely based on the following UN published programme information and instructions sent to national governments attending. Event title & location: “United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 Glasgow,Continue reading ““Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going to the ball.”


The third guest article from regular reader Mia. My thanks for another excellent article. The first and second articles were widely read, while the second article seemed to enrage our friend Cosy Slippers (aka Pete Wishart or Pension Pete). We can only hope for the same reaction this time round. THAT FRANCHISE It has beenContinue reading “THAT FRANCHISE”

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