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This is reproduced from Robin McAlpine’s excellent site robinmcalpine.org. It deserves the widest audience to offset the ridiculous spin of the Scottish Government. Scotland gives away its energy future by Robin McAlpine | 17 Jan 2022 The ScotWind auction has just handed almost total control of Scotland’s energy future to overseas corporations for what looks like a pitifullyContinue reading “ANOTHER GIVEAWAY”


People must be wondering just what needs to happen these days for someone to accept responsibility and resign their post. While everyone was in lockdown, literally thousands of people were dying, those who wrote the rules were busy partying in Downing Street. Invitations were being sent out to over one hundred guests inviting them toContinue reading THERE IS NO HONOUR IN GOVERNMENT


OFFSHORE WIND GIVEAWAY IS SELLING THE FAMILY SILVER CHEAP WHILE SCOTS PENSIONERS FREEZE SAYS MACASKILL Reacting today (Monday) to the outcome of the application process for ScotWind leasing by Crown Estate Scotland, the ALBA Party Depute Leader and MP for East Lothian Kenny MacAskill MP said: “This offshore wind giveaway is selling the family silver cheap whileContinue reading “HAVE THEY LEARNED NOTHING?”

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