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The 79th Anniversary of D Day.

Yesterday was the 79th Anniversary of D DAY. I was born less than ten years after this crucial event. I went to school in Clydebank, a town that was flattened by the Luftwaffe in March 1941. I remember many years later going to school through the bombed out tenements that were still visible, along with…


The SLAPP case brought by fish farm giant MOWI against the lone activist Don Staniford has been recognised by the international organisation CASE Europe and their latest report can be accessed here:  Iain asked me for a report on the legal debate in the case, as he knew I would be watching the proceedings in…


As the Scottish Government continue to pursue jury free trials. I am publishing a series of previously written articles which highlight the sheer folly of allowing it to happen. This is from September 2021. Lessons need learned and change is required. The alphabet women and their allies have demonstrated the gross unfairness of granting anonymity…

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