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One of the joys of running a blog is the feedback and comments I receive in response to my articles. I think this is the first cartoon I have received. It arrived after my articles on the conviction of Craig Murray for ”jigsaw identification” by Lady Dorian. It comes from Michael Stuart Green, an illustrator,Continue reading “THIS IS GOOD…AND CLEVER”

PRISM SHOW 5th December 2021.

A lively discussion on practical ways to make taxation fairer and more transparent. a System that works for Scotland and ends tax avoidance and evasion forcing everyone to pay their fair share. The SNP’s Graeme McCormick is the guest this week. Free Subscriptions Are available on the Home and Blog pages of this website. ByContinue reading “PRISM SHOW 5th December 2021.”


It seems inconceivable  It seems crazy but there is a belief the Scottish Government are planning to introduce  jury free trials in Scotland for sexual offences. This at the same time as there is a group of rogue woman throwing about smear and innuendo like confetti against political opponents. These woman enjoy a special status ofContinue reading “IT SEEMS INCONCEIVABLE.”

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