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I wrote this after the election back in May. i simply ask has anything changed or are we about to waste more years yet again? A Desperate need for honest politics. Scotland is in an appalling state. We have a corrupt, dishonest Government elected on the back of the most corrupt and undemocratic election campaignContinue reading “SPEAKING MY MIND.”

The Sunday Prism Show

With Professor Alf Baird who speaks with an authority on the way forward for Independence seekers in Scotland. He is an academic who has that rare talent to explain his thoughts in clear, everyday language.


The decision of the SNP conference, by 527 votes to 6, to support a state-run energy company is in painfully sharp contrast to the SNP Government’s recent decision to shelve the whole idea, with efforts “re-focused” – whatever that means – on a new Public Energy Agency. Four years ago Nicola Sturgeon told us thatContinue reading “LETTER OF THE WEEK”


ALBA MPS IN COMMONS PUSH TO REPEAL “DRACONIAN” POWERS OVER SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT GROUNDS “THE RIGHT TO PEACEFUL PROTEST MUST BE PROTECTED” – HANVEY The ALBA MPs, Neale Hanvey MP and Kenny MacAskill MP have today (Thursday) tabled a motion to annul the Order which has been laid by the Home Secretary Priti Patel MP to transfer draconian powers underContinue reading “ALBA MP’S ACT”


Growing Older I am now retired some three years, although thanks to COVID I have been restricted in my original plans, which involved a lot of travelling.I am now having three weeks in Greece and experimented for a week without a car. It taught me that my legs, which once carried me all the wayContinue reading “GROWING OLDER”

Nobody is forgetting Craig Murray (Scottish political prisoner)

MACASKILL RAISES CRAIG MURRAY CASE IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS The Former Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice and ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MPhas raised the case of Craig Murray, the imprisoned journalist, with the UK Attorney General in an exchange in the House of Commons today (Thursday).  Following the exchange Mr MacAskill said: “A great injusticeContinue reading “Nobody is forgetting Craig Murray (Scottish political prisoner)”


Here I have opportunity to discuss the excellent Alba Conference with the Party’s first life member Gareth Wardell aka Grousebeater and the newly elected NEC Member Roddy McLeod aka Barrhead Boy. I hope you enjoy.


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