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It seems inconceivable  It seems crazy but there is a belief the Scottish Government are planning to introduce  jury free trials in Scotland for sexual offences. This at the same time as there is a group of rogue woman throwing about smear and innuendo like confetti against political opponents. These woman enjoy a special status ofContinue reading “IT SEEMS INCONCEIVABLE.”


Tim Rideout is a leading SNP MEMBER who advocates cooperation between all groups and parties within the YES Movement. He is an economist who runs his own Map company. so it is safe to presume he knows his way about. He is someone I have always found made sensible arguments. He was the man mainlyContinue reading “BEING REASONABLE”


a post from regular Yours for Scotland columnist Mia. Welcome to post-2014 Scotland, where ability to think critically has become a threat to government and where the principle of achieving consensus by negotiation has been substituted for the convenience of deception, gaslighting and malicious prosecutions. Continuous deception has thrown us into a fake reality.  Yet, we are expected to nod and accept it without question.  We saw deceptionContinue reading “THE NODDING SHEEP”


Kindly reproduced with the permission of Robin McAlpine. It highlights the debt SNP members owe to those they elected to sort out the NEC but who then found the rules and procedures changed. Worse the appointed Business Convener sat by while they were verbally assaulted and abused by other ”appointed members” who resented that theyContinue reading “AN EXCEPTIONAL ARTICLE”

PRISM SHOW 28/11/21

Roddy chairs a three way discussion along with Former MP Phil Boswell and myself. health, Oil, Land Reform are just some of the topics this week. Free Subscriptions Are available on the Home and Blog pages of this website. By taking out a subscription you will receive notification of all future posts. You will beContinue reading “PRISM SHOW 28/11/21”


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