Many thought after the NEC elections in November that the Party was back in safe hands. Well I have bad news it’s not sufficiently yet, and the Woke Alliance are still intent on stripping selection procedures away from constituencies and ordinary members. Placing candidates from the minority affiliate groups as the number 1 list candidates in EVERY region across the country. COVID does not suspend their activities,not for a minute. Yes where conference delegates voted the results were good but so many are on this enlarged NEC that are appointed, with no say or support from ordinary members, the balance is still not certain on every vote.

There is a special meeting arranged of the NEC on the 10th February where the NEC will determine the latest Woke attempts to take over the Party. What is proposed is that the Number 1 spot on every regional list is split with 50% of the regions having BAME candidates imposed on them, with the other 50% of the number 1 spots in the rest of the country being allocated to disabled candidates. 

To put that in perspective, the BAME population in Scotland measures just 4% but they are demanding 50% of the number 1 slots across the country. They have already decided what regions they want Glasgow, Lothians, North East Scotland and West of Scotland is their choice. The other four regions are to have their number 1 slot on the list reserved for disabled candidates, no doubt Woke disabled if they can swing it. Those four regions are Mid Scotland and Fife, Central Scotland, South Scotland and Highlands and Islands. There are reportedly 20% of Scotland’s population disabled but yet again the minorities proposal calls for 50% of the number 1 places. A quick bit of arithmetic confirms that no less than 76% of the population are denied any possibility of winning a number 1 slot in any region. Some equality?

The list for candidates to apply has closed so any selection is restricted to those candidates that were approved by the last selection board under the previous NEC. As people are aware there is no shortage of WOKE candidates who were approved at the expense of excellent non Woke candidates who were rejected if they presented a risk to being preferred to the Woke candidate. Very few Woke candidates were successful in being selected for seats despite being handed every advantage. This latest move to seize the Number one slots in EVERY region is stage 2 of the same plan. It gives them a second chance.

Of course given current polls it is unlikely the SNP will win many list seats but that does not mean ordinary members should accept this “match fixing” . The last elections in 2016 the SNP won four list seats, three places in South Scotland and one in Highlands and Islands. The current polling in Scotland is better than 2016 so it seems unlikely they could win four again, because of their improved success in winning constituencies outright in those regions.

The only reason this is not a fait accompli and did not get approval at the last NEC, being deferred until the 10th February, was because there was no counsel’s opinion presented to the meeting. Some members were concerned that such an extreme move could leave the Party open to a damaging action from those who would lose out through being relegated on the list because of these preferential arrangements. The potential PENALTY is five years salary for an MSP so we are not talking pennies here. I have not seen counsel’s opinion but I am told it does NOT recommend the action the minorities affiliate groups on the NEC are trying to push through. I am told they were told this by the newly elected Equalities Convener, but despite being given that advice they were still determined to force it through.

You would have thought the NEC would be aware of the enormous dissatisfaction with members money being squandered on paying legal bills for Alyn Smith and Peter Murrell  and would be wary of running up more and opening the Party up to compensation claims that could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Another potential bonus for the Woke Alliance is that one of the existing MSP’s who could lose their place through this fixed manipulation would be Joan McAlpine in South Scotland who is the number 2 target of the Woke after Joanna Cherry, because of her stance to safeguard women’s rights. 

The only reason this was not approved at the last NEC was because some members wanted to read counsel’s opinion before voting. The newly elected Equalities Convener reported that Counsel’s opinion was negative but the minority affiliate groups still pressed to proceed despite this. The special meeting to discuss this on the 10th February, with counsel’s opinion available was the compromise. There is still a very real danger this proposal could be passed unless ordinary members contact NEC REPS and leave them in no doubt of your opposition. Don’t leave it to others you must make your voice heard if you want this stopped.

NEC members who oppose this must insist on a roll call vote. This is for two reasons firstly to allow the membership to know how exactly each member of the NEC voted on the matter and secondly to protect themselves from being individually sued in the event that any damages action was raised by anyone who lost income as a result of the decision.

These affiliate groups are constantly divisive and self serving. The fact that the Party Leader has built her support base round them and protects them from criticism is not right.Particularly when they behave so disgracefully with vicious personal attacks on other MP’s and MSP’s. The conduct committee should be intervening to sort this. I believe the National Secretary is required to submit complaints to them before they can act. I hope the newly elected National Secretary will do so.

The Party’s selection procedures are a mess, all female selection shortlists, fixed places at the top of every region in the country for minorities is an insult to the huge number of people who are excluded from the selection processes.

It’s also daft politics. The SNP are fighting to keep the ISP down and stop them becoming established. Fixing the top SNP place on the list across the country for minorities IN EVERY REGION creates a powerful reason for voting for the ISP with your list vote. It’s a huge opportunity for the ISP, GIFTED TO THEM BY THE NEC IF THEY PASS THIS.



Once again this blog delivers factual information, in time for urgent action to be taken. Information a faction in the Party would have much preferred remained secret until it was too late. Get your constituency to complain, this must be stopped! Electronic voting on ranking list candidates starts on the 15th February. Phone NEC members, send emails, make sure they know your feelings.

I am, as always


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40 thoughts on “WAKEY, WAKEY!

  1. YES, I agree! 30 years ago the SLieMores were the Dominant Party in Scotland.
    YES they Supported Devolution in Scotland But moved to the Right under BLiar & Gordoom Broon! And now They are the 3rd Party in Scotland!
    This IS the fate for the SNP if Our MSPs & MPs are Not the choice of Our Members!
    It Must be the Best Person that is chosen to Stand, and Not Who the Murrells choose for their Obedience to Them!

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  2. Very factual! This attempt to manipulate the list system must be stopped. Maybe if we all threatened to resign, the hierarchy might make a video plea for us to stay? Then again!
    It is disgusting, as you point out, that no action has been taken against individuals who verbally abuse and denigrate other party members. The fact that they go off in the huff, throwing unsubstantiated accusations of transphobia around like confetti, and some in the party think it right to pander to their ‘egos’, beggars belief. Where was the attempts to stop the thousands that left the party recently, either over this entryists agenda or lack of action on Independence?

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  3. I couldn’t care less if every single MSP in Holyrood was black and/or disabled PROVIDED they are the most capable of doing the job.

    Do they not see how patronising and downright insulting it is to a person to have them in a position purely because they help “fill a quota” or tick the right boxes?

    I put forward that viewpoint in a Facebook discussion a while back and was told that I’m “part of the problem”. It’s strange – you don’t want to see ANY discrimination against ANYONE and it’s all your fault?

    ISP on the list for me and a spoiled ballot paper on the constituency vote unless there are MAJOR changes.

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  4. Not long ago I sought assurances that the ISP wouldn’t stand on the list in Scotland South (where the SNP had 3 of their 4 list seats). Now I’d seek assurances that they will…

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    1. Someone knows where the bodies are buried. No other explanation for the way the hierarchy are behaving. Unfortunately I can only see them having to fall before the movement can rise again. No Indy indy lifetime then,

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    2. There was a lot of angst ridden soul searching about whether we should stand aside in Sth Scotland. Then the SNP launched nasty attacks on us and I pointed out by doing so we would disenfranchise our voters in the South if we did that. Leaving people to spoil both ballots in protest when we could get MSPs would not be good.

      The SNP’s anti democratic, anti scientific, throwing women under the bus behaviour since there has only stiffened our sinews. We are needed and we stand ready to meet that need.

      There is both an untapped Yes possibility in our standing on the List and the need to challenge the SNP in Holyrood on their lack of indy progress and ignoring women’s rights. They might ignore the Tories on this matter but we will be harder to dismiss.

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  5. As another commenter just said, why is it not the best applicant should be the one chosen. Not sex, race, age or any other category. I’d call myself a feminist but the Women Short List didn’t sit well with me and I worked in a misogynist’s dream organisation for many years where women didn’t stand a chance beside men but that was starting to improve when I retired. Look at the strengths and qualities of an applicant, be very sure they want independence and take it from there.

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  6. Lots of SNP members don’t have computers maybe due to their age, but they still donate, it’s like they don’t have a say, I used to canvass round doors drive old people to polling stations it was a great time, gave up my membership years ago but always voted SNP, recently rejoined, I think the grassroots members that’ll have to change the current leadership they’ve lost the plot don’t seem interested in the rank and file the normal people who keep them in a good paying job.

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  7. I have cerebral palsy and leafleted for Mungo Bovey in 1987 – the highlight of my political “career.” If someone suggested that I could be top of the list just because of my CP, I would be offended and wondering why that is more important than my ability to do the job.

    Of course, we all know that, in this case, “BAME” and “Disabled” are really code for something else.

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  8. I’m beginning to think their plan is to lose a few constituency seats in order to increase their regional seats, which will allow them to slot in some wokus dei candidates that were soundly rejected for constituencies. It’s a risky strategy, potentially alienating 50% of the electorate, but as long as they keep the Indy carrot on the stick they probably think the risk is minimal. It also has the benefit, for them, of ousting a few that haven’t guzzled down the koolaid (Joan et al).

    Whatever their dastardly plan is, it is hardly democratic & smacks of something you would expect to see in the former Soviet Union or present day North Korea. Having the party led by a married couple & the outward appearance of a one party state, we are seeing seriously detrimental results on both Scottish society & its hopes for independence.

    Not a member but always voted for them, for Indy, but can no longer bring myself to vote for a party that behaves so appallingly. I cannot believe that a party & a country led by a woman, who claims to be a feminist, can be so damaging to the needs & rights of women.

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  9. Horrific.
    I am completely at a loss because I don’t take part in the SNP internal stuff. I don’t know enough. Everyone should be putting Independence first- for Scotland’s sake. What a mess.
    I have read enough to know now that Peter Murrell should resign immediately – for lots of reasons. The new chief executive should be required to restore trust and morale – especially by removing power from the centre and increasing accountability and democracy within the party. Those around the “top” of the SNP who know very well what has to be done- should do it now.
    Apart from the internal SNP stuff- very simply- with whatever means are available- I want to see Leslie Evans investigated- in minuscule detail – in court. I don’t care what the Civil Service secrecy rules are- she must be made to answer. She will live the rest of her life- anyway- hoping to goodness no-one spills the beans. But I want them spilled now. I hope someone has a big enough conscience at Holyrood- or Westminster – to do just that.
    I think our FM is showing signs of absolute exhaustion and the Unionist thugs are hanging around enjoying themselves.
    What comes first?
    Scotland comes first.
    I feel so angry- boiling angry. I would like 3 minutes in SNP HQ- just to yell at them about what they have done and what the next very simple steps must be.
    Look at what we are supposed to be dealing with- that gang of 1930’s vicious, amoral political thugs in Westminster. WHY are we stuck?
    Action is needed. Now.

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    1. Mullwharcharcom – ” everyone should be putting independence first” – of course they should but they aren’t and obviously haven’t been for some time now. This stems from the leadership. The SNP is a disgrace at present. Lip service is given to independence to keep the votes coming in.

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  10. Given the amount of players and agencies outwith the SNP that are now implicated in the Salmond affair, this coming period may well prove to be of monumental importance in the long-overdue bringing-to-heel of the cosy, thoroughly corrupted Scottish establishment, in which the upper echelons of the SNP must be included. For the first time in its history, the Scottish establishment is being challenged by people who are smarter, more talented and far more sophisticated than that caste was ever able to produce. Independence, with the establishment still in place, would be an abomination.

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  11. Before I read this post I had already emailed the SNP asking for clarification of exactly who the unelected members of the NEC are, i.e. the names of the representatives from the Parliamentary Groups, the Association of Nationalist Councillors, and the Affiliated Organisations. From past experience I gave them 7 days to reply with the information requested.
    However, since reading this post I realised that I have been too slow and that more urgent action is needed. This is the most appalling undemocratic chicanery and I will now email my MP and MSP to demand that this is stopped in its tracks.
    At the risk of being a boring old fart, I first joined the SNP and campaigned for them in 1965. I was not a member for a number of years because of circumstances beyond my control. I have been a member now for about 10 years. I have been holding my nose with one hand and hanging on to my SNP membership with the other for a few years now but unless the leadership abandon their undemocratic stance I will not vote SNP in either constituency or list. I am heartbroken but enough is enough.

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    1. My husband shredded his membership card yesterday. He has voted for SNP and Scottish Independence since he was able to in 197I, myself since 1972. I have been an activist since the referendum campaign and have taken part in several campaigns, conferences and National Council and been a member of local branch and CA committees. I have been awake for sometime compiling my resignation letter/email in my head. I am heartbroken. I will never give up working for independence. I am fortunate that there is an active Yes group nearby.

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  12. I don’t want to be considered for a job because I’m a woman, because I have a disability, because of my skin colour. What I want is none of the above not entitling me to due consideration for the job I’m applying for. That is my definition of equality in the work place

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  13. Sturgeon appears to be okay with the woke taking over the NEC, if the above materialises I’d say the SNP will become a lost cause. So they’re trying to force out Cherry and McAlpine, then it will be Angus B. McNeil, and anyone else who stands in the way of their agenda.

    I know one thing for sure no matter what happens I’m not giving my List vote to the SNP.

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  14. I am NOT nor have I ever been a member of ANY political party , but what I will say is that the the supposed 100,000 members of the SNP have let the people of Scotland down VERY badly by allowing the Murrell dy nasty to run the SNP political party as their own fiefdom without challenge or constraint , and this lunacy is the result , YET ALL Scots who are desperate for independence have continuously been told by the membership to just wheesht for indy , Nicla has a secret plan , I have been on numerous blogs for months begging the SNP membership to TAKE BACK CONTROL of THEIR party , yet VERY LITTLE has happened or will happen BECAUSE Nicla is the chosen one

    A wee heads up for the SNP members Nicla is the one who is responsible for this whole shitfest , SHE and Mr Blobby head the NEC , SHE ENCOURAGES and SUPPORTS the wokeratty as do the majority of her sycophantic clique , SHE ignores the vile , derogatory , denigrating comments against her own reps , SHE has created the DIVISION within the independence supporting people by her lies , failed promises and corruption in government , yet us non members are accused that we threaten independence by NOT voting for this mentally deranged individual and her lunatic policies , sorry SNP members YOU are to blame by not REMOVING this blockage to our independence

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  15. Does anyone else see the correlation between this manipulation and the Alex Salmond affair? It doesn’t matter what they are told, who says what to them, who tries to mediate, who tries to suggest arbitration, who tells them this or that is very probably illegal, they just go full steam ahead. No, it is not longer enough to protest about their shenanigans because they couldn’t care less. The whole, rotten edifice must fall. I never thought in 2014 that I would ever be thinking like this. Alex Salmond, where are you?

    I am going to try to find out when the Stonewall Diversity Champions excrement was deposited on the floor of Bute House and Holyrood because I’d bet that it was at that point that the capture of the party took place and has been growing ever since. It is like some sinister, dangerous cult. In the meantime, we can give our List votes to the ISP. If there are to be quotas for any group, those should be in accordance, and compliance, with, that group’s per capita percentage of the population.

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  16. Why are the new NEC members standing for this ? Particularly Joanna Cherry and Neale Hanvey and indeed others, They must start shouting from the rooftops and Now !!!

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  17. Ive just thought of a name for Joanna Cherry’s new party; the Scottish Civic Nationalists for Justice and Parity Party.

    What are the chances of the SNP sorting anything by May? I’d say nil if they don’t get rid of NS in the next week, she’ll be the party’s downfall, and the longer the rot is left to fester, the less likely it can be rooted out. The MSPs should have been standing up and demanding change by now, but I fear most are behind her & there is no hope there. So, split the party, just get it done, make it dramatic – make the headlines – declare the moral high ground – too many conspiracies – too many unreasonable delays. ‘Do you have evidence of a conspiracy?’ Asks the MSM reporter, ‘I don’t need any, COPFS already has all the evidence it needs’ answers Ms Cherry.

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  18. Click to access Nicola_Sturgeon.pdf

    Above link takes you to a transcript of Nicola Sturgeon’s written evidence to the parliamentary committee. One most interesting, but not the only interesting excerpt, is the following –

    05/07/2018, 21:18:40] Alex Salmond: “” Nicola. I have slept on the content of the latest letter from the PS rejecting arbitration. Two points I want to make to you privately .Firstly, the explanation given in the letter is that arbitration is rejected because the SG is confident in the legality of the process. With respect, that entirely misses the point.
    The SG may well believe it is lawful. My Senior Counsel believes it is unlawful. That’s the whole point of the arbitration. The legality will have to be resolved either in private(in a confidential and binding arbitration) or in public at the Court of Session. The SG, and you, have everything to gain from arbitration. If my legal advice is wrong, I will
    accept that and the current process proceeds. If the SG legal advice is wrong, you discover that without losing in a public court “”

    Very unfortunate that Nicola Sturgeon did not accept her ex mentor’s advice to try and resolve the matter privately. What was she thinking about. Told by Salmond that his senior counsels advice was that the process against him was unlawful, Nicola Sturgeon government went on to lose the Judicial Review on grounds of unlawfulness and apparent bias.

    But as Leslie Evans, the permanent secretary is then reported to have texted ” we may have lost the battle but not the war ” and the whole dirty business then moved onto a criminal case against Salmond.

    Clearly Nicola Sturgeon, her husband and others ,as the evidence now shows, were fully participating in the process of what was going on. Not the actions at all of committed nationalists. But is there a bigger picture in all of this in that what we are seeing is the interventionist hand of the deep state, the deep British state.. I don’t t think anyone could conclude that there wasn’t .

    Clearly, to even the most short sighted observer the SNP has been infiltrated and individuals turned. Quite how they were turned is not yet clear. But turned they were. And then when one thinks back to the reports of Jimmy Saville and the reports of the Westminster paedophile ring, or the glass table famed Lord Boothby, it is not difficult to see how people can be controlled and turned especially when there is a sword of exposure over their heads. But turning and influencing can come other ways too. Brutalise or bribe and shades in between. But who would do that. What type of deep state security apparatus would indulge in that type of influencing. A country that resisted independence movements around the world through the most heinous of covert activities. The history books certainly tell us so.

    This is a scandal of epic proportions involving the very foundations of a a nation, a country. Yes Sturgeon and the coterie of control may have been turned to participate in the most despicable of deeds, but the depth and depravity of it have their origins elsewhere.

    But at least its all coming out slowly but surely and the tidal wave, the huge tidal wave, is still to hit. Staying wheesht for independence is now no longer an option, it never was, and the events unfolding show that.

    Independence is within our grasp but we need to be aware, be awake and take the steps needed to turn this mess into an advantage.

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    1. I have an article ready to go on this that introduces a completely new angle of British State involvement which I plan to publish on this site on either Wednesday or Thursday this week. You will not want to miss it Willie.


  19. I hear that the NEC have imposed reserved top spots on the regional lists, against legal opinion. 2 candidates who would benefit from the proposal,voted for it instead of leaving/abstaining. The chair then took the decision to take a casting vote and voted for the proposal, against Citrine’s advice in the ANC of chairing meetings and the accepted protocol of voting for the status quo. There appears to be no way of stopping this entryist agenda. I will now be reviewing whether I can stay in this Party.


  20. This “deplorable” article, and the equally “deplorable” comments beneath it, could come straight out of a right-wing, Trumpist playbook. It is appalling to refer to BAME people and the disabled as “they” …. effectively referring to them as “not us” …. “others” …. who should just accept their subordinate and unrepresented lot in society and leave it up to the “real Scots” (ie white and sound of body). This article casts the Malcontents in a harsh and ugly light. I little realised how far they had fallen.


      1. You and your buddies stand amongst those ashes, lighted torches in hand, and claim “they made me do it”.


  21. Zonkey, people are people. Well I think so. I do not see colour. The positive discrimination now being given to certain individuals who have self identified themselves as black or ethnic minority is insanity.

    Everyone, or just about everyone could self classify themselves as ethnic minority. Jew, Jesus Christ Latter Day Saint, Church of Scientology, and of course there is a huge range of phenotypes and everything in between, and of course there are those who would happily avail themselves of ethic minority promotion at the expense of others.

    Fiona Robertson of the green hair and self identification of living with a man but with her identifying herself as a queer, is one such proponent of this logic. Surely you would select Fiona on her merits, her personality and no5 out her at the top of a list because of what she self identifies.

    Ditto disablement. Who in the disabled community like to be called disabled. Challenged is a better word for it. But again self ID gets you to the top of the list, but what is the challenge, too fat, too thin, or what.Would Professor Stephen Hawkings sought a chair advantage on the basis that he was very severely challenged physically.

    The whole thing, whilst maybe we’ll intentioned doesn’t work abundant it is being abused., Maybe you could get a selection advantage based upon Self ID as a donkey.

    Anyway, it is not my intention to disparage anyone. Challenged people, like poor people, like uneducated people, like sick people need support and assistance, in fact all people to a greater or lesser extent can benefit from assistance.

    Nelsinho Mandela was a hero of mine. If he had come to Scotland to stand as an MSP candidate do you think he’d have said you need to put me at the top of the list not because of who he was but because of who he declared himself to be.

    Or am I missing something in all of this?

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    1. You are most definitely missing something in all of this.

      From the Holyrood Magazine;
      “Before the election there were three disabled MSPs. One way or another, we lost all three and so far, it would appear that our newly elected Scottish Parliament has just one new openly disabled member – Jeremy Balfour MSP (Conservative, Lothian region). Less than one per cent of our new parliament is openly disabled.

      Despite all the parties signing the ‘One in Five pledge’ over a year ago, and most of them engaging with Inclusion Scotland over the past two years on this issue, this does not appear to have translated into support for disabled candidates to stand in winnable seats, at least not yet” …. the SNP are now doing something about that “pledge” and should be applauded for it, not slammed by the Malcontent cult.

      And after the last Holyrood election, only two BAME MSPs got into Parliament; Hamza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar. That means, according to Iain’s percentages that were meant to shock us, 24% of the population are represented by just 3 MSPs (~2%) while the poor, hard done by, white able bodied 76% have “only” 126 MSPs (~98%). Even if all 8 BAME/disabled candidates being deprecated here (for being BAME/disabled) were successful (which they won’t be) it would only raise that total to 11 MSPs ( <10%).

      The Malcontents really have to take a look at themselves here. This "drain the swamp", transphobic, anti-minority, pro a particular "divisive individual" crusade is almost a mirror image of Trumpian America. When your biggest allies are Jackie Baillie, Murdo McLeod, Jacob Reece-Mogg and GCHQ ….. it's time to admit you may have been mislead somewhere along the line.


  22. Today’s event in the sacking of Joanna Cherry is the turning point.

    No one can be in any doubt now that Sturgeon and the gang are no more than the puppets acting on behalf of Westminster. They have sold the jerseys for independence. They are utterly committed to the destruction of anyone who truly supports independence.

    The attempt to jail Salmond, the prosecution of independence supporting journalists, the jailing of AOUB march organisers, the shutting down of Indy campaigners, the focus on divisive non core policies, and now the sacking of an eminent QC supportive of legal routes to independence – tells you all about what the SNP hierarchy are now turned into.

    Collaborators most foul, the war for independence is now commenced and in the open. And from that change, good change will come. Our dream, our right to becoming an independent nation will not die.

    I’m sure Iain you will cover events in more detail. But If Estonia could throw of the shackles of the USSR and prosper then by God we will throw off the shackles of Westminster.

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