I never thought I would witness an SNP Leader who says she does not want a Supermajority for Independence in the Scottish Parliament, effectively saying she prefers Tory MSP’s and other Unionists to be members of the Scottish Parliament rather than pro Indy MSP’s 

That was bad enough but last night she took it up a gear and is now actively arguing AGAINST applying pressure on Boris Johnston to start Independence negotiations in the now likely event that the people of Scotland elect that Supermajority Parliament.

The election is barely a week old. The Tories are in an absolute panic with David Mundell describing the Alba Party as the most dangerous threat they have ever faced in Scotland and amazingly it is Nicola Sturgeon who is trying to block the way. Not Murdo Fraser or Annie Wells…Nicola Sturgeon. Well Nicola and her media allies. Do the BBC know Alba exists, has nobody told them? Public Service Broadcaster bah!

You see Nicola is in shock. Two weeks ago she thought she was untouchable. What she said went. Folk didn’t like it, show them the door. Who cares? They have nowhere to go! 

No more, they now have somewhere to go, and they are going in steady numbers. At all levels from Westminster, from the NEC, the equalities and women’s conveners, elected Councillors, former Provosts and Deputy Provosts, CA Chairpersons, office bearers of branches and CA’s all over the country, ordinary members in big numbers.

The big question that is being asked is how many more? It is a question they should be asking? How many more are there, particularly amongst their candidates for this election? How many who secretly oppose the HCB and GRA and will now be able to oppose these measures after the 6th May. In the knowledge that they will be able to join another pro Indy Party in the Parliament if the Thought Police fail to keep them In line. Nicola is going to have to listen from now on. I really hope she is capable of doing so. I have no wish to see the SNP destroyed.

She does not have her problems to seek. Wings has already highlighted other serious financial issues. It must be concerning that the SNP, as yet, has been unable to set out a convincing explanation. The more so when they need money desperately. All the stories about the 1.5 million budget were just that, stories. They are skint.

The leadership have lost control. I was contacted by a SNP MSP yesterday. The purpose of their call? It was to ask me to receive a donation for Alba and could I make it in my name as they couldn’t do it openly.

Another friend, a long standing member of the SNP suggested I have a look at two crowdfunding appeals currently underway for the Edinburgh Central seat. One is being organised by Angus Robertson. It has a target of £10,000. So far it has raised at the time of writing £5360 from 112 supporters. The second candidate, the flamboyant Bonnie Prince Bob who is standing as an Independent also has a target of £10,000 but he has raised so far £7055 from 254 donors. It’s not all bad news for Angus, on this showing nobody is going to nominate him for Party Treasurer! As they say, be grateful for small mercies.

It gives me no pleasure to write about all the problems the SNP are having and I wouldn’t have done so if it wasn’t for the disgusting attacks being made by SNP members. The lies, the smears thrown up at Alex Salmond and invented against others who left to join Alba. People who the previous week were their friends and colleagues who are now outwith the pale because they have decided to put their political faith on another path as they became increasingly disappointed at the failure by the SNP Leadership to stop the increasingly undemocratic behaviour and the fixing of internal elections. For many that was the final straw as they saw their votes discounted in favour of another fix.

It left the Party with the weakest list of candidates on the list in living memory. When given the choice of Kenny MacAskill of Alba or Graham Campbell for the SNP as the alternative candidates on the Lothian list it took many only milliseconds to vote with their feet who they wanted to support. Such a situation should never have arisen but it is entirely, like so much else, the direct responsibility of an out of control NEC. Nobody can say they weren’t warned of the disaster than has now befallen the Party. Entirely self inflicted. Caused by an arrogance and distain for the views and advice of the ordinary membership.

Now there is still time for more sensible tactics to evolve. Alba can help the SNP win more votes, they are already doing so by urging everyone to vote SNP on the constituency ballot. Our leader Alex Salmond steadfastly refuses to engage in any personal argument with Nicola, no matter the foolish provocation she has attempted. It is for others to advise her on whom such actions are damaging. She is revealing a side of her character that had been well hidden until now. Believe me, it is not a good look.

Many SNP members are now openly saying they intend to vote Alba on the list rather than elect Unionists by wasting their list vote for the SNP in regions where they know they will never be counted to elect a single list MSP. They will be divided by the electoral system until they become meaningless. Many more are planning to do so secretly for the same reasons.

Sooner or later the Yes side, for the benefit of our country and our Independence will have to unite. I would prefer it to happen sooner rather than later. The SNP leadership may be feeling a bit bruised at what has happened. Time or a change of leader will solve that, either way, irrespective of the personalities we should all try to Unite the Yes and secure the best victory for Independence both Parties can possibly manage.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.

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  1. Twice yesterday, from two different sources, I saw or heard the SNP being described as “increasingly authoritarian”. I was always under the impression (or maybe it was just in my house) that you don’t get anywhere by telling other Scots what’s good for them and what they have to do. They will simply dig their heels in and say “Naw”. The SNP seem to be completely lacking in understanding of this aspect of the Scots psyche. We don’t take kindly to being “telt”. Time the Sturrels understood this – although I fear it is too late. They have to go.

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    1. One word of warning though : Alba and the SNP do have to maintain clear differences in outlook and ideology etc. lest they be treated as simply branches of a single party by the authorities, thus nullifying the value of the Alba list vote. So a little disagreement, genuine or just for the look of the matter, is perhaps no bad thing?

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      1. If that is her “secret plan” that the faithful keep insisting exists then she has to somehow get that message across to her cult followers because there are still far too many interpreting it as “both votes SNP”.

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      2. Marconatrix

        They are very different Parties
        a) one wants Independence Now, the other is a business unit (a loss making unit)
        b) one believes in Women’s Rights, the other does not.
        c) one believes in internal democracy, the other does not
        d) one values strong candidates, the other sees potential challengers.
        Etc etc

        Sadly they are very different Parties now. Some very good people vote SNP and many good people are still members.
        However a Party tells you what they stand for in their manifesto and the Greens and the SNP at the moment are focused on identity politics instead of the people of Scotland’s future.

        The Red,Yellow and Blue Tories would have a more difficult defence if challenged.

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  2. The way Nicola Sturgeon is behaving is well below what I would expect of a First Minister. It reflects so badly on her.

    As for the alleged missing money, well words can be spun, misunderstood, wrongly interpreted, etc. But numbers, well they say the same to everyone and in any language.

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  3. Quite simply she doesn’t want Independence she never has since taking up office or more to the point her first meeting with Theresa May, Ian your a cybernat and a keyboard worrier and at some point she’ll be coming after you. The Alba party is making all the right moves, but I strongly believe that as for Sturgeon and the SG they are not finished with Mr Salmond and he’ll be back in court on new trump up charges you wait and see and this is why all the legal rights are being changed to fit Salmond up.

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    1. For 100%YES

      Nicola Sturgeon is a Devolutionist that is crystal clear. I agree they will attempt more smear against AS but he is a masterclass tactician and I am confident him and his Legal team have plenty of their own ammunition. There is significant evidence suppressed and Craig Murray’s Contempt of Court case speaks volumes.

      I wish we had a politician of Alex Salmond calibre in Wales .. yesterday’s speech was inspiring .

      Best Wishes


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  4. Keeping our place in the EU (Gone)

    Independence (gone)

    no ground work for a referendum even if the UK said here’s a section 30 order

    600k missing

    I’ve decided not to vote for the SNP 0 and Alba 1 and I will never vote for the greens there not bothered if or when we have a referendum.

    I haven’t known hope since Sturgeon took over now Mr Salmond is back i have a real buzz.

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    1. I will vote SNP 1, ALBA 2. My rationale:

      1. If you elect an SNP Constituency MSP you increase the chances significantly of getting an ALBA rep on the List..

      2, The SNP will not always be led by NS. The whole thrust of the SNP could change overnight if she steps down.

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      1. I don’t disagree with your voting suggestion. However, I will have to hold my nose while I put my cross in the constituency vote box because our new candidate is in the GRA brigade.

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    2. NO, no, no,no, no. You get two papers; one for the constituency and another for the list. They are not linked in any way. They both go into different voting boxes.

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  5. “She is revealing a side of her character that had been well hidden until now. Believe me, it is not a good look.”

    I’ve said it before, it’s more Auld Nic than Saint Nic.

    Here’s hoping that she steps down early post-election so that we can get unity of purpose across the entire Yes movement, including the SNP.

    Alex meanwhile continues to play a blinder by refusing to engage with the vitriol and invective.

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  6. “She is revealing a side of her character that had been well hidden until now. Believe me, it is not a good look”

    And the thing is once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Being a cautious but strategic type I thought she was the same, keeping her cards close to her chest but working out the various options. Unfortunately she doesn’t even know where the pack is, far less has she opened it.

    I agree that the real threat to her is that she can’t bully or threaten folk with ostracism or ruin anymore. They can and will jump to another pro indy party, Alba, not in thrall to HRB or GRA. I’d prefer her to go but not if Robertson or Smith or the like replace her!

    Finger and toes crossed that Alba get a fair few elected. Time is short and smears are long but if one person explains D’Hondt to someone who doesn’t get it, then we can save a lot of otherwise wasted votes.

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      1. I presume a Police Scotland forensic accountant would have no issue finding evidence of criminality if it has occurred?

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  7. Please pardon a slight tangent here, Iain, but you have mentioned the financial issues the SNP is currently facing (regarding “ring-fenced” funds). As someone who knows his way round a balance sheet, have you noticed that the asset values shown by the SNP’s accounts are mainly down to “intangibles” – software licensing and software development? I believe these to be for membership data. Whilst I am not suggesting any wrongdoing here, intangible assets are the easiest to be “creative” with and if I wanted to bolster my balance sheet to make it appear a bit more solid than it really is, it is intangibles that I would look to first.

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    1. Intangibles you say Angusskye.

      That’ll be things like a good name, or a good brand. Intangible, but worth something.

      And then you think of Gerald Ratner’s Ratner Jewellery chain.

      Hmm? Or what of the book value of Garry Glitter’s back catalogue.

      Is this what you were alluding to Angus?

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      1. The only intangibles shown on the balance sheet are the software related ones. Putting a value on these is “flexible” (as with most intangible assets). It does not take much to spot this but, if only net assets are quoted, the financial strength of the organisation can be overestimated. Bottom line – the SNP is not a financially secure organisation and, with the missing “ring-fenced funds”, shows serious mismanagement. I suspect that salaries are out of control. I say this with regret and sadness as we all thought them to be very professional and astute. They are not.

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    2. You must have a crystal ball Angus.

      SNP now sending out funding appeals by post for funds.

      Looks very much like the wheels are coming off.

      And did you see that party political broadcast last night. Truly Orwellian like something out of 1984 with a collaged backcloth of dark scenes, banks of cathode ray television sets, and the silent ominous picture of the supreme Leader lurking in the background.

      This was an expensive political broadcast like no other. Dark, dark, very dark.

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  8. My fears are twofold.

    1. That Nicola Sturgeon is so enraged and determined to ‘bring down’ Alex Salmond, that she lowers the SNP so far in the polls, that constituency seats are lost. SNP list MSPs would then be elected, resulting in poor MSPs in Holyrood, fewer Alba MSPs, and no pro-indy Supermajority.

    Hopefully threatened MSPs will battle hard against this, and defect, with their campaign teams, to Alba if this becomes a serious risk.

    2. That sufficient private-agenda MSPs are elected for the SNP, to allow Nicola Sturgeon and the leadership to do deals with Greens and even unionists. Thereby refusing to act on a majority or Supermajority mandate, and instead foisting more oppressive legislation on the country.

    Hopefully even self-interest ed MSPs realise that Alba is likely to grow rapidly at their expense in such an event, making an independent Scotland a better career prospect than clinging to colonial patronage.

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  9. Nicol Sturgeon, and by default most of her favourites, have clearly shown their lack substance with respect to being part of the political leadership of an independent Scotland.They are playing the big fish in a small pond because they know that in the real world that independence would entail, they would so far out of their depth it’d be cringeworthy and make Scotland a laughing stock. The current SNP leadership are a B team and good example of the Peter Principle.

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  10. Remember her whistle stop tour of the continent and then up state New York etc. We thought that was about Scotland’s voice being heard.

    It wasn’t. It was about Nicola! It was the Nicola show. Getting her profile out there for the future job in the UN.

    Same for the UK debates and stop Brexit. She wants to be seen as a svengali. Everything she does is about Nicola.

    She doesn’t go on any marches in case it makes her look like a nationalist. This woman is an utter fake. Wake up Scotland. We have no choice but to vote SNP1 , but she has to go. Political force from Alba may be enough to remove her.

    A message to all the good MSPs and MPs who still believe in independence. Make your voice heard. You know things the public don’t know. You know there is no intention of going for indy until after 2024. Why are you allowing one woman to hold a whole nation back.

    Do it for Scotland, do it for your self. Stand up to the leader.

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    1. I agree completely. A good leader has strong independent voices around them prepared to disagree. A weak manager surrounds themselves with shallow people who “mirror” the views of the manager.

      She started to believe her own views being bounced back at her from the wall she built.

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  11. Then kicking and screaming it must be.

    That it has come to this. Scotland will never forgive nicola sturgeon, peter murrell and the wokeratti for all the harm they have inflicted.

    Great article – I can see many SNP MSPs changing sides after the May election.

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  12. I saw the age-old question on Facebook first thing this morning: “If we’re such a burden to the rest of the UK why are they desperate to hang on to us?”

    I’d like to hear the Alba candidates come out with this if they ever get interviewed. Obviously the SNP have no appetite for it, practically apologising for the massive “deficit” we have.

    Devolution suits this present lot just nicely. With a strong Alba presence in Holyrood at least we won’t have to start totally from scratch when they completely implode and even the most indoctrinated of cultists see them for what they are.

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  13. A successful company that has effective department heads, great employees and excellent customer focus will continue to trade successfully for many years after the Director is replaced by a “less effective” manager.

    At first the staff and customers do not notice the change at the top but it eventually seeps down via the layers of management and then the rot takes hold. The key staff try to recover the old ethos but some give up and leave. The customers look around for an alternative product but at first no supplier seems available. Then a few customers discover that those managers who left have set up a new business. The customers start to shop there instead.

    It is not a new story. The customer is ALWAYS right.
    The business that TELLS customers what the WANT doesn’t do well.

    Until New Management arrives at the SNP store vote ALBA on the list.

    The successes or failings of any team are usually down to leadership ( NOT management – Leadership)

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  14. I had heard a story/rumour that Nicola was in favour of negotiating with Westminster for a Devomax deal. If this is true then it would suit her purpose to have unionist MSPs on her side. Could this be the answer? She must certainly be aware that there is no way she is going to get her gold standard section 30. So she tries another route and then persuades everyone it’s the best we could expect.

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  15. I watched the SNP party political broadcast last night and felt rather chilled by the tone of the broadcast. It was dark and, in my opinion, depressing. It did not call out to me to vote SNP. The frequent pictures of Nicola Stugeon being shown behind the presenter I found disturbing. It seemed to me to be a half hearted affair which did not showcase Scottish Government achievements or much in the way of intentions for the future.
    The refusal to acknowledge the existence of Alba is damning especially since Alex Salmond steadfastly speaks of the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon with respect. This makes Nicola Sturgeon’s attitude all the more shocking.
    Running in tandem with this is the SNP proposal to remove the option of the ‘Not Proven’ verdict from the jury. (It is noteworthy that lawyers in Scotland oppose doing this.) It seems to be linked to trying to increase convictions in Rape cases given the support for removal from some vocal groups in this area. Also, the SNP is proposing to hear Rape cases with a Judge alone. In addition, there is the rather older proposal to change the rules on Corroboration in criminal cases.
    This all seems to be aimed at increasing convictions in Rape cases.
    It would make more sense to me for the Scottish Government to look at methods of dealing more effectively with Rape right from the moment it is reported rather than changing levels of proof. These new provisions would impact on all criminal cases, not just Rape.
    I am not downplaying the dreadful crime that is Rape. I am just asking for more thought before making changes to the law of Scotland. And I am questioning the motives of the SNP in trying to introduce these changes.

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    1. It reminded me of the original 1984 movie with the leader on all screens.
      The people of Scotland are sovereign NOT Royalty or politicians.

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    2. As a victim of rape I totally agree. Because while men can be predatory, and may escape justice sometimes. I also know that women are spiteful and will use this against guys. Ie have kids, have found a new man and want the old man out of the way. And they’ll be able to put innocent men in jail. And some women are nasty enough to do so…as we seen with certain alphabet women eh

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  16. Excellent article Iain, well put, the balls deep in Sturgeons court on independence and the supermajority, the question we are all asking ourselves how will she react to this.

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  17. Dear Iain

    Has anyone asked why most of the SNP Candidates are having to do Crowdfunding appeals to fund their campaign? Even Kate forbes has one and I would have thought that Central Office would have funded her. I assume that it is because they are skint.

    David winpenny


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    1. David winpenny, Kate Forbes is no different from the spineless group of SNP MSPs who adorn the seats at Holyrood.

      Kate Forbes holds her cabinet position at Nicola Sturgeon’s pleasure and aligns politically with the ideology espoused by the controlling influences of the party.

      The answers to the Crowdfunding debacle can be found in the forensically researched article in Wings over Scotland an essential read if you seek clarity.

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    2. Please, get your facts right. SNP candidate’s campaigns are funded by branch funds, donations and “adoption nights” – not by “Central office”. Fund- raising nights are not happening just now because of Covid restrictions.


  18. “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” said John Steinbeck, And thats what its all about with Nicola Sturgeon, I have watched in horror as she has morphed into the Scottish Labour party of old, Personal Power and Ambition has now taken over Nicola Sturgeon and that I’m afraid is toxic to our Independence,

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  19. Peter a bellend had just given his verdict on Alex Salmond. Seems salmond and alba have bellend rubbed up the wrong way..supermajority won’t work, alba can’t do feck all, Nicolas still bad, but salmonds a disaster
    …..where on the doll did the bad man hurt you Peter?

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      1. I fell out with him this weekend. I’m just sick of the way he responds to anyone with a different view from him. It’s disgusting. Really gets my back up haha. I enjoy some of his work, but lately just seems to have his head firmly planted in his own rectum lol

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      2. Throughout the campaigns the Tory tactic was to constantly broadcast the “no new referendum” message stressing that this was an important major difference between the Tory and any other candidates firmly imprinting this in the electorate’s minds. In contrast the SNP campaign lacked inspiration was poorly directed and failed to get the voters out. Information is power and the laid back approach of Peter Murrell, the SNP strategist allowed the Tory Party to outwit him. He failed the Party. Had Murrell been the Chief strategist of any political party other than the SNP he would have been given his marching orders. Incredulously he was given a huge pay rise and a pat on the back.

        Murrell Cocked the Campaigns up in 2016 and 2017 and Was Rewarded for His Incompetence – Unbelievable

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  20. Character Attacks. The constant carping by the SNP leadership will alienate the public as the full story behind the devious attacks on Alex Salmond is revealed.

    In terms of character my preference is for the evidence of Barbara Allison, a very senior civil servant who was at the heart of matters until being dropped off!!

    In her statement to the inquiry the Scottish Government’s Director for Communications, Ministerial Support & Facilities, Barbara Allison, who was Director of People from 2009 to 2016, said that Alex Salmond was a “visionary and dynamic” and although demanding and difficult to work for people also expressed that they enjoyed working for him. She had never heard of sexual misconduct concerns about him while he was the First Minister. Nor had she heard of any concerns being escalated to the status of formal complaints while she was in charge of human resources.

    Afternote 3: Allison said she had not raised any issues of bullying or harassment with either Evans or Nicola Sturgeon and for clarity, she emphasized to the inquiry that she was not aware of any issues about sexual harassment” and added that she was a “huge advocate” for informal resolution, stating that if a matter could be resolved through this process, then “absolutely people must have recourse to a formal process”. She went on to tell the Inquiry that she was first notified of concerns in November 2017 when two unnamed female civil servants, (Ms A and Ms B) raised them with her.

    You might find useful this definitive guide to events up to the date Nicola Sturgeon signed off the procedure.

    The Obnoxious Trial of Alex Salmond is a Battle For the Soul of the Party Between the Authoritarian Regime of Sturgeon and the Democratic Aspirations of Alex Salmond

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    1. Problem is, snp have taught the faithful to take each thing on its own merit without actually joining the dots. They, like the rest of the new populist politics crew, take us for goldfish, who forget last weeks drama for next week’s, and never the twain shall meet. Some of us work more like a reusable bag than a throw away one use. We store these tidbits of info, and then one day our brain just starts dinging out warning signals….the sum of the parts is greater than the whole after all. And all the parts when lined up are too damning to be conspiracy. SNP have adopted the tory tactic of look over there at those doing what we are doing, byt we’d rather you didn’t notice us doing it. The fall from grace since Salmonds exit has been tremendous, but sad to watch. I today hold the same sense of doom that I felt after ref results came out, but only when thinking about the snp in singularity. Add alba to the mix and that somewhat makes the doom seem less. Im sure I’m far from the only one. You snp media snoopers…take note eh

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    2. Thanks Calton Jock for the link in particular that to Allison Baillie QC sobering would be an understatement, chilling no less so.

      Joanna Cherry has incurred the wrath of Sturgeon, Blackford et al in deigning to align with the sentiment of Ms Baillie’s concern culminating in serious threats to her personal safety from within the SNP.

      No condemnation from Sturgeon suggests to me that the SNP AS AN ORGANISATION IS IN ITS CURRENT FORM NOT A SAFE PLACE FOR WOMEN!

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      1. All right minded people are concerned about the health and well being of Joanna Cherry. She really has been put through the ringer by the supporters of the chappie in Stirling. I am hopeful the attacks on her character do not sour her from politics.

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    3. If I hadn’t been blocked by a ‘princess nicola’ and staunch SNP supporter earlier I would share your sage comments and advice.
      He was arguing that Alex was guilty because one verdict was not proven. In his mind that meant he’s obviously guilty. Because I was supporting ALBA I was the worst thing ever. Didn’t matter that I said I would still vote SNP 1 & only hated what Nicola was doing to the party that I have supported for many years including being branch and CA office bearer. How do we fight this kind of blinkered attitudes.
      Have just been asked by one of the four candidates for the North East to help the campaign. I suppose that’s as much as I can do. Delighted to help.

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      1. I think cloth ears is a character trait of many who will never be persuaded that the SNP is a Party that has lost its way. The very recent token commitment to independence is a response to the justified criticism of Nicola Sturgeon who has never attended a rally or march or given verbal support to the hundreds of thousands of Scots who march under the AUOB.

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  21. I looked into the Stonewall/trans ideology success and what made it so successful and so prolific. Basically, stonewalling. It is well named. Don’t discuss. Don’t admit anything. Deny all culpability. Redact documents. Refuse to release documents. Gaslight. Deny reality. Attack your opponents and accuse them of denying you your rights. Remind you of anything? Even were I not a woman, I would have grave concerns about this lot infiltrating more or less every government, council, school, public business in Scotland. The infiltration started in 2015, and this mindset now drives the SNPG.

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    1. The woke element was the worst thing that ever happened to the SNP. They have been allowed to take over the NEC, despite the best efforts of the membership. The bell is tolling and it is the woke who are pulling on the rope.

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  22. Alex Salmond, the Alba Party and a Supermajority of pro-independence MSP’s mandated to give the Scottish Parliament, on behalf of the sovereign people of Scotland, the power to negotiate Scotlands withdrawal from the union and reestablish an independent nation state. What is not to like? This for me was the strategic master stroke. A true independence supporter/party can only endorse this strategy and has to be seen to endorse this strategy. Alex Salmond and Alba knowing full well that the SNP leadership do not want independence during their tenure and know that their reaction to this strategy would cause the mask to slip and show who and what they really are – devolutionists. The electorate, over the coming weeks, will see that Ms Sturgeon has no intention of delivering independence but more of the same Brexit and austerity under her watch. The electorate will then see a choice of two futures, 1) The status quo and the misery that will bring “the death by a thousand cuts” or 2) Independence and the hopes and dreams of a nation controlling 100% of its resources. I know which option I will be choosing.

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  23. List vote Alba

    Last vote SNP
    Lost vote SNP for unsavoury candidates.
    (Check ingredients list before voting.)

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  24. I have to agree with pretty much all you said, Iain, much as it pains me. But – it is what it is. SNP has gone to the dogs. And I really am totally dismayed – no, I’m REALLY ANGRY, at how Sturgeon has turned a once good, solid party that was the envy of other countries, into a sham, a BIG CON TRICK. The Scots have been used (to keep careerists in the manner to which they’ve been accustomed), they’ve been abused (as in SNP putting policies in place which are really going to hurt Scots) – and they didn’t give a toss. Till Alba came along. Now they see the power to control & keep themselves in their jobs forever, slipping out of their hands and – they’re turning VERY nasty! They’re every bit as bad as bozo but for much of time, they weren’t so obvious about it. Now – now Nicola’s constant barracking against another Indy party & it’s leader is showing her (and her party) up to what they really are. Her Superwoman cape is sliding off her shoulders & the Scots are seeing her true identity.

    I believe that a great deal of Sturgeon’s bile is related to the ‘lost’ money & financial disaster of the ‘books’. She knows that with many of her former supporters now having a new ‘political home’ to migrate to, she has lost the leverage she held and thus, has lost any ‘comfie’ new political term she expected to have in HR, with another 5 years of huge salary & lots of power and funds to pay for all that.. Now… any new term she may win, will be hell on wheels as her nemesis holds her feet to the Indy fire, & thus funds will not be available for ‘weaving through the accounts’ in the same way they have been.

    Thank goodness for ALBA!! And for Alex Salmond’s wisdom! Each time Nicola spews her asp-like venom against ALBA & Salmond, he remains cool, calm, collected & refuses to lower himself to her level. And that, more than anything, opens more eyes & brings more Scots to see what their previously veiled eyes refused to let them see. Had Sturgeon been more astute, she could have played the political game much more wisely & retired gracefully in her own time & in her own way. But her need to rage because she didn’t get what she wanted, what she set out to achieve (jailing Salmond for the rest of his life) will be her undoing. That is her choice. As she has sown, so is she now reaping.

    However, we now have the ALBA Party and it’s given us light at the end of the tunnel. Scotland is heading toward it… and I’m going with it…

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    1. You know as well as I do that Nicola did not “set out to jail Salmond for the rest of his life”. Rather she was plunged into a no win situation = Damned if she used her power to sweep Alex’s misdeeds under the carpet = Damned if she allowed due process to proceed. If there was a plot its intention was to destroy Nicola’s standing as a very popular First Minister.

      I was speaking today to an Independence seeking, non party aligned voter who told me that he thought the ALBA idea was a great way of maximising the pro Indy vote. That was before he delved into blogs like this, and saw the level of rancour, spite and plain lies presented as facts. Now he and has Wife are disgusted and disheartened by the comments and assertions he has seen and they and their wider family will not be supporting Alba (he called it the Nasty Party).

      I post this as a warning – if ALBA supporters want to achieve seats via the regional votes then they should stick to the basics of their raison d’être. namely attracting regional votes. There will be no point to ALBA securing some list seats if, in the process they turn Indy supporters off from voting for SNP candidates in the Constituencies.


      1. You presume too much. I don’t know what you suggest about Nicola is true. I know who Alex’s accusers were and that knowledge in no way removes the likelihood of Nicola being involved. You presume too much. The behaviour you describe. Is much more likely to be found on the pages of those who purport to support the First Minister rather on here as I am sure my regular readers will confirm. This site may make uncomfortable reading for SNP loyalists blind to the long list of undemocratic behaviour within the Party. I will make no apology. If you want to lecture on behaviour and language I would suggest you need to start much closer to home.

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      2. In a case like this where comments are so toxic I do so wish there was an angry response. I couldn’t possibly like it.
        I am not going into details with someone such as yourself but like all the others, who can see no wrong in Nicola Sturgeon, your view is skewed by the unionists press and and your blinkered view of someone who is great at lying.
        I don’t know Alex as well as Iain does but I have met him several times and via other experiences I am absolutely certain that Nicola did set out to plot to jail an innocent man.
        In any case the jury found him not guilty and for people such as the first minister to continue to try him in the courts of public opinion disrespects the jury, the justice system and it should not happen in a civilised society. Nicola as a solicitor should know better and the fact that she continues to ‘accuse’ him demeans her in the eyes of many.
        If this constant attempts at publicly trying a man who was found innocent in a court of law continues then people devalue our justice system. If this were happening to you or any of your family I wonder how you would feel about it then.

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  25. I think we have to grasp that there may be agent provocateurs making comments on various blogs to spread division amongst the independence movement.

    I know that one blogger has had enough and has retired due to online abuse.

    As far as I’m concerned in my area my first vote is for John Swinney and list vote for Alba.

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  26. The Oxford in the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine seems to have disappeared in all reporting of the problems re the vaccine. British propaganda – what a joke.

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