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Increasingly members of the cult make no attempt to defend the indefensible and just try to shout down or throw an insult or smear and then disappear. Mia demonstrates why this can be their only tactic. Who could defend this?

“We all want Independence”

Who is “all”, Mary??

Please provide irrefutable proof that Nicola Sturgeon, Angus Robertson, Smith, Russell, Blackford, Blackman, Black, Wishart, Donaldson and Swinney, to name but a few, want independence after

  1. Doing absolutely nothing to declare the indyref 2014 void after it was revealed every single one of the promises made by the pro union side were broken, every single one.

2. Doing absolutely nothing to declare the treaty of union void despite witnessing continuous changes in circumstances and having a mandate to call an indiref on those changes of circumstances

3. Hindering the Keatings case so Scotland could not know if it could call indyref without consent from England MPs

4. Doing absolutely nothing to stop the withdrawal bill that puts for first time in UK law the English convention of Westminster’s parliamentary sovereignty

5. Doing absolutely nothing to declare the treaty of union void after an English court was used as a tool to modify Scots law by stopping our continuity bill

6. Doing absolutely nothing to declare the treaty of union void after England MPs brought back legislation that predated the treaty of union and that could only be applicable to England

7. Doing absolutely nothing to progress Scotland’s status as an independent state

8. Wasting 8 years of our time

9. Deliberately letting several, perfectly democratic and valid mandates for independence referendums expire, and by letting the 2016 mandate expire, deliberately undermining and dismissing all those changes of circumstances that happened between 2016 and 2021

10. Removing the wheels of the SNP as a vehicle of independence so they could make 7 years of continuous absolute majorities of SNP MPs in Westminster worthless

11. Lying to us repeatedly, misleading us into believing they would stop Scotland being dragged out of the EU they did the precise opposite and enabled England MPs to drag us out

12. Handing control of our most precious assets to England MPs and foreign corporations

13. Viciously attacking yes supporters who dared to complain because this useless FM chose to leave the borders of Scotland wide open allowing a continuous influx of COVID at a time when there were no vaccines, causing thousands of unnecessary deaths of fellow Scots

14. Abusing power to use the COPFS as a political tool to quash dissent

15. Failing to account for 600,000 pounds of money donated FOR INDYREF

16. Handing to England MPs a veto over our legitimate right as an equal partner in this international bipartite union of equals to terminate the treaty of union with England

17. Abusing power to deny Scotland repeatedly for EIGHT YEARS its legitimate right to exercise its self determination

18. Abusing power to, in cooperation with the uK civil service and the COPFS, actively suppressing information of public interest that might have revealed the breach of the ministerial code

19. Cooperating with UK civil servants, COPFS and other elements of the British state to, in a spectacular display of abuse of power, design and implement an unlawful, tainted with bias complaints procedure who was directed to stitch the former FM as it is made evident by the fact that not similar complaints procedure to be used against former civil servants was ever thought as necessary

20. Denying Scotland the opportunity of a pro indy supermajority in Holyrood that would accelerate Scotland’s becoming an independent state

21. In an embarrassing display of vindictiveness, total lack of principles, integrity and never mind professionality, we had senior elements of the SNP taking advantage of their public profiles to publicly attempt to smear the reputation of a former colleague and the decision of a jury, in a Scottish court, because the decision of this jury did not suit these unscrupulous elements’ agenda.

22. Failing to take the case of brexit to the European Court of Justice on the basis that A50 was unilaterally triggered by England MPs without the consent of Scotland and therefore against the constitution of the UK

23. Legitimating the each and every abuse on Scotland effected by England MPs because those in control of the SNP continued to whip the MPs to seat in Westminster instead of refusing to take the seats delegitimising the right of England MPs to claim they were acting on behalf of Scotland

I could go on and on and on. But that is enough for now to get the picture.

Please provide irrefutable proof that all the above are the actions of the most incompetent, unprofessional and useless group of politicians in Scotland’s history and not the evidence of a deliberate attempt by those cowards to trash independence in preparation for the right moment to foist on us some form of enhanced devolution. An enhanced devolution that will perpetuate England’s control for its own advantage of Scotland’s territory, resources, exports, taxes, demographics, currency, markets and politics.

Take your time.


Mia demonstrates why debate on political matters is now at all time low. Those in power have no defence and their supporters know it. As a result they throw smears and insults. It is destructive politics. They urgently want to suppress debate because debate creates knowledge and interest. They recognise just how dangerous that could be. Ignorance is bliss and the more apathy, lack of interest and scrutiny the better.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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40 thoughts on “MIA ANSWERS A CRITIC

  1. ” Take your time ” . Maybe Mary , like Sturgeon ” has time on her side ” : in the latter’s case that appears to mean infinite time . Well , she is the Mistress of Infinity , so why not Eternity too ?

    Unfortunately for NS – fortunately for us , that ol’ devil called Reality has a way of intruding on delusions of omnipotence , and I’m getting the distinct sense the big ” R ” has this presiding failure in it’s crosshairs .

    They may scrape by in the imminent Local Council Elections , but the expiry date on this collection of rotting vegetables is long-passed , the compost heap of broken promises beckons : sooner , I believe , than they imagine .

    Excellent post Mia

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  2. It is now a regular pattern among those who blindly and unquestioningly support whatever Nicola Sturgeon espouses. It really doesn’t matter what the subject is.

    If you subject SNP loyalists’ arguments – being generous here – to any form of scrutiny and one that does not favour the position of the FM and/or the leadership of the SNP/Scottish Govrnment then you are subjected to smear and slur. You are variously labelled a Unionist, misogynist, transphobe etc. Just check The National’s comments below the line on most subjects for proof of this behaviour.

    Ultimately their name-calling – and, far from being the last resort, this can be quite early in the ‘conversation’ – betrays the weakness in their stance and emptiness of their argument.

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  3. This is so extreme. Sadly you will lose people. You’ll appeal only to those who share this extreme anti SNP stand, become another echo chamber. I’m disappointed.

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    1. Your disappointed, so disappointed that out of 23 perfectly simple points you could not answer one. Your disappointment is a perfect example of what Mia and others are trying to get through to people who do not consider all of other points of view. Words fail me!

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      1. Your disappointment is entirely misplaced.

        Mia has not been in government since the referendum.
        The FM has been in charge, and is reported to happy to be judged on the miserable, destructive record Mia outlines.

        If your disappointed by factual criticism, what does find your approval?

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      2. “This is so extreme”

        Since when exactly telling the truth became “an extreme” Ann Marie?

        During Sturgeon’s appalling leadership women’s rights have been undermined and eroded; women have been gagged for attempting to defend their own rights, rights women fought for centuries to achieve. During Sturgeon’s appalling premiership undemocratic approaches are being used to foist on the majority toxic policies that put women and children at risk and only a minority appears to be unhealthily keen on. Now, seemingly, women like me are being told by people like you that if we tell the truth of Sturgeon’s dismal performance, we are considered extremists.

        Well here is another “extreme” for you: in a normally functioning democratic political party, a loser that is intended on disembowelling the party and alienating supporters would not be tolerated as a leader for 1 year, never mind 8. Yet, whoever is controlling the NuSNP is gagging members and supporters so it can keep this loser in control to expand the damage she started the minute she claimed in 2015 that a vote for the SNP was not a vote for independence. Please can you explain exactly In what way has this woman helped Scotland? Under her leadership Scotland was stolen more powers than all previous FM combined since devolution started. And that is saying something.

        Let me tell you what I consider extremism. I consider extremism to be so aware of your own mediocrity that you feel there is nothing else you can do other than embarrassing yourself by abusing your position of power, abusing your access to public funds ,abusing the trust of your voters, abusing and destroying the credibility of the democratic structures of your country and abusing and destroy the credibility of the justice system in Scotland so you can supress information on an industrial scale to get a political victory you would have never even dreamed of achieving on your own merits. I consider it extremism because from such corrupt actions to real fascism there is only one step.

        “Sadly you will lose people”
        Aren’t the Sturgeon faithful telling us continuously that Alba is an irrelevance and that has less than 1% of the vote? So let me ask you, how can we possibly lose what we do not have? What exactly do we stand to lose? Nothing. The only way from the bottom is up.

        “I’m disappointed”
        I have been in continuous disappointment state for the best part of 8 years. I am disappointed about Sturgeon’s apathy for independence and apparent rogue agenda to frustrate independence. As the days, weeks, months and years went by since 8th May 2015, that agenda is becoming more and more obvious. But I am even more disappointed at the entire SNP for letting this person get away with all the division of the yes vote, the inexcusable undermining of Scotland’s sovereignty surrendering Scotland to England’s VIP taxdogers’ brexit, and the unforgivable wastage of majorities, mandates, votes, time, energy, changes in circumstances and opportunities. I am mad at Sturgeon for being what looks like a political fraud. I am mad at the SNP for being cowards who took SNP voters for granted and have unethically used our pro indy votes to preserve the union instead of to end it.

        So are you disappointed? Then walk away from what you call the “echo chamber”. Channel your disappointment on the right target. That will be the one fully responsible for Scotland not being independent today, the one responsible for the division between yes voters and the one responsible for many SNP voters like me walking away in disappointment and disgust. That target is Sturgeon and those in the SNP who for 8 years have been far more concerned about progressing their careers acting as the British state willing useful idiots who neuter the SNP by transforming it into New Labour, while betraying the Scottish people’s trust and hopes and ignoring their mandate since 8th May 2014 to terminate this union.

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    2. You’re fortunate only to feel ‘disappointment’. Many Scots are sick, disgusted, distraught, many passed before their country was independent, more will pass before that happens. You go right-ahead and feel disappointed, meanwhile we’ll continue to expose the failings, and, yes, the corruption, of this anti-independence Party. Unfortunately, with the backing and protection of the Press, this will always take a little longer than we’d like.

      I’m curious, at what point do you leave behind ‘disappointed’ and progress to disgust and realisation? 2024? 2030? – beyond? Don’t you ever find yourself questioning? Why not? Will you forever blindly support the Party?
      I suggest your disappointment is wholly down to having the facts – and they are facts – laid-bare for you? Unedifying, isn’t it?

      Thank you, Mia.

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    3. Tell us where MIA was wrong then if what she said disappoints you. She at least points out exactly what the NU-SNP and Sturgeon have and more importantly NOT done in the 8 yrs she has been buying up all the carrots she can find to keep offering up to the GULLIBLE. I was SNP for 52yrs, I left before any other INDY party came on the scene, Because when you read for weeks in the media & hear that nasty (jump on any bandwagon) CURTIS tell you that your party is going to sweep up every seat in Scotland at the 2015 GE. Then your leader of your INDY PARTY comes out with “this is not an INDEPENDENCE election. You have to shout WHAT!

      SNP policy was always if we got the majority of MPs in Scotland, THAT was all it took to call time on WM. Even more so when there was still the majority of SNPs in government in HR, thanks to Alex Salmond.

      Ok! Maybe she was waiting on the BREXIT vote, after all, that would definitely be that change in circumstance she kept going on about that would result in another referendum, Because NO way was Scotland going to be dragged out of the EU, right?

      There was ONE MP from the 2015 intake, that did start challenging the lack of any movement on INDEPENDENCE in WM, the same MP who when there before got under the skin of every UNIONIST PM. Guess who that was?

      When it came to the 2017 GE, we once again heard how this was not an election on INDY, & WHERE was the SNP?

      They were hardly seen or heard, even when we the people all knew that a deal was done with Dugdale for Labour voters to vote TORY in seats where the Tories came second to SNP.. Guess who lost their seat in that election? The same MP who was making noises that WM did not like & Sturgeon did not want him doing..

      So now he was OUT of WM, he was no longer a threat, until he mentioned he would stand in a by-election for HR that was up-coming.

      Then the PLOT was devised, because he had to be gone in a way that he could never come back into Politics. To do that, he needed a criminal record, & a prison sentence.

      She even bloody FAILED at that.. Thank God..

      Because if this country is to ever get free of WM, then that same MP who has been the biggest threat all of his political career to their precious UNION, has to reinstated in Scottish Politics to replace the YOONS that have taken over the SNP Party..

      To restore this countries values, especially it’s judicial system, with it’s corrupt judges, police, & Lord Advocates. We must also return human rights for everyone & that includes female born WOMENS rights. MOTHERS, not Birthers. And NO male with full genitalia intact should ever be allowed into womens safe spaces, womens prisons, womens sports, just because they put a frock on & declare themselves a woman.

      Sturgeon has destroyed a once great party, she has split one of the biggest YES movements we have seen. She has had 8yrs, with as many broken laws and treaties in that so called UNION of Equals. And done NOTHING.

      Infact apart from baby-boxes, she has done nothing to improve the lives of Scots.

      Yet she has had more money coming in than Alex ever had coming in when he was FM, and where has it gone, mostly in wage rises for civil servants, herself, & the rest squandered on trials.

      Alex brought homelessness down to almost half what it was when he took over, now it is higher than ever..Drug deaths higher than ever, crime way back up again, especially if you are a female laying ribbons around. That is now a serious crime..

      She is the worst thing to ever happen to this country.. And I say that as a once upon a time huge support of her taking over from Alex.. She & HER NU-SNP are todays parcel of Rogues, selling off Scotland bit by bit.

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    4. Ann Marie, you just do not get it do you?. We have had enough of the LIAR ( I don”t know the names of any of these women) and the RT HON CONVICT. Time these people were gone.

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    5. Excuse me!
      We didn’t cause the loss of support. Sturgeon did!
      We didn’t divide the YES Movement. Sturgeon did!
      We didn’t waste a million votes at the Holyrood elections and let the Unionists in.Sturgeon did!

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    1. My thoughts exactly, diabloandco.
      Both Mia’s list of failures of policy and Stuart’s account of faled or botched projects prove that the current Scottish government has been failing Scotland by not using the many opportunities it has had to save Scotland from London’s dreadful actions and by destroyoing the reputation it had for competence in government up to 2014.
      The problem is how to get these irrefutable facts out into the widern community.

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  4. I cannot wait for her downfall. I firmly believe sturgeon and her cult will become the most hated group in Scotland’s history.

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  5. In mideastern scatalogical vein, is Scotland under current management become the go to for «special services» being always ready to assume the required political posture?

    «Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go» Oscar Wilde (attribution)

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  6. I’m not convinced they are interested in delivering some form of enhanced devolution.
    It’s about risk v’s reward.

    Think about it from their perspective. They’re like a con-artist that’s wormed their way into the Boardroom. Sure, they like the trappings of power, it’s the only reason they’re there in the first place, but wielding power, that’s a tricky business.
    Consider the ferries fiasco, even at some subconscious level they must know they’re not up to the task. “Jeez, this governing thing is difficult. Turns out my degree in Gender Politics and eight years of posting selfies on Twitter didn’t prepare me for complex contract and project management.”.

    Consider risk v’s reward from the perspective of their handlers. I mean, would you leave this lot in charge of your stall at a car boot sale?
    Further devolution of what? Broadcasting?
    This is key, the BBC shored up the Union in 2014. Sarah Smith, scion of a dynasty of British deep state spooks didn’y “transfer” to BBC Shortbread by chance.
    If you were her handler would you want Nicola to be left to explain why every time Billy Mitchell enters the Question Time lottery, he hits jackpot?
    Naw, with increased powers Nicola might f@#k up and actually deliver independence.

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    1. Good link Otto.
      One other leadership trate I would add, is delegate tasks to people with the best strengths to complete that task. No point is setting up both the individual and ultimately the business to fail.
      Sturgeon has surrounded herself with numpties.
      Great Post Mia and 100% on all points.

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      1. Unfortunately, many numpties fancy they can carve a lifetime career out of «politics».
        Politicians ought to have an expiry date in order to limit the potential for damage through incompetence.
        The electorate must be more discriminating and we need an electoral system that allows that.
        The British model and its neo colonial variations is not such a system.

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  7. So what did Mary say? Well, she criticised Kenny MacAskill for criticising the SG over the ferry fiasco, basically saying that doing so was playing into the hands of the Tories. And of course to some extent she’s correct; in the forthcoming council elections the Tories are frequently the nearest challengers to the SNP and if someone reads what Kenny had to say and decides not to vote SNP, that does indeed benefit theT ories. She obviously feels that that aspect is more important than calling the SNP to order over the affair, which latter appears to be the preferred course here.

    She then went on to say: “We all want Independence, not infighting”. For that statement Mia appears to be taking her to task. Why? All of us here do want independence, don’t we? Mia wonders who “all” is. I have no doubt that posting on this blog, Mary meant all of us here. She obviously didn’t mean all of us in Scotland, becasuse a lot of people in Scotland (far too many) don’t appear to want independence. And so she was perfectly right in what she said. But it’s the second bit that worries me – “not infighting”. At present we’re split, all too often bitterly split, and it is that more than anything else that plays into Tory hands. They must have difficulty believing their luck when they see SNP hating Alba people and vice versa, with independence supporters saying they’d never vote SNP or Alba or whatever. Virtually every independence blog that I read (actually not all that many) puts forward its own view on the parties – here and Barrhead, very pro Alba and anti SNP, WGD very pro SNP and anti Alba – and any chance of actual debate flies out the window as anyone who queries or has the temerity to actually disagree with the preferred viewpoint of that blog faces instant hostility rather than reasoned and civilised debate.

    So why not give people like Mary a break and try to involve them in the discussion rather than call them pathetic and issue an absurd and utterly irrlelevant 23-point challenge to provide “irrefutable proof” for something they never actually meant? It really is so sad – until we get the movement together we’ll remain weak and we won’t win as our opponents, who are very skilled in such matters, will gleefully play us off against each other.


    1. “absurd and utterly irrlelevant 23-point challenge to provide “irrefutable proof” for something they never actually meant? ”
      You nailed it Davey. I respectfully suggest that Mia Google’s “strawman argument” before splattering Iain’s blog with 23 of them again.

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    2. But the implication then is that Mr. MacAskill was the one who was wrong in bringing the ferry fiasco into the light, when it actually looks like either gross inefficiency or something a lot worse. Are we to remain silent on the really quite outrageous behaviours of Ms Sturgeon in every particular? She has much to answer for: being unaware of what seems to the fund-raisers as embezzlement; not noticing that the actions of filling the NEC with unelected officers so that the party membership is virtually disenfranchised; not recognising that supporting a massively unpopular programme of work for gender identity has replaced the over-riding purpose of the SNP membership so that independence was not discussed at all, not a jot, not a strategy at NEC meetings for years; and certainly not admitting that the funds raised were spent invoking a police enquiry involving OUR FIRST MINISTER and the CHIEF EXECUTIVE of the SNP such that the entire finance committee were forced to resign to protect their own professionalism. Are we to remain silent on all these matters in order to keep at bay the Tory Party? Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP has moved quite far to the right, not as far as Westminster has moved to the right it is true. But it might be as well to remember that she has been in poilitics a long time, and was part of the devolution team that got devolution through. Maybe she convinced herself of the devolution arguments then and doesn’t believe devolution should give way to independence. But she certainly did not have the right to become an entryist, pretending to be for independence when her agenda was different.

      But if you go and have a look at what has actually happened, Mia is reporting accurately.Do we now believe that it is ever excusable to permit by proxy what in other circumstances might well be described as underhand, possibly criminal, certainly inefficient, and profoundly cynical cruel actions? None of us wanted to believe this of Nicola Sturgeon, we all wanted her to do well, to stand up for us, be the clever fighter. But her actions have made clear that her agenda has not been the one we believed it to be. That doesn’t sound all that legal to me. In the business world wouldn’t that raise eyebrows? Are we then to accept lies, deceit, cheating, corruption of justice and say nothing in case we are dim enough to vote in the Tories? If we do that we deserve all we get. But I for one don’t want to see Scotland under Sturgeon losing integrity as well as the culture that has been quietly defended for centuries. If the Nu-SNP membership doesn’t like criticism, get a grip on what is happening.

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      1. Mia may well have been accurate in some but certainly not all of what she said. That’s not the point however. Mia was purporting to “answer a critic”, in this case Mary who had suggested that Kenny MacAskill’s criticism of the SG over the ferry fiasco was playing into the hands of the Tories. .Personally I don’t agree with that, but I can see the point she was making and it could have been answered succinctly and politely. In the event Mia made no attempt to answer her critic, but instead delivered what cynicusinexile rightly called a “strawman argument” which in case you didn’t google it occurs when someone takes another person’s argument or point, distorts it or exaggerates it in some kind of extreme way, and then attacks the extreme distortion, as if that is really the claim the first person is making. The effect, at least as far as I’m concerned, is to largely destroy the credibility of the person making such an argument.

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    3. So Davy what you Mary and other apologists want us to do is IGNORE the DAMAGE financially , socially and CONSTITUTIONALLY that sturgeon and her cabal of incompetents and sexual deviant perverts are doing to our citizens and country of Scotland
      What benefits will our females accrue when they are confronted and threatened by sexual predators LEGALLY allowed in their SAFE spaces
      What benefits will our citizens accrue in the wasteful idiocy of the ferries clusterfcuk , will the stupidity benefit food banks , homeless people or OAP’S, Where is the much promised referendum bill she has promised for YEARS

      What you Mary and other apologists are asking is for people to vote snp because they are less SHITE and CORRUPT than the tories , LIEbour or lib dumbs , I don’t feel encouraged by that argument

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      1. Sorry Davytee19, it seems to me a bit like saving the china when the house is burning. Kenny MacAskill made specific points in the house to question and bring to the attention of the house some points that needed making.
        Prior to Ms Sturgeon’s regime these questions would have been asked by journalists but journalists who ask direct questions of SNP’S political decisions tend to find themselves in uncomfortable situations, like prison. Criticism of policy is a career threatening move. Have a look at what happens to Joanne Cherry whenever she puts forward a reasoned statement which questions SNP policy. The venom with which critics are crushed is frightening. So having Kenny MacAskill willing and able to switch on a torch and show us some reality seems to me to be worth a very great deal. Your strawman argument may have validity behind it, but what Mary’s comments, while generating a lot of heat, reveal is how huge are the changes in our society that the public may be willing to ignore really serious misdemeanour . Yes of course we want to keep the Tories out but in truth what the SNP has become is ghastly and is masked behind a personality cult of great power and success, which Mary’s mild comment has highlighted. Nicola’sfanclub do not pull punches and do not scrutinise fact. They have loud voices. I wonder whether Mary knew what has been going on in the upper echelons of the SNP that she would prefer to keep quiet on questioning than face the fairly horrific questions of where SNP policy (for want of a better word) is taking us.

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  8. This is the basis for the coming charge sheet which we’ll need when it comes to trying NS and the rest of the cabal before a Scottish court of law for treason, aiding and abetting the English Colonial Government, fraud and embezzlement of funds.

    Independence can reap many rewards for our economy, people and well-being, but it also means possession of the tools to bring justice for the suffering inflicted by a foreign nation and more importantly, those Scots who willingly sided with them and actively assisted in prolonging the colonial servitude.

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  9. There appears to be a couple of straw men on this thread. What was it that the straw man in “The Wizard of Oz” was missing? Sick of listening to the apologists with their non-arguments. It’s as bad as the unqualified “Case for the Union”…wait a minute it IS the case for the union!

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