Commenting on the continuing political turmoil within the Tory party and the UK Government ALBA Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP said:

“If the Tory 1922 committee change the rules so they can change their mind about Boris Johnson remaining Prime Minister, then denying Scotland the right to change our minds on Westminster rule is indefensible.

“This is the moment of maximum turmoil, weakness and division within the ruling Tory party at Westminster.  It is also the moment for a united Independence movement to exert maximum pressure on Johnson to concede a Section 30 Order and allow an Independence Referendum to take place.  It is why ALBA is calling for an Independence Convention to underline  that it is the people of Scotland and not Westminster who are sovereign”.

Commenting on the reference by the Lord Advocate of the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill to the Supreme Court ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP said:

“The reference of the Independence Bill by the Lord Advocate to the UK Supreme Court is almost a rhetorical question.  Of course they’ll say sovereignty rests with Westminster.  It’s now up to Scotland’s elected representatives to  ensure it’s the Scottish people who are sovereign.

“It’s time for an Independence Convention to bend Westminster to Scotland’s will.  Sovereignty must rest with the Scottish people not a Supreme Court or Dysfunctional Westminster.”



  1. Just spent the afternoon watching the Westminster Liaison Committee interrogating. And what a pitiful sight it was as they ripped the clown in chief Boris Johnson.

    Anyone watching the spectacle could only be astounded at the total and utter shambles that masquerades as UK government.

    But behind this clown of a prime minister and his clique there is a Conservative Party now recognising that the country is an utter mess with a collapsing economy, a collapsed pound, travel chaos at airports and ports, soaring inflation, declining living standards, a collapsing NHS, a Northern Ireland in crisis as the UK government breaks international law and undermines the Good Friday Agreement, a UK at loggerheads with the EU and a country effectively at war with Russia. Shouldn’t however come as a shock to them since they have actually been the party of governance these last years.

    Incredible therefore that against this background the Prime Minister writes to Nicola Sturgeon that he cannot agree to a referendum.

    This is not a functioning democracy. An apartheid state run by oligarchs for oligarchs and not for the people. A country that says it has a rule of law, a constitution, but which in fact has neither. A country also well able to use it’s security services and apparatuses of state to undermine democracy through dark dark means.

    Against this background and the utter chaos of a declining and broken country the time has indeed to be now when we all come together to take, to seize our independence. We need to bring this rabid dog to heel and put it down, for unless we, do it will kill us all.

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  2. Tory turmoil is Scotlands moment and like all the other Westminster moments it will pass and Scotland will stand where it did.
    SARA SALYERS has given you the gold standard. The Claim of Right. That is all you should be talking about, you should be screaming it from the rooftops. Let the Scottish people be aware of the treachery taking place in our own country. Get off Englands turf stop wasting time talking about those sickos in Westminster

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    1. 100% agree Wullie: Westminster agreed that they recognise the Claim of Right (though it was criminally removed from the Hansard record for a short while, showing the strength of it) – our own written constitution is recognised and it underpins the Treaty of Union. This is the gold standard. Sara says this will go through the UN courts and we can, with a government that cannot afford to be seen to deny Scotlands constitution, restore the Convention of the Estates to hold Holyrood and Westminster to account under our own constitution. This first and essential step turns the lie that we are an equal partner in union into a truth. From there all things are possible.

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      1. I would add that the sovereign people of Scotland are not bound by the Scotland Act – that is for Holyrood. We have lacked any means to express our sovereignty but now we have been given the path forward – and it is a very good path! Imagine a country that can truly hold power to account?

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  3. Absolutely well said wullie, I don’t have a clue what’s going on with Johnstone down there and couldn’t be less interested, That’s Englands problem they voted for that bunch of lying, corrupt criminals they call a government, we have our own bunch of lying, corrupt criminals up here to deal with and you’re 100% right that’s what we should be concentrating on and it starts with re-establishing The Claim of Right and getting shot of them

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  4. So so much comes down to the right action at the right time.
    Boris Johnson has effectively ruled out a section 30 today and his replacement will never offer one in a million years.

    The SNP are a long long way off ever formally endorsing our claim of right. Of course there is still a very important role in salvo – irrespective of Scotland”s relationship with England.

    A ‘wildcat’ (Nicola’s words ) referendum is not something the SNP are really going to pursue and a GE at london’s choosing gives the establishment and it’s media all the initiative. This is why the right action at the right time (now) is for each and every MP in WM to walk and hold a by-election on a mandate for independence. We use their train set, their rules, but crucially not at a time of their choosing. This is how we create a situation similar to what happened in 2011 – a situation which caught them off guard.

    No serious party is going to boycott these by-elections and it puts all the initiative and momentum with the pro-indy movement.

    I believe in popular sovereignty, yet I feel it is a long long road, albeit one we have to take if necessary. What we need however – right now – are political heros. Those politicians who are willing to put it on the line for our nation’s biggest opportunity in centuries. We will never have a better chance.

    So what do you say guys?

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    1. Scott you say ‘The SNP are a long long way off ever formally endorsing our claim of right.’
      Holyrood has no constitutional powers as Sturgeon constantly reminds us – Westminster recognised the Claim of Right and this will go through the UN. We, the sovereign people will find expression for our rights by restoring the Convention of the Estates and Holyrood can like it or lump it. If an SNP SG refuses to recognise the Claim of Right and the restoration of the Convention of the Estates in front of their voters the YES votes lent to them will evaporate. We need to get this done yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  5. “It is also the moment for a united Independence movement to exert maximum pressure on Johnson to concede a Section 30 Order”

    I will scream at the top of my lungs in desperation if I hear one more time a pro independence MP regurgitate the words “concede a Section 30” I will go insane. For goodness sake, is there not a single political party in Scotland, not a single Scotland MP who actually believes what they preach regarding Scotland’s sovereignty and has the gumption to start exercising that sovereignty on Scotland’s behalf?

    Is there not a single pro-independence party in Scotland who is prepared to look beyond a failed referendum, ditch the unfit for purpose restrain jacket on Scotland, courtesy of Westminster, that is the Scotland Act and devolution and, for goodness sake, exercise Scotland’s sovereignty by moving forward to terminate the treaty of union?

    THREE TIMES that S30 has been requested. And three times it has been denied. How many more times do our MPs need to be told they are not getting one so they stop wasting our time and start, for once and for all, thinking about the alternative route OUTWITH the constrains of devolution?

    “and allow an Independence Referendum to take place”

    7 years on since we issued our mandate and they are still talking in terms of “allowing a referendum to take place”? This is beyond depressing. I thought Alba recognised a referendum is not the only route.

    “The reference of the Independence Bill by the Lord Advocate to the UK Supreme Court is almost a rhetorical question”

    The reference of the Scotland’s independence bill to an English court is an insult to the people of Scotland, it is an insult to our sovereignty and it is an insult to our Claim of Right . Our sovereignty is not for negotiation. Our sovereignty is not a commodity for the FM of the day to give away to an England court or a set of England judges to flush down the toilet of the union. If this FM does not understand that, then I think it is about time she resigned.

    ” Sovereignty must rest with the Scottish people not a Supreme Court or Dysfunctional Westminster.”

    “must rest”?? Sovereignty ALREADY rests with the people of Scotland. So how about the custodians of our sovereignty (our MPs) stop handing it to England MPs and they start EXERCISING it on our behalf by terminating the treaty?

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    1. Totally agree Mia . It really is disheartening / infuriating in equal measure that even ALBA seem fixated on the doomed , futile and UNNECESSARY pursuit of the unholy grail of a S30 .

      FFS the English Gov is in disarray and whether Bawbag The Clown survives or not is completely irrelevant , it will still be in disarray whatever happens , for the simple reason it is populated by upper and middle class ideological savages whose arrogance ( ” the natural party of governance ” , aye , in England maybe ) and bungling incompetence is leading the UK into a black hole nationally and internationally .

      The Chaos = Opportunity equation couldn’t be more stark .

      Can our – supposed – alternative to the useless SNP not demand something more substantial than a f…… S30 ?

      I know they can’t force this inert , burst balloon of a ScotGov to do what it SHOULD be doing ie calling a Holyrood Election – which the Pro-Independence Parties would almost certainly win – and ASSERTING it’s will – so , in that case , bypass it completely and address the Independence Movement directly .

      We’ve wasted enough time – far too much time – on the chimera of ” Gold Standards ” . Enough .

      Time to ACT

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    2. Our politicians will never exercise the Claim of Right and in fact it does not belong to them – it belongs to the sovereign people of Scotland and that is recognised by Westminster. What we need is a means to exercise our rights. Holyrood is bound by the Scotland Act and cannot exercise our rights. Our MPs could but the SNP do not. We need to restore the Convention of the Estates, using our Claim of Right to get this in place. If all the people who can afford a tenner a month in Scotland gave a tenner a month (or what they can) to fund this then we would have a means to represent the sovereign people funded independently of government. We need to do this right now – this precedes independence – it does not wait on it.

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  6. Nothing good, wholesome, honest, fearless is going to happen ‘under’ nicoliar. That’s the line. No conspiracy just plain in your face facts. I despair. Her frumpery of perverts and enablers are a dangerous sideshow. The nusnp don’t want independence …7 years of damage and destruction. That’s nicoliar and her hench she/he/ zit/zizzzz/bollocks

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  7. Boris is hinting at a snap election the SNP will back away from a pebiste, Sturgeon seeing this as an opportunity to kick the can down the road again we must not let her back slide every election must now be fought as a pebiste.
    If the SNP wont do it we need candidates AUOB to end the Union on this one ticket.

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  8. ‘Against this background and the utter chaos of a declining and broken country the time has indeed to be now when we all come together to take, to seize our independence.’

    This is where the Scottish independence movement utterly fails and the parties that grow out of the movement will continually fail also.

    The methods we use are:

    1 – march, protest, raise awareness, write nice wee scathing pieces pointing out the nonsense of 3rd grade politicians and ‘journalists’ (not talking about this blog) while arguing where to put our votes when we are next allowed one

    2 – vote for the options presented to us when given the chance every number of years.

    3 – complain that nothing changes while pointing out which % of the population is pro indy every time a poll is carried out.

    I don’t want to come across as too scathing or like im looking down my nose but this cycle is getting the Scots nowhere.

    But what else is there to do?

    Well, forget about political parties or protest groups for now. That’s putting the cart before the horse. What needs to be done first is a whole lot of ground work from which a successful political movement can arise in order to take power that actually benefits the Scots even while not in political power.

    Economy – a group that is dedicated to bringing together pro Scottish businesses and workers for the benefit of Scots in Scotland for our financial security. A secondary role would be the dissemination of relevant (and factual) economic information. A distant goal would be the running of pension/investment system.

    Legal – the often overlooked battlefield is the legal world. A pro Scottish legal organisation whose entire purpose is to act as the legal arm of the Scots in offense and defence.

    Cultural – to uplift the heritage of the Scots and work against the constant undermining of our people historically and culturally. A large part of this would be to influence the education of our children. The promotion of Scottish holidays, historical figures and events would also be a priority.

    Such a group would need funding to get going. I already did the maths before but if half of the Scottish independence supporting electorate would drop their BBC TV license and instead donate to such a group then there would be literally 10’s of millions of revenue annually. By far enough to set up a solid movement.

    Any political parties that arise from this would be powerful and have a solid base and even if they are unsuccessful politically at least there would a group working for the benefit of Scots, with power, that doesn’t require the acceptance of an utterly corrupt political system to function.

    Ive spoken about this for a while now but it seems people would rather go through the steps 1, 2 and 3 ad infinitum.

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    1. Spot-on compadre . I made my comment above before seeing yours – incensed like Mia by the O.P . 100% agree

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