Wait till  I tell you about this. I could not believe it when I was first told about it. So I checked and as unbelievable as it is, it is happening and this is how the SNP are planning to run the selection of candidates across the country.

All written communication with the members in the constituency can only happen through Party Headquarters using a pretty dodgy email system notorious for “losing members” from the database. Of course those who have been “lost” are unaware of being lost and just don’t get any communication anymore. Missed meetings are the least of the problem sometimes it is the Branch Chairperson who is posted in the “lost” category! Plenty have complained over the years but it still happens. Each candidate is limited to ONE message of no more than 300 words. Some campaign! Ten year olds are allowed more contact with a pen pal than SNP candidates are allowed with members.

Next up is the most astonishing and serious. Quite unheard of. The SNP NEC has decided that the candidates who are seeking selection in a constituency MUST NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, HAVE ACCESS TO THE CONTACT DETAILS of the membership. What we are about to witness is selection campaigns where no candidate can ever know who the electorate is. This of course greatly aids those who have had time to build a social media campaign but when combined with what I am going to tell you about next, sets the scene perfectly for the favoured Woke candidates. Who ever heard of elections where the electorate is kept top secret? Whose running this Party? Joseph Stalin?

Office bearers in the constituency, you know the folk who actually run the SNP in the area, are specifically barred from giving any endorsement to any of the candidates BUT MP’s and MSP’s from anywhere are free to do so. This is ridiculous, it is the office bearers who are going to have to work with whoever is selected. Favoured WOKE candidates can expect rapid influential endorsement from senior members of the faction handing them a huge advantage.

Let me tell you about a rather embarrassing incidence of this which has already occurred, a young potential candidate in Edinburgh announced he was standing for a seat and was promptly endorsed by two SNP MP’s known to be sympathetic to the faction. It was all over the Edinburgh media particularly that he had launched a crowd fundraiser to help finance his campaign. Just a slight problem, he had done this all before going for vetting. No idea what happened, perhaps too many Woke Folk contesting the one seat, but he was rejected at Vetting and his four week crowdfunder was dead in the water and both he and the two SNP’s MP’s who had prematurely endorsed his candidacy had to sheepishly handle the accompanying publicity of his rejection. This was totally unnecessary and candidates should not be allowed to do this until after they have been selected. Another NEC inspired own goal!

So to summarise rapid early approval of Woke favourites at vetting. Delay and rejection of rivals, particularly any strong local candidate capable of defeating the Woke candidate. Timing used to give Woke Candidates head start to build social media presence, introduce rule banning letting candidates know who the members of the constituency are (can’t believe I just wrote that!), outlaw endorsement of any candidate by local figures, permit endorsement by MP’s or MSP’s from anywhere. Pass rule that only one communication is permitted by each candidate which can only be circulated on the Headquarters dodgy email system and limited to 300 words.

There you are, all the parts of the jigsaw laid out put together so everyone can see what the real picture is about. No excuses now, it is plain for all to see, yet before in all its separate pieces it would be hard to fully understand or comprehend. It might even be considered quite innocent. Put it together and a very disturbing picture is clear. This is huge manipulation of the internal democracy within the Party. Truly scandalous! I think they are hearing the first rumblings of rebellion because the programme dates are now getting changed, cancelling short lists and going straight to the vote without cutting the fields in a much tighter timeframe.

My final point is not only is this appalling in democratic terms and grossly unfair on the non Woke element it is downright insulting to the membership of the Party throughout the country. When the actual election arrives it will be the membership in each constituency that will have the task of convincing the local populace to vote SNP. THE NEC WILL BE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. Yet here we have the whole selection procedure, a total takeover  by the NEC of the entire process. The ordinary membership not being trusted to run a fair and open election to select their own candidate. You know the man or woman who will represent THEIR area.

I don’t know what’s happened to the SNP, if this had been tried by the NEC in my day we would have been out on our ear with no survivors. If you are all willing to tolerate this level of control then frankly you have lost it, the grassroots is getting concreted over in front of your own eyes.

Stand up to them, make membership lists available to all candidates. Have some revolutionary zeal, the Party desperately needs it. If you join up with other constituencies and refuse this level of control and fixing, because that is what it is, there is nothing they can do! DEMAND fair and open elections, it’s your right. Protest or forever hold yer wheesht. Ordinary members raise this with your branch and constituency office bearers, ask them what they are doing about it?


I am, as always


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  1. As Convener of Dumbarton CA I received an email from the NEC saying that members Email contact details lists would be made available to candidates from today


  2. Thanks Ian. We feel like you. The SNP and it’s NEC is in one unholy mess. The supporters of the SNP will start to dwindle at this rate. We as a family will always vote SNP and for independence. The question we wonder ourselves now. Is it time to continue with our membership!

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      1. As an Ordinary Member of the SNP, myself & Others took on Angus Robertson & Others at a National Conference on whether or Not Scotland should have any Nuclear Weapons, in Faslane or RAF Stations in Aberdeenshire!
        The Leaders were for it, as part of NATO,
        And We defeated the Leaders!
        Myself & Others Will take on Right of Centre Members And Win Again!!!

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      2. Alspals is that NOT erse about face , so vote SNP in its current form , maybe or maybe not get independence , THEN try and oust the wokesters that you have just elected for a further 4 or 5 years whilst they are consolidating their position , alspals do you not think there might be a wee problem with your plans

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      3. Well I tell you this; We have Nae Chance of changing the Current Top of the SNP!
        Unless someone in the Know, like Alex or Craig M. or Kenny MacAskill start naming Names!
        Now 1 or More can contact Me with the Names of Those responsible for The Chief’s Trial and Without naming My Sources I Will go Public!
        I am at an age that I Will Willingly serve 3 or More years at Her Majesty’s pleasure if it Stops these Right Wing Tartan Tories!!!

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  3. And people wonder why I’m not a paid up member now.
    Ok i will still vote SNP, but there is something strange going on with this NEC department.

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    1. And people wonder why I, too, am not a paid up member, but I’m now asking myself some serious questions about continuing to vote for a bent Party?
      Think about it; the smug,ensured NEC are now so far down the line of making up rule after rule as they go along, installing the type of candidate the electorate don’t want, have no choice in, independence “no longer a priority” that the question must be asked; why would you vote for that?
      Voting for New SNP – with no intention of seeking independence – is no better than voting any one of the unionist parties at HR.

      I now have some very serious thinking to do.

      Thanks, Iain; this information is both invaluable and a bit of a game-changer.

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  4. Always felt that branches were in isolation.
    With those and such as those locally, acting like party apparatchiks in a one way street.
    How to break it, communication.
    Contacting other branches.
    Where to find contacts.
    Getting feedback from them.
    Where to get the list of branches.

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    1. The party system makes it ridiculously hard to contact other branches and CAs. It’s as if they don’t want you communicating with them, especially those outwith your area. Many times it has relied on someone within a branch knowing someone from another area personally to be able to make contact. HQ has never done anything to make it easier – wonder why that is??

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  5. Broken, corrupted everywhere you look. All process absolutely skewed.

    And removing members from the database list so that they do not receive correspondence and communication is commonplace. And when a member realises it, brings it to the attention of the party HQ, a quick check, reveals that somehow the individual had been ticked not to receive correspondence. ( Quite who has access rights to effect these changes is a very good question.

    Interestingly, individuals removed from receiving correspondence and communication do not get locked out from receiving funding appeals.

    That the party, and at compliance manager level knows well about the issue, tells you all. Tells you that he is fully aware of the manipulation of the party database, and a database that these days is at the very heart of the party driving just about everything everything, all branch correspondence, all CA correspondence, all HQ correspondence, voting notices, and in the very near future, the electronic ballot papers.

    Do we need UN observers in to oversee the ballot for candidates. It certainly seems so. No one can have any confidence in any of the processes of the party.

    And is your personal data on the SNP data base safe. Well that’s another question again.

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  6. We need easy horizontal communications between branches, each branch should have a branch exec member responsible for inter branch communications, at a wider level than the local CA. Recent set up of SNP Members For Indy Facebook group has members from about 140 branches, and its a revelation.

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    1. Its been pushed for ages – and ignored. When we had something we wanted input from other branches on we had to trawl through social media to contact branches. HQ don’t want us communicating with each other.

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    1. Maybe time for challenges re the constitutionality of the SNP.

      It’s now being exposed ever more as a rotten broken machine operating without rules, without a functioning constitution, and a party where a ruling clique particularly make up rules as they go along.

      Under what authority do these people operate. Do members, rejected candidates have to accept this. I don’t think they do.

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  7. And for the casual member having a look at the rules for Candidate Selection for 2021 and posted on the My.SNP website, sometime post the 30th July 2020 NEC meeting that allegedly ( and constitutionally ? ) agreed these rules, how many visitors will notice that the timetable has been changed, or that there is no noted document control information giving any detail of the timetable version and when it was revised.

    Version control and annotation of same is at the very heart of process and without it there is restricted visibility. So who changed this timetable, under what, if any authority, and why no note of revision and date of same. Or is it done that way to make it look as if it was the timetable originally, allegedly, agreed by the NEC.

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  8. why has the snp been allowed to get in this situation,this hasnt happened overnight,I am not a member of the snp but have followed them faithfully for the last 30 years, alex salmond has brought scotland to the brink of independence, but the professional politicians have taken over the snp party, aided by the senior snp hierarchy,I am at the stage of being so disgusted at the way the snp are going about their business,I am in two minds whether to give the snp my precious vote even if it means we delay independence.

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  9. Thank goodness you are raising alarm. There is something very very wrong. Very worried about Caithness Sutherland and Ross. We have been told there are two candidates -Maree Todd and one other – but we are not allowed to know the name of the other candidate and no announcements are being made about the selection process. I am now worried that I will not be given the chance to vote.

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    1. If you are watching Peter McDonald’s twitter you’ll see Moraig
      Hendeson is no longer standing. So it will be Maree Todd, no contest.
      Still no clue who the person was, basically zilch online, all I found was one comment
      on a blog 7 years ago!

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  10. I’m just a not so smart SNP sodjer and I kept getting lost in this discourse with references to ‘Woke’ people/candidates.
    I honestly don’t understand this code word (well I assume it’s a code word for something) and it really made me feel that there are folk in (and outside) this discussion who understand a sort of sub text, which so far, has eluded me.
    I’ve noticed it elsewhere and with folk I greatly admire (like Paul Kavanagh) who make up wee ‘in’ words to describe people, such as ‘Surname surname) and I really wish you all would make some allowances for not so bright and almost certainly, out-of-date activists like me and use simpler older fashioned words and phraseology.

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    1. It’s a term for a programme that includes measures like GRA and the Hate Crime Bill as recent examples. Their aim is to seize the policy agenda and engineer social change through social engineering. Originally from California I believe. Independence is not anywhere near the top of the agenda.

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      1. Is it an abbreviation of something or other?
        Who are they, is there a list of this expanded NEC .


      2. It first applied to the black civil rights movement in the States, Iain. This rip-off, pseudo ‘woke’ – I always put it in inverted commas – is an insult to the real ‘woke’. Most of the ‘wokerati’ of today are pampered, middle-class younger people who are bored with life as it is and want to be seen as full-on ‘good’ people. Many have migrated from Labour or from the socialist parties, and the SNP is the vehicle for their agenda. Independence is not on their radar. In fact, it would hinder their agenda.

        They are, generally, left-wing types with an authoritarian/totalitarian mindset, and they ally themselves with big money and influence (the antithesis of the original woke movement) to push an agenda that they are too stupid to see is not of any benefit to themselves, but to those who bankroll them. Their aim is to overturn most accepted mores, and they do not accept that anything much is set in stone – either scientific fact or any other kind of fact or truth. If you don’t accept fact or truth, you can live in a state of delusion forever and punish those who do not conform. Mass acceptance of their delusions is their forte.

        If you look at the trans lobby, you can see that the whole meaning of ‘woman’ is being turned upside down, but to the ‘wokerati’, that is the right way, so that we will have a ‘woman’ who is a trans women (a natal man) who looks just like a natal man because he won’t have to have surgery, hormone treatment, dress like a woman, nothing if GRA reform goes through. Many ‘women’ will look and act just like natal men, which, if you have been listening is not what they are, even when they are. That is not to say that trans people do not face prejudice and ned recognition and help, but the trans lobby, particularly Stonewall, is a bullying, shouty, aggressive lobby that has pushed women out of their jobs, threatened them with violence and demanded they share their every breath with trans women (natal men) when it make more sense to create trans spaces. They do not appear to want those but want all women’s spaces which leaves many women convinced that they are really virulent misogynists. The Hate crime stuff was, I’m sure, intended to be coupled with the GRA reform, and other ‘woke’ policies so that no one could object and would be prosecuted for doing so, if they did.

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    2. I am in the same boat- no idea what WOKE is but very aware it is creating destructive havoc all over the place within SNP- just as we need to focus on finally winning independence. Hard to believe this is not all orchestrated- including the attack on AS.

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    3. Harry and ambouche;

      as far as I know, the term ‘woke’ was introduced by African Americans. ‘Woke’ basically is African American (AA) for ‘awoke from’ and is their way of describing white individuals who like to think they suddenly know how AAs think;
      Oh, I fully understand how Black people must feel.. and those people who think they’ve suddenly awakened as sympathisers to Blacks, and, to a degree, feel they know what’s best for them. Blacks therefore would say; Huh, dude’s suddenly ‘woke from his sleep and tells US how we feel?!
      ‘Woke’ would be a type of virtue signalling – look how much I care or I know these kids, I understand these poor people, and I’ll certainly be round tomorrow with a hundred pounds..

      As far as I’m aware (although I’m not entirely up to speed with the sex stuff) the term has gradually been used for other groups*, for example; those individuals born female but having a dick. ‘Oh, I know how it must be to be born a man but have a vagina!’ (how could you know?, you woke arsehole) I don’t know a hell of a lot about transgender, but it seems there’s a right-wing movement behind the recent pushing of rights for minority groups – something like what’s going on behind the scenes in the SNP.

      If anybody can improve, or advise, please feel free to add.

      *My description isn’t intended to offend any groups, minority or otherwise, and I hope that’s not been the case.

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      1. JSM
        14th Oct 2020 at 11:34 am
        Woke means being conscious of forms of oppression and injustice in society.


        But when individuals assert their ‘progressive’ agenda rather aggressively, and malign anyone who disagrees with or even raises doubts about the narrative being pushed, then it is reasonable to doubt they are ‘woke’ at all, but rather down a pit of self-delusion in which they feel superior and entitled to disparage and bully anyone of a different opinion to their own.

        I hold that:
        It is impossible to rule, and enforce, that ‘woman’ and ‘man’ no longer mean what they did.
        It is impossible to rule, and enforce, new words, ‘preferred pronouns’, and radically-altered meanings.
        It is impossible to promote human rights and freedom by coercion and threat.

        The ‘woke’ movement insists that subjectivity overrules objectivity, but it is only certain people’s subjectivity that is counted valid by them.
        Their movement is philosophically, scientifically and logically vacuous and self-contradictory.

        In my view..

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  11. I am not member of the SNP but I have been watching closely the “business” in which they are currently involved.

    Having voted Labour for most of my adult life, I switched to SNP in 2001 after the first Tony Blair administration had shown that that party had been manifestly infiltrated by the Briitsh State. Admittedly, this had been fairly obvious for a number of years (decades?) but up until then I had seen no viable alternative. Alex Salmond changed all of that. A true statesman, and with a vision for Scotland which I admired and shared, he made the SNP an entity which seemed to have the entire nations’ well-being at its’ core. I have voted SNP at every election since and, of course, campaigned and voted for Yes in the 2014 referendum.

    I will never forget the look on Kirsten Oswald’s face when she was elected to represent me in 2015. Surprised and verging on shock, I guess she never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would win. Now, as chair of the NEC and SNP Business spokesperson, she wields no small degree of power. If I had guessed then what I now know, I would probably have voted Green.

    I am vaguely aware that a young man from the so-called Woke clique has already announced his intention to run for the forthcoming Holyrood election in our constituency. Here in East Renfrewshire, we are already represented by a young man who is very much locally connected. So far, he has provided a quiet but solid service. I would like to hear a bit more about independence from him, but that may come in the near future. I am dependent on the membership of the local SNP branches being as aware of the corruption within the party as you are Iain, in order to avoid landing us with a Woke candidate. I will say now, that if that becomes the case I will NOT be voting for the SNP. This may render me unable to vote for anyone at constituency level, and I would most certainly vote for an alternative Indy party on the List.

    Finally, I am compelled to mention the influence of the poisonous Leslie Evans, the Permanent Secretary to the Scottish Government. This business within the upper echelons of the SNP smells of the touch of this odious creature, nothing would surprise me. I have absolutely no idea who or what Peter Murrell is, but Evans is most certainly a beast of the foul corruption which emanates from London.

    These are dark days indeed.

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    1. That is exactly how I feel. I am on the outside edge of the SNP although I was more involved 30 years ago. I had never heard of Leslie Evans till the attack on Alex started. But she is an employee of the British State and I suspect her of being the driving force behind that. The NEC is a mystery to me but seems to creating real harm and havoc. SNP HQ has lost touch with ordinary members and that is a disaster for them….. but we must not let it harm Scotland. Independence first.

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      1. mullwharcharcom;
        ‘Independence first’ – yes, for you, for me, for the people who voted for the Party of independence – but not, it seems, for the Party of independence? And that’s the point here; they’ve NO INTENTION of holding an independence referendum, or campaigning for one. Stop and think.

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  12. This is a very worrying development but the Constitution allows this to happen under 10 Selection of Candidates 10.2 c & d.
    Clearly, the mechanism was not designed with the intent of disenfranchising the candidates from a level playing field to communicate with the membership in their proposed area but this decision has achieved just that.
    The Constitution provides the NEC with too much power on the democratic levers of the Party. Allowing this type of abuse to be perpetrated.
    Vested interests, throughout the selection processes, are enabled under the current Constitution to the detriment of potentially very capable individuals who do not enjoy the patronage of those in positions of influence.
    It should be sacrosanct within the Constitution that Branches/Constituency organisations are empowered to determine through a membership vote to determine their preferred candidate and the NEC should be putting all candidates to the local members for decisions. Each candidate should be given the same opportunities to communicate with their prospective membership base with a limit on expenditure being the key to ensuring an equal process.
    If they prefer to use social media then this can be restricted to one vlog/blog. If a candidate doesn’t use social media it should be totally restricted to a mail out, 1 email or leaflet drop. It should be for each candidate to handle this NOT the NEC, they can be copied into any mailing incase of a query or complaint from a member.
    What we are witnessing is the Stalinesque control of our Party to detriment of its primary aim.
    I’m contacting my local Branch to raise these concerns.

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  13. Have you seen the latest in Cunninghame North, we’ve had the Kenny Gibson is a bully hitting the press well now Humza Yousaf’s cousin Osama Saeed Bhutta has suspended campaigning as a branch emailed its members saying they should vote for Kenny Gibson.

    Guessing given the restrictions you outline the branch person decided to do their own thing.

    The SNP need to take a damn good look at themselves before it’s too late.

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      1. Yes, the situation in Cunninghame North seems to be a microcosm of all that is wrong.
        Both Kenny and Patricia Gibson have called people out on Facebook, accused them of lying and actively
        courting people like Osama Saeed Bhutta from outside the area to stand.

        And the other seat where I’m picking up a fair amount of unrest is Glasgow Kelvin. One candidate
        being openly supported by current MSP, councillors and one of the other two candidates feels it’s
        being orchestrated and it’s not a level playing field. And for goodness sake it’s an all women shortlist,
        wasn’t that meant to herald fairer politics.

        It’s all so horribly depressing. As if medicocre Scotland under the worst of old Labour has returned but
        they at least had a rule book they appeared to follow, this somehow seems worse.

        Can you imagine any other political party in 2020 accepting the leader and the CEO being a couple?

        I’ve been banging that drum for years but sadly SNP members, elected reps didn’t take notice. And here we are now.

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  14. Not a SNP member but a supporter of Independence so I am appalled by this. I live in Edinburgh Central and was already worried about the situation there regarding potential candidates and was sorry Joanna Cherry was forced to withdraw. Now it seems that I can have no faith that the chosen candidate will be prepared to push of independence at a time when it will be crucial.
    The combined effects of a party which seems more interested in marginal issues than independence and is also tearing itself apart over the Salmond allegations (despite his being found not guilty by a jury) and whether or not the current First Minister is implicated or even in what way, mean that I am now doubting whether or not to give the SNP my vote for the constituency. And all this at a time when gaining our independence from an incompetent, corrupt and malign government in Westminster is crucial and the polls are indicating increasing support for it!
    Is there enough strength in the grassroots movement to force the SNP to push at once for independence if they win a majority in May, even if it turns out that many of the newly elected MSPs are not in favour of this? I really despair of all this which seems to be on a path to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as happens too often on the sports field. In this instance, the future of our country is at stake.

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    1. This is the nightmare: it sounds like Leslie Evans and co are “winning their war”. The SNP- the leader of the fight for independence is being reduced to fighting amongst ourselves – going round in circles- exactly when independence is within our grasp. British State is winning. There are two people that can sort this, preferably together- Alex and Nicola. The original trap I believe was set for both in order to demoralise and confuse and divide the rest of us. I can believe that some really really stupid egos within SNP- and WOKE whatever it is- were persuaded to take a “leading ” role against Alex and within the NEC. But the real instigators are still anonymous and probably rubbing their hands with delight at how people like me are behaving now. We must not let them win. It is maybe too much to hope for- but Scotland needs Alex and Nicola to confound them together. That would be the best answer in my opinion. Scotland must come first. And I am very very conscious of the fact that Nicola’s total dedication to leadership during Covid- she must be exhausted- and her international reputation within Scandinavia and EU – has given Scotland recognition as a nation. We are going to depend on that during the referendum.

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      1. This is how the Urban Dictionary describes ‘woke’ and it pretty much nails it!

        “The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue”

        For me, the wokeratti are just like Vegans, they can’t wait to tell you within minutes of striking up a conversation.

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  15. If people are interested in being intellectually fore-armed re Social Justice Theory (a.k.a. Wokeism) then could I recommend Cynical Theories by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay? Published in August this year and written from a classical liberal perspective it sets out how certain ideas were set out by Derrida and his ilk, spun through 180 degrees, given an activist imperative and then launched into the mainstream of society in the 2010s.
    It would seem that the philosophy is not to solve problems but to engage in an ongoing ‘interrogation’. Anyway, you could check for yourself…

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  16. I would like to raise these problems with my branch but I suspect they have been infiltrated. I am not at all up on procedures but people like me need guidance on the best way to regain democracy within the party.

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  17. Iain,

    There is a sensible reason for membership lists to be restricted and that is the data protection legislation. Gone are the days this information can be stored in a notebook by the local branch secretary with updates from headquarters in the post. By centralising this, the party, and its data officer, is reducing the risk of losing control resulting in a breach and probable fine.

    However, HQ then has a duty to ensure each branch is capable of allowing members to interact and keep each other informed outside of branch meetings, especially at times like these. If there are long-standing reliability issues then the current system should be replaced with something that does work and there are no shortage of alternatives.

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    1. Regarding “data protection”, this case sounds like a perfect example of where “legitimate interest” would be the justification for data sharing. The GDPR does not prevent sharing, it just constrains it to be for specific reasons.

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      1. Plus centralizing the info is not really sensible. That way a breach leads to potentially everything being exposed.

        If the data is kept at the local level, and primarily (or maybe only) shared at the local level, it reduces the risk of a catastrophic failure. Trivial to run a bunch of computers, one at each locale, with a hierarchical distribution graph. Such that if something has to be sent to all members, a message is sent to each branch to then distribute it.

        So generally less data shared all around. Centralizing stuff if generally never the answer, though it does appeal to control freaks.

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      2. No the Selection of Candidates Should Only be in the Realm of the Branch members!
        What the NEC, under the Direction of the Murrells, is frightened of is the Infiltration of Both the Right & Especially the Left / Unions taking over the SNP!
        That is Not going to Happen!

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      3. I didn’t say it prevents sharing. What I said was that there was a sensible reason reason for keeping it centralised which was to reduce the risk of accidents from people who aren’t trained in handling PII.

        And I also said in the second paragraph that HQ has a duty to ensure that there are methods of communication amongst members. This doesn’t mean giving a data dump of PII to someone who’ll only use it the once or twice for a short campaign.

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    2. But surely at a branch level they have the contact details of their members? As I understand from people who are members of the Labour Party, they have lots of email correspondence from their branch as well as UK, Scottish wide.
      No, sorry, the SNP is at it.

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      1. I am no longer a member but I understand there are facebook groups set up for branches these days. Couldn’t comment on how effective they are.

        And don’t call me Shirley.


  18. NM, I try not to be pejorative but quite honestly what you have written is absolute balderdash in a futile attempt to pass off the utter abuse that is currently going on.

    What’s needed is a forensic squad to go into the rotten and corrupt SNP HQ and take control of the data base which is now being used as a weapon against ordinary members and branches.

    The jail quite frankly is what’s needed. And we could start with Mr Murrell.

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    1. Sorry you have taken that attitude, could you explain exactly what it is that NM has said that is “Balderdash”


  19. Iain,

    You say NEC are changing the rules all the time. how can that be allowed?

    I am not a member but it beggars belief that this can be allowed and why are people
    tolerating it?

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  20. It is no co-incidence, I am sure, that this is how the trans lobby operates. As part of the ‘wokerati’, the same methods are being used to capture every aspect of society, including political parties and their structures. This sounds like pie in the sky logic, but these people are operating on advice from international lawyers, big bucks and widespread influence. Why, and who are these investors? What is their agenda? Journalists in America and Canada, equally appalled by the rapid rise of the ‘wokerati’ have been investigating, and they have, reputedly, unearthed links with big business, the tech industry and big Pharma.

    In the SNP, the aim is to totally capture the party even if many of their candidates don’t get elected, so that nothing can be done to sort this out any time soon. If you put this knowledge together with the fact that independence has utterly stalled, it is not hard to see why they are so desperate to gain the ascendancy: they just do not want independence to succeed because it would threaten their take-over and their plans for policies that only the SNP, as their chosen vehicle, can deliver, unencumbered by constitutional issues.

    These people are of the left, totalitarian in nature, and they are quite willing to ally themselves with right-wing, fascist elements to achieve the transformation of society they desire – which, basically, is one based upon mass delusion and the removal of rights from those who do not fit the profile, making it easier for the unscrupulous and exploitative to move in. They are the assorted mad, foolish and brainless dupes who believe they are in charge. They are, in a way, but just in charge of the asylum.

    Think Hitler and the Nazis during the late 1920s to late 1930s, before the war started, or think Stalin, as he embarked on a reformation of the Soviet Union that turned full circle into the worst excesses of the worst of the Tsars. Think Mao and the wasted years of the Cultural Revolution. The truly terrifying thing is that these people actually believe they have the right to do what they do, regardless of who is pulling their strings. They do not want facts and truths and reality. They want grand delusion and mass collusion in that grand delusion.

    The unchallenged loss of the 2014 referendum, and the subsequent failure to look at other routes to independence, has left us open to exploitation by this insanity that masquerades as progressive politics but which is, in reality – reality fast becoming a dirty word – very regressive politics, indeed. And very dangerous politics.

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    1. Make Up Your Mind! None of the Dictators You mentioned were to the Left!
      All Very much to the Right, like the Murrells!


      1. Read the post properly, alspals. They were all of the left, initially, and the Left has been as traditionally authoritarian as the Right. Hitler was, initially, a nationalist and a ‘socialist’, a combination of left and right; Stalin was communist and, in trying to destroy capitalism, ended up a worse right-wing, authoritarian dictator than the worst of the Tsars he was replacing; and Mao as avowedly left-wing/communist, destroyed capitalist society in China by the most authoritarian means, only to make way for a return to capitalism. If you don’t think the authoritarian Left is an almighty Janus, you need to get out more. It is traditionally hi-jacked by the right, too, as Brexit should have informed you when all those large Labour areas of England turned to the Tories. At least you know what you are getting with the right, and it is never good, but the Left can blind people to the reality of what it is allowing to happen.

        I have no idea where the Murrells stand on the political spectrum, nor, I suspect, do you. That they have enabled this infiltration cannot be is dispute, though.

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      2. No, like BLiar they Pretended to be on the Left! But as soon as They got to the Top their true Right Wing Colours!
        Name 1 thing that Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini & BLiar did when They got to the Top that was Left Wing!
        Absolute Power like the Murrells have Corrupts!!!


    2. Lorna Campbell, nail on head ”The unchallenged loss of the 2014 referendum” To those of us who witnessed Yes Scotland HQ close up it was clear by about July 2014 that:

      1/Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell, along with SNP lawyer Scott Martin had built quite the internal power base.

      2/Consolidating and maintaining that power base was all important, independence was secondary.

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      1. YES, I know that the Murrells fear that what happened to Jim Sillars Independent Scottish Labour Party when it was Overran by Militant Left Wingers!
        But it Won’t happen in the SNP as We are Not that Stupid! Although the thought of More Right Wing Tartan Tories into the SNP is Much Worse! Saor Alba gu Brath!

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  21. With branches across Scotland in absolute uproar it is difficult to see how this will play out well for those who have rigged the selection process.

    In my own constituency the strong and able favourite candidate was rejected at vetting at the very last moment whilst the chosen leadership woke candidate was vetted and approved and had commenced his campaign early doors.

    That at the very last moment two candidates were added to the list without anyone in the branch or CA executive knowing the arrangements for balloting – timetable were then changed throwing in to disarray previously arranged hustings.

    So, what we have is the early vetting approval of favoured candidate, the early commencement of his campaign, the late rejection of the popular and capable candidate on spurious grounds by the vetting committee, a rejection at appeal despite widespread support testimony from all manner of colleagues, the last second unannounced Addition of what can only be described as two serial ballot spoiler candidates – and the leadership expect the local constituency to buy this.

    Well they have another thing coming and this is not going to play out as the leadership connived. Members have had enough and the chosen one will not I predict be elected. Of that there is now absolutely no chance.

    Thank you Mr Lawson for bringing this poison, this cancer to peoples attention. Folk across Scotland can now see the extent of the poison that curses through every process in our party. And that knowledge, now laid bare, will be the gestation of kill or cure.

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    1. Yes, Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party – you can’t get more socialist than that. They had lots of socialist policies like subsidised holidays for workers and a people’s car – iliteral translation: volkswagen. And Mussolini was an organiser for the Italian Socialist Party before leaving to form his own Fascist Party. Of course when the Fascists and Nazis got into power they reached an accommodation with big business but they still retained a lot of their socialist policies to appease the masses.

      As for the frequent Leftist claim that all was sweetness and light under the Communists until Stalin came along to pervert the Socialist Utopia – Bullshit! Lenin was every bit as bloodthirsty as Stalin and it was Lenin’s henchman Felix Dzerzhinsky who launched the Red Terror of arrests and executions after a failed assassination attempt. In contrast when Lenin’s brother was convicted and executed for plotting to assassinate the Tsar, Lenin’s own punishment for suspected involvement was exile to a Siberian village where he lived quite comfortably on money sent by his family. No prison camp or hard labour for him. Yet anyone who had the most tenuous connection with a similar plot against the Soviets was imprisoned or executed under both Lenin and Stalin.

      Far from the oppressive absolutist hell painted by Communist propaganda Tsarist Russia had the rule of law and an elected Parliament and but for WW1 would have probably evolved into a full parliamentary democracy. It was that parliament the Duma which deposed the Tsar not the Bolsheviks. The Bolshevik seizure of power was a coup d’etat against the Provisional Government possible because they had suborned the only army unit in the capital. But the Provisional Government had already ordered an election and while the Bolsheviks tried to stop it they didn’t control enough of Russia to do that. So in the only free and fair election to be held in Russia/USSR for the next 70-odd years the Bolsheviks were comprehensively rejected by the population. Yet the Left has conveniently airbrushed that fact from their collective memory.

      You remind me of a 1942 book by the prominent socialists Sydney & Beatrice Webb where they claimed that Communism was superior to Western democracy because the Soviet constitution had abolished capital punishment!!!!! This was despite Lenin and Stalin having already murdered millions (and the even more millions of Mao’s victims yet to come). The evidence of these crimes was already available in the 1930s but the socialist faithful refused to believe it and clung to their Utopian dreams of the Workers’ Paradise. Some still do. The fact is authoritarianism lurks close under the surface of socialism even in the more moderate Labor/Labour parties, witness their insistence that MPs follow the Party Line on votes in Parliament, on pain of retribution. You can also see it in the tactics to shout down and intimidate anyone who dissents from the current policies of the Left such as the power grab under the guise of “fixing climate change” or the gender wars. The Left are the party of authoritarianism and dictatorship.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES, I believe that Peter the Mole Murrell is a Fan of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin & Mao! He IS literally scared of the SNP Membership having Any say in a Free Alba
        We need to go back to the SNP pre-2014 when the Membership had a say!
        We All Must contact Keith Brown who IS looking for Membership comments on the SNP, especially the Lack of Transparency!


    2. “william young
      17th Oct 2020 at 1:51 am
      why the hell do we need an exective of 42 , for starters?”

      Answer: you don’t.

      Anyone who has had experience of community organisations know that it is difficult enough to set a date where all 12 committee members can attend, particularly where they have real jobs outside the organisation that have to take priority if their family is to eat. With 42 members the NEC must be unworkable. Probably the only people who can make the time to attend regularly are on the SNP payroll or are full-time activists who live off the dole. Like the people in student politics where the delegates to the Students’ Union spend all their time politicking instead of studying and consequently fail their exams year after year. The danger is that these activists and the party apparatchiks can seize control through the absence or inability to attend of the other members. That looks to be the case with the NEC.

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  22. The post above was in reply to Alspals post:

    14th Oct 2020 at 4:31 pm
    Make Up Your Mind! None of the Dictators You mentioned were to the Left!
    All Very much to the Right, like the Murrells!


    Not sure what happened there


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