From Neale Hanvey MP

No regrets, but a reckoning is looming.

As the votes came in on Friday morning, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. That disappointment is not on any personal level, it is, as it has always been, for the future of Scotland and its trapped position inside an increasingly dystopian union.

The independistas tried, but devolutionists of ever colour won.

I know first-hand how hard Alba party candidates worked and I know the passion they share for Scotland’s independent future. But hearing the First Minister denounce and other those same people, many of whom were only recently members of her own party, was a very real low point nonetheless. It’s clear to me that the SNP leadership’s primary focus is no longer independence, it is attacking and impeding any alternative political voice for independence so they can limit the aspirations of the movement to those of ambitionless caution and hand-picked mediocrity.

I only hope that limit of ambition is not yet embedded in the wider membership. Many of them told me at the count that if a referendum is not delivered in 2023 then that will be the final straw. So, is this really the final throw of the carrots for Nicola Sturgeon? Sadly, I am not so sure.

When I stood for election in 2019 I naively believed that independence was still the primary focus of the SNP leadership, but the events of that election taught me some very tough lessons. Even then the YSI’s conference booing of Angus McNeil MP and Chris McElhenny over their Plan B proposals was somewhat assuaged in me with the belief that Nicola had a secret plan. What I discovered was a ruthless SNP leadership without a plan but prepared to use any tactic to damage anyone who questioned the First Minister’s diktat, and in particular her obsession with gender politics.

I still do not believe the issues I raised at the time were at all controversial; women’s concerns about GRA reform should be listened to and, like any policy, safeguarding considerations needed to be baked in to prevent the abuse of any proposed process. This is important with GRA for two principal reasons; it minimises risk to vulnerable victims and helps prevent the mislabelling of trans people should the loose regulation be exploited for nefarious purposes.

Why the First Minister sees this as problematic should raise deep concerns with anyone who has promoted child protection principles as part of the professional responsibilities.

When I raised these issues with Shirley A Somerville, someone I then thought I knew and trusted, I was instructed to be silent. Having undoubtably reported back, it was Shirley who phoned round my friends with various threats intended to force them to abandon my campaign and help the SNP lose the seat. Even now she still can’t look them in the eye.

Anyone who believes I owe my seat to the SNP take note. It is my firm belief that the allegations made against me came directly from the SNP leadership and that they deliberately intended to gift a completely winnable seat to Scottish Labour just to damage me and silence my voice over GRA reform. Furthermore, Peter Murrell personally phoned the returning officer in Fife to demand that the party’s name was not used when announcing my result. The party pulped my election address, intimidated by friends and did all they could to lose the seat, and so surrendered any credit in that victory.

Conversely, I carried on because I was not prepared to surrender to unionism, and I will use my independently won platform under the Alba banner for as long as I possibly can.

Of course, those who crow that I could’ve been re-elected if only I’d stayed in the SNP are completely missing the point. No independence seeking MP should be planning for re-election, or celebrating a lengthy Westminster parliamentary career – that is a sign of utter failure and is the antithesis of the job you were elected to do. My ambition was to be out of Westminster in one term, so a career was never on my radar and a second term was never my ambition. I will however contest the seat again and the choice will be as before; Hanvey for independence versus a rainbow of devolutionists.

I would rather lose on a platform of truth and hope than win on a tissue of lies.

When the promise of a 2023 referendum comes and goes like snaw aff a dyke, fortunes may change, but already the groundwork for another throw of the carrots has begun. It is my belief that even if the Scottish Government bring forward enabling legislation it will be done in such a way as to invite legal challenge from Westminster. This will lead the Scottish Government to bypass any examination of the constitutional underpinnings of Scots law and willingly hand the decision over to the UK Supreme Court.

Whatever the latest narrative from the FM, there clearly are alternative routes beyond a Section 30 or she wouldn’t have made such strenuous efforts to prevent them being debated at SNP conference. Her promise to the SNP group to allow such a debate in 2024 illustrates so clearly the mendacity of her 2023 promise.

The reckoning for Scotland is a stark one. We can abandon all hope of independence and submit to the rainbow of devolutionist parties and their false promises, or we can find our voice, rise and be a nation again.

To each and every Alba Party candidate, I am proud to stand with you. As Rosa Parks said “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

Slàinte mhath

Neale Hanvey MP
Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath

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53 thoughts on “NO REGRETS

  1. Well said Neale.
    I am utterly astounded that some people are unable to see sturgeon for what she is. An indy swindler that is using the Scottish electorate simply for her own advancement, the only reason she’s still FM is , despite her desperate efforts has not been offered her coveted job on the “word stage ” . The real movers and shakers can see straight through her highly polished schtick.
    Surely now is the time for Salmond to stop playing nice and end her career? Its widely rumoured that he’s got the ammunition to do so. Fir Scotlands sake I hope he has !

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  2. David I agree with your comments re Alex and payback , my biggest hope is that Alex gets Leslie Evans into court and the domino’s start to tumble , unfortunately there has been no update to whether or when that is about to happen

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    1. I see no reason to suppose that the corrupted Scottish justice system will take the needed action against Evans – Jim Sillars has made a police complaint over misconduct in public office and that is far more likely to get into court. Why? Because the offices held are UK offices and this is no longer criminal law under the complete control of the failed Scottish justice system. The swamp will be drained but it going to take all the efforts of good men and women to get it done. We must keep faith with ourselves and each other and not give up – this is a dark hour for Scotland.

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  3. This is all so similar to the early 20th century Irish independence parties. Sinn Fein, though, excluding the armed struggle, offered, and still offers, a radically different approach. This, I think is where ALBA has gone wrong: in not diverging enough from SNP policy on independence (there is all the appearance of one but no substance, and has not been in almost eight years) and in offering the same referendum and the same basic route.

    It has allowed Nicola Sturgeon and her eminence grise behind the scenes to manipulate the story around the Alec Salmond fiasco to his detriment and making herself look good by telling her supporters and the voters to vote only for the SNP. Nothing is more indicative of the fact that she will never bring in independence – never. On the one hand, she is pandering to the “I’m walking in the middle of road’ crew and to Unionists of all persuasions, and not – emphatically not – concentrating on independence as the sole means now to save her country and her people.

    No leader of a country should be allowed to get away with the mendacity that she has while maintaining control of the biggest independence party. It has become a con, a sheer fraud perpetrated on the voters and supporters, just as Redmond’s party in Ireland carried on in the same vein till they were ousted by Sinn Fein. Redmond had to die (of natural causes, I hasten to add) before sinn Fein could persuade independence supporters to support them, and Nicola Sturgeon will have to leave frontline Scottish politics before the SNP is similarly persuaded. Where’s the UN with a nice sinecure when you need it?

    Alec Salmond needs to leave the past behind and bring out the evidence, all guns blazing, or adopt a whole fresh approach, based on constitutional tools rather than Westminster’s permission, step back and become President of ALBA and Father of the Nation. That means he can still give of his expertise, but will no longer be a static target. he must see for himself that Westminster is not going to honour a second PRE independence referendum which is not necessary in either domestic or international law.

    This second diktat to vote only SNP and ignore all the other independence parties will be her undoing because it shows to anyone with two brain cells to spark off each other that she has no intention of bringing in independence, that it lies far back in her list of priorities. Neale Hanvey is just one MP. Where are all the others who supposedly believe in Scotland’s independence? Where is their sense of duty to those who elected them in their hour of need? Have they forgotten that the SNP was a minority party once – in my own lifetime and in yours, Iain, and we have watched it grow after many false starts. That was achieved by dogged determination.

    Like Neale Hanvey, I have thought long and hard about why the GRA reform is so essential to Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, but I have never believed it was a deliberate distraction from independence, but, rather, one of the fundamental obstacles to independence because it can be milked forever and a day. If anyone is under the misapprehension that passing the GRA reform bill will satisfy the autogynephiles and assorted perversions that have attached themselves to the SNP, they are sadly mistaken. The GRA reform will just be the start. They saw Scotland and its successful independence party (remember, this stuff started in the south) as the vehicle by which they could make inroads into England (and the other parts of the UK, but mainly England, the big prize) and the gullible up here have allowed them a free rein. No more. Many will not believe me, but these people have infiltrated the SNP and taken it over like a parasite, only offering the dangly carrot just before each and every election, where it is snatched up and devoured by the terminally gullible.

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    1. excellent comment. may I take the liberty of adding that I feel Alba needs to broadcast FAR & WIDE its policies which differ from SNP policies on Indy (do they have any?), in order that those not yet for Indy or those blindly for SNP but not really aware of the Women won’t Wheesht predicament, might start to waken up to SNP policies/issues holding back the progress of Indy

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      1. The problem is, grumpy, that too many have swallowed the economies of truth. From 2015, I and many others, saw the way the SNP was being infiltrated by people who were not natural independence supporters. At the time, it seemed odd and slightly suspicious – as if a large number of ‘johnny-come-lateys’ had dropped out of the sky to ramp up the numbers. Initially, it seemed that we could make hay, but something was not right. Many who did come to the SNP then were genuine supporters of independence, sickened by Labour’s allegiance to Britishness (really Englishness) but a substantial number were not.

        I really don’t know how you convince people that there are those out there who think nothing of using a party which they don’t actually support to do their dirty work for them. They must have thought all their birthdays and christmases has come at once when the leadership jumped on board their bandwagon, along with so many others, then they proceeded to infest every nook and cranny of Scottish civic and civil life though Stonewall and its (ostensibly) Scottish arms, claiming taxpayers’ money to fund their subversions. In a way, you have to admire their chutzpah. I only wish that as many had that chutzpah for independence.

        The other point that must be made is that we are being led to believe it will be just a handful of trans identified people who will make use of the GRA reforms. Oh, dear. Self-ID, as Joanna Cherry says in today’s National, means anyone, not just GRC seekers, who will, indeed, be few in number. What they haven’t told us is that over 95% of trans identified males are autogynehiles (fetishists) with a huge range of fetishes that women and girls are being told – not asked – to endure, and to allow themselves to be dragged into some males’ sexual perversions without their express permission. These men will have had no surgery and many no hormone treatment; they will be heterosexual males, many with a predilection for humiliating and harming women who refuse to go along with their delusions and fetishes, most of which will be abhorrent to most women and girls.

        What saddens me is that so many men in the independence movement, desperate to believe the hype about another referendum, will happily sacrifice all women’s and girls’ rights and spaces for the delusion of victory. Like Vercingetorix, leader of the Gauls, who sacrificed all the women and children in his hilltop fort, when there was not the slightest chance that Caesar would not destroy him and his power after his resistance to a Roman pax. He was strangled later, having been taken to Rome in chains, the remnants of his people sold as slaves and most of his race slaughtered. That would have happened anyway without the useless sacrifice, but, hey, it was only women and children. When people are deluded, they are really, really deluded – and that goes equally for the trans lobby and for the SNP faithful alike. They have more in common than they think.

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  4. “When I raised these issues with Shirley A Somerville, someone I then thought I knew and trusted, I was instructed to be silent. Having undoubtably reported back, it was Shirley who phoned round my friends with various threats intended to force them to abandon my campaign and help the SNP lose the seat. Even now she still can’t look them in the eye.”

    Can these friends come forward and corroborate this version of events Mr Hanvey? We need people to grow a spine and start fighting back against this corruption and not blindly going along with it or being too afraid to rock the boat and speak out.

    In my book if you stand by and do nothing, whatever your reason for doing so may be, then you are just as bad.

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  5. ‘ I would rather lose on a platform of truth and hope than win on a tissue lies.’ That quote from your article tells me everything I need to know about you Neale, both as a person and as a politician. The way you were treated by the SNP was truly appalling, and I was delighted when you and your campaign team carried on and, in the end, by winning the seat, you stuck two metaphoric fingers up at Murrell and his minions. That episode caused a huge crack in my trust in the leadership. Personally, I feel as though I have travelled back in time. Friends used to tell me I was wasting my vote when I voted for SNP. I now vote and campaign for Alba. I was fortunate to live in a ward who had an excellent candidate in Colin McLaren, and our campaign team worked hard to get Alba’s message out there. Am I disappointed? Absolutely, but, I’ve been here before and at least, my values and principles remain intact as does my passionate belief in an independent Scotland.

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  6. Good on you Neale. I still come across many SNP Nicola Acolytes who still don’t countenance any prospect that NS is not all she appears to be.They still have blind faith in her. Many of them express serious doubts about the purpose of Alba. Tough times lie ahead mate so thanks for all your efforts.

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  7. What can anyone say – you are absolutely correct – the SNP leadership( ?) are quite happy now ! They run ( at the behest of Westminster) a “wee toon council” – which keeps Scotland doing stuff !

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  8. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees – we need to fight for our country ,wrest it from the betrayers.

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  9. More tosh from Tosh. All the quislings are in the SNp and as long as people like you grovel and snivel around the traitorous, evil,narcissist that is Sturgeon who wouldn’t accept independence if it was handed to her on a plate, Scotland will NEVER be independent.
    Sturgeon and her sycophants have ruined a once great party and people like you are too stupid to realise it, then you are equally traitorous.

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  10. Scotland comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Its a pitty that the biggest Pro-Indy unionist party (New SNP) headed by Mrs Murrell doesn’t have the balls to release the legal advice so we can all see she a lying politician just like her Westminster Tory colleague. I was proud of the Alba party and all those who stood and supported the true heroes off Scotland, well done lads and lassies our time will come. I’m 52 and I owe Mr Salmond so much for given us, 1 the ref and 2 the believe that one day Scotland will be free and 3 he hasn’t given up and niether will we.

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  11. Cheers, Neale, that was brilliant.
    This fight goes on, and what we have on our side, our best recruiting drive, is the increasingly blatant, zero action on independence from the british Party in power at Holyrood. I’m aware that many fed-up-waiting Scots prior to this election and many, after casting their vote, have expressed last-chance-saloon statements – and no wonder.

    As long as Scotland has Tories in the south, and inactive and insolent SNP on our doorstep, folk will yearn for independence. Many are crestfallen, sure, but we did win victories that weren’t possible this time last year – and I don’t see any of us suddenly chucking-in any towels, absolutely not.

    Tomorrow we start again. We’ll get there..

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  12. 100% behind you Neale, I was raised on my mothers SNP milk, now at 78 having had my eyes opened for a number of years I still can’t believe how stupid my fellow countrymen have become.
    I have stated for ages that the problem was caused by the ” brain drain” in the 50s/60s that if sufficient of the intelligent of our population left it would cause a dumbed down remainder, It looks like I’m being proved correct.
    OK it’s a way out theory, but it’s getting awful hard to prove wrong when you look at the SNP hard core.
    I’m gutted with the result on Thursday, now it looks like I wont see my country free in my lifetime, hopefully my children will be able to see this.

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  13. There is of course no need for either Hanvey or MacAskill to go for a by-election. While it is true that MPs are usually elected under a party manifesto, they are nevertheless primarily elected as individuals – the party is not elected. And in running for election they do so with a manifesto that contains promises or undertakings to the electorate. In the case of the SNP, their primary promise, indeed their primary purpose (or so we thought) was the get independence for Scotland. That is the promise under which both Hanvey and MacAskill were elected.

    So when it became apparent that the SNP was not going to permit them to fulfil that promise, what were they to do? They could either continue in the party in the knowledge that the promise they gave to those who elected them was now a sham, or they could resign so that they could maintain the promise on which they were elected. Needless to say this latter course, what I would say was the honourable course, put their careers in considerable danger, which makes the decision they made even more admirable.

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  14. Hey Ho, I am not despondent about this result, name me a party which has doubled it’s vote share at at the age of 1. Small step, but still progress from what I can see. I didn’t join Alba because I wanted to be part of a lean, mean, election winning machine. I joined Alba because its leadership offered an alternative to this Westminster driven, vote driven, party political deadhead machine. I joined Alba because I want to win Hearts and Minds because I have a vision of what kind of society my Scotland can be and, I value Alex Salmond as our Leader and do not doubt his commitment to achieving this.

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  15. It’s a horrible world we’re living in and when your own government abandon you to pursue personal gains its even worse. I truly don’t know how we can fix things because politics is damaged so badly. Apathy and stupidity are our biggest enemies right now. The establishment are winning because we’re too busy fighting our own, all fueled by charismatic charlatans. Keep fighting Neale, we’re not all brain dead.

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    1. Agreed , with one caveat …..if you’re referring to the ” charlatans ” I think you are , their – alleged – ” charisma ” is not apparent . In fact , what characterises them is a distinct LACK of charisma , lack of anything remotely original in thought and action , and it’s corollary – slavish adherence to conservative * norms * . Except when it comes to defining Women ; of course , then they get all weird and * progressively * more ridiculous

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  16. Commiserations to all who fought so hard. I’m still glad that ALBA are here and believe that their presence will be vital over the next few years. Amongst the smugness it’s important to rise above it and even moreso to demonstrate magnanimity when the chickens come home to roost. Sinn Fein’s Next moves will be interesting and likely very embarrassing for the SNP, given their fielty to London.

    On another note, around 1.2 million folk in Scotland didn’t cast a vote in 2019 and 1.5 million in 2021. That’s both a problem and an opportunity. Not sure what the answer is – 20 quid for everyone who comes to vote in a Scottish election? Small fry for a 5 yearly event (which should now be 4 years btw).

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  17. I totally agree velofello. Any referendum organised by Sturgeon would be designed to fail. That is my biggest fear at the moment.

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  18. Good man Neale. People like you are always an inspiration. Wonder what Missus Murrell thinks of Mary Lou? I also wonder what Mary Lou thinks of no mark Murrell?

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  19. Scotland is incontrovertibly a NATION. No need for justification in the great assembly of nations.
    The leap to sovereign nation is essentially a confident leap of imagination. The provincial, parochial mindset of British politics worsened by the faux pas of «Brexit» is antipathetic to the psychology of that leap. Like a strait jacket of the mind it presumes, assumes, presupposes a worldview of privilege, cultural superiority and chauvinistic posturing vis à vis «the rest». From empire to latter day, US petty client and its leaders still think the world should respectfully kowtow to the oligarchic, plutocratic, meretricious British state.
    Scots wove the supranationality «British» to cover the loss of statehood. The cover is now threadbare to the point of indecency. Look in the mirror Scotland!

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    1. ” Look in the mirror Scotland! ” . Or the abyss . In either case , you might not like what * stares back * ; but hard truths are ALWAYS preferable to soft lies . For example those peddled by the tartan fainthearts that comprise Nikki & fan club’s version of the SNP

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  20. Don’t be despondent. ALBA are at the point the SNP were 30 years ago. The NuSNP are now at the point Labour were 15 years ago, taking votes for granted. Pretending that you will run a short campaign to wrong foot the Unionists and Media, also means you have no time to convince doubters. The Unionists will wheel out their well rehearsed pensions, borders and currency as starters. The NuSNP response???
    As someone far wiser than me said, “ when you point a finger at the moon to indicate the moon, instead of looking at the moon, the stupid ones look at your finger”. That’s the NuSNP attitude to a Referendum!
    They have no preparations, no answers and no intentions!

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    1. The ALBA website is worthy, serious and quite boring. It ought to be the go to for lively, trenchant, controversial and radical views on Scotland’s future. A rethink as to its function is needed. Contesting local elections was a mistake. ALBA’s rationale is national and constitutional. The big poster question of Independence and why it is taking too long to get it under this complacent «oligarchic» régime is its forum. It should be the fiery crann tara that sets the dessicated conventions of Scottish politics ABLAze.

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      1. I don’t think Alba campaigning in the local elections was a mistake. It gave the campaigners and Alba a chance to grow the name among the electorate.
        We don’t have the luxury of MSM coverage after all.

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  21. I’m looking at the Moon. I’ve been staring hard at it for years. I used to believe I would get to it during my lifetime. But now the moon is behind thick clouds, with only an occasional moonbeam escaping from the gloom. The cloud stretches to the horizon and I see no break in it and the dismal forecast is increasingly long term. At my age I don’t have long term.

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  22. Watch this space Devo Max or Federalism will raise its ugly head again, Sturgeon will try and sell us a pig in a poke in a desperate attempt to save the status que for her Westminster puppet masters. I also think if she does go for a referendum she will deliberately lose it keeping us in her twisted Union. She must be ousted so we can all move forward.

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    1. Federalism the great time wasting, save BritState, proposition. I suspect Sturgeon would be quite happy with that «stay with nurse» set up. Independence is proving a real hassle.
      When she goes, an event that cannot be far off, the baton will pass to one of her clones. Effectively, all «nationalist» Scotland has is Sturgeon clones. There is no subversive trend apparent within the SNP which could prevent their endless reproduction.
      The Scots love affair with Britishness has never been seriously challenged and deconstructed by the nationalists mainstream. The Irish, on the other hand, do not get the allure, although they were as much involved in the mechanics of imperialism as Scots.
      The British State is on the verge of a tsunami of nostalgia for the zimmer framed new Elizabethan age. Reason will be binned and mawkish sentiment put in its place. I bet Sturgeon’s SNP will be up there blubbering in heartfelt praise with the best of them.

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      1. Thing is, Ottomanboi, Sturgeon herself was supposedly a clone, but turned out to be a massive con.  It is just feasible that one of her ‘clones’ could throw off the pretence once in position.

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      2. Hahaha , aye Otto , it’s very easy to imagine Nikki & The Kids all in * stylish *( ie expensive ) funeral black weeping copiously and fainting with tormented grief at the passing of our beloved Monarch . Maybe Baron Wishart could knock-up a Runrigesque eulogy in collaboration with the King of Schlock Mock Opera , fellow Knight of the Realm ( Prince ) Andrew LLoyd Webber . Such stuff are the dreams of our little assembly of nice Devolutionists’ dreams made of .

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  23. The bad News is that I am unlikely to see Independence now ( 3 score and 10 already in the rear view mirror)
    The good news is that under Sturgeon it would have been awful anyway, and nothing like the dream we all shared.


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  24. Neale doesn’t have to have a bye-election .he was elected as an independent, still obviously independent as he has joined ALBA, allowed to think and act on his thoughts, not like some.

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  25. Neale Hanvey id a principled man and writes a brilliant article. He is still young (under 60!) and has taken a great personal risk. I suspect so many other MPs and MSPs are just too cumfy and enjoying a rather cushy life, courtesy of the taxpayer. They don’t have to think (Better not!), just follow the edicts of the great Leader and her acolytes.

    When will the Scottish people ever learn?

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  26. The only reason for the SNP’s existence is independence. Failing to pursue that objective It has benefited from the globalisation induced social atomization that besets western countries and in particular the nebulous identitarian cult that has permeated anglo-american political thought.
    It seems that gonads have replaced brains in this brave new dispensation. It couldn’t happen to a nicer crowd.

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  27. Like you I am so disappointed, I really thought that Scots were a but better than this. All I hear (in my head!) is the song from Cabaret when I think about Sturgeon et al -” Tomorrow belongs to me”. Then I think aye that’ll be right, onwards and upwards. Still hurting tho..

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    1. That song is not what you think it is. It could be sung by Sturgeon. She is all about her ego and the ideology that strokes her ego. She does not care about independence – only that her ego rides high on an oppressive ideology that will give her all the pats she needs while she holds the power of FM.

      We will save Scotland and save the future – it’s just not going to be easy. But now we can see that the easy path offered in 2014 would have left us exposed to this abuse of power in iScotland. Now we have a much clearer picture of the separation of powers and governance needed for iScotland. I feel we are making more progress that we realise and that events, when they happen, will happen quickly. Certainly we are past the point where is is safe for Sturgeon to rewrite our constitution as a devolved region though I doubt the diddie realises that.

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