This is the first of two guest articles from Gordon Millar., I live in Bromley, Greater London. I voted for the SNP when I lived in Aberdeen in the 70s and 80s, when most of my friends saw this as rather eccentric behaviour, but I never joined the Party until 3 days after the 2014 referendum. I was a member of SNP London Branch until June2021, on the committee from late 2016 and Political Education Officer from late 2017. I’m now the Treasurer of Alba’s International Branch.

Want to be an Equalities Officer? Just threaten to beat up some women!

A few weeks ago, the SNP were forced to suspend Alexandria Adamson, co-organiser of the SNP Disabled Members Group, in view of his history of extremely unpleasant on-line threats and his aggressive physical confrontation with feminist demonstrators outside Holyrood last September.

A few days after the suspension, Joanna Cherry stunned a Fringe audience when she confirmed that neither Nicola Sturgeon nor SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford gave her any support after she received rape threats. There had been “no support whatsoever” from the party leadership, she said, suggesting it was because people were “afraid” to be seen defending her because of her gender critical views.

Now, given that we’re currently seeing a push back against the erosion of women’s rights and the marginalisation of women, as evidenced by Suella Braverman’s very clear statement on the Equality Act and single sex spaces and the dropping of Stonewall by the Government’s Legal Department, you would expect the SNP to take some notice and try, at least, to avoid further poor publicity.

Sadly, they continue to live down to expectations. Because, despite 52,200 annual domestic abuse assaults against women in Scotland alone, @LondonSNP still managed to make Cameron Downing their Equalities Officer.

And, in case you’ve never heard of him, that would be this Cameron Downing:

Surely not? The London SNP website still shows James Bayliss as Equalities Officer, but a little bit of checking established that Downing had, indeed, been elected as the SNP London Branch Equalities Officer at the recent AGM. The appointment is shown in Downing’s Twitter bio and is still there at the time of writing.

Of course, the SNP is the Party where the leader positively encourages crybully TRAs, the Party of Alyn “Daddy Bear” Smith and his group of young, misogynist, gender ideologues and the Party where offensive, bullying, and threatening comments are regularly made, or endorsed, against Joanna Cherry MP by various elected members, party workers and the convenors of affiliated groups. So, in one way, it’s pretty much par for the course. And, in all honesty, the reaction of most people would probably be “Cameron who?” 

But it’s a bit more significant than that. For a start, (as far as I am aware) Downing has never apologised for his tweet nor suffered any formal SNP sanction. Indeed, his reaction appears to have been to make his account private, so that only his approved friends could read it. Not the obvious course of action of someone about to apologise or change course.

And his comment couldn’t possibly have come as a surprise to anyone, including those making the appointment, as it got quite a lot of Twitter coverage recently at London Pride.

So, appointing him to a branch committee position looks like a rather in-you-face gesture to push forward the normalising of the unpleasant, misogynistic behaviour which bedevils Scottish politics, particularly in the SNP/Green alliance. 

Especially as the SNP refuse to discuss the issue. When Karen Adam was asked how it was OK for an MSP who is a member of the GRR scrutiny committee to be photographed marching, smiling, with a man who wants to beat the f**k out of some terfs she didn’t engage with the question or defend her position, but resorted to the now traditional SNP tactic:

I also contacted the London SNP convenor for his comments, as it was only fair to give him the chance to put forward his reasons for this appointment. So far, I haven’t even had an acknowledgement, let alone a comment.

And this is another part of the problem. If you won’t discuss an issue, then you can’t reflect on it and you reinforce the idea that bad behaviour is OK as long as it’s your friends that are doing it.

Because some obvious questions arise here, and it’s difficult to believe that the appointment would have been made if they’d been asked.

For example, apart from common decency and the obvious problems of electing someone who wants to “beat the fuck out of some terfs”, Downing is the Media and Communications Officer of SNP Affiliate, Out for Indy. 

Out for Indy pushes a hard-line, possibly illegal, Stonewall version of trans rights. Its members regularly bully women such as Joanna Cherry, on-line. So how can an officer of an organisation with such extreme, misogynistic, gender ideologue views be considered as a suitable candidate for Equalities Officer, regardless of anything else? Surely an equalities officer must deal with equalities and fairness for everybody.

And then there’s the timing. There’s probably never a good time to appoint a misogynistic bully as your equalities officer but, if you must do it, it shows a spectacular lack of awareness to do it now, when we’ve had the decisions in the Forstater and Baillie tribunal cases, Harry Miller and “We Are Fair Cop” have put the police on the back foot over “non-crime hate incidents” and Suella Braverman (whatever you may think personally of her and her politics) has just provided a detailed guide to the treatment of sex and gender in the Equalities Act, which may well spell the end for “Stonewall law” and its promoters.

However, these issues appear never to have been considered. But was this arrogance or lack of awareness? Well, I think it’s the latter – cock up, not conspiracy – but this makes things worse, not better, as it demonstrates the impact of Nicola Sturgeon’s pandering to the SNP’s TRA ideologue minority.

For example, the paragraph below is an extract from an e-mail to me from the London Branch convenor at the time of the 2021 Holyrood elections, when we were discussing my future in the branch (the arguments centred on the effect on independence of Alba, Both Votes SNP, and gerrymandered candidates):

“As a representative of the branch, elected to both the branch committee and to a national role, we believe you have a responsibility to the party, your fellow committee members, and to the members who supported you and voted for you; to not undermine the party and to follow party policy and direction”.

That’s a perfectly polite and clear statement of the branch’s position but it’s interesting for two specific points:

Firstly, there is no mention of independence and, secondly, it’s clear that party loyalty trumps everything else.

But, if you believe that, then you are much more likely to accept the leadership’s actions as normal and unexceptionable. So, when a Cameron Downing turns up, endorsed by an MSP and apparently part of the in-crowd, then you’re more likely to accept him at face value and, if he volunteers for a difficult-to-fill position, so much the better.

But this is absolutely not OK! Nicola Sturgeon’s long term, and continuing, silence on the appalling bullying and abuse heaped upon Joanna Cherry and her explicit support for the SNP’s worst TRA crybullies has inevitable consequences, the main one being a normalisation of misogynist bullying and threatening behaviour towards women who stand up for their rights.

But what kind of political party tolerates open misogyny, on-line threats and bullying to the extent that it becomes so normalised that it’s apparently not even a vetting issue? This is not, in fact, normal or acceptable behaviour and it should be called out. “Wheesht for Indy” is no excuse for this. The bullies should be out the party and Nicola Sturgeon should be robustly challenged on her own behaviour.

And what about Cameron Downing? Well, why should he be an exception – complaints should be made to both the SNP HQ and the London Branch stressing, amongst other things, the impact on female voters and the reputation of both the branch and the Party.

We should also ask what discussion, if any, took place on the appropriateness of appointing someone to a sensitive position who had threatened women with violence and was a member of an openly misogynistic organisation. What discussion took place regarding the broader impact on the independence campaign among, say, women voters, of this appointment? 

In short, SNP members, office holders and the Party in general should no longer be allowed to get away with normalising or ignoring unacceptable behaviour.


I am going to restrict my comments to suggesting readers of this article should compare and contrast this with the treatment handed out to Tim Rideout. It is abundantly clear that there is considerably different standards being applied entirely dependent of whether you are a favoured minority or a diligent, capable member of the Party who contests at Conference the favoured plan of the leadership. Gutter politics OK for some it appears.

I am, as always



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  1. ” But what kind of political party tolerates open misogyny, on-line threats and bullying to the extent that it becomes so normalised that it’s apparently not even a vetting issue? ”

    The kind of Party that has disappeared – head first – up it’s own arse

    That has opened it’s doors to an ever more bizarre – in some instances mentally unstable , collection of individuals. For whom Independence is way down the list of priorities

    That has forgotten what it’s raison d’etre is – or should be

    That refuses to fight , preferring instead to acquiesce , pander and submit to all and every UKState contemptuous slap in the face

    That uses the desire , hope , desperation of it’s support as nothing more than vote fodder to keep it in power . Power it refuses to use

    That has lost it’s soul , it’s purpose , it’s mind .

    THAT kind of Party . The kind the SNP has become .

    The kind of Party that will be cast into the dungheap of History

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    1. Perhaps Joanna refuses to allow them to remove her which is the object of the bully or bullies to remove their obstacles. Perhaps in time she will tell us.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. I agree with you, I think she wants to fight for the party she joined and refuses to be intimidated out of it. That must be a hard road for her but her loyalty to the party perhaps makes her want to rescue it from the hands of the parasitic intruders. They have used the party as the vehicle to install the virus of GI in Scotland and worked under cover for a long time, intent on achieving their goal. We must not let that happen. We know that the gender ideologists will leave when the SNP is of no further use to them, as they have no allegiance to Scotland and Independence. By that time the SNP may no longer exist as the ideologist will have destroyed all that the party once stood for.

        Liked by 12 people

    2. I suspect that the astute Joanna is keeping her powder dry for the time that party members finally realise what a charlatan Nicola Sturgeon is. If anyone can step in and create order out of NS’s chaos Joanna can.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. “am going to restrict my comments to suggesting readers of this article should compare and contrast this with the treatment handed out to Tim Rideout”

    I was going to say just that, but Iain got there first.

    Excellent piece from Gordon on just why no-one who values women and no-one who wants indy should be voting nuSNP!

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  3. The actions of trans activists in the SNP government remind me of the actions of parasites inside or on a host. The parasite feeds off the host, finally damaging the host beyond survival. There is a slight twist in relation to the SNP government, in that the leader of the SNP welcomed the parasite in and encouraged it to make itself at home. The SNP’s reason for existing, to bring about Independence for Scotland has been put aside in favour of indoctrinating the population of Scotland in gender ideology. If the SNP had put even half as much as much effort into gaining Independence as they have done with GI, we would have achieved it several years ago. We will not gain it with the current government. We must win the fight against gender ideology and remove the SNP government. Life under them is becoming intolerable.

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    1. Unfortunately for Scotland STURGEON IS THE PARASITE, feasting off the back of goodwill gifted to her by her predecessor in office which in turn has attracted the maggots in the reprehensible form of the DOWNING brigade and the “Daddy Bear” set, ably supported by all in the SNP who have given her (STURGEON) carte blanche to ditch the cause of Independence in favour of biological science denial.

      C’mon Scotland waken up THE SNP HAVE CAST US ADRIFT on a sea of contempt!

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  4. I think Nicola Sturgeon is a phenomenon that future historians will be debating over for years to come, how someone so obviously inept, incompetent & corrupt can be so adored by so many for so long, it’s not like she hides it well it’s in plain sight.
    Case in point only last weekend I was at a friends house for a wee get together and a few drinks, there was a woman there who I knew had strong political views and not afraid to air them especially after a few Proseccos. I knew she was an adherent of the sainted Nicola from a previous discussion with her when I quickly realised I could get more sensible dialogue with my next door neighbours pug.
    However after making not a few borderline racist statements about the English while an English guy was present and being told by the host and others to tone it down she then went on to say anyone who has anything to do with Alba are mentally disturbed and if Alex Salmond was ever to lead an independence referendum she would vote NO.
    I asked her if she could name any electoral promises Nicola Sturgeon has ever kept she said “of course I can there’s hundreds” so I said “name one” which of course she couldn’t so we all have a good laugh at her expense but it’s not really funny is it.
    The point here is if she is typical of the remaining SNP support (and I sincerely hope she’s not) we’re in serious trouble

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  5. An excellent post. I have voted SNP for a longer than i car to remember but now I just hope they lose any referendum because I have no desire to live in the kind of country Sturgeon and her cabal and Green Msps are bent on creating. Nor will I ever vote for them again.

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    1. When I heard Patrick Harvey say women have a willy well I just couldn’t stop laughing. That’s just a lie and nae matter how much you repeat the lie it doesn’t become truth.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. So right and look at the power and fat salaries that’s been to him and folks like Slater who I think got something 192 votes or something. Now that is the list system not the SNP but the alliance??? The supposed alliance to supposedly get another shot at a ref??? More to make sure there’s no opposition to any of the barmy policies in Scotland and get every one of them voted through. .

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    2. But unfortunately this is the predicament most thinking adults are finding themselves in , and THAT precisely is why the perverted deviant is STILL in power , do you vote for a shower of unionist incompetents who are ALL onboard and support these perversions , or do you vote for a shower of FAKE independence parasites who are the instigators of these policies and who are all onboard and support these perversions

      Very many people on WOS maintained that they wouldn’t vote for the pervert party at the last election but when the time came and their choice was unionist perverts or FAKE indy perverts they voted what they considered the lesser of the two evils , but that unfortunately allowed the heid pervert and her morons to CLAIM that the people supported their policies and their governance

      Unfortunately Alex Salmond again misread or misremembered the depth of depravity and uncontrolled rage that the pervert held for him when he promoted and encouraged ALBA voters to lend the FAKE indy party their vote , an encouragement that spectacularly backfired on him and indy voters , TBQH I never even voted because I felt the ALBA candidate didn’t ring true , and lo and behold the pervert has another 4 years that she/he/it can wreak havoc and destruction on the poor inhabitants of Scotland
      Moving forward if we ever do and now knowing the extensive damage a narcissistic pervert can do in a short time we MUST develop and have a mechanism whereby the electorate can STOP any despotic lunatic from expanding their control

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      1. It’s not just Scotland that this is happening. It’s the rest of the UK and the USA as well. Although we here are concerned about this country.

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  6. well Fae I can assure as a woman, I definetely don’t have a willy, and if I did it would come as a great shock to my husband LOL

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    1. 😂 A don’t hae one myself either. I have never supported the Green party although I am very much into herbal and natural healing. I think that we need to take better care of our green spaces and for every plant or tree used them we should replace it. I am not convinced about the Green Party and their version of Green for a lot of reasons and this latest policy actually is against nature.

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    2. Who’s ya daddy bear. 😂 No way are we gonna let these people think that they have power over us. They serve the people.

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  7. Remember the Labour Party? We in Scotland have form for our toleration of political mediocrity, add to that the fact that today’s SNP has become the creature of the British establishment and its securocrats. A single-narrative media only compounds the latter. With this in mind, it’s not too difficult to understand why Sturgeon is still around. She is, after all, absolutely central to the whole project of ensuring that Scotland remains locked within the union.

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  8. Do we not have enough enemies against self-determination for Scotland and its people that we now have, and have had for a while, a leader of the major political party encouraging self-destruction from within?
    I am surprised that the unionists are not making much more of this debacle and wonder if they are keeping their powder relatively dry until the next election, whenever that comes around? After all, it’s not as if what has been taking place is a secret.
    Or, are they sitting back to await what may well now be inevitable and the only uncertainty being when it will happen?

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    1. Sturgeon is the unionist’s trump card and will be cashed in only after Westminster has emasculated what little powers Holyrood currently retains.

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  9. Should Mr Downing come calling at 3:30 am to check on your «gender» credentials best make sure you have a baseball bat handy. Sounds a real hardcase, nutcase or perhaps its all just social media theatrics.
    No question, the «Muddels» need to be led to the exit. This politically toxic bolus requires an old fashioned purgative.
    I am three years mr Downings junior, a century ahead in maturity.
    «They» do need to get out more but just be careful «they» is not cruising anywhere near you.

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  10. It would appear that the ladies and gentlemen of our wonderful free-press are four-square behind those ruling party members who speak-out publicly and with violent intent against anyone who disagrees with the party’s settled line on truth and factuality. Let us rejoice then at just how lucky we all are to live in this wondrous, right-minded democracy, wherein an ever vigilant corps of selfless, truth seeking men and women have our collective, democratic interest foremost in their minds both day and night. Whew! Pass me another Kleenex, quickly please.

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  11. The media world inhabited by contemporary politicians is saturated with «woke» sensibility, however politicians are ephemera. >99% of them would struggle to get footnotes in history books.
    Remember the word «politician» is an old synonym for a self serving charlatan.
    Never was that venerable synonym more merited than now.
    As for their hangers on……

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