Once again wee timid Scotland talks big but then delivers absolute zero.

No sooner had the half hearted announcement been made than  the Chief Constable publicly pulls the rug by announcing his force will not be carrying out any special measures to enforce the measure. We have learned nothing from the last time, at the time when the English holidays started, when the Scottish Government failed to respond to the clamour of calls to restrict travel between England, where the virus was still very widespread, and Scotland where the virus was at very low levels and in retreat. A month later and the virus was rampant in Scotland and England both.

I often hear people calling on Scots to behave and make decisions as if we were already Independent. Does anyone believe that a fully Independent Scotland would not have introduced severe restrictions on cross border travel long before now and would certainly have done so now this new wave is growing massively every day? Can I remind everyone there were over 35,000 fresh infections in the UK yesterday, in one day. As countries all over Europe and wider afield cut off travel between the UK and their populations, poor wee Scotland tolerates a Chief Constable unable or unwilling to take effective measures to protect our population.

The problem may come from the top, it wasn’t so many months ago when Justice Minister Humza tried to tag protesters who turned up at the border calling for it to be closed to stop infections flowing in from England as “racists” Events and soaring numbers of fresh infections some weeks later would have justified the protesters describing Humza as a “thicko”

Sometimes I despair at our leadership. We are controlling the virus in Scotland much better than England, it was the same in the summer, then the political failure to protect our country during the English holidays resulted in a huge wave of new infections being introduced and we were back to square one. All that had been achieved being thrown away because our political leadership did not want to rock the “four nations approach”.

Stuff the four nations. Does anyone believe for a minute that if Scotland had infections levels running at more than double England Westminster would hesitate for a minute to act? Do you witness France, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands hesitating to act this morning? Of course not, they are real countries. They act quickly in the best interests of their people.

We are a long way from Independence, folk are dying all over the country, yet the Government, our Government, are too timid to act.

It is not good enough. Simple as that.

I am, as always


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36 thoughts on “BORDER CLOSED…IT’S A JOKE!

  1. Iain, We know Why! The Chief Constable of Scotland reports to Priti (Ugly) Pitel, the London based Home Secretary!
    And literally Hundreds of English have Booked their Xmas in Scotland!

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    1. Is it a true fact that Scotland’s Chief Constable teports to Priti Patel snd is under her jurisdiction.
      Do you mean she controls what action they can take in regard to this matter of border closure.8
      I have felt concerned about the loyalty of our Judiciary after Lord Wolfes recent performance at the SG/Salmond parliamentary inquiry

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      1. I know that control of borders is for Priti Patel as home secretary. Scotland cannot refuse entry to anyone that the home secretary allows to enter or move around the country. But public health legislation does I believe allow the Scottish government to impose conditions on those coming into Scotland from an area of high infection.

        It’s one of those grey areas; immigration is not devolved but police and health are. The SG are I think being very timid. But perhaps the reality is that they just don’t have enough police officers to do anything meaningful.

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  2. Spot on post Iain. I despair at times how closed minded many SNP members are. They just cannot see anything other than the SNP/Scotgov is perfect and if you say otherwise you are a Unionist. It is truly depressing.

    We can only wonder about how many lives would have been saved if Scotland was an independent country eg Norway about 400 deaths in total for the pandemic. That total is reached in a fortnight in Scotland. The people of Scotland gave the SNP multiple mandates for independence that the SNP asked for and then the SNP did nothing.

    I can see the trend is moving again that the referendum will now not be 2021 but 2022. Every year the promise gets shifted forward a year. Yet SNP members like sheep just say well ok then. I am truly sick of the current SNP leadership who do nothing but make false promises.

    The attitude of the English gov over the virus sums up the UK attitude to Scotland – we in England are making a bollocks of managing the situation and you lot in Scotland must suffer as badly as us because we own you.

    Meanwhile the continent of Europe are calling the new variant of the virus the British virus.

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  3. Trouble is you’ve got a leadership that’s too worried about what the newspaper headlines will say, as if they’re EVER going to get any positive coverage anyway!

    Regrettably there’s also the percentage of the population who’d prefer that buffoon Johnson to be running things and for us all to be getting infected at equal rates.

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  4. And yet I was scrolling through my wife’s Facebook Pro-Indy sites and most of the commenters are congratulating NS for closing the border , she hasn’t !! It’s that kind of delusional , magical thinking that is proving almost impossible to counter , with actual FACT , She will cling to this situation for all she’s worth ( ? ) for the foreseeable and we won’t be in the least surprised if she uses it to cancel HE 2021 . I had pledged to avoid commenting negatively on NS and the current ” Leadership ” but she makes it impossible to do so , and now she’s tweeting about posponing the Brexit talks , rather than on how we can escape the impending calamity , hopeless , truly hopeless .

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    1. Castanet – I have been wondering myself if the law to postpone the election in May next year may be getting warmed up right now to get ready to go in to action. No election no mandate for a referendum. The can kicked down the road again. Excuses can always be found if that is what you want to do – namely nothing.

      I wonder in a future independent Scotland historians (proper Scottish historians not the phoney type like Neil Oliver ) will categorise the gradualists in the SNP not as devolutionists but as appeasers. Neo liberal Westminster appeasers.

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      1. Nothing she does will surprise me Cubby , well , other than reveal this phenomenally cunning plan her devotees assure us she has ready to deploy on Jan 1st . One thing that could mitgate against cancelling HE21 is if the vaccine is rolled-out in sufficient numbers before then , and even then , she could say the risk of spreading infection is still too high to allow canvassing and public assembly so , with tear-stained eye she’ll say ” sorry , we MUST think of the greater good ” – which , coincidentally , often corresponds to her personal greater good , funny that eh ?

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  5. Absolutely right. But it is the airports it is arriving off, it is not driving up the M1 or M6. Today there will be 10 flights arriving at Edinburgh airport from English departure points. No checks, not even temperature tests, no details of where arriving passengers will be travelling to, no compulsory tests, and no quarantine in nearby airport hotels will be required. And that’s just Edinburgh. It was earlier revealed that 300 new variants of the virus entered Scotland during August that had origins in England, after we had nearly eradicated it. The evidence was clear.

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    1. I would suggest that at a minimum, passengers should provide their contact details, have a mandatory on the spot temperature test and be requested to quarantine ten days; ideally they should be obliged to take a mandatory Covid test and stay in a corona hotel until a negative test result is received before leaving the airport.

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    2. Close all minor roads that cross the border(many minor roads were closed during foot and mouth). Police the main trunk roads and check everyone. Turn back anyone not entitled to be travelling into Scotland, fine them commensurate with their assets and income and ban them from driving for a year. Just a few suggestions but I’m sure the folks who are paid mega bucks to do so could come up with the goods. That’s what we pay them for. They are supposed to keep us safe, they are the ones who are meant to come up with effective solutions, and, as every nation has known for years about the likelihood of a global pandemic, measures should have been in place to suit every eventuality.

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  6. Too late though. Guardian now reporting 11 samples of the new strain detected in Glasgow.

    Apparently scientists detected the new strain in September. The UK government became aware of it in October. Scientists repeatedly urged further lockdowns and more stringent measures which the government has ignored.

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  7. With ports in absolute chaos we now have the situation where Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Canada and many other countries have now banned UK citizens from entry – including Ireland.

    All the modelling indicates that in the U.K. coronavirus infection will spike in February with numbers that will wreak absolute chaos through the health system. And for many denied of care for what would have been treatable cancers and other illnesses, the death toll is feared will be absolutely horrendous.

    And yet only last week the criminal government in Westminster was belligerently threatening Royal Navy gun boats against the French as the supply chains of essential food, medicine and other essential goods became more and more chaotic.

    And now with borders closed, a lost battle with COVID and at war with Europe, the food and medicine shortages are going to bring this country to its public health, social and economic knees.

    This situation cannot be allowed to continue. We must close our borders with England, restrict the entry of the disease into Scotland and try and establish supply lines from Europe. These countries are maybe England’s enemy, but they are not Scotland’s enemy.

    We have the Parliament, we have the mechanisms of administration, we are self sufficient in power, and what we need now is a government, a war cabinet if you like, capable and able to extricate us from this mayhem.

    We need also to consider a citizens column of people prepared to assist in their local communities..Martial law may well be coming. England may erupt. This is going to get very rough and no one should underestimate what lies in front of us.

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  8. And without a hint of racism, we need to make Scotland a cold place for folks coming up to Scotland for Christmas. And that i’m afraid must include ex pat Scots located down south. Such people must be stopped from spreading the infection from down south to here.

    Close the border, require checks, stop all internal flights into Scotland. This can be done. Priti Patel may not want it, but we do. The petri dish viral incubator scenes at London train, tube and air ports the other day were outrageous.

    And last of all. Help older people stock up. Yes hoarding is wrong at a time of shortage but the elderly need a stock of essentials, and shopping less frequently, reduces the potential for viral transmission.

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    1. I agree — and local services should refuse to serve them. We have to stop playing Mr nice guy and start thinking of this as a war against the virus. Borders would be closed in the event of a war.

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  9. Fair comment, Iain. Totally agree. A friend tweeted a quick solution last night. Set up traffic lights (and cameras) at every crossing into Scotland and set them at red.(No penalty if you have a reasonable excuse).

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  10. The Times lead article is now declaring a National Emergency and asking for the recall of Parliament. Claims 700,000 a week could be infected by mid-February.


    1. Marianna. If the Times is correct in predicting 700,000 infections a week we’ll be burying bodies in mass graves like the culled minks in Denmark.

      No wonder the world has turned against the uk. This is going to be a holocaust that Johnston and his Tory band allowed to happen.


    2. Weird though. I looked again and couldn’t find that article! Seems to have been withdrawn…


  11. With the current right-wing junta in-charge of the Tory party and the UK Government, closing the Border just might be the justification Baw Jaws would need to “take back control,” by immediately proroguing Holyrood and bringing back direct rule from Westminster. They are mean and stupid enough to do this.

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  12. This is war and we must act accordingly. The Hazmat guys and gals on the border have been vindicated. It IS a health issue, and we CAN get very tough indeed – and need to. The Chief Constable’s boob over explicitly denying road blocks is a sacking offence. What a complete IDIOT. Independence is now vital for our very survival as a nation.

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  13. Humza Yousef is too busy obsessing about his Hate Crimes Legislation. Sturgeon et al are doing all they can to protect their privileges and avoid confrontation with their Masters in London.

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  14. It’s been my view that the UK as an island has handled the crisis appallingly by having individual policies & emergency measures across the 4 nations. This was apparent from the beginning with England seemingly playing catch up with Scotland. FYI I don’t think it was, I think England was using Scotland as a testing ground as per usual.

    (Though I don’t think they foresaw Sturgeon getting leadership kudos which is probably pissing them off).

    We live on an island & if we had dealt with the pandemic as a single geographical unit, with one set of policies & rules, we could have been in the same position as other island nations who have managed to keep both death & infection rates down with some (New Zealand) now emerging successfully from the crisis.

    This was not a time for any separation of powers. This was a time for the formation of an emergency government comprising leaders from all 4 devolved governments working together for the benefit of all. This was not the time for grandstanding between leaders or nations. This was a time for a single unified plan developed & agreed by all leaders to keep the UK population safe.

    While there was a need for a regional approach to deal with different infection rates across the island, due to the lack of coordination, & cooperation, this has not reduced the continued spread of the virus because of the political infighting & point scoring.

    The question for me isn’t “should Scotland have the power to close its borders” but rather “why wasn’t an emergency government set up to handle the crisis with the power to effectively deal with this crisis”. If such a government existed there would have been a plurality of ideas & opinions being considered instead of ideological & political views forming emergency plans. If such a government had been set up, pooling its resources & skills, it is likely the UK borders would have closed sooner, testing & tracing measures set up faster & cheaper, with standardised economic measures to protect businesses, people & jobs, & have been far more successful in our outcomes.

    It is to all our collective shame as an island we couldn’t get the crisis under control quicker because of issues of control & power between politicians, parties & nations. Instead of dealing with the crisis on a humanitarian level it became a political football & cost too many lives.

    I appreciate that what I’ve just said will be seen as controversial on an independence blog but even as a staunch believer in an independent Scotland I cannot help but see our political differences have been our achilles heel in this crisis in all 4 nations.


    1. Hello TrinKats, I have a lot of sympathy for what you say, and logically it makes considerable sense. But the trouble is we have to deal with the most appalling Westminster govt. ever. And politics is the art of the possible. There is no dealing with the Johnson gang and their lying exceptionalism, so we have no alternative but to go it alone. Westminster is not fit for purpose, and will not be reformed, so Scotland MUST be independent if we are ever to achieve democracy and for the will of the People of Scotland to prevail. This applies whatever party is in power in London. The system is wrong. And ‘Federalism’ is an irrelevant dead duck. Scotland is a NATION and always has been. The moment we declare Independence this will be recognised as legitimate internationally. There is now no alternative. The status quo cannot and must not continue.


      1. I was not advocating either Westminster control or the status quo, I was making the case that politics & nationalism got in the way of an emergency that required a collective humanitarian approach & solution. Instead of playing politics we should have been saving lives via a joint approach by our governments, treating the land territory of the UK as a geographical unit when dealing with the crisis. If you look at other island nations, of varying sizes, they have been the more successful in combating the crisis.

        It is also nieve to assume the nature of the Westminster government is solely to blame. The other 3 nations didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory, by a) not pursuing a joint approach & b) seeking to point score against Westminster when the chance presented itself. The other 3 nations had an opportunity to join together & force the hand of Westminster but they chose not to. They chose to pursue the individualist nationalist approach for their own political gain.

        I hate to say it but Scotland being independent right now is not the answer to the crisis. Scotland having control of more powers, over land, air or sea of our borders will not get us out of this public health emergency. We are an island & we did not use the most valuable asset we had in this crisis to our benefit & to save lives.


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