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This is a rare event. I read this article yesterday. I agreed with every word and the constructive suggestion to solve the problem. Roddy is a fellow blogger, not a rival blogger. He has helped me a lot since I started blogging so I am happy he agreed to permit the Yours for Scotland blogspot to share what I thought was a great article.I hope you enjoy and appreciate it as much as I do.

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One of the many advantages of living outwith the UK is the ability to look at things with a different perspective unsullied by the BBC or the corrupt UK media.

Throughout the world people are looking at the UK and just shaking their heads in bewilderment. They are asking themselves, how could this nation that once ruled half of the entire known world have fallen so far and so fast? The same people that wondered how the Americans could have ever elected a lying degenerate are equally bemused when looking at Boris Johnson and his London crime syndicate posing as a democratic government.

It is amazing to me how anyone living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can possibly look at London and think, this is as good as it gets. The incompetence, the corruption and the downright criminality are on show every single day. Government contracts worth £Billions are openly being tossed at Tory toadies and Party donors. Spouses of advisors and lobbyists are becoming millionaires overnight with the assistance of a corrupt British Government and your taxes!

Meanwhile ordinary British citizens are not only dying in their tens of thousands from Covid, many more are going hungry, are unemployed or facing eviction. The biggest tragedy in all this is nobody is doing a single thing to address the root cause of this situation.The British Union is not fit for purpose.

From top to bottom the entire structures, governance and even the legal establishment of the UK are as corrupt as a 1920s American mafia family. Anyone that thinks by replacing Boris Johnson with one of his fellow Tory MPs  will somehow begin to address the rot is to say the least misguided. Equally nonsensical is any notion that Sir Keir Stammer and the present Labour Party are an answer to our ills. This is as delusional as anybody that still believes a fat guy with a red suit and a sleigh pulled by reindeer is coming down their chimney on Friday.

Drastic measures are indeed required. Fortunately Scotland as a nation has the best of all remedies, Independence. The problem though is how do we actually attain that much needed escape from the clutches of the English imperialists and crooks?

The present leadership of the SNP thinks that in spite of having several existing independence mandates from the voters of Scotland one more is apparently needed to secure an Independence Referendum. The disciples of this one more mandate mantra assure us to make the English Nationalists agree to their Section 30 escape clause we need to get a huge SNP majority and more than 50% of the FPTP and List votes. Then we are assured that the Tory overlords will like decent chaps agree to anything asked of them.

Several flaws in this piece of thinking. First and foremost the right-wing thugs in charge of the British Union are crooks. They are openly stealing your tax money, breaking the law daily, tearing up international treaties and agreements and generally being an undemocratic bunch of gangsters.

Scotland is the only part of the union with an abundance of natural resources. It is the only part of the union that has a trading surplus with the rest of the world. We have food and fisheries aplenty and they are coming for it next. There is a profit to be turned in these and an English population that needs fed. Perhaps you think that our UK Government wouldn’t leave Scotland without its food and steal it for itself? Let me refer you to the Irish Famine, The two Bengali Famines as just two examples of this Westminster tactic.Believe me, they are never going to willingly agree to another referendum as long as they can continue to steal our wealth and resources.

In just a few days’ time, the Brexit transition period will end. At present with 8 days to go there is no sign of any sort of agreement with the EU. Whatever is cobbled together and sold to the people of the union, as a great deal will be a lie. The only people that will prosper out of Brexit are the same ones that always profit, the spivs, the speculators, and the establishment elite. These are the descendants of the same dubious characters that have profited out of every war, every country invaded, conquered and raped of its resources. These people make money in good times and bad. They make money during austerity and again as the good times return. These are the same ones that say we cannot afford a rise in the minimum wage or our state pensions because we have no money. While at the same time demanding and getting huge tax breaks for their corporations and the extremely wealthy.

These people are not going to let go of Scotland easily. It has too much wealth yet to give up. We need an escape route and a General election in May followed by a polite request for a Section 30 from our London overlords is not the answer.

Before Hogmanay the Scottish Government needs to TELL the UK Gov that in May next year Scotland will be holding a plebiscite General election. The SNP as a Party will have only one commitment in its manifesto. Should a majority of Scotland’s voters agree with the SNP it will result in negotiations for Scotland’s departure from the Union.

Scotland entered this Union as an Independent nation the original decision taken by a few Lords and Earls. When we leave, the sovereign Scottish people will make that decision in a fair and legal election. The choice is not down to the whim of an English Old Etonian. Only the sovereign people of Scotland have the right to decide the fate and governance of Scotland. Whether or not the English registered political parties choose to take part in this Scottish election is their choice. The Labour Party certainly have form in abstaining. I would ask all other Scottish registered Parties to make a similar commitment and to campaign accordingly.

No other democratic method lies open to us at present. When the IMB becomes active on January 1st, we do not know what ‘legal’ restrictions the imperialists from London might enact. That is why we must act without delay. Scotland cannot afford to wait a day longer. This English Government is corrupt and ruthless. We need to be equally ruthless and more determined than them. The future of our nation cannot be allowed to depend on the goodwill of the English Government. It needs to rely on the determination of our people and our government.

No more procrastination or Section 30 nonsense. Press ahead or we are for the foreseeable future destined to be under the jackboot of this sleazy incompetent Tory crime syndicate.

Saor Alba gu brath.



  1. Never to late Martin Sands. It might just be harder, but it will be even harder if we don’t.

    My own feeling is that there needs to be a popular uprising against the scum that would impoverish and imprison our people. Their husbandry of the the populace is as bad as that of a farmer mistreating his animals for profit.

    But they can be resisted. They cannot stand against the will of the people. And if we need any encouragement look across the water to Northern Ireland. Remaining in the Single Market, part of the Customs Union, adhering to EU regulation ( but currently without formal EU representation save for proxy ROI representation) and with a Border down the Irish Sea, does anyone think Northern Ireland is truly now part of the U.K. because I certainly don’t.

    And the Great British gun boats that were going to sort the French last week. Where are they now. Hiding in port.

    Yes we have a big fight ahead abut no one should underestimate that it can be won. All we need is the will and the leadership to take us where we need to be.

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  2. Sadly the solution relies on the SNP collectively growing a pair and there’s few signs of that happening. They seem content with the present situation, dominating Scottish politics at Scotland and UK level.

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  3. everybody keeps saying its the power of the people,if the people that the people elect to represent the people dont do what the people want,what can the people that elected the people to represent the people do in such circumstances

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  4. A fine article. Nothing to disagree with. But what has happened to the SNP? When I joined over 30 years ago, the present set of mandates was but a distant dream. We HAVE a mandate, and have had it repeatedly renewed several times.

    But somehow, that position has changed to seeking the permission of the occupying power to revert to our natural status as an independent nation (sold out then for English gold).

    When did the SNP membership agree to that? No-one asked the Scottish people in 1707. They rioted at the affront. The bells of St Giles rang out the Scottish air “Why Should I be so Sad on My Wedding Day?”

    For it was no wedding, it was a rape then, and it remains so.

    Alba an-asgaidh gu bràth. Gu dearbh mar sin!

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  5. If Nicola Sturgeon is serious about delivering independence for Scotland she must announce very soon that next years election will be a plebiscitary, if she doesn’t do this then in my opinion we won’t only be ruled by a shower of clowns in Westminster but our own government will have betrayed us in the worst possible way.

    Should we get the usual tosh about a majority strengthening their hands and we’re daft enough to fall for it then we’ll have voted for nothing more that to give them another 5yrs at the trough.
    We really should all be incandescent with rage right now.
    I hold no one responsible but the SNP for the position that Scotland now finds itself in.

    Having said all that I look at Sturgeons actions over the past 6 yrs.
    She has failed to deliver on all promises made to the people she represents.
    She has done everything in her power to disrupt the Martin Keatons peoples section 30 case.
    She has been complicit in the stitch up of the one person who is a real threat to the union.
    She has refused to remove her husband from his position as the CEO of the party she leads.
    She has protected and stood up for Leslie Evans.
    Her ego is out of control.
    And finally why would would anyone in the SNP be against another Independence Party which would not only remove some unionists from Holyrood but would put our parliament in a stronger position for dealing with independence.

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    1. Unfortunately we’re a captive electorate and the SNP know it.

      How often have we heard that the Yes movement isn’t the SNP? But if you want independence you have to vote for them! Not a bad wee number they’re on. Then they can just hoover up mandates while promising there might be jam tomorrow if only Boris lets us. Really frustrating and maddening.

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    2. Another Malcontent angry at the wrong people.

      (1) A plebicitery election would be nice but I’m not going to throw the toys out of the pram if it’s not the SNP’s chosen route. It’s not s slam dunk guarantee of success and if it fails (fingers pointing at mini pop-up parties) then it shuts Indy down for at least 5 years.

      (2) Sturgeon’s actions over the last 6 years have led us from defeat in 2014 to Indy being the settled majority view of the Scottish electorate. Salmond took 7 years to lead us to that defeat, and he would have preferred longer.

      (3) The Keatings case, if lost, could set Indy back years too. That is why the Scottish govt is not keen on it. The law is a crapshoot. It is better to keep the Indy campaign in the political rather than legal sphere.

      (4) No one is complicit in “stitching up” anybody …. yet. Sturgeon has only been found guilty in the kangaroo court of Malcontent conspiracy theorists. I suspect the legal court, should it ever come to that (it is only a Parliametary Committee just now), will find no credible evidence of a “conspiracy”. Certainly nothing credible has been produced thus far.

      (5) Does she have the power to remove the CEO of the party?. Is that not a decision for the NEC or some other executive body?

      (6) Leslie Evans is the head of the Scottish Civil Service. Until such time as she no longer holds that position (for whatever reason), of course she enjoys the support of the FM. That is how govt works. You can’t have the govt at war with its own Civil Servants.

      (7) Out of control egos are a pre-requisite of much of the Malcontent “priesthood”. It’s not a slur they can throw around without a large dose of irony. Sturgeon exhibits far too much humility by comparison with her detractors for the mud to stick in most reasonable people’s eyes …. in my opinion.

      (8) Why should anyone in the SNP be against another Party attempting to take votes off them? The fact that Malcontents see this as a serious question speaks volumes for their skewed reasoning. The only way one of these increasingly multitudinous pop-up Indy parties could aid the cause is if Salmond takes the helm of one and subsequently takes about 10% of the Indy List vote. Without him they will, at best, be a distraction. At worst, they will deprive the SNP of MSPs and hand the seats to Unionists.

      As ever, all my own opinion.


  6. I agree – I don’t think I’d be happy with anything other than a plebiscite Holyrood GE in May – talk of a referendum and waiting is a waste of time. I will sign as many petitions and donate to as many crowdfunders as needed to make this possible, but I don’t know what these would look like, so in the new year, I will start writing emails to all my MSPs (too many other distractions right now).

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  7. Merry Christmas to all and maybe a day for reflection on not just the reason why we celebrate Christmas but on how we as a Kingdom conduct ourselves, allow ourselves to be governed.

    The message of hate is all around. It oozes out of every pore of our government, our corporate elites. And today we in truth celebrate the fracture with Europe and the opportunity to roll back social and economic fairness.

    Merry Christmas everyone and apologies for the slightly depressing tone on what should be a time of great celebration.

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