I will comment later on the rest of the Cabinet reshuffle but I am really concerned at the move to replace John Swinney as Education Secretary. He was not enjoying great success and was in regular conflict with others involved in education. Some may be pleased that he has been removed. I think after a few months of Shirley Anne Somerville as his replacement many might develop fond memories of the happy days of working with John Swinney.

For those who don’t know much about Ms Sommerville there is not much to know. She has an outstanding record of failure behind her. These failures have never held her back as they are accompanied with blind, docile obedience to the First Minister who has rescued her political career several times already and can be relied to do so once her reign at education is over. It shouldn’t take long would be my forecast. Nicola said her success or otherwise should be judged on her Government’s record on education. Appointing Ms Somerville as Education Secretary suggests her favourite tipple these days must be Saki.

As a Woke High Priestess particular attention should be paid by parents to the new sex education programme which is being introduced and has created such enthusiasm amongst such Wokerati as Rhiannon Spears who is already quoted as boasting that parents who object can’t do anything about it because it has been written into the curriculum and teachers are now receiving “special training” on how the classes must be conducted. As a parent mentioned last week “Parents should prepare to send their kids out as one sex in the morning before welcoming them back later that day as another or even none at all by teatime”. How long before biology is banned from the classroom?The Stonewall generation is being put in place and taxpayers, that’s us, are paying for it. Be careful what you say the Hate Crime Bill and GRA are being introduced at the same time. It’s catch all….literally!

I see trouble ahead. Having said that I have had enough of warnings going unheeded. The really bad stuff will be happening soon. If parents are too lazy or disinterested then it will happen. I still cling to the hope that some parents will make the effort to discover exactly what the educational authorities under the guidance of Ms Shirley Anne Sommerville are planning to do to “educate” their children. I forecast if they do many will be horrified and very concerned and will insist on change. I think they should not grant permission for their children to attend these classes. We will see then whether parents can do anything about it. If sufficient parents follow that course then changes will have to be made otherwise chaos will ensue. Mr Swinney may be relieved to have escaped just in time.

Of course, it may already be too late. The Government may be hopeless these days but an opposition blind to these issues really makes me despair. We have just had a General Election and not a single Party other than Alba even mentioned these matters even though the SNP is hugely vulnerable on these Woke issues and hard won women’s rights are under severe attack.The bought media wall of silence has a lot to answer for.

When parents find out the truth Ms Sommerville will hopefully be toast. The SNP also will be vulnerable as well if any of the opposition and media fancy a wee bout with the Thought Police. I live in hope.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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IN ADVANCE OF THE GRA “CONSULTATION” This is SAS in operation. Balanced? To be trusted?


  1. I now have a grandson who will in another year be starting school.

    Neither his mother or his father nor his grandparents want him exposed to this new age mind manipulation extant in people like Sommervile.

    And it’s not just parents. Many many teachers do not want, will not implement these sessions designed to manipulate young minds.

    Make no mistake this is all heading to disaster. And no GRA legislation is going to shut down dissent.

    Actors like Sommervile, Spear et al are soon going to find that out.

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    1. I agree. Why should parents just sit meekly back and accept this nonsense. As you rightly point out, maybe they’ll be taking Biology out of the curriculum.

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  2. I’m not surprised Swinney is gone , he has Butterstone school scandal coming his way. I hope he gets crucified for what he had done there or rather what he didn’t do. Inept incompetent idiot.

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  3. To be clear I believe that everyone – everyone – merits respect regardless. For the avoidance of doubt that includes transgender people whether or not they have commenced or completed biological change.It does not matter how populous they are in society, they are human beings and as worthy as everyone else.

    It is normal that there will be groups of people in society that differ from the majority or typical in some fashion or other. And, again to be clear about this, all people regardless of ethnicity, colour, creed, culture, religion, sexual orientation or whatever have something to offer society.

    However, if the argument is being advanced normal to be transgender then I disagree – it is not by definition given the fraction of the population that identify as belonging to this group.

    If that is what is being taught in schools then that can only cause confusion and lead to a warped view of the world as it actually is.

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    1. It’s a fetish. No problem with people indulging in their fetish in the comfort and privacy of their own home with other consenting adults. Where does one draw the line in what is socially acceptable?

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      1. Exactly, this is a fetish, manifesting itself as a genuine condition, when in most cases it certainly is not. And the fetishist out there who want to engage in this publicly are nothing more than attention-seekers.

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    2. And they would merit that respect, Duncan, if they did not believe that it entitles them to invade the spaces and rights of others. Just what is the correlation between being a transwoman and having unfettered access to women’s sex-based spaces? None. Why should 51-2% of the population give up their spaces and rights to a feeling in a man’s bonce? Madness. Validation merely keeps this stuff going. The only validation they should have is that they are human beings entitled to respect as such, and that they are TRANS women. They are not and never can be women. They should be fighting their corner on that basis for their own spaces and rights (they have all the same rights as the rest of us already).

      Lorna Campbell

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  4. I woke (naturally, as one of those pesky diurnals) in a great mood this morning.

    Seeing that image of the only kind of smug,arrogant and ignorant person with access to the fuhrerbunker that is bute house, put me right off my porage.

    It is clear that our first minister has one mission; to thwart a nation.

    She is an entirely subtractive politician, misusing every lever available to remove opposition to her now clearly inchoate,angry ego.

    Somerville’s failure will be her success.

    As Denise Findlay has explained, her mission is to hollow out the party, nothing else.

    I would add the nation is to follow.

    Any parent who has the temerity to say ‘hang on a minute, does this make any sense?’, will find themself in deep trouble.

    Any teacher who has the temerity to say ‘hang on a minute, does this make any sense?’, will find themself in deep trouble.

    I am sure they will not be encouraging the pupils to read ‘Cousin Bette’,let alone ‘Une ténébreuse affaire’ .

    Cousine Bette is an 1846 novel by French author Honoré de Balzac. Set in mid-19th-century Paris, it tells the story of an unmarried middle-aged woman who plots the destruction of her extended family.

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    1. Paul: a Scotswomen has found herself in trouble – Marion Millar, I think her name is. She was threatened with removal of her autistic twins by Social Services to enable her to attend a police interview on her reported ‘transphobia’. This is precisely why women were deliberately and cruelly left out of the Hate Crimes legislation under the pretext of having their own legislation at a later date. I believe another woman in Scotland, a student lawyer, is also in deep doo-doo because someone took exception to her opinion (when asked) that women are adult human females. This is just the beginning and it is going to get worse.

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      1. We’re well on the way to dystopia, it would seem. How anyone could vote for this nonsense is beyond me.


  5. “Having said that I have had enough of warnings going unheeded”. Ditto – sick of being thought of as some mad conspiracy theorist. People are either too lazy, too disinterested or too stupid to find out that this shit is going on all around them. Unfortunately their ignorance will have an effect on all of us.

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  6. That does it I will never vote SNP again – ALBA get your skates on as Scotland is in danger. Who would have thought that the SNP would be the ones to put us in such jeopardy?
    Biology does not change – I have no wish to return to the Dark Ages with this misguided , deceitful and devious mob. I can only imagine what would have happened in the election had all this stuff been broadcast far and wide.

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  7. A dunce with an agenda is appointed to head-up the Scottish education system—all this will achieve will be to make Swinney’s tenure look peerless.

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    1. We’re well on the way to dystopia, it would seem. How anyone could vote for this nonsense is beyond me. It would be interesting to see what the academic record of Shirley Anne Somerville actually is. Does she have a degree? What was her profession and how far did she get in it?

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  8. “The bought media wall of silence has a lot to answer for.” – exactly.

    If this nonsense is explained to the public then the SNP are toast. £3.5 million of taxpayers money well spent….for the wokeratti.

    I am told that shirley anne hypocrite is now always forced to sit in the front seat of cars. I believe this was planned, organized and executed by sturgeon herself. Although she hates anyone alluding to it.

    The truth will out eventually. Can’t come soon enough.

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  9. o/t (sorry)

    Inspired by your post Iain

    Originally published at Moon of Alabama


    There is a foreign doctrine that has invaded and is establishing itself in scotland. It practises total information warfare against the people. And it is that doctrine that hopes to crucify Craig Murray.

    Everywhere in Great Britain that you look you can see that doctrine promulgated. It is no less ubiquitous than the Union flag.

    Craig Murray went against that doctrine, and it is for this that he must be raised on the cross.

    Craig has explained his motivation many times. He learned of what had been done to Alex Salmond, and he did not like what he found. He decided to do something about it, and so became the one unique journalist who published to the world the case for the defence in real time. He did so with enormous success – those who read his reports expected Alex Salmond to be acquited, those who did not expected Salmond to go to gaol for the rest of his life. Only those who read Craig Murray could be said to be informed citizens.

    After two days of reporting the case for the defence he was expelled and excluded from the court, and no explanation ever given.

    Total information warfare.

    Back to that doctrine so offended by the impertinence of Craig Murray. You see it displayed prominently every time a British Minister speaks to the public, because s/he speaks for the privy council. You see it prominent over the courts in England and Wales. You see it over the new civil service hub in Edinburgh. You do not (yet) see it outside the Scottish courts. It proclaims

    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    It means “Shame on him who thinks ill of it” in the archaic, and more realistically “It is you who is in trouble if you don’t like what we do” in the contemporary.

    Craig thought ill of what was done to Alex Salmond. He went against this IN SCOTLAND. He went against the total information warfare conducted by the privy council and provided honest information to the general public. He allowed us all to witness the poison and pus that oozes from every pore of the privy council and its servants. He is, in every sense of the word, a whistleblower.

    We have seen a pattern develop over recent decades. A scandal in public life erupts, a whistleblower emerges to tell the truth and name the names. Then, after a long and confusing process producing much heat and very little light, the whistleblower ends up in prison and the criminals go free.

    And so it goes with Craig. It is Craig who is in trouble, not the criminals.

    After Julian, Craig is the last of the heroic whistleblowers.

    We have let down so many brave souls who risk everything and get punished. Who will ever try to save us all again when they NEVER get support where it matters. What’s the point?

    Craig Murray is a red line for Scottish society.

    Win OR Lose.

    The judge, Lady Dorrian, appears to have gone crazy and has told at least two provable lies. Independent observers have detected a personal animosity within her judgements against Craig. Lady Dorrian’s mistress is apparently very upset.

    Judicial oath

    “I, _________ , do swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of ________ , and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”

    This doctrine of Honi soit qui mal y pense has no place in Scottish life, and no roots in Scottish history. It is entirely English, and is the motto of the Order of the Garter in England. It represents a nation in which the king/queen is sovereign and not the people.

    One of the persons who proclaims this doctrine is Prince William, a fully fledged Knight of the Garter since June 2008.

    By happenstance William is to attend the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland commencing this weekend. Though he wears his Scottish guise as Earl of Strathearn he remains a Knight of the Garter. He is one of those hellbent on crucifying Craig Murray on nonsense charges. If he can do it to Craig Murray he can do it to any of us.

    The Church of Scotland is the final defender of the lives and morals of the Scottish people. Under the Act of Union (1707) the church has real political power should it choose to use it. The Church of Scotland can provide sanctuary for Craig Murray and enquire of the Earl of Strathearn as to the grounds for imposing his doctrine in Scotland against all tradition and against all logic. It can do so this weekend.

    It should do so.

    Posted by: John Cleary | May 20 2021 22:21 utc | 135

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    1. John I’m afraid fascism trumps all.

      The state and its institutions trump all. That is the way of it. Folks either fight it by whatever means they can, or like the unfortunates in 1930s Germany they accept their fate. For that is the progression in a country that has abandoned a rule of law and going down the facist route.

      Salmond, Murray, Hirst, Singh, Thompson and more won’t be the last to feel the stick of persecution and or incarceration. Power, raw power, is what the state is about.

      Treaties, vows, Acts of Union, count for little in our new Scotia. The state and the apparatus of state is now in truth our enemy. Democracy is but an illusion. A state where the big beasts rule.

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    2. John: Mr Murray is a great defender of human rights and free speech, and, as such, I have supported him and contributed a small amount to his defence. He is also very much in favour of trans rights, which leaves me cold.

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  10. Truth be told that most folk have no idea of the consequences of the GRA. It has been presented publicly as progressive and in support of minority rights, while it has been pushed through without sufficient scrutiny. Once the practical consequences become more obvious, there will be a vicious backlash.

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    1. On the subject of mystifying and bewildering the masses, according to postcolonial literature, in colonial situations the leader of the dominant national party in which: “….privileges multiply and corruption triumphs, while morality declines…acts as a braking-power on the awakening consciousness of the people (and) hides his/her manoeuvres from the people, thus becoming the most eager worker in the task of mystifying and bewildering the masses. The party helps the government to hold the people down. It becomes more and more clearly anti-democratic, an implement of coercion. We know today that this fascism…is the dialectic result of states which were semi-colonial during the period of independence.” (Frantz Fanon).

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    2. Hopefully, you will be right. I sense in the schools that I work in that some people are aware of this, and are appalled by it, or the majority are either ignorant or indifferent. I think there should be an information campaign to inform the public about how insidious and nasty this will prove to be.

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    3. No, they don’t, Duncan, especially many men, who view this issue as a women’s one, entirely. They couldn’t be more wrong, but I don’t know how you persuade them.

      Lorna Campbell

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      1. I don’t know either. My experience is that my women friends are better informed than many men. Maybe they see it as a woman’s issue or maybe their brains have dropped lazily into their scrota as usual.

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      2. Duncan: I am still working on this, but I believe that the 2004 GRA may well have been superseded by the later same sex marriage legislation and by data protection. You cannot base new legislation on a superseded Act, and the SG may be acting ultra vires. I think it is on the legality (or, rather, illegality) of this stuff that we should be concentrating. It also contravenes the 2010 Equality Act and the Boys and Girls Equality (schools) Handbook, not to mention women’s and girls’ sex-based human rights. The appointment of a natal and intact man to CEO of a rape crisis centre is a legal disgrace, a social disgrace and a cruelty perpetrated by women against other women all for the sake of a man, and that few in the legal establishment have pointed this out is testament to the atmosphere of fear and retribution, othering and cancelling (all illegal acts under the Hate Crimes legislation so beloved of the SG) this fascistic lobbying group, headed by Stonewall, has been getting away with. Two Scottish women have already fallen foul of this nonsense, one being harassed during her final law exams and the other having been threatened with removal of her autistic twins by Social Services, while she attends a police interview on her reported ‘transphobia’. These people, and their supporters, are dangerous and deluded fascists and thy have deliberately and consistently targeted and attacked women right across the board.

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  11. Sent to all my councillors, MSP’s and my MP:

    I am writing to you today as a concerned parent of two girls attending school in a Scotland that is increasingly sliding into the black hole of gender, WOKE, Self ID.

    I am concerned about the recent appointment of Shirley Anne Somerville as Education Secretary, and her strong belief in Self ID, and the fact that it is going to be taught to my kids! Will this patent nonsense be taught in Biology classes or, where it is more suited, Religious classes? Where is the scientific research to back this guff up? There isn’t any because it’s not based upon scientific research, it’s based on prejudice! Prejudice against biological females. What right did Transexual people not have before, that the rest of us had? Men will apparently now have the right to declare themselves women and be allowed into women only areas, such as female toilets and changing rooms without having undergone sex reassignment surgery! Does no one in the Scottish government see that this will be open to abuse?
    I suppose my concerns will fall upon deaf ears as no one seems to have the bottle to take a stand against this narrative. This appears to be an open goal for the opposition parties, but they all remain silent. It hasn’t been widely publicised by the British press, and the only party to mention it in the recent Holyrood election was ALBA.

    In future, people like me who voice their concerns, will no doubt be silenced and punished via the new Hate Crime Law.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mark Harper

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    1. Well done, Mark. For me, the supreme irony and hypocrisy is that this stuff is being pushed through against all rational argument to allow ALL and ANY man free access to ALL women’s and girls’ spaces and rights at the same time as they try to crucify Alec Salmond from the #MeToo perspective. It is beyond belief.

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      1. I had a marvellous chat with a young man of 21 yesterday who also detests what is happening to the SNP, who is highly suspicious of identity politics and is looking forward a party where he can feel at home. He also told me that he had thought about Alba but said he would be accused of transphobia by his peers. I also had a conversation with a young couple who had no idea that their two little girls will be going to a school one day without segregated toilet facilities. They had no idea.

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  12. The court ruling/legal clarity that the recent Essex University issue published may empower the adults in the room somewhat.

    To paraphrase – it stated that the Stonewall advice – professional advice that the Uni (and taxpayer) paid for – was what it wanted the law to be, not what the actual law stated, and by implementing it they appeared to have breached the laws within the Equalities Act 2010.

    Hopefully any teacher having reservations about this will make their Union fully aware, including aware of the Unions legal and financial responsibilities to their members. As most folk here will be aware the Unions have also been signed up members to Stonewalls ‘best practice policy advice’. If the Unions join in with punishing ‘dissidents’ who are their members, they can also be sued for loss of earnings, discrimination, etc.

    It would also be interesting to know, what professional experts, in which fields, formulated this Stonewall sex education for minors policy advice. And what other agencies (Police, Social Workers, Teachers, Health Workers, etc) they had liaison with and input from.

    Important also not to throw the baby out with the bathwater (no pun intended), one senior Police Officer I know, who dealt extensively with child sex abuse cases said he wished children were given the correct anatomical names for their genitals.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but in cases of child sex abuse, especially with very young children, it becomes extremely delicate and difficult to clarify the extent of the crime, when a female child is talking about their ‘flower’, front bottom, back bottom, etc.

    Having seen the Stonewall Diversity Policy Guidance document iissued to Police Scotland – it falls at the first hurdle with regards sex discrimination.

    It advises that certain words/phrases are now banned, and others dissapproved of.

    For example the word ‘homosexual’ is on the list, because homosexuals have suffered stigma and discrimination in the past by use of this word.

    The word Lesbian – is not on the list – because as we all know – same sex attracted females NEVER get discriminated against in any way.

    It usually takes a court case win before the dominos start to fall.

    In relation to Shirley – putting useless, unethical, unappealing, zoomers into positions of responsibility and power – would seem a sure fire way to spike support for the party. I no longer believe that it is being done accidentally.

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  13. The SNP leadership are going All Out to destroy Independence. Such a cluster fuck of policies. Funding anti science, age of consent lowering groups and stalling on mandates, means sturgeon is destroying the SNP from within.

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  14. Once the mammies and grannies of everywhere in Scotland find out what’s actually going on in the primary schools, the cretinous promoters of all this nonsense and shite are in for a bloody big shock.

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  15. The follow-on question must be: Why is Sturgeon deliberately destroying the SNP and attempting to destroy the independence movement in Scotland?

    I can only think she knows she is about to be exposed as a massive [criminal?] fraud and wants to take the rest of us down with her.

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  16. /Users/appleuser/Desktop/Boys-and-Girls-and-the-Equality-Act-May-2021-Scotland-54hvuj copy.pdf

    The above Handbook will allow all parents who have doubts to access the law I regard to their children’s rights whilst at a Scottish school. The trans lobby and Stonewall are notorious for by-passing laws, undermining laws, pre-empting laws. Don’t let them get away with it through SAS. She has been appointed because a woman wouldn’t do anything to harm a child, would she? These people need to be stopped and stopped NOW before they get this stuff off the ground in our schools. They absolutely need to have ‘born in the wrong body’ s***e, pardon my language, established as the basis of their aim to render all sex-based rights of women and children null and void and open the door to paraphiliac men.

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    1. Sorry, folks. The Handbook is entitled ‘Boys and Girls and the Equality Act’ and specifically lays out the Scottish legal position on facilities and amenities in Scottish schools. The rest of that link is inaccurate… duh! I was going to plead unconnected synapses, but I am too old, so just senility, then.

      Lorna Campbell

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      1. Thanks Lorna,
        thanks to your comment, some web searching found this:

        The Guide “Boys and Girls and the Equality Act” was produced by Sex Matters and Transgender Trend with input from lawyers and teachers. It seeks to provide practical workable advice for how schools can protect everybody’s needs and rights.

        It has been produced following concern about the lack of government guidance for schools. The Equality and Human Rights Commission began developing guidance for schools in 2017 but has halted work on the project. Local authorities in several areas have produced guidance and then withdrawn it after legal challenge.

        This guide is for:

        Teachers, school leadership teams and governors in both state and private schools at primary and secondary levels setting rules and policies
        Parents and young people seeking to understand their rights
        Local education authorities producing their own guidance

        “Send us your views on the guidance by responding to the consultation here” [click link]

        “Boys and Girls and the Equality Act – Guidance for Schools (Scotland)
        Download Link:

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  17. GRA reform may be coming but Hate Crime Act is already law and here is one of its first victims – a woman summonsed to police station for supposedly homophobic and transphobic tweets under a different law. However it will now have a hate crime aggravator.

    I don’t know what the tweets said (and indeed she has not been told which tweets) so I can’t comment on the nature of them but a worrying development nonetheless.

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  18. I could not believe that any Scottish woman would vote SNP if she knew what they had in store for us.
    The fact that they were reelected must mean that we don’t care, or didn’t care enough to find out what we were voting for. Now the SNP have another 5 years of untrammeled power and it’s hard to see (given that most seem still unaware of what is going on) how anything’s going to change, except, that is, for the worse.

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  19. I can see this evolving into a series of events that will be very concerning and which may end-up in violence. I see the protests becoming more vociferous and numerous which will, initially, involve women’s groups, and then groups representing families, religious groups and heterosexuals (remember them?) and other concerned citizens. It will divide communities and I find the whole thing just nauseating.

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  20. O/T Iain but surely of interest to us.

    “According to the Times, James Wolffe QC and the solicitor general, Alison Di Rolla QC, are to leave office in a matter of days.

    Wolffe will surely know where the bodies are buried, it will be interesting to see if he’s bumped up to a High court judge, or if he’ll do a Dominic Cummings and threaten to spill the beans.

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  21. Changing the tack a little I read in the Telegraph that the Westminster Government tracked around ten million mobile phones immediately post an individual being given their COVID vacinne.

    Absolutely chilling that patient ID linked to a mobile phone can be used to track in real time and individuals whereabouts and when. If the government is admitting to this, what else are they monitoring.

    And similar to a couple of years ago where the HMRC were clandestinely recorded over 4,000,000 voice prints from unsuspecting individuals calling the HMRC.

    And not that different again from the Vaccine Phone app due to launch tomorrow in England where your identity and vaccination record is tied back to your health records – which health records, even in Scotland, are tied in to the Home Office, Border. Force and other government departments.

    And of course all vehicle registrations vehicles are tracked as they move about the UK, and in real time too should police or security services require to watch vehicles of interest, with of course records keep for only an alleged period of seven years. And with the linking of all of the databases from one’s internet browsing to tax records to vehicle ownership to bank accounts to travel records, absolute power to the authorities who benevolently look after us, has been given with no public consent.

    Like rats in a pen we shall all come to know the shadow of Big Brother.

    Anyway, so called vaccine tracking app goes live tomorrow in England ………….and possibly Scotland to follow?

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