Craig Murray wrote last week about this topic  and his concern that he was being confronted with a fear of becoming cowardly, scared to continue writing and challenging authority here in Scotland.He of course overcame that fear but others are intimidated.

Take a minute to think about that. A former British Ambassador, internationally known and widely respected for his defence of human rights held a real fear about the consequences of freely writing about what he considered the truth here in his own country, not on the Salmond trial but on another. What has happened to freedom of speech in our country? Have we joined the list of despot nations where such freedoms are denied?

A man who is one of the key friends and an ally of Julian Assange who the Scottish courts seem intent in stopping from appearing as a defence witness in his trial. What is going on and who, exactly who, and how many people and bodies are behind it ?

He is but one of a string of blatantly political moves involving the police and courts in Scotland where Nicola’s Supporters are increasingly using the legal system as a tool to intimidate and silence her political opponents. You can call it a lot of things but in my view fascist tactics gets closest. The worst may yet be to come with the Hate Crime Bill and GRA looming ahead. The fascist state is being built in front of our eyes with fear, intimidation and prosecution as the key tools.

Trumped up, often ludicrous or trivial allegations are created. The process is always the same, police raids, the seizing of all electronic equipment, long and expensive delays until the “offences” come to court where the defendants are found not guilty or sometimes the judgement confirms there is no case to answer, only confirming the malicious nature of the allegations in the first place. Those “accused” have of course been financially punished long before the matter comes to court.

If the public were to find out the ludicrous nature of most of the charges that were contrived against Alex Salmond they would be astonished at them being classified as sex crimes. I found them just plain ridiculous, a view subsequently shared by the jury when they came to court. It is the fact they ever came to court that is the main case against the Crown Office as being complicit in political prosecution.

Mark Hirst’s case was even more obvious as being clearly political. The comments he made in his video commentary could never be considered threatening, critical yes but never threatening. Nevertheless, his home was raided, his computer equipment seized, months of delay, jobs and income lost, legal expenses mounting, only to eventually come to court and the charges to be dismissed out of hand, no case to answer. Taxpayers money, police time, the court system fully engaged at public expense to pursue intimidation against a political opponent. He then had to struggle with an unexplained delay to retrieve his electronic equipment back from the police. What “fishing exercise” was going on there I wonder?

Most recently Dave Llewellyn from Alba who during the election made a remark on his personal Facebook page about a prominent SNP candidate and his wife only to find that the pair ridiculously interpreted it as a threat to their personal safety and wanted him charged. He has been through the process of the police raid at 5am,, the seizure of his computer equipment and is facing trial in December, his legal costs continues to climb. It is gross overreaction and has me looking at many of the comments made on Facebook about myself and my colleague Barrhead Boy by Nicola’s supporters, many of which are considerably more “threatening” than those made by Dave.

Craig Murray himself of course faces an eight month sentence for telling the truth. His reports on the Salmond trial revealed less evidence about the identity of his accusers than many in the Unionist media. What is more his reports accurately reflected the eventual decisions of the jury based on the full evidence, including the defence witnesses. The defence evidence was of course studiously avoided and ignored by the MSM as it did not fit the disgustingly dishonest narrative the Unionist media were intent in delivering against Alex Salmond. A narrative continued after the trial by none other than the First Minister herself who has cast doubt on the jury verdicts and continues the smear campaign. There are many in the SNP who knew this whole trial was a fit up from the start but to their shame stayed silent, scared on attracting Nicola’s wrath. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Now to the crux of this, virtually all the complainants in all the above cases come from a known or related grouping within the SNP. A MOST REMARKABLE COINCIDENCE IS THAT NOT?

Now as we all know I or anybody else cannot name those involved without facing a long list of charges but I do want to raise a valid point.

The gift of anonymity is not a right, it is a privilege and if it is being subsequently used aggressively as a political weapon, as it is with the ongoing smearing of Alex Salmond and allegations against others, then surely it must be subject to review at some stage.

Now many will be happy to ignore these warnings, others will be scared, intimidated, to say nothing. If they do, not only will these tactics continue, they will escalate. Nobody will be safe, our freedoms will continue to be eroded. Evil, malicious evil, will grow as the poison spreads wider and wider unchallenged.

Let me leave you with this thought. As part of the process of a huge fishing exercise against Alex Salmond, motivated by a desire to find more solid charges than the pathetic ones delivered by his accusers, the police investigated over 400 people involving 700 face to face interviews, encompassing all who he had contact with over his entire life. This enormous effort, completely unheard off for anyone else facing similar charges, and at huge public expense, turned up NOT ONE SINGLE CHARGE OR EVIDENCE OF INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR. 

Given those facts is it not very strange Mr Salmond’s “offences” only happened to involve so many known friends, colleagues and supporters of the FIRST MINISTER? Wonder what odds you would get from Labrokes for that one?

Our legal and political system has been corrupted. They need fixed. Who is going to do it is the problem?

Folk who care about freedom must speak out because it needs all the people of Scotland to fix this. Our nation has very serious problems. Huge lies syndrome!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland.


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50 thoughts on “THE FASCIST STATE

  1. I wonder how genuine survivors of sexual assault and rape who are told their cases will never come to Court, feel about the High Court’s time being taken up with hair pinging when the witnesses all stated it didn’t happen but was a running office joke.

    James Wolfe has resigned as has Alison Di Rollo, Solicitor General. Perhaps a good time to re-establish the separation of powers of prosecution and of government legal advisor that Alex Salmond himself instituted…

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    1. While it is good news that the Wolfe man will be going – don’t hold your breath.
      He will very likely pop up as a judge in the very near future to dispense true justice with all due impartiality and the wisdom for which he has recently become renowned

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  2. Thank you for this Iain. I ama shocked and horrified the direction this country is being forced along.

    A complicit media for whom the bell tolls without the intrevention of the Scotish Government.
    A Police force falling in line with demand.

    An anonymity assured for all who want to point fingers.

    Where indeed have all the good men or women gone?

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  3. Sorry – still can’t see what I’m typing so please excuse the incidental letters and the juxtoposition of said letters!

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    1. If you just have one line to type in, you should be able to make the box bigger by placing your cursor on the bottom line & dragging it down.

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  4. It is definitely the tactics of the tyrant and totalitarian.

    I think we have to continue to speak our mind, coolly, calmly and coherently. We have to use the known facts and avoid, at all costs, in getting drawn into anything that could be constituted as personal abuse or making any unsubstantiated accusations.

    Moreover, we need to be prepared to take them on. That is, if unfair, unlawful or biased allegations – sound familiar? -are made against you these should be challenged robustly.

    A good start would be for folk to trawl through their blog comments, facebook posts and twitter feeds to check for nasty or malicious remarks made against them.

    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

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  5. This is not just about the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon, this corruption goes all the way to the top of UK politics. These things could not have happened if they did not involve the national government (Westminster). The National Media, The BBC, ITV, Sky. Nicola Sturgeon refuses to appear in a leaders debate on ITV if Alex Salmand (as a leader of Alba) is present. so the rules are changed. The Tories love the SNP MPs sitting in their wee corner in the Commons, for if they are there they are no threat to the Tory power. Had these same MP been sitting in Labour seats, then they certainly would have been a threat. begging the question “How far out on a limb will the Tories go to manipulate and cajole their friends in the media to slue the stories and keep the SNP in power and Labour out?” how much is Nicola, (and the feet under the table SNP MPs) beholding to the Tories for their success. We see it in every aspect of politics now. Alex Salmond, Julian Assange, Guantanimo, Palestine, and every time the Tories are in trouble they roll out the Royals. The Queen smiling on the deck of the aircraft carrier that bears her name. Off to the Pacific (under the protection of US surface ships, but spun to say – we are working, hand in hand with our NATO partners), and as it sailed from UK water to do the bidding of the US president, at British taxpayers expense, the band played ‘Believe it if you like. Nicola Sturgeon will never give this nation independence and the quicker the SNP membership open their eyes to the truth of what is going on, the quicker Scotland will become independent. (personally, I can not see Nicola Sturgeon lasting the full 5 years for de-ja-vu is not going to cut it, Once her coronavirus appearances are over and she is put back in her little box by the BBC. she will be back in the real world, the economy, schools, the NHS, high unemployment……. and if she thinks the Greens will bail her out, Good luck with that one.

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  6. I’m not sure why you and many others persist with the myth of unionist media.
    UK media is pro UK because that’s what the majority of their readers want – but they love to use the SNP to attack the Tories.
    Scottish media is heavily biased towards nationalism but that means for them blindly supporting the SNP.

    You only need to look at the reporting of the inquiry into the stitch-up of Alex Salmond to see who’s pulling their strings.

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  7. One cannot but help see the similarities between Belarus president Lukashenko and Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

    In the case of Lukashenko he used the powers of his state apparatus to divert a plane to arrest a political blogger and political opponent.

    In the case of Sturgeon she used the powers of her state apparatus to arrest and prosecute political opponents like Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst and Craig Murray.

    With the end results exactly the same, albeit the Scottish exercise of power a little less criminally overt, one can see what happens when there is no sanction to restrict abusive state behaviour.

    A few years back one could never ever in their wildest imagination twinned Scotland and Sturgeon with Belarus and Lukashenko. But what can now!.

    Fascism – plain and simple.

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    1. Willie
      Whilst diverting planes & snatching journalists looks very bad, he must have been an important fish.
      Putin pulled Biden up on the phone in the days leading up to the 21st April ’21. The Russian FSB & Belarusian KGB had thwarted a CIA organised coup against lukashenko which was due to take place in Minsk on 9/5/21 the anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union in the great Patriotic War against, fascism! This was going to be similar to what they did to Anwar Sadat in Egypt, Belarusian generals arrested in Moscow plotting the above coup. That’s why this plane was diverted imho. This of course isn’t and wasn’t mentioned in our free western press!
      Sturgeon & the West are the fascists imho.

      All is not as it seems.

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      1. Willie I find your reply to my comment gratutiously patronising and offensive so redolent of a mores I always found unacceptable but which you still seem to endorse. (I’m an educated 80yr old)
        A ‘better’ man might have been courteous enough to use my name or does your andy cap mentality say it all – btw why are you not man enough to give your full name or do you not exist.?
        One thing is certain you Salmond acolytes ( I was one once too) are doing the Unionists work for them rather than helping the cause of Independence That is what I find so distressing


    2. Willie Are you suggesting that SNP did not WIN the election in a fair electoral ballot and NS democratically chosen as FM. I certainly see no similarities with Lukashenko.
      In fact I am totally astonished that (the majority ?) followers of this blog who appeared 100% behind voting SNP in the constituency vote but are now asserting the FM (continues)using the powers of the State Apparatus (over which you say she has absolute control??) corruptly. The hypocrisy and irrationality is totally incredible and to my mind thoroughly dishonest. How could anyone with an ounce of integrity encourage voters to ‘elect’ such a party to power. Or do you truly believe all save ‘yourselves ” are fools


      1. I think Florence Sinclair that there are very many who think of Nicola Sturgeon as a woman most foul.

        It goes without saying that her participation in the Alex Salmond outrage left one terrible smell. You might like to think otherwise but Sturgeon lied to parliament. That is a fact. Spell it or smell it anyway you want but Sturgeon is a liar.

        And of course the way she runs her party is not one of democracy either. A rigged NEC with more stench aplenty. And the election that you think was as pure as the driven snow. That’ll be the smell of her breath as she incessantly smeared the person of Alex Salmond. Or will it be the fairness of ALBA being censored from the BBC and the mainstream media. Or even what about the Electoral Commission denial of Alba’s request to put a logo on the ballot. Fair old, good old, impartiality eh Flo?

        As an SNP member for nearly 40 years I know a smell when I smell it,- rigged vetting committees, rigged NEC meetings, contrived selection rule changes, member disengagement – its all there to see from a two bit solicitor who chucked the law after being found to have committed malfeasance and behavior unbecoming of a solicitor.

        So reflect on Nicola Sturgeon’s conducts Florence, and try not to be starry eyed. Her track record is not a good one And yes, there are, huge similarities between the way Sturgeon operates and how Lukeshenko operates.

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  8. As a person and in my professsional life. I always valued fairness. This vendetta against Alex Salmond has given those who are protected by anonymity a wall to hide behind and they continue to smear him from the safety it gives the. It makes me so angry when the FM joins in with her innuendo. Her little cabal think nothing of hurling insults at those who have patiently built up support for the SNP and independence over long, arduous years. I have been called a TERF because I am gender critical, a unionist because I am critical of the SNP.’s continued mishandling of internal affairs and the independence question. Sticks and stones etc. . . Joanna Cherry has been terribly vilified for simply defending women’s rights. As secretary of my branch I received a very condescending “no case to answer’, when I wrote complaining about Rhiannon Spear’s disgraceful tweets directed at Joanna Cherry
    That is what we were up against. Yes, sticks and stones etc. However, I now find myself careful of what I write in a comment online. Freedom of speech seems to be only for those who are amongst the anointed cabal. We should all be scared, very afraid until something is done about this gross misuse of the country’s police, prosecution service and the court system.

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    1. We should all be scared, very afraid until something is done about this gross misuse of the country’s police, prosecution service and the court system.
      Important points Annei. It would be very interesting to hear – now that he is free to speak, what Kenny MacAskill, now an ALBA MP has to say about the creation of a State Police Force out of the several operationally independent predecesors that were – at least in theory – accountable to their local authorities.
      Kenny nominally did that job – but who was really behind it? And what were the (bogus) reasons given for why it was a “good idea”.
      Its true purpose has become painfully evident in recent weeks and months.
      [It would aso be helpful if Iain could advise on how we can get back a proper window for leaving comments in]

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      1. John O’Dowd Simply for accuracy Kenny MacAskill is not an Alba MP He did stand as prospective msp for the Alba party on May 6th in the Scottish election but,like all Alba candidates failed to be elected.


      2. Florence,

        For accuracy, Kenny MacKaskill is an MP, and is in the Alba party, so is an Alba MP. The Scottish elections produce MSPs, and he didn’t become an MSP. MPs, or MSPs, can ‘cross the floor’ or invent entirely new parties while they are in post – it doesn’t stop them being MPs, of that new party.

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      3. John O’Dowd I apologise unreservedly for my error. MacAskill is under the current (bizzare) rules considered an Alba MP despite the fact that he had been just been rejected by the electorate in his attempt to become an Alba MSP. I note he has lost his place on the WM committees and has said he will not be travelling very often to WM. It is certaintly one way to maintain one’s income via what is a perfectly legal loophole.I was wrong to deny him his assignation I stand corrected


      4. Yes, John, I really did not like the unification of Scotland’s 8 police forces into the one – there was obvious scope for this to become a `state police` force. I don’t believe that it has saved a great deal of money, in any case, and the change in personnel at the top is awful – too many from the Met, the Northern Ireland police and even some with military backgrounds! No apparent financial savings justify this. If the number of forces had been halved, that would have made some savings and would have avoided creating the opportunity for such centralised control. There has been way too much influence and power exercised by the civil service (the permanent government), even before Sturgeon too over as First Minister. There has to be honest discussion of all of this, before any progress can be made towards independence.

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  9. Democracy was enacted on 06.05.21. On this day the people of Scotland had the power to remove Sturgeon from public office or to vote for another political party to govern Scotland. We as the people failed to do either of these, why? Because of the constitutional question, we are more concerned about this subject than we are about the day to day politics in Scotland. This is where Sturgeon is winning, she knows that the constitutional question is so important to 50% of the population that we’ll just blindly vote for her and the SNP and believe that when we have become Independence everything will be sorted out (WRONG). The SNP are blackmailing the Nationalist with the constitutional question, and its us who are allowing Sturgeon and her cronies to do whatever they want without question and the biggest endorsement we could have given Sturgeon and the SNP was the one we did on the 06.05.21. We have as of today now had three Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Europe and External Affairs, don’t make me laugh, these people don’t know what democracy is and the Nationalist are the one’s allowing them to get away with it, because of the constitutional question. This is why the Alba Party was not only hope for me and a lot of other people, this party is our only hope period, but when will my fellow Scots realize what I have. Had the Scottish people voted for Alba on 06.05.21 it would have made two major differences to Scottish political life, it would have kept the Independence matter front and centre, but it would also have clipped the SNP’s wings, on both the day to day running of Scotland and it’s outlandish policies (the hate crime bill and gender self ID, to name but two). If we are still in this Union at the next Westminster elections, any Nationalist that votes for the SNP are endorsing the Union. I hope the Alba party will stand in the next Westminster election, because their stance and position will be markedly difference to the SNP’s, particularly on the Constitutional matter which is what only matters to the nationalist.

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    1. And doing it with very smug self-satisfied smiles too. A bit like an insufferable winner with poor grace, a bit like they feel very confident of being untouchable even. No contrition or shame felt there.

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  10. These concerns are shared by many in the legal profession. I found this an interesting take on how the machine operates

    It details how some cases that should not be in court due to the lack of criminality end up there due to the Scottish government’s zero tolerance policy and how this approach costs the public dearly in terms of time and money wasted. It also comments on their Soviet style approach.

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  11. study history of political parties and after a certain period of time the elected politicians get restless they see their opportunity at the top job slipping away. Thatcher was brought down by Heseltine and Blair by Brown. There are a number of talented people in SNP not in Sturgeon group. Sturgeon has a few years at the most unless there is a referendum and if there is then in the general election that follows she would be pushed aside.

    Murrell is already being talked about. The NEC and the resignation of some auditors are already concerning some members.

    A FM can be challenged at any time by a vote of confidence.

    Since a referendum is unlikely in the next few years the members are going to get restless.

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  12. Even Craig Murray didn’t post the article he wanted to write, after legal advice. He is even thinking about leaving the country!
    I don’t think the bookies would have given good odds on who complained about David. All you had to do was look at the author of all the other venomous ‘anonymous’ complaints.

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  13. It’s very telling that it was a 5 am raid. For a law abiding writer, living at a permanent address, who has no reason to be expecting a visit!

    Wow. This is incredibly out of proportion.

    Police official starting time is 0700 hours. It is unlikely that the night shift got tasked with this duty.

    That means the cops who did attend, either had their working day start time altered on the roster, or were called out for an early start and incurred overtime for same. (It is most likely the first).

    Cases have been thrown out when suspects were interviewed throughout the night – it was deemed a method of torture.

    Valid reasons for hitting a house that early would be officer safety and in order to secure vital evidence. If those criteria are not present in this case – then ‘torture’ would appear more the motive.

    But just to recap – when Joanna Cherry gets abused and threatened – the SNP don’t give 2 hoots.

    But when 2 high up ‘inepts’ within the SNP are subjected to a perhaps inappropriate ( but more likely fully appropriate) critical comment – a dawn raiding party is convened to hit his house?

    Iain Livingston has got to go, this is happening under his watch. Utterly disgraceful.

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  14. I was a bit surprised to read a ringing endorsement of Lord Advocate Wolffe’s integrity in a tweet yesterday from Roddy Dunlop QC.

    “James Wolffe QC is a man of honour and ability. Any suggestion to the contrary is misconceived, IMHO. I hope that, if the rumours of him standing down are correct, we will see him back in general practice ASAP.”

    He, better than most, should know the (lack of) respect for the law shown by ScotGov and its agents.

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  15. Gender Recognition Act enforced by Hate Crime Act. Binary bond between extreme individualistic subjectivism and extreme state authoritarianism. Autocracy of self-ID mirrored by autocracy on high. Assertion of non-negotiable narcissistic power common to both. Objective law subverted by arbitrary personalism. Might determining right. And, as ever down through the miserable and execrable history of despotism, a willingness to sacrifice millions in obsessive pursuit of some delusive “higher cause”.

    Yet again, the blessed George Orwell’s thoughts precede and forewarn us:

    “The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor did they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises in DOUBLETHINK. For it is only by reconciling contradictions that power can be retained indefinitely. In no other way could the ancient cycle be broken. If human equality is to be forever averted – if the High, as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently – then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity.” (George Orwell, 1984)

    And to mind now also comes that oft-reiterated Matrix remark by Morpheus: “How deep does the rabbit hole go?” —

    “In June 2014, a leaked Police Scotland internal email to police managers in Dunfermline ordered a substantial increase in stop and search activities and warned any police officers not meeting the higher targets would be subjected to a performance development review. Police Scotland has previously denied setting stop and search performance targets for individual officers. The next month, it was revealed that between April and December 2013, Police Scotland’s officers stopped and searched members of the Scottish public at a rate of 979.6 per 10,000 people, a rate was three times higher than that of the Metropolitan Police and nine times higher than that of the New York Police Department. It was also revealed that the Scottish Police Authority, the body tasked with overseeing Police Scotland, had removed criticism of the force’s use of stop and search powers from a report it had commissioned. Also removed from the report were calls for a review of stop and search on children and for clarification of the policy’s primary aim.”
    — Wikipedia, with source link:

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    1. Ultimately, “the colonial condition cannot be changed except by doing away with the colonial relationship” (Albert Memmi).

      However, instead of the elected nationalist majorities moving the people rapidly towards liberation, what we see is ‘The Ministry for Independence (or ‘Constitution’)’ becoming another vehicle of colonialism.

      According to Frantz Fanon, it is the delay by the ‘pampered bourgeoisie elite’ of a dominant National Party delivering independence, though its selfish ‘accommodation with colonialism’, which is responsible for the increase in oppression faced by a people under colonial domination.

      This is now a major problem because, as Aime Cesaire wrote, there is indeed “a direct link between the logic of colonialism and fascism”. Which implies that ‘Devolution’ (i.e. semi-colonialism) and with that the collaboration between a dominant national party and the colonial power merely provides for a second layer of colonial oppression, which is what we see.

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  16. Great article Iain, and bravely put, yes if you’re a prominent indy blogger who seeks the truth, you’d better beware for they are out to shut you down. The hassle and the financial damage can put you out business, never mind out of pocket. However I think the worst effect of it all is the not knowing, the time spent waiting for the court appearance surely must be extremely detrimental to ones health, to have the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head for weeks, months etc, is their way of trying to break you.

    As for the so called complainers, who remain anonymous even though its been proven that some of them perjured themselves is astonishing, I never thought I’d see the day that would happen in Scotland, and if Craig Murray hadn’t reported Salmond’s case on his blog we’d probably still be somewhat in the dark, some of the charges were as you say laughable, and the lies were on another level, then there’s the media who named complainers straight out and also jigsaw identified them, who saw no charges and are at liberty to this day, not to mention the tactics used by the COPFS and the SNP in the pots mortem process known as the Holyrood Committee Inquiry.

    We are seeing the emergence of a dark Kafkaesque Scotland, and as you say the HCB and the GRA will see free speech stifled in Scotland.

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  17. I recently enjoyed a visit from an active, fairly prominent Indy activist. with hisear to the ground. After he’d gone my wife said to me, ” i’m shocked. you have been telling me of such things and didn’t believe you, Now I do”.

    And next up, Marion Millar it seems.

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    1. She says she doesn’t know the identities of all the complainants. It could be that there’s as few as one identity she doesn’t know. It would have been wise of her to try very hard not the know and not to be told.

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  18. The re-Britification of post-2014 Scotland is continuing apace, right in front of our eyes. One of the associated tragedies is that the leader of the nominally Scottish independence party is its public-face. Re-Britified Scotland (a work in progress), already appears to have acquired identifiable fascistic elements. We live, for example, in what is effectively a one-party state and our legal system gives every appearance of having been captured and pressed into service on behalf of the elective dictatorship. Add to that the fact that we have no democratic means at our disposal with which to change the ongoing process along with the fact that free-speech is, by the day, becoming
    a highly contentious area.

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  19. I fear the worst is already here. It certainly is for this poor woman and she doesn’t even know what she said. The legal advice could cost her a fortune and look closely at the person who requires her to come for interview. She is hardly unbiased!!!

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  20. We’re not at the fascist stage yet. That comes when trials are conducted without juries, as Humza Yousef proposed at the start of the pandemic and as now looks set to be introduced for sex crimes.

    I can see that the low conviction rate of rape needs to be addressed. But the government’s use of sexual assault allegations to smear opponents makes me fear that the powers will be ill-used. The day criminal trials are conducted without juries, is the day the prosecution service must update its logo from a crown to a kangaroo.

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