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Sorry Nicola, bad news, even having lost so many members of your last NEC THERE IS STILL INFORMATION LEAKING OUT ABOUT THE GAMES AT PLAY.

Let’s discuss the 38 people named as public resignations that appeared on the list of public resignations at the recent NEC meeting and who would face the most severe of disciplinary measures and find themselves banned for two years from rejoining the SNP. Steady there folks! SHOCKAROONY! An earth shattering blow for…..Nobody!

Many of those on the list had been prominent former members, longstanding members whose membership went in some cases back to the seventies and eighties, former branch and constituency office bearers, people who had played major roles in numerous campaigns over the decades, councillors etc.

Was there any discussion or investigation about how people with this level of longstanding commitment found themselves so sickened and dismayed that they decided to terminate their membership of a Party that they had clearly loved and valued for so long? Don’t be silly this was a hit list. These people were the “betrayers”, “not those who had destroyed everything these people had believed the SNP once stood for. Independence, democracy, truth and honour, all sacrificed on the altar of the Woke infiltration.

No doubt the WOKE folk found this all exhilarating, here they were exercising “punishment” on the wicked 38. Except

  1. None of the 38 would ever entertain rejoining the SNP with the current leadership of the SNP still in place. A TWO YEAR BAN IS ENTIRELY MEANINGLESS!
  2. If this is the extent of the current investigatory powers of the SNP, identifying 38 people who left the SNP in a public fashion to join Alba they must be the worst detectives in the World. THOUSANDS LEFT.
  3. Nicola at least took ownership of the SNP EQUIVALENT OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIAL, insisting that the 38 names be read out individually so they could be officially recorded before displaying her close knowledge of events when this chore was completed by announcing she knew a few more that could be added. This encouraged a few more Wokies to parrot they could as well, looking for some fawning approval from the High Priestess.

This item was kept to the end of proceedings, so the agenda was adjusted to allow Nicola to report earlier. As you would expect it was total satisfaction all round. No mention of the Unionist Super Saturday where the results of her SNP1&2 tactic ensured dozens of Tories and other Unionists were elected through the back door. Toasts of “to the Union and Nicola” were being heard across the land.

There was no mention either about any deal with the Greens. Why should there be, the SNP under Nicola have dispensed with the ORDINARY MEMBERS, through their partly elected, now appointed, NEC have any say in the direction or part in how the Party should be run? We live in a mature democracy, where what Nicola says goes and measures will be taken against any voice, in or out the Party, who challenge that view. Nicola stands for freedom, just not the freedom of speech or choice variety. No only freedom to do as she likes.

Another topic not mentioned was the decision by Marco Biago who has terminated his only months old consultancy position with the Party. He was appointed to this post only a few short months before. I remember forecasting in my blog at the time that it would not last long but even I was surprised it came to an end so quickly after the election. What happened? Did he discover, how difficult it was to locate the “ring fenced” funds he was supposed to be using to fund his Indyref unit? Don’t blame yourself Marco, the audit committee members couldn’t find it either! I suspect you were just a cover story to hide the problem until the election was over. So your task was complete. Your time with the Party will no doubt be “woven in” with your imaginary budget into this years accounts.

As I discussed with my source of this information Alba continues to grow. It is here to stay. So to the SNP detectives I have good news there will be an abundance of “suspects” for you to investigate as more and more former SNP members join Alba in the months and years ahead. You will never be short of work.

Upwards and onwards.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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  1. Will there also be a campaign to identify those SNP members who advocated the 2nd vote for the Greens, who stood against the SNP, or are they keeping it under control by only targetting ALBA?
    As for talks with the Greens, who decided that was a ‘good’ idea? Are they trying to establish a super majority with a party which ‘games’ the system, doesn’t have Independence as its top priority. Or is it in case there is a backlash from within the SNP and they need to get the GRA and HCB through this parliament before any Referendum?

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      1. Iain, just wanted to mention again, not all the sites have banned the Bloggers. NYN took a decision to only post positive Yes messages and only allow posts from bloggers / vloggers and newspapers of the person authorising it had the time to review it in it’s entirety. I personally have not approved many of your blogs because it doesn’t meet those requirements. I have offered, you contact me when you have a positive blog, I’ll check it and authorise it. I personally enjoy your writing and agree with lots of what you say. I am an Alba founding member previously secretary to Uddingston and Bellshill SNP ( in all its incarnations) for most of that time. You are singing my song, you are not blocked.

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      2. I write my blogs without fear or favour. I seek no help to decide what is capable of being “approved”. My blog goes out worldwide I have no time to contact individual sites seeking approval or otherwise. The reader is the ultimate decision maker, those that choose to try and exercise some filter that blocks the road between my blog and the eventual reader are merely an obstacle. I never swear or write anything that could be considered unsuitable. It may be controversial, I do hope so, but I trust my readers to judge whether it was worth reading. Given my growing readership they seem to approve. As you well know many pro SNP SITES just blocked bloggers en masse. Their loss as many of their previous users now have direct subscriptions.

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  2. The greens would be daft to go into any kind of partnership with the SNP at this time, next year we have the local elections – what will that say to the public – don’t vote Greens just vote SNP for we are now more or less the same party with the same goals.

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  3. Sturgeon insisted on the names being read out? Honestly man. Is she is barking mad? Ach well, people guilty of wrongthink must face some sort of punishment I suppose.

    The only folk the party will have left will be the cult, the paid employees and those non active members who do not know what is going on.

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  4. It would seem that the SNP is becoming more like Joe Stalin’s USSR by the day:

    Deification of The Leader – BothBusesNicola giant photographs
    Purges of, bans from and investigations into party members – the 38 resignations, MP/MSP suspensions
    Show trials – Alex Salmond, Craig Murray, Mark Hurst
    Vacuous sloganeering – “Stronger for Scotland”
    Diversion tactics – “Bad Boris”, “Wicked Westminster”
    Revision of history – erasure of Alex Salmond from party annals

    and so on.

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  5. A list of 38 public resignations? I’m not up on party machinations so I’m not sure what this is exactly – they had an NEC meeting and used it to do what? They have a list of people they don’t like and think should be punished despite having already resigned from the party, naming and shaming them and put on some kind of blacklist? That doesn’t really make sense, is that what happened? Is that the kind of thing that normally happens in those meetings?

    The Biagio thing is a bit confusing as well, they created a job for him – to probably eat up ring fenced money – (I’m assuming he did approximately zero work in this post, unless anyone has heard anything otherwise?) – and now he’s resigned from that post, and,,, why? Is there actually no money to pay him, not for independence stuff anyway, or,, I don’t know, it just seems very odd – I can’t fit this into any context, so any help appreciated.

    The main thing about the missing funds is that they were NOT donations to the SNP, they sold it as entirely seperate – if I’d made a substantial donation I’d be furious – they can’t keep avoiding the issue and making up implausible stories or have it woven through accounts – and if the SNP don’t know how to run transparent accounts they shouldn’t be in charge of the government’s budget!

    I just desperately want normal people with a good degree of common sense in charge, the level of hypocrisy displayed by the SNP is beyond anything I’ve seen before – and in politics that’s a very high bar.

    I’m hoping Alba storms the council elections!

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    1. Good questions. I would like to know the answers as well. On the issue of the resignations. I assumed that would have been the more prominent SNP members who left before the May elections to join Alba?

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  6. Ongoing events and postcolonial psychology (Cesaire) would appear to point us in the direction of a ‘Scottish’ neurosis.

    In this, the obvious and increasing instances of bias, deceit and oppression are claimed by the dominant single national party leadership to be ‘greatly exaggerated’ and all just a ‘neurotic fabrication’. Meantime they manage to ‘transform their saints into martyrs, their saviors into scapegoats’.

    A feature of this ‘dependent psychology’ is that, since no one can serve twa maisters, ‘one of the two should be sacrificed to the other’. The more ‘agitated colonialists’ exhibit a confused understanding of the essence of this psychology of sacrifice and they ‘demanded their victims’.

    So they ‘besieged the High Commissioner’s office’ and assured the incumbent there ‘that if they were granted the blood of a few innocents, “everyone would be satisfied”‘.

    As we might imagine, this behaviour leads to further problems down the line, as the bourgeois masters ‘are less and less responsive to a tricky argument’ and are condemned increasingly to turn away from them and ‘applaud others who are less subtle and more brutal’.

    Here we should perhaps remember that ‘colonialism is racism’ and is at the ‘root of fascism’. and that – Scotlan’s mankit colonial slump aye hauds doon oor fowk in aw weys.

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    1. Spot on. The Scottish people have no protection either from their parliament or from Scots law as things currently stand.

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      1. Indeed, most institutional structures under colonialism merely add further layers of oppression.

        As Albert Memmi wrote about the colonized: “His condition is absolute and cries for an absolute solution; a break and not a compromise”. Here we might regard devolution and a dominant and increasingly neurotic national party elite as a ‘compromise’.

        Ultimately there is only one “way out of the colonial situation, and the colonized realizes it sooner or later”.

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  7. Political party branches, in my experience, have a small nucleus of heavy-lifters at their centre and a relatively much larger list of “paper” members who rarely if ever, attend branch meetings. Sadly, this feature translates into the fact that the majority of a party’s membership has little knowledge regarding the internal machinations of the organisation they belong to. Were this not the case, the SNP, in its current manifestation, would have collapsed some time ago.

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  8. Holding a meeting to name 38 people publicly in some sort of shaming exercise by the SNP is shocking, its another observation as to how far this party has moved towards a cult like body. I mean its the kind of thing you’d expect from the political wing of the American Evangelists.

    Though I’m sure the named people and thousands of other folk who left the SNP couldn’t care less what Sturgeon thinks about them. The Alba party will rise over the next five years when those that are on the fringes of the SNP and some at its heart realise that independence isn’t on the cards.

    Me I’ll never vote SNP again.

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    1. Indeed the Amish, and even Scientologists both use the tactic of ‘shunning’ previous members who speak
      the truth about the leadership. If shunned, you become a ‘non’ person. Oddly similar to today’s SNP who,
      just like the organisations above use fear to control the party MPs and MSPs.

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      1. Strangely, I was just thinking last week ‘this is a bit like having scientologists in charge of government,,,’. Yes, they do use that shunning thing – if you leave don’t expect to see any of your family again,,, creepy stuff.

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  9. I suspect Nicola’s minority government may soon be running into trouble.

    Sadly that was always her plan. At a stroke she could have recommended that the second vote went to Alba. Indeed had all the SNP second votes gone to Alba then the SNP would have secured 62 constituency seats with Alba securing 31 seats.

    That’s 92 seats out of 129 seats for the SNP / Alba team.

    So instead of a majority, we get a minority SNP grubbing about with the Greens.And how how Bojo must have smiled at how well his compromised Gauleiters in the SNP have done shooting their own team in the back.

    Holding feet to the fire, keeping us in Europe, another referendum, or evening considering a constitutional route to independence ………all gone, just like the hapless donor of the missing £600,000. I think we’ve all to use an SNP government teaching aid been given the banana and Nutella treatment. Sum them up exactly!

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    1. There’s dollars and wooden dollars.

      There’s fiat money and there’s gold.

      How many members. Zillions the SNP would have you believe. Go to a branch meeting however and you get attendances of half a dozen. Member participation sits at odds with what’s seen on the ground.

      And the good members who have all left. They’re all in Alba. But just wait till the electorate catch up. It’ll be like the demise of new labour on steroids.

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  10. I have a bad feeling that Sturgeon is about to further sell Scots out, as she, Gordon Brown, Alistair Carmichael (a proven liar) and Willie and Kate held secret meetings.

    It goes something like this I think, Brown and Carmichael to barter the deal with Sturgeon, and Kate and Willie to give royal consent via Queen Lizzie.

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  11. In just one branch of the SNP, I know four people who have resigned and who probably total 190 years of membership between them. They haven’t necessarily joined other parties, but they aren’t going back to the SNP.
    I wonder how the SNP will fare next year in the council elections, when the leadership realise all their hardest workers and organisers have left?
    Their Woke Division aren’t exactly noted for getting their hands dirty (let alone their feet sore) pounding the streets talking to punters, and that will soon be all they have left!

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  12. Kenny MacAskill – well, this is most excellent – this is what can be, when a good politician is outside of the silencing yoke of SNP oppression; as part of Alba he can express himself again – and with parliamentary privilege given in Westminster (another thing to be addressed in the scots parliament which doesn’t have it – or, you know, independence would sort that too without having to get permission from Westminster first. Just thought I’d throw that out there, as a wild idea like), Kenny can speak openly about what is happening in Scotland – as few here can – and very well said, in plain English. More please sir. And more Alba politicians please too.

    On the council elections next year, Iain, do you have an idea of how many council candidates Alba might be able to field?

    It crossed my mind there, that it might be quite,,, interesting,,, to see Alex Salmond standing in Aberdeen City Council – I wonder how that would change things there? It would be a pretty good job for him too, I’d think – closer to home, which is good when he’s not getting any younger, but still a fair amount of influence to be had. My plans for Alex Salmond is that he must be in charge of independence negotiations, whenever that comes about, so he needs to be in the political arena until that time.

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    1. I’ve just been reminded what it was about the council elections that I’d thought might be good to start promoting early on – we need to start promoting the ‘vote til you boke’ mantra – It’s so counterintuitive that it needs drummed in – we should have practice papers for it even so people are inured to putting a number against a Tory, or an ahem SNP candidate.

      In the single transferrable voting system, the SNP-only voters can leave Alba boxes empty (or ISP, or whichever non-Scientology-style party that supports independence) and it won’t work against Alba – while all the reasonable independence supporting voters can rank SNP bottom, and those last places will be recorded and will affect the SNP vote. Effectively, if you leave a blank space against a name, your vote is discounted and doesn’t factor into the proportionality of their vote, whilst if you stick a nice high number against their name it drops their vote share proportionally. So, if a candidate gets two 2’s and one blank, only the two 2s count; if they got two 2’s and a 7, that 7th place vote waters down the two 2nd place votes. Vote til you boke.

      Of course if the SNP1&2 folk turn out to be less thick than we think, or just happen to be particularly malicious, they might follow suit. You can’t vote tactically with STV, a party can just stand as many candidates as possible, and voters make sure they rank every candidate (even if it has to be SNP 3).

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    2. I keep them here on my “Enemies List”

      “Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry, Peter Murrell, Hey this is Nicola Sturgeon’s enemies list! You just crossed out her name and wrote yours!”

      If you can remember who that Simpsons joke was originally about, it speaks volumes.

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  13. I have never been a member of any political party and TBQH if what you report is true I find the actions within that NEC to be abhorrent and frightening , some people on twitter have commented that if these actions did in fact take place such as the naming of individuals the SNP cpuld be in breach of data retention legislation and again TBQH if the naming could be proven I think the 38 members or ex members should collectively register a complaint with the relevant authority .

    This holier than thou attitude and above the law attitude adopted by sturgeon and cohorts should be continuously challenged as it may only take one challenge to effectively topple the junta , and the more this lunacy can be exposed to the masses the more it will show her up for the narcissistic loony she is

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  14. Came across this article about the weaponization of anti-Semitism and this sentence struck out at me.

    “Whoever doesn’t attack first will be beaten, he argued. And Finkelstein made things personal. Every campaign needs an enemy to defeat. He developed negative campaigning into a technique he called “rejectionist voting” — to demonize the enemy so much that even the laziest of voters would want to get out and vote, just to reject them.”

    Reminded me a bit of how Alba were and are being treated.

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