Below is the explanation given to SNP NEC members about the “missing funds”. It displays a willingness to mislead to even the top body responsible for the financial management of the Party. Of course, as yet ordinary members and in particular those members and others that donated the funds have heard nothing. My response to each of the points follows the initial paper.

Let’s take each point

  1. The debate has never been about whether the accounts are true and fair. The debate is when they show a cash balance of less than 100k WHERE is the missing £600k?
  2. This is early “ padding” nobody is asking how you handle the differences between, cash, cheque and bank transfer. Very few donations are required to be reported to the Electoral Commission under their rules.

3.News to me, seems a hugely complicated job to administer, but what has it got to do with 600k ringfenced money that no longer features within the accounts?

4.Who decides this, on what criteria and is it reviewed daily, weekly, monthly, annually against all spending?

5..This is a key paragraph, here we see the line “of course the SNP is the Party of Independence, so every penny we spend, directly or indirectly, can be said to be in favour of Independence”. Sorry that is not the case, the money was raised specifically on being ringfenced for Indyref2 NOT FOR SNP SPENDING, irrespective of what you think you are entitled to do with the funds.

6. Highlights that the figure may be higher than previously known.

7. Is an interesting one that highlights that charities and other bodies do face a regulation to list restricted and unrestricted funds separately. It also acknowledges that the Electoral Commission allow for political parties to do the same. The SNP CHOSE  not to and again highlight they are legally not required to do so. They seem to think this is good news, but they fail to realise that this statement completely devalues all the statements that Nicola has made for weeks about how they had to submit their accounts to the Electoral Commission and therefore the “ringfenced” money was safe because the Electoral Commission had to be satisfied. Given the Electoral Commission had no expectation of identifying any restricted funds as the SNP had opted out of that auditing control that seems to have been a rather puzzling and non existent assurance from the start. Indeed it seems like a statement designed to provide false assurance.

8. Here we have the admission the money is gone. What is being argued here is that money still exists, even after it has been spent as long as there is an IOU in place that promises to replace the money in the event it is ever needed. In these circumstances, this is a completely new classification of ringfenced funds which have now been reclassified as spent on anything, replaced by future fundraising at some unspecified point in the future. Difficult not to laugh that anyone thinks this will convince anybody. How many businesses do you know that can operate on that basis?

9.I have to comeback to the fact that the original 600k has been spent so this paragraph is a misrepresentation. He cannot allocate much of a fund that is already spent (see 8 above). What he is talking about here is using current revenues to appear to fund this. Given there is no prospect of an Indyref in 2021 what is he going to find to spend the bulk of the money on this year? In my opinion he won’t, he will allocate other SNP wages and costs to this mythical unit thereby reducing the outstanding loan amount, because that is what it is, while appearing to be reducing general account spending. It’s an old accountancy trick, overall costs will go up but the cost centres will be adjusted. The other important point here is the news that they are going to need a major fundraising appeal in 2022. I am very sure they will. Good luck with that.

10. Finally there is a half hearted apology, or as near as you are going to get, that this has been badly handled and an embarrassment. In my view that is not near good enough. They lied, they intentionally misled, they abused people who were highlighting what was going on, all the time KNOWING THAT IT WAS THESE CRITICS THAT WERE TELLING THE TRUTH. They score their one point out of ten for at least recognising they must improve in the future. My hope is this starts by telling the truth. That usually works. Sadly this latest Treasurers statement indicates they still have a long way to go.

Now there were other matters of interest, for instance there are plans to increase the number of staff at Headquarters. When NEC members asked why these were needed it turned out the number one reason was the huge rise in the numbers of COMPLAINTS that were flooding in to the point that the National Secretary was complaining at more arriving for him to deal with, even during the meeting.

Another discussion revolved round budgets, seemingly the previous Treasurer was suggesting the draft budget would have a serious deficit amounting to several hundreds of thousands of pounds. Have no fear, the new Treasurer, only a few days in office, has miraculously transformed this into a balanced budget. The biscuit tin is safe in his hands. His ability to manage funds is already legend! He believes that money that has been spent still exists. This makes balancing a budget a lot easier!

So it is against this background where the SNP denied any ringfenced appeal was ever made, it was all for General SNP funds. That position lasted until members and others started publishing the appeal documentation that made crystal clear the money raised would be ringfenced for Indyref 2. Senior SNP staff then sent emails confirming this account existed, further they insisted the SNP themselves had no access to the account so therefore they regretted refunds were impossible. That position lasted for a long time until people started to complain to the police.

Suddenly the whole story changed, of course people could get refunds, often next day into their bank account. These refunds came from the General SNP ACCOUNT, not any ringfenced one. At this stage Nicola appeared on TV to confirm there was no other account, there had never been one. She seemed surprised that people could possibly have thought otherwise.

Emails from her own staff are the reason. I still have them, if only she had called!

It was really quite bizarre, the First Minister saw nothing wrong in arguing using ringfenced money as a CASHFLOW tool as general SNP spending and was willing to propose this was perfectly reasonable. Across Scotland first year accountancy students were wondering if these two diametrically opposed meanings could possibly be true or was it some new COVID exemption Nicola had introduced using her special powers? It was of course complete and utter nonsense and a pathetic attempt at. misrepresentation, being preferable to admitting wrongdoing. It was weakness, totally unprincipled and betrayed the status of the high position she holds. She has suffered damage, people should look at everything she says from now on very carefully indeed. It may not be what it appears.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


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60 thoughts on “AS EXCUSES GO 1\10

  1. Thank you for untangling that deliberate attempt to confuse rather than explain. What a collection of crooks we have in the Scottish Government! Instead of highlighting an honest difference between WM and HR they’re crawling along Johnson’s route. Nicola Sturgeon is well beyond redemption and must go.

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  2. Early indications are that ordinary SNP members are swallowing the “new” treasurer’s flannel about the Indy funds being woven into the fabric of the accounts . I wonder how that kind of argument would have been received by his former employers Citigroup , the American mega bank ?

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      1. They were heavily involved in bankrolling the wholesale clearing of Amazonian Rain forest for soya production , cattle ranching and strip mining .Like RBS (as was) Citibank of America /Citigroup were heavily staffed by troughers , folk primarily driven by generous bonuses many of them now advising governments in Westminster & Holyrood .

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      2. Citigroup were involved in the Enron Accounting scandal, they had to pay $2 billion to Enron investors who had taken class action against them.

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    1. I was treasurer for a small charity for a number of years and we held all funds in the same bank account, with the restricted funds clearly identified as individual transactions and as a running total.
      OSCR, the Scottish charities regulator had no issue with that.

      The big difference was that at the end of each financial year the money was in the bank account and available for spending.

      The SNP don’t have to comply with OSCR but they still have no right to spend restricted/ringfenced funds on day to day business.

      I guess they think they have a decade or so before the next referendum so they have time to save up.

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  3. I have ring fenced £1 million to build my dream house. Somewhere on the west coast. You won’t see the money in any of my accounts but when it is needed it will be there in an instant. Honest.

    Slightly different from the SNP, of course. They had the money in the first place, but I never had it.

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  4. “What is being argued here is that money still exists, even after it has been spent as long as there is an IOU in place that promises to replace the money in the event it is ever needed.”

    Well unless the SNP has its own Central Bank and can print its own money I’m calling bullshit on that one. As indeed do they when they announce they will fund raise later to replace it.

    Seriously what manner of eejits do they think we are? No amount of verbiage hides the truth. I’m not qualified to determine whether or not this is fraud but it smells like it.

    I mean ffs is Bernie Madoff the new Treasurer???

    Please let it be over soon before Scotland is ruined. It’s going to be a close run thing between the Tories doing it or the newSNP.

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      1. You’d need to see the double entry books for that. The profit and loss sheet and balance sheet won’t give you that detail. You need the ledgers. It’s been spent, what on??? But not on indy, that’s the only thing we know for sure!

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      2. Until ‘pieman’ Murrel is forced to relinquish his grip of the real books no one will know. As Rev Stu opined, it had most likely been used to repay the Weirs, after they unexpectedly asked for their £500,000 loan to be returned. I’m just as interested in finding out what Murrel’s salary is. And also the justification for its size.

        The party can’t need 21 and increasing members of staff, when it doesn’t actually seem to be doing much. Certainly in regard to its reason for existence.

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    1. I think Bernie Madoff would be birling in his grave at the stuff the SNP has come up with in this statement. He was incredibly dishonest but when he was caught, he accepted responsibility for his actions. By all accounts he was a model prisoner.

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  5. I have to admit to being not very good with money , careless even , but I might notice the absence of several thousands in a ring fenced bank acount.
    Thanks for unravelling the drivel presented as fact by the SNP and their convenient accounting.

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  6. I read the comments in a dedicated SNP supporting blog a couple of days ago. They were insisting that the SNP had done nothing wrong and were demanding that anyone who said the accounts were less than honest provide proof of this. How much more proof do they need?

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  7. Not difficult to see how Nicola Sturgeon’s career ended as a solicitor not long after a malpractice investigation by the law society.

    With the tosh set out here you can just imagine her as a solicitor dipping the Clients Account to replace the money with future ‘ cash flows ‘ if or when such cash flows actually arise. And to use an analogy, client sends funds to solicitor to pay for house purchase, solicitor dips Clients Account to pay the managing partners wages, and then firm does not have enough money to conclude clients property purchase.

    This money was given to fund a second independence referendum. It was no5 given as a fungible to be commingled and spent on day to day running, and I may say the secret but understood to be large remuneration package to Mrs Murrell’s husband.

    The women Sturgeon should be in jail and is only being kept out of jail by a rotten and corrupt Police Scotland and Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service.

    With members apparently down from 126,000 a few years ago to around 46,000 today, the party is in even deeper financial trouble now than when they spent the £600,000.

    But maybe Sturgeon’s MI5 – Joint Support Group handlers will bail her and Peter out with some dark money. Compromised, you bet, and then some. In fact, that the SNP are still going tells you all.

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  8. I’ve just had another look and this is just one of the recent posts:

    ” June 20, 2021 at 11:19 pm

    Yes but…where’s the missing £600,000??? … they will cwrry on whinging no matter how often it’s explained to them. Yawn.”

    Words fail me.

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  9. Why are we so hell-bent on ripping ourselves apart. The yoons are loving this.

    When we donate to charity do we ask to see the books?.

    I donate regularly to the British heart foundation, Cancer research, Shelter, etc, I never ask if they have found a cure for heart disease, cancer, or homelessness.

    “Come to Scotland, A place where we cause a fight in an empty house”. That’s our independence slogan right there.

    I’m actually getting scared to think that maybe one day my family and myself will live in the same independent country as those who are screaming about donations and other petty garbage. We constantly inflict more harm on ourselves than any rabid unionist ever could.

    Yeah, Nicola has not held another referendum, One that we asked her to deliver. Maybe, just maybe, She waiting for the day when we actually might win one.

    slowly…slowly…catchee monkey.

    ps,And please cease with the petty bickering and trouble making just because Ref2 is not coming quick enough for some.


    1. You seem to have a serious doze of new variant gullible going on there Steipher. It may transpire that slowly slowly, will catch the organ grinder before the whole Scottish Parliament is completely neutred.

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    2. I donate regularly to the British heart foundation, Cancer research, Shelter, etc, I never ask if they have found a cure for heart disease, cancer, or homelessness.
      What a ridiculous comment. The issue is not whether these charities have ‘cured cancer’ (in fact their medical research has improved survival rates for the diseases in question – and indeed some cancers are now effectively curable) The issue is whether monies given are used for the purposes for which they were given.
      If not, the Charities Commission and Inland Revenue (in Scotland) would be all over them.
      The issue here is that the SNP DID NOT USE THE MONIES FOR THE STATED PURPOSE.
      The idea that the SNP is in any sense still a party of independence must also be in doubt.
      That takes care of their backup excuse that all SNP activity is geared to independence. That must now be in serious doubt.

      That is why I left after 36 years of membership (that and all the other crookedness around the persecution of Alex Salmond.

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    3. Aye but the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Shelter, etc don’t run the country

      Mind at the moment I reckon any one of them is nearer to getting us independence than Nicola Sturgeon

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  10. I for one will be making no donations until there are some straight answers from the SNP. I read somewhere Sturgeon has no concerns about the accounts. Given the number of members complaining, clearly members can be ignored and are indeed of no concern to her.

    Off topic from today’s Times: “The Times front page claims that cabinet ministers are pushing for “allowing Scots living anywhere in the UK to vote in a second independence referendum”, with calls for Ruth Davidson – the former Scottish Tory leader – to be appointed into a new role of constitutional secretary and head of the pro-union campaign”.

    Not at all clear how that can work but it is yet another obstacle to overcome while the SNP do nothing.

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  11. Smoke .. mirrors .. deep holes .. any other cliches you can think of!

    What will be interesting to see is what the SNP say when they need to raise the funds to replace the “ring-fenced” £666,953 they have already spent. Will it also be ringfenced? Ringfenced for what? To replace ring-fenced funds that were not actually treated as ringfenced?

    What happens when they are unable to raise enough to cover the long-gone funds?

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  12. Well my,my,my. It’s nice to see that the brothers Grimm are still operating isn’t it. My husband and myself have run our own business for nearly 40 years. May I use a technical term to describe the SNP statement, it’s utter bollocks. I know how to find my way around accounts and balance sheets and I’ve never read such a load of nonsense before.

    I don’t think our accountants or more especially the auditors would buy into that load of mince for a second. They want accurate information. To me there is one word that covers this situation, fraud. pure and simple. A ponzi scheme if ever there was one.

    The bigger problem is that most folk have no idea that this is just a wee fairy tale and seem to believe it. I despair sometimes.

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  13. I wonder why Chapman couldn’t have put out that statement when he was treasurer? Remind me, was Beattie not the originator of the ‘woven through the accounts’ mince? If the NEC have accepted this as an explanation, then hell mend them if they are personally held liable.
    To be fair to Beattie, that statement was prepared before he was reappointed. He only had to sign it and he would be back as treasurer, allowing him to ‘cover up’ the continued goings on within the RING FENCED INDYREF2 account.
    You can only spend £1 once, no matter how you try to create the illusion that it can be spent as often as you want. There is creative accounting and there is downright lying.

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  14. I’ve said before, but total assets are less than fixed assets, so the party have negative cash funds to the extent that they would have to raise about £135k to break even, even before they start to replace the missing £600k. It’s not the missing £600k, it’s more like the missing £750k.

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  15. The SNP are playing a game of monopoly with real money that doesn’t belong to the SNP. When we gave this money it was never explained to us at the time of given it that the money could be used to pay someone legal cost or fund elections etc.

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  16. What part of ‘ringfenced = set aside only to be used for the purposes for which it was raised’ do they not understand? Does anyone notice the reference to ‘ringfenced’ in this cobbled together tissue of excuses and obfuscation? No, because the writer of this exercise in ‘not me, guv’ had a brainwave – it has been magically replaced with ‘earmarked’. Of course no-one, least of all SNP members will notice this sleight of hand, they confidently expect. It turns out their new definition of earmarked funds means somebody has written down in the office a post it note saying there was £600k for preparations for the next referendum. That has been spent on general running costs and wages, but the money is still there because we have the post it note (we are assured). So that’s fine then. The money is gone and it is still there. No problem, Sancho Panza.

    Did Lady Dorrian write this exercise in hypothecation? It appears to come from the same stable of impeccable logic and reason. And we are told, just after Mike Russell has been appointed, that they expect to spend this hypothecated money this year on independence/referendum preparations which is his new job. So his wages and anyone working with him, along with his expenses, can be counted against the post it note, until it is all ‘spent’. Yes, that ringfenced fund, which doesn’t exist, has now been emptied because it was ‘earmarked’ all along for SNP business which, what a coincidence, has just been rebranded as ‘preparations for a referendum’. So that’s all fine then, nothing to see here, move along. In the con business I believe this is called the switch. You divert attention while switching the object of the trick.

    Craig Murray and Wings were right when they said the ruse will be rebadged jobs as referendum ‘preparations’, which will magically ‘use’ the non-existent funds.

    Of course, there is a much simpler solution, as I have already said: axe Murrell’s job and salary along with a few other high salary executive roles – that will raise north of £300k a year and the money saved can be put in a separate account for the next 2 years. And no-one will miss the execs, no-one ever does.

    These are the people who are trying to tell us they could set up and run an independent country – when they can’t run a simple set of account books for a small organisation. You wouldn’t trust them to run a biscuit tin for the tea and coffee expenses in the office.

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    1. Absolutely correct. It is called Bait and Switch.
      Money for IndyRef = Bait
      Money for general running costs and paying legal fees incurred by parliamentarian idiots making defamatory stamens and predatory activities = Switch.
      The essence of the fraud is whether those who donated would have given money for the Switch activities, rather than the Bait activities.
      I think we know the answer.

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  17. O/t but having watched “through a prism” of interest to Iain and Roddy! Billy Gilmour has tested positive for Covid 19 and is out of the squad as are close contacts Andy Robertson and John McGinn. And that friends is that latest fine example of Scotlanding it…

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    1. Panda, where did you see that about Robertson and McGinn?

      Any reports I’ve seen say that it is only Gilmour that is out and all others available for tomorrow.


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      1. It was reported in the Guardian live football blog but they later removed the reference to it. Maybe they were given duff info or they picked up the wrong end of the stick. Bad enough losing Gilmour though.

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  18. “She has suffered damage, people should look at everything she says from now on very carefully indeed. It may not be what it appears.”

    Quite – for this reason I find that I am no longer able to listen to the words she speaks. The bombastic delivery and strident assertion together with the weasel words are the giveaway.

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  19. I’ve just read paragraph 10 again. I must have stopped reading part-way through the non-apology when I read it the first time.

    This statement is going into the financial statements that will be the subject of an independent auditor’s report and be submitted to the Electoral Commission. Can Johnston Carmichael give an unqualified report? Or is the price of such a report the inclusion of this statement? I reckon the words of at least three different people are in that statement and a couple of chunks look like they were written by someone with extensive experience of public accounting.

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  20. She’s got backing. Over in Northern Ireland – have there been any prosecutions and arrests for their ‘cash for ash’ scandal, did Arlene even lose a minutes sleep. I think not, some terribly posh extablishment figures told them not to worry, just keep waving that UJ and have a nice little earner.

    We keep looking to our institutes and the individuals within to start ‘playing fair’ – the Judges, the fiscal service, the police, the teachers, the unions, the press, the senior members of the party, senior and junior members of the Government, MP’s and MSP’s, the members of the party and the voters, the electorial commission….

    And at key positions, within every single organisation – the rot has been planted.

    We waited for the Yessers to assess the evidence from Alex’s trial – they moved the goal posts and the moment never came. And the result for that is a big chunk of the Yes movement has dug its heals in about working towards and actually achieving Indy. They’re scared, and its much more comforting for them to be scared with company, rather than face it.

    We waited for the ‘terms of Brexit’ to become known – its becoming well known now, and its shit…. and the same big chunk of Yes ‘supporters’ say ‘now is not the time’, ‘covid/Nicla/polls high/polls low’.

    If we keep doing the same thing over and over, we have already lost.

    Alba should fund raise – with achievable goals.

    For example, fundraise £100,000 for a billboard campaign to run from August to September 2021.

    Rinse and repeat – but do it from now, don’t wait for an Indy campaign or for an election, that is gifting MSM a veto on them straight away.

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    1. Well said. Please suggest this at conference if not before. It’s up to us. Those in comfy jobs have mortgages not backbones…

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  21. If you can get a refund, you should get a refund.

    I searched my email account for the acknowledgement I got when I donated and asked for a refund by replying to it. The acknowledgement has a reference code and I pointed out that the donation was made in context to a parliamentary mandate to hold indyref2 which the SNP had allowed to expire along with the parliamentary term. A reply (from Jim Henderson) was forthcoming the following day. It didn’t say anything about WHY I’d asked for a refund. It only asked for a sort code and account number to pay the money into. After providing those details, the money was in the account a couple of days later.

    That’s what happens when you pay for something and nothing gets done to fulfil the promise, right? You get a refund. In my case, the money went straight over to ALBA Party as soon as it was available.

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    There are two things missing. The money. And the campaign it was supposed to be spent on.
    They’re not producing any receipts for spending on Independence related activities.
    The political fraud which this reveals is arguably more evil than the financial fraud.

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  23. In my opinion the SNP, which heads-up a colonial administration and as such basically does what it’s told and in the process attracts little attention anywhere outside of Scotland has, without meaningful checks-and-balances, become a sleazy, unchallengable cronyocracy. The marked tendency to make decisions amongst exclusive groups and on-the-hoof, to fit all circumstances, makes comparisons with Banana republics and so forth, perfectly justifiable.

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  24. Very succinct response, I tried explaining this to some Facebook pages yesterday. I am afraid to say that there appears to be an unwillingness to see that this is morally and ethically been dealt with really badly. The party have clearly blown the money either paying the loan called in by the Weirs or just used as general cash flow. It appears that sensible critical analysis of the SNP and their activities is no longer allowed by some people. The SNP have got them in a trance.

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  25. Leaving aside those with vested interests, the problem is that many SNP supporters have such a massive amount of emotional, perhaps even “spiritual” energy invested in the “myth of Nicola” that it will take much more evidence and time for perceptions amongst the masses to change. By that time/event/process, Scotland will probably be in an even worse state on many fronts: economic, political and social division, public health post Covid (if we ever get to a post Covid state as it suits some for us to stay there?). When the independence dream is finally declared as dead or at best, indefinite coma, at least half the nation will experience a national nervous breakdown? I do not jest. You only have to read the SNP fanzine, aka The National and reader comments to see how much myth has been adopted as fact. Half a year from getting my “free” (another myth) bus pass, I am unsure what odds a decent bookie would give on my seeing an independent Scotland in my lifetime. When so many people abandon the ability to separate fact from fiction, based totally on whose voice is narrating, then we are in serious trouble as a society, as well as a political movement. Frankly, I now feel that on a human level, I have more in common with many folks who may be at least lukewarm on indy than most of the current SNP elected politicians, non elected officials and the devotees who swallow their every utterance. All utterly depressing.
    Keep up your good investigative work even in the face of denial. I hope more folks will ask for their money back.
    Yours Aye

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  26. ‘Disinformation campaigns allow hostile foreign states to discreetly target and influence citizens while remaining below the threshold of war, fomenting distrust and polluting the information ecosystem’ – Angus Robertson

    There’s little hope for Scotland’s democracy when your ‘own’ team are punting both gender woo woo and the state’s misdirection.

    Towards an Ecology of Understanding:
    Semiotics, Medium Theory, and the Uses of Meaning

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  27. I’m giving up supporting the independence movement because of all the aggressive infighting. I honestly think that there is such nastiness amongst Indy supporters that it could turn into civil war. I was born in Scotland and spent my entire working life there however have now retired to Ireland. I have supported independence for decades. Last night I was subject to a tirade of abuse on the Facebook page Alba Rising. Why ? For daring to suggest that Scots abroad like me should be allowed to vote in a future independence referendum. Apparently the consensus among indy supporters is that I am no longer Scottish because I have left. If Scottishness is only a matter of residence then you have no nation, no culture, no heritage and no reason for independence. Every other European country defines it’s citizens as 1) those born there and 2) those who have acquired citizenship by application after a period of residence. Those born citizens who leave are not stripped of citizenship and can always vote in referenda. This nastiness towards fellow Scots is totally unacceptable. If this is what the independence movement is full of then it is sadly going nowhere. I feel betrayed. The Irish treat me far better. Please unsubscribe me from this mailing list. I am no longer interested in Scottish independence if I am not a part of it. Scotland has severed it’s connections with me it seems. I have emailed Alex and asked him to cancel my Alba membership. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Alex. This whole independence movement has become nasty and horrid now. That is no reflection on him. The SNP was so much nicer when he led it and the Yes movement was so inclusive.

    Scottish independence has lost 2 loyal supporters in myself and my husband.


    Joyce Miranda MacDonald


    1. Two things, you should listen to the last Scottish Prism broadcast which discusses these issues and secondly if you check you status in Ireland you will find that despite being in residence you have no vote in any constitutional referenda.


    2. I spent a large part of my adult life in Scotland, considered myself Scottish and had it been possible, would most certainly have taken out Scottish citizenship. But of course that wasn’t possible since Scotland wasn’t its own nation, and still isn’t. All I can ever do is show an out-of-date British passport with the magic words “Residence Scotland” written in it somewhere. I cannot be alone? Would someone in my position even be allowed back into an independent Scotland, let alone be allowed a vote?


    3. Joyce. I share your concerns albeit much wider issues than indy movement involved. I have supported indy for 40 years but inactive in politics and social media. A few observations.
      1. Modern politics is toxic, reflecting a general decline in communication standards, exacerbated by social media and lack of respect for fellow citizens, including contrary views.
      2. Identity politics is toxic and much of it imported from USA.
      3. If modern day incarnations of enlightened beings (Jesus, The Prophet, Abraham, Budda, Confuscius, etc, Take your pick) arrived in Earth they would be welcomed, praised, ridiculed, outed and persecuted in quick succession. They would not hang around.
      4. Everything is up for grabs. Trump convinced many that science was not based on facts but his version of religion was. Many people, are, how can I say without being offensive, very stupid. We live in an age of non enlightenment where science and law is deemed expendable to expediency. Some of our politicians are intellectual morons.
      5. Brexit showed how divisive political discourse could be and the political paralysis which followed. Nationalism, racism, indifference to human suffering etc were all displayed in ugly form.
      6. I did not take an active part in the 2014 campaign because it was also divisive. I got in to one semi serious workplace argument with a colleague (who argued bizarrely that indy would bring rampant and expensive socialism to Scotland!) and that was enough. I know folks who voted against indy because they thought Alex Salmond was too smug..There is no end to the individual factors which affect how people may vote…even the weather!
      7. Scotland is divided in many camps. Nationalist versus unionism. Nationalist/EU versus Nationalist/keep out of EU. SNP versus non SNP pro indy. The indy movement is a coalition of varied interests as is the SNP. Does Ian Blackford sit comfortably with Marie Black? Does Marie Black sit comfortably with Kate Forbes on social identity issues? Would an indy Scotland be a highly centralised state of would it ‘re-empower genuine local government and citizen participation? How enlightened would an indy Scotland be when it became fully responsible for immigration?
      8. The current political situation in Scotland is a mess. There are so many contradictions and paradoxes. The electorate want SNP but no clear majority for indy? The electorate want honest, thinking politicians but fail to vote in any non-party candidates! We have zero socialist representation at Holyrood since the Scottish Left destroyed itself in personality in-fighting. We want more public services but want rUK to pay for them. We think Nicola has done well on Covid when the facts clearly state otherwise!
      Yes, there is much nastiness about and it is inexcusable, each individual is responsible for their speech, media and actions. Political passion is no excuse for behaving badly towards others. However that is the state of our society at this time.We need some miracles!

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