This is the second guest article from regular reader Mia. The first article “ Any response First Minister” generated much comment and interest. i am sure this article will do likewise.

The astonishing level of hypocrisy and cynicism that surrounds politics with regards to Scotland really is beyond the pale. The ridiculousness that is having the Westminster’s propaganda mouthpieces praising parrots like the monarch, Johnson or Sturgeon for some vacuous speech that somebody else, paid by us taxpayers, prepared for them to deliver as if it was theirs, and when these parrots’ woeful actions is what really they should be judged upon, really is surreal.

Our politicians are nothing but hollow parrots. Told what to say and how to say it. Frankly, I rather have the organ grinder giving the speech than the monkeys. In that way at least we would be able to ask questions without the risk of being looked at with a blank expression until their ear piece provides them with the clue as to what they have to respond, or worse, being directly given some deflective deliberately aseptic nonsense in an attempt to defuse the situation while preserving the useful political shelf-life of the parrot for as long as possible.

Holding this COP26 in the UK and in Scotland in particular, after how many times the Treaty of Union 1707 has been violated, and after having recent instances of England’s government at all practical effects sending the message that they had just contempt for international law – they clearly signed the last treaty with the EU in bad faith because they fully intended to violate it whenever they wanted, feels like some kind of insult.

The participations of Johnson, Sturgeon and the queen are really the pinnacle of hypocrisy and frankly an insult to the intelligence of the average yes voter. For what do these individuals actually represent in our eyes if not corruption, dishonesty, lack of principle, self-service, unleashed privilege and continuous unlawful and deliberate violation of treaties and Scotland’s laws?

Johnson takes the role of the bogeyman dressed as a clown who sees international law as disposable and the principle of good faith as an inconvenience. This is the man who was prepared to violate the withdrawal agreement with the EU and the Belfast agreement because due to his own government’s supreme incompetence to actually negotiate something better, things did not go the way the powers that be who put the clown at the wheel, wanted. And what the powers that they want, they get. The how they get it is the least of their worries. 

That is what an unwritten “constitution” is for. “Fluid” and unwritten, so it can move and go everywhere on demand without leaving a written trace. What credibility or respectability can such individual (or those pulling his strings behind the scenes) have left? Let’s not forget that this clown is the self-entitled coward who attempted to prorogue parliament and democracy to avoid scrutiny. Clearly the powers that be, represented by this buffoon, think Westminster is sovereign, but hey, only when it is convenient for them that it is so. Because, for as long as the principle of an unwritten constitution remains, the only sovereign here are those powers that be.

The queen, represents the monumental hypocrite, the epitome of “do as I say, not as I do” who speaks in the COP26 about green matters but who had her representatives lobbying Scotland’s parliament so her properties became exempt from the application of some climate law that could see, heaven forbid, some of the money her family siphons from taxpayers, returning back to the taxpayers. And then you had Westminter’s propaganda mouthpieces lauding her as if she was this beacon of principled honesty and green credentials. I am not sure if its best to laugh or to cry to be honest. But hey, it could have been worse. She could have delegated on that other beacon of impeccable behaviour and respectability Prince Andrew, to deliver the speech and wow the world leaders with his principled credentials.

Let’s not forget that the monarch is also the character who not only allowed the prorogation of “her” parliament by Johnson so his government could proceed imposing things without scrutiny, but to do that on her name. She also ratified every single bill that was passed in “her” England parliament and that deliberately encroached on the Scottish people’s rights and sovereignty. She allowed “her” England supreme court to use English law, in contravention of the treaty of union, to subjugate Scots law and to stop perfectly legitimate bills and laws passed in Scotland. She allowed her English court to unlawfully transfer the sovereignty of the people of Scotland to England Mps so they could force brexit on Scotland against Scotland’s expressed will. She ratified every bill her English parliament passed in direct violation of the treaty of union.

Sturgeon’s role is that of the useful idiot dressed as the fake pro indy and fake feminist pretend champion tasked with the role of the enabler who does all the dirty work in Scotland. She allowed the lobbyists on behalf of the queen to succeed. All the violations of the treaty of union, all the violations of Scotland’s sovereignty and rights that happened during the last 7 years under her watch only happened because this useful idiot chose to condone on the encroaching on Scotland’s sovereignty and let it happen. Let’s not forget that this woman has had the power to end the union since 8th May 2015 and a democratic mandate to do so in the form of 56/59, 35/59 and 45/59 MPs. The UK is after all a parliamentary democracy, or so they say. It is beginning to transpire that the concept only applies to England’s representatives and only whenever England’s representatives choose it applies. As to the rule book that determines when this applies, is non existent , just like the written constitution the UK has been crying for for the last 300 years.

It is therefore Sturgeon’s choice that Scotland remains in this union to be abused. It is therefore her choice that brexit was forced upon Scotland, that our rights, assets and powers have been stolen from us, that England MPs are passing laws to usurp Scotland’s sovereignty, that Scots’ bills are being subjugated by English law in an English court and that Scotland continues in a vulnerable position to be subjected to more abuse for the benefit of the Kingdom of England’s ruling class.

Scotland made clear its views about this union on the 7th May 2015 when it chose to send to England’s parliament 56 out of 59 nationalist MPs representing a political party whose raison d’etre was terminating this union. It is this FM who has chosen to ignore Scotland’s will and continues to ignore it to this day to the detriment of the people of Scotland and so the treaty of union and Scotland’s claim of Rigth can continue to be violated and Scotland’s sovereignty usurped.

Johnson may represent the last Kingdom of England’s buffoon tasked with effecting a series of violations of the treaty of union. But let’s not make a mistake here. He could only get away with it because the queen ratified those violations to be done by “her” government and because Nicola Sturgeon chose to act as Westminster’s useful idiot and enabler instead of Scotland’s democratically elected representative and pro independence FM.

The Claim of Right 1689 starts:

“King James VII, being a professed papist … did, by the advice of wicked and evil counsellors, invade the fundamental constitution of this kingdom and altered it from a legal limited monarchy, to an arbitrary despotic power; and in a public proclamation asserted an absolute power, to cass, annul and disable all the laws…”

What is the difference between what King James VII did in the 17th century and what the present monarch is allowing her parliament in England, her courts in England and her government in England to do to Scotland?

Isn’t the forcing of England’s will over Scotland’s not an attempt to impose absolute power over Scotland?

Isn’t the claiming that the queen’s English parliament’s rules and laws overrule those of Scotland, even against the will of the people of Scotland, not an unwanted imposition of absolute rule over Scotland?

Isn’t the theft of Scotland’s sovereignty by the queen’s England MPs not a direct violation of the Claim of Right 1689 that is the main foundation of the treaty of union and that gives this monarch the right to call herself Queen of Scots?

Isn’t the ratification of laws and bills that inflict a direct violation on the treaty of union, a violation of the treaty of union itself?

Isn’t allowing your courts to stop Scotland’s perfectly legitimate bills by using English law to subjugate Scotland’s a direct violation of the the treaty of union?

Isn’t the ratification of a bill that allows for a situation where NI has more access to the single market and to the eU than Scotland a direct violation of the treaty of Union?

The Claim of Right 1689 says

“That all proclamations asserting an absolute power to cass, annul and disable laws … are contrary to law”

It seems to me that ratification by the monarch of any laws/policies/bills that to self-award this queen’s parliament in England absolute power to cast, annul and disable Scots laws can be seen as a direct contravention of Scotland’s law and therefore the the Claim of Right 1689.

It seems to me that the attempt to put in law the convention of “Westminster’s sovereignty” to allow this monarch’s parliament in England to usurp Scotland’s sovereignty and transferred it to England in order to exercise absolute power over Scotland can be interpreted as unlawful according to the Claim of Right 1689.

It seems to me that the ruling of this monarch’s English supreme court that transferred the power from the people of Scotland to England MPs to decide if brexit could be forced upon Scotland against Scotland’s will can be seen as unlawful according to the Claim of Right 1689.

The Claim of Right 1689 is still extant today and is a fundamental pillar of the treaty of union. It is in fact, if I am not mistaken, what gives this English queen the right to call herself Queen of Scots.

Looking at the reasons why the crown of the kingdom of Scotland was taken away from James VII, it seems to me that direct violation of that Claim of right, and ratifying what is at all practical effects the exercise of absolute power over Scotland by this monarch’s parliament, government and courts, could equally be the basis to remove the crown of the kingdom of Scotland from this monarch and her descendents. 

At the end of the day, there is already a precedent.

I doubt this monarch and particularly the many expensive advisers she has writing her speeches for her and telling her what to do would be so stupid as, on their own accord, breach that claim of right and the treaty of union so blatantly exposing herself as the ultimate absolute ruler in the 21st century. So there is only one way this could have happened as it did, blatantly, and that is if Nicola Sturgeon, the ultimate representative of Scotland, has given Scotland’s consent by the back door and without having that consent, for that abuse to happen.

All these violations of the treaty of union and Scotland’s claim of right happened during the last 7 years, all in full watch of Nicola Sturgeon, who, since 8th May 2015 has held the power to stop all this abuse and to end the union.

So either there is some back door agreement here between the three parties involved that is deliberately delaying the end of this union which is maintained on life support by Nicola Sturgeon’s refusal to pull the lever, or Nicola Sturgeon is not, and has never been, fighting for Scotland. She is fighting against Scotland.

Time that somebody asked Nicola Sturgeon what right has she to allow these violations of the treaty of union and Scotland’s claim of right to continue without Scotland’s consent? And who the hell is she to hand over to England’s MPs and this monarch’s English parliament, government and English courts, Scotland’s sovereignty without having Scotland’s consent to do so? 

She and her party were elected to deliver THE END OF THE UNION, not to deliver our sovereignty to England MPs, England judges and England ministers, which is what they have been doing for the last 7 years.


Mia raises many concerns. I am not legally qualified to judge their full justification but I certainly support those charges being laid at the door of the First Minister and her Government and expect a full explanation to confirm or deny those charges. What is not in dispute is the entire period in office of Nicola Sturgeon is marred by a constant stream of attacks on Scotland’s status with her administration completely bereft of any adequate response.

I am, as always



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69 thoughts on “WHOSE SIDE IS SHE REALLY ON?

  1. One of my friends on Facebook, Peter Jeal, posted a piece 2 days ago that mentions the breaking of the treaty of Union as being a reason to get independence. It requires the SNP government to act on it though. He ends with this statement………..

    “The Scottish citizens need to read the Treaty of Union and to understand we do not need to ask for permission and can walk away at any point. EFTA, EEA and Customs Union awaits we can repair the damage and build a better country for every citizen. We need smart strong leadership. We currently have an administrator. It’s up to the members of the #SNP to do something about it.” (David Hendry)

    Interestingly the very first comment on the piece, from one of the princess nicola followers, was “total mince.” His later comments go on to absolutely defend Nicola and her decision to wait for Covid to be over before ‘asking’ again for a section 30 because that is the only way to get the international community and Westminster to recognise the outcome of any referendum. To use his vernacular…….utter mince!!!!!!
    How can we fight this blind faith that som SNP supporters have in the woman who as far as I am concerned is a fake and if she did ever truly want independence then it has gone because she was offered something that was worth more to her or she has acted in a way that has given the establishment power over her and her decisions.

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  2. Mia’s article made me smile and took me back to when the SNP was wholeheartedly against the monarchy and pro-republic. I can think of many who attended the National Conferences such as Elgin in those days who may also be smiling from their graves. That brings me to the question of when and how did the SNP make that change and was it to become more electable – reminds me of a certain Labour Party Leader who discarded and pretence of being a socialist in order to become elected and consequently Prime Minister.

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  3. All that Mia says needs to be heard by YES and the soft NO vote. This summarises the illegality and immorality of Scotlands position. It is not about the “international community” – it is about Scotland. I don’t want to be Norway, or Malta or New Zealand – it is enough to be Scotland. Sturgeon needs asked why she has not called these transgressions out – not even a murmur. She could so easily have used this to protect Scotland in Brexit but she did nothing. The hardships to come rest on her shoulders as well as Johnsons. She needs asked publicly why she did nothing to protect our sovereign rights and our democratic choices. Maybe we can raise a petition to have this asked in Holyrood? Maybe we should gather outside Holyrood and put the question on a thousand placards:
    Sturgeon: why have you done NOTHING to protect Scotland?

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    1. If something looks wrong, it usually is. Being mystified by a political gang is nothing new in the experience of the colonised.; it is to be expected. As a de facto colonised people, any expectation of justice is by far, the most egregious of all possible acts of naivety. It is the colonizer’s justice that will always prevail.

      For nationalist politicians to endlessly chunter-on about independence without a theoretical basis that transcends the abstract and the merely emotional and which actually educates the nation in practical terms as to why independence is necessary and desirable, is merely to whistle-in-the-wind.

      At this point in the game, how is it still possible for a sovereign people to believe that they are politically powerless vis-a-vis their “equal” partner in union, England? Could it maybe have something to do with our de facto and overly extended colonial experience and our eternal mystification at the hands of the handsomely rewarded political gang(s)? The colonised have nowhere to turn, their only salvation lies in 100% decolonization, a reality wherein they alone control all the levers of power and make every final decision in their own interests. A Section 32—are you serious!?

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  4. Only through twitter, I heard the other day of a Malt Tax and that in 1713 all the Scotland MPs wanted to dissolve the act of union but the English queen Anna refused. So even in 1713 there simularities between today events and then, where the claim of right wasn’t used to break the union. Why did our MPs feel the need to ask a foreign queen who isn’t soveriegn over Scots to dissolve the act of union and why was it allowed like now for one partner of the union to act to police and abertrate the union.

    The New SNP have been sugar coating the NHS for years. While they use money on courts case or trying to convict and innocent man or paying Stonewall to produce daft ideas, paying for legal counsel train witnesses before they have to testify on the witness stand and because of this Sturgeon is having reply upon the British army to safe guard and run NHS when all of this money could have been reinvested back into the NHS.


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    1. As an aside, this statement is very revealing. Ms Sturgeon still thinks she of herself as a campaigner in a campaigning role that has no accountability, no demand for actual action, still asking undecided people to consider independence as a possibility. We all have done and do do the filling envelopes, the chat and discussion, the fund raising. We don’t see ourselves as leading the spearhead into international politics, and clearly neither does Ms Sturgeon. She hasn’t developed one iota into the leadership role since taking the leadership, in terms of what she is employed to do, she has petrified.

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  5. Yet if he should give up what he has begun, seeking to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own right and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King.
    Declaration of Arbroath 1320AD

    Is Nicola Sturgeon our enemy and subverter of our rights?

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    1. You beat me to it Neil!

      There is a reason why Elizabeth I Queen of Scots does not refer to herself as such – she considers herself the monarch of ScotLAND.

      It is the realm that is important – the land and resources. That is why they ‘love Scotland’. The people … they’re just an inconvenience that have to be tolerated.

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    2. The problem with history is that people never seem to learn from it. If history was to teach us anything, lawyers and politicians are not to be trusted and any constitution wold have to protect the sovereignty not only for the people but our country and to protect us from lawyers and politicians and to be frank I’m glad that the New SNP hasn’t done a constitution. I would trust the New SNP or Sturgeon with a mucky bar of soap.

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    3. Well said Neil, alas the majority of Scots won’t have a clue what you are on about, because they don’t know their own country’s history.

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  6. What Mia says has hit the nail on the head from as far back as 56 out of 59 MPs to the recent SNP1, SNP2 vote with Brexit in between there have been so many opportunities for Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government to come out all guns blazing in support of Scotland and its people instead we have had water pistols and damp squibs. It is always we need to convert the soft NO voters,if thats the case they havent done very well in 7 years except of course at election time where it is give us a mandate for Independence then it is all forgotten about and we are back to the usual sound bytes of its all Westminster,s fault,we will not be dragged out of the EU,the people of Scotland wont stand for ( take your choice from dozens of quotes in the House of Commons) etc,etc. The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon will also know that as we are in a joint treaty that we can annul that treaty at any time instead of the Section 30 blind alley that we have been led down with a plebiscite election now looking more and more like a better option .Instead of a government who stand up for Scotland and its people we now have one who are actively removing women and children,s rights.Every opportunity that Scotland has had to advance the Independence case has not been taken by Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government but has been rebuffed with the admission that for a number of years there has not been any work done to advance the case for Independence by the so called party of Independence who keep getting elected to deliver Independence but never do, if Politicians could be sued under the trade descriptions act they would be first in line. As they say those not for us are a,gin us and Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP due to their inaction regarding Independence and refusal to stand up for Scotland are certainly a,gin us.The question is WHY?

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    1. What happened to the days when we declared that all we need for independence is a majority of MPs? OK, so were a bit naive back then but I often wonder what my long-gone friends would think of the squandered opportunities.

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  7. Mia

    Well done and I agree fully with your observations and assessment of our situation.

    Imperial Nations ( USA, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, etc) throughout history and up to this very moment have always tried to run emerging Nations with puppet Governments. Many have now lost their Empires. The German placed Vichy French, The American South Vietnamese puppet regime, the Afghanistan puppet Government, the UK list needs no detailing here.
    The pattern is always the same – the local puppet government loyalty is purchased or forced and the pretence of legality is shared with the other Big Boy club members.
    China expanding into Tibet is condemned by the UK Government who raped a quarter of the World. The US protest about Russian intervention while spending decades undermining South American Nations and pouring money into Right Wing Parties.

    What is Democracy? It appears to be seldom about the people and more about moving chess pieces in a game.

    In 2014 The American President intervened in the Scottish Independence debate to protect their interests.
    In 2014 The EU sat on the fence and stayed silent to protect their interest.

    The reality the game changes when people act and claim their Right to Self Determination. American presidents do not tell Ireland to return to London Rule.
    The EU did not tell Ireland to solve the border issue by becoming a province of London again.

    Until Scotland “takes” Independence we will remain a pawn on the board for others to move while Malta and Ireland and many, many more smaller Nations will sit at COP26 and have a seat at the UN and their flag will fly at the entrance.

    Sturgeon is a Henri Pétain, not a Michael Collins

    Those who call for MPs and MSPs to act. Look to history once again! The elite bubble around the puppet government never created Independence. It always came from the people not politicians.

    Imelda Marcus had her shoes, Sturgeon has her cult. Neither collection helped the people

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    1. Malta is a good example. Malta was offered 1 or 2 paltry seats at Westminster to stay under British rule and law, but the people chose independence. Instead of remaining only as a UK naval base and an impoverished subordinate people, Malta developed its own trade potential helped through being situated in the middle of the Med between Suez and Gibraltar. Today Malta, with the same land mass as the island of Hoy, is a major container transhipment hub handling nearly 3 million containers per annum; Scotland’s ‘major’ container ports at Grangemouth and Greenock handle barely 10% of Malta’s volume of container trade between them, reflecting our continued underdeveloped and impoverished nation which is entirely because we remain tied to Westminster.

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  8. Of the three that you mention at the beginning of your article Mia, at least two should be in prison in my opinion, possibly all three. Johnson is much more than a clown. He is a thug. When Eddy Mair put it to him in an interview a few years ago that he was a nasty piece of work, Johnson squirmed in his chair, and waffled in his usual buffoon style. The one thing he didn’t do, and couldn’t do, was deny Mair’s accusations.

    Sturgeon and her husband have a huge cloud hanging over them regarding the SNP’s financial affairs. That’s quite apart from her treasonous behavior, in my opinion, as FM.

    The Queen is supposedly a constitutional monarch, yet we often hear stories about her using her influence on government ministers to get her own way regarding some matter or other, usually about her estates.

    Isn’t it odd that the British police investigation into Prince Andrew was suddenly stopped last week?

    Don’t forget about the Remembrancer. Who sits behind the speakers chair in the House of Commons. He is there to represent the interests of the City of London and the Queen. If a new law is proposed that doesn’t suit them, then he uses his influence to try to persuade members that it is a bad idea.

    Do we live in a democracy? I don’t think so.

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  9. If there’s a point to this semi-coherent, semi-literate diatribe then it is lost in the torrent of hyperbolic drivel. For the most part it seems to be a spluttering, spittle-flecked denunciation of Nicola Sturgeon. All of which is totally pointless as her failures and failings over the last seven years are now common knowledge and denied only by the SNP/Sturgeon loyalists whose faith in their hero will only be strengthened by attacks such as this. That’s the nature of faith. It thrives on denunciation and disproof. The denunciation feeds the martyrdom myth and the disproof is taken as a test of faith. Denunciation inflames righteousness while the capacity for continued belief in the face of incontrovertible contrary evidence is the pinnacle of achievement for the faithful.

    We’ve heard it all before. We hear it every day – mainly, although far from exclusively, courtesy of Alba Party fantasists trying to peddle the deluded notion that their party is some kind of alternative to the SNP. Their appeal to voters is entirely based on what the failures and failings of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. They flatly refuse to explain what they have to offer instead. Which is unsurprising as there is absolutely nothing Alba can do for Scotland’s cause that couldn’t be done by any Yes group.

    If you manage to wade through the whole of this bombastic blether you’ll have wasted your time, effort and patience. Because at the end of it all one fact remains. Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister right now. And right now is when action must be taken. So we can moan and whine about the seven years of pusillanimous procrastination and squandered opportunity. Or we can set about combining to create a lobby strong enough that even Nicola Sturgeon can’t ignore it. We can get together to compel the action that is required. Or we can settle for moaning about it while Scotland is absorbed fully into Boris Johnson’s new ‘Great Britain’.

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    1. “(ALBA) Flatly refuse to explain what they have to offer….”

      I thought the membership explained it pretty clearly with their motions and voting at the recent conference. I won’t list all the motions passed but it looked like clear water between Alba and the SNP to me!

      Peter If anyone is having a “ semi-coherent, semi-literate diatribe” it is you.

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    2. “Or we can set about combining to create a lobby strong enough that even Nicola Sturgeon can’t ignore it. We can get together to compel the action that is required. ”
      Agreed – so what we need is a plan of action. Lets get one and fast – and take action.

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    3. Thank you Peter I do so enjoy your insightful critiques. We have indeed heard the personal vilification of NS (&clique usually) a thousand times here. There also appears to be the assumption that failing to endorse the regurgitated bile defines one as pathetic, stupid and obvs a member of the cult. Nothing could be further from the truth . You, of course, are too respected to be so slighted and being in my eighties I have developed a thick skin so it simply washes over me.
      Fact – Alba are as powerless as Brown, of the Vow was to deliver self determination – only the FM et al together wirh the YES movement can possibly deliver in the foresable future. We need cohesion strategy and momentum in the Yes movement as well as leadership from the FM to achieve what is rightly ours : total autonomy over everything pertaining to Scotland.

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  10. I’m sure that everyone who comes here shares your anger and frustration Peter, and you’re right. We need action now, while we still have a nation to defend. What action though? Declare the treaty broken? The people who conned their way into power in Scotland clearly have no intention of doing so.

    We need a leader. Someone with charisma and strength of character to do the job. I am reduced to praying for a miracle now. That’s how desperate I am.

    Having said that, turning on someone like Mia does you no favours. She is as desperate as we are for action to free Scotland from this cursed so called union.

    A way will have to be found, and soon.

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    1. Wishful thinking won’t solve anything. We’re not getting a new ‘leader’. We are stuck wit Nicola Sturgeon. So our only possible course of action is to bring enough pressure to bear on her that she is forced to rethink the Sturgeon doctrine. But that’s not happening. It’s not happening because most of the Yes movement has either given up or they’re away herding unicorns.

      I’m not “turning on” anyone. Stop trying to personalise everything. I’m condemning the inane fantasy politics that gets in the way of practical, effective action. I realise I’m wasting my time with this. But every once in a while I have to vent.

      You might as well stick to prayer. It’ll do as much for Scotland’s cause as Alba will. Only the Scottish Government and First Minister have the power to take the action that’s required. That action has to be taken now. Follow the logic. Or go back to fantasising about Alba riding to Scotland’s rescue wielding some kind of magic stick.

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      1. You are the one who WOULD NOT accept that Sturgeon was a fraud and corrupt it took you years to admit there was something wrong and even then it was grudgingly done YOU continuously turned on people when they posted negative comments about her or your wondrous political party the SNP , YOU are the one who continuously REFUSED to engage in the GRA debate because it didn’t impact you which suited your view
        YOU are the one who continuously berates and denigrates ALBA publicly and remorselessly undermining any positivity they may gain
        I personally BEGGED you because you are a SNP stick of rock with SNP right down the centre and your illustrious SNP members to take back control of your SUPPOSED DEMOCRATIC party which Sturgeon SABOTAGED and yet you and they did nothing
        And still you have the gall to come on to other people’s blogs and demean and ridicule people who DESPERATELY want the same thing as you (supposedly) and still you offer no solution to getting rid of Sturgeon or how to FORCE HER TO ACT
        I previously thanked you for your dedication and work in pursuing independence which I still do but your arrogance in addressing people is abysmal and would be better directed at your FRAUDULENT FIRST MINISTER it is SHE who is responsible for a failed independence route

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      2. And BTW Mr Bell I am not a member of ALBA or ANY other party because they all end up as apologists for those parties and as cults

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      3. Sometime in your life you might be left with nothing but prayer Peter. Clearly you still have ‘faith’ in the SNP hierarchy being changed by the electorate presumably through ‘democratic’ process as it is? I can respect that position even if I lack the ‘faith’ to believe it. Mutual respect , faith and even prayer might all be needed to deliver the country and society we aspire to.

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  11. Dear me the endless, pointless ramblings about the so called rights to independence always completely ignore the real politic of the current situation. 1. Sturgeon know the only route to an independence is through an article 30 route. Anything else is illegal and would be deemed so by UK gov and parliament and courts. 2 As time goes on the SNP performance in office will become a cause for concern to many voters. 3. None of this type of writing ever successfully argues the economic consequences of independence. This is especially linked to the type of deal which would be struck with rUK. 4. If indepence was so popular why is it not in an overwhelming majority in Holyrood.

    Sturgeon knows an independence vote would be No. She knows a Yes vote would cause a massive drop in the standard of living. Scotland is stuck with her and she isn’t having a referendum any time soon. Stop wasting your time on it.


    1. Edwin

      Ghandi’s walk to make salt was pointless. Martin Luther King wasted his time making speeches. Nelson Mandela had no chance against the South African Government. Women wasted their time trying to get the Vote

      Leaders change the World NOT figureheads. Governments may delay but cannot stop an idea who’s time has come.

      Last post Iain on this thread. My apologies!

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    2. The UKG is wriggling away from the ECJ because the s30 order is not the only legal route to self determination: it is a lesser spotted mythical beast not used anywhere else in space or time. The UKG is desperate to cut Scotland off from her rights. As the economic consequences of Brexit make themselves apparent the people will make their wishes felt and this pretendy legal route will find itself in a world of trouble.

      Why is there no overwhelming indy majority in Holyrood? A smear campaign involving Sturgeons inner circle of civil servants and a policy of SNP votes 1 and 2.

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      1. @marrionL99 1:20 Assuming you were referring to my post, Marion:
        A wee misunderstanding up the page, I think. In no way, shape or form did I suggest for for one millisecond, that you would have anything, whatsoever, to do with advocating for permission for anything imaginable in the universe from Westminster. Completely unthinkable! Apologies, if that’s how it seemed.

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  12. Mia, certainly make a good argument and showed us a picture that we have all watched being painted over the last few years.

    “Let’s not forget that this woman has had the power to end the union since 8th May 2015 and a democratic mandate to do so in the form of 56/59, 35/59 and 45/59 MPs.”

    What is behind it we ask ourselves? The SNP MP, like their counterparts before them Scottish Labour, found once installed in Westminster and their feet under the table, Hey this is the berries, good wages, lots of perks, and climbing the ‘greasy pole’ has fanatical prospects too. Send a message to Nicola, don’t rock the boat, and we will keep her in power in Scotland, singed Boris, (and her SNP MPs.)

    “Johnson may represent the last Kingdom of England’s buffoon tasked with effecting a series of violations of the treaty of union. But let’s not make a mistake here. He could only get away with it because the queen ratified those violations to be done by “her” government and because Nicola Sturgeon chose to act as Westminster’s useful idiot and enabler instead of Scotland’s democratically elected representative and pro-independence FM.”

    Yes, this First Minister has given away more of Scotland powers to England than any other before her and she is a gift that keeps on giving.

    “She and her party were elected to deliver THE END OF THE UNION, not to deliver our sovereignty to England MPs, England judges and England ministers, which is what they have been doing for the last 7 years?”

    But is this the truth, was the SNP elected to deliver an end to the Union? Or were they elected as representatives of the Scottish people, and do so in ways as they saw fit? That is at least how they will spin it.

    I agree Sturgeon has high jacked the Yes movement, aided and abetted by her fan club newsletter, The National.

    I agree that Sturgeon is in cahoots with the Tories, (both votes for the SNP) not to keep the Tories out but to make sure they remain in power at Holyrood and keep out any opposition to her power’s there. And the Tories are happy to oblige for it keeps Scottish Labour out of power at Westminster.

    Sadly this is all “Greeting Jock” We see what is happening; we see an independent Scotland slipping out of our grasp because of the SNP leadership.

    Ambitions a fire that’s hard to control,
    Burning with bright dreams,
    Of money and fame,
    Nicola Sturgeon is lost in the flame.

    My question to you is,

    “What do you intend doing about it?”

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  13. Things I think we mostly agree on:
    Sturgeon will not even attempt to deliver independence. She will set precedents that deny our right to independence as she attempts to avoid this.
    Independence comes from the people, not the government
    The action of the people must be effective and coordinated or we will be picked off one by one
    The coordinator must be outside of the constraints of government and able to provide clear leadership
    The time for action is upon us or at the most a few short months away

    My hopes all rest with Alba

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  14. I’m afraid I agree with some of Peter Bell’s comments. One thing is for sure, Sturgeon represents the culmination of the wrong turning helmed by Alex Salmond back in 90s. He was the one who engineered the move away from the Representative democratic principle of a majority of seats to achieve Independence ( as actually occurred in 2015 and was ignored). He was the one who was responsible for the unnecessary concession for a weak local council based franchise Referendum. He was also the one responsible for anointing Sturgeon as his successor and for allowing the treacherous civil service to become enmeshed with the government.

    Let me make it clear: I deplore the treatment of Salmond by Sturgeon’s alliance of state apparatus and its attempt to imprison the man under fabricated charges. However, on a political level, I became disenchanted by his boundless ego and desire to grandstand and thus be set up by Cameron and the Brit State. He should have declared the Referendum null and void, once it became clear there was total breach of purdah and electoral postal fraud.

    His association with ALBA as a leading light is a mistake as well in my opinion. Alba got my vote, only because of desperation on my part for an alternative path from the corrupt SNP imposters. A.U.O.B. and groups such as the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (S.S.R.G.) along with the variety of known and respected individuals such as Alf Baird, Robin McAlpine, Lesley Riddoch, etc. along with bloggers such as this one’s author plus Roddy Barrhead and Gareth Grousebeater, yes and Peter Bell, are needed to come together to form a united front with a credible voice.

    Some will recall Scotland United, Common Cause etc. in the earliest days of civil movements in our country. Mainly galvanised by the poll tax, Thatcher and a cultural renaissance. We need to organise a civil movement of all the disparate elements in Scottish nationalism. Disparate but united in its one aim: Independence.
    Cop26 should be the clarion call now to organise a caucus of civil Scotland on that date with an agreement, a declaration of a demand from the UN to recognise our subject status and to back our demand for Sovereign recognition. For this to happen, it will require all men and women of good faith and standing to join in standing together in organising and making this happen.

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    1. Scotland is already registered as a country with the UN: the UK is registered as two countries, a principality (upgraded to country) and a province. Our rights as recognised by the UN are not questioned I believe – it is how we claim those rights that needs sorted out.

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      1. Where did I say that we are not recognised as country? Our rights as a Sovereign State are not recognised because they are not asserted.

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    2. A measure of the sites success when the Unionists, sturgeon loyalists and the “defeated” come to visit.
      The Scottish Cringe is strong today.

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    3. the worst thing that happened to Scotland was not losing the referendum on independence, for you see how the Scots rallied afterwords. the worst thing to happen was AS believing it was the honourable thing to do when he fell on his sword and allowed NS to become the leader (along with her now-husband). We do not need a referendum, we just need the people of Scotland to come together as a whole, and demand a velvet divorce, but that takes a leader, that can galvanize the people just as AS did in his prime. I to will put my faith in Alba at the election box, but it will need a big push to get the numbers up, and I do not see any movement yet.

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    1. Thanks for posting that timeline Caltonjock. I think more people should take the time to read it. I am planning on making one myself after I have finished putting my Index to the submitted evidence together.

      I have a few questions but the main one is this:

      Where did you get the information that TWO unnamed officers met with John Somers and Ms A on 21 November at the second meeting between them?

      That second meeting only ever made sense if there was someone else there with Somers otherwise he could have told Ms A what was happening via text/email etc instead of going to the trouble of arranging it.

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  15. Thanks MIa,Iain,
    I am in the midst of reading James Hawes’ ‘Shortest History Of England’. This was motivated by his appearence on John Drummond’s TNT show. Fascinating book that to me explains so much about why we are where we are.
    England’s (or I should say London/SE England) history is a littany of dirty deals amongst the aristocracy at the expense of the working class and international agreements which were soon renaged on.

    The english language itself almost disappeared and you would only ‘make it’ by speaking the language of the aristocracy – french. Ring any bells?

    I often wonder if Nicola has put independence in the ‘too difficult’ pile. After all, London was reeling in the last few weeks in the runup to indyref. They would likely never want to be in such a situation again and all the inaction has made it so much more difficult.

    Going back to the book, the london/SE aristocracy were masters at printed propaganda and verbal framing which is the basis of the tory playbook. Those of us talking about the claim of right, or simply declaring sovereignty will likely be branded ‘fundamentalists’ by many who still think the SNP leadership are interested in independence.

    The only way to test this is to go through with it. Otherwise we will be sitting listening to legal talk by those in support of our imperial masters in London. Alas, there just doesn’t seem to be the appetite amongst those in the YES camp, in particular poiliticians, willing to see it through.

    We need articles like your’s to reach a wider audience in order to educate people. I’m going to purchase some more copies of James’ book and prof Baird and distribute them. Through A Scottish Prism is a bit of a lifeboat hour for me. The majority seem to be happily ignorant that the good ship YES is taking on water. Thanks to Roddy

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  16. Peter Bell says

    “If there’s a point to this semi-coherent, semi-literate diatribe then it is lost in the torrent of hyperbolic drivel.”

    Alexa what is projection?…

    Mia ignore him. As someone who has had guest posts at MNR in the past, I know it takes guts to put your views out there waiting for btl comment. Nothing you wrote deserved such an ill-mannered reply. It is perfectly possible to disagree and put a counterpoint forward without resorting to ad hominem attacks.

    As for what side is she (Sturgeon) on, it certainly doesn’t seem to be mine. Or Scotland’s unfortunately

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    Well Mia its pretty obvious to those who have been paying attention, that she’s not on the side of Scottish independence, she’s preoccupied with her party’s own agenda, which again doesn’t include Scottish independence.

    I think the only real unanswered question is why has she gone down this road, is it because she’s been consumed by power, and wants her party to remain in government, and independence might hinder that goal. Or has she been compromised by the British state security services, and she has to do all in her powers to give the illusion of wanting Scottish independence without actually delivering it.

    The above are just two possibilities as to why Sturgeon has abandoned the indy cause, and her MPs and MSPs well most of them have fallen into line in order to keep their lucrative salaries, why else haven’t any of them broken ranks and spilled the beans on what’s really going on within the party?

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  18. I wonder if I’ll be see as a bit controversial when I say that I agree with part of Peter A. Bell’s comments when he says or alludes to, that not enough Scots care enough or they are simply too apathetic, in such a number as to gather in such a great a number outside Holyrood to change the mind of Sturgeon on holding an indyref sooner, or to seek out other avenues in which we can be free of this union.

    Will this apathy be our undoing?

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    1. “I wonder if I’ll be see as a bit controversial”

      No not at all – I think too many are apathetic too, partly due to the Cringe aka Colonialism and being telt we are too stupid etc leading to learned helplessness. The problem I have with Peter Bell’s comments here is that they were unnecessarily vitriolic and bombastic so ironically to quote him the point “is lost in the torrent of hyperbolic drivel”.

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    2. “Apathy” is the very term my friend and I as 14 year old independence supporters would regularly level at our fellow citizens away back in 1963, as I recall. We never managed convert anyone from their apathy back then and I suspect we would achieve a similar result today. Apathy wasn’t and isn’t the problem today either, I’m forced to believe. the problem, as I now see it, was/is the cumulative effect of insidious propaganda. Suffice it to say; little of which was likely to fill us with confidence in ourselves as a nation. All that aside, though, I still believe and history shows: if you give the people a meaningful vision of themselves, they’ll embrace and run with it. That English colonialism has been accepted as the norm, is the independence movement and Scotland’s greatest hurdle yet to be overcome and which apathy is merely the byproduct of.

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  19. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/harassed-silenced-for-my-gender-critical-views/?utm_source=backer_social&utm_campaign=harassed-silenced-for-my-gender-critical-views&utm_reference=f5facc9b2a4993e6e416552f42a2177f&utm_medium=email&utm_content=post_pledge_page

    One more front opening in this battle. They want to silence academics and leave Stonewall as the “expert”

    If you have a few quid consider it an investment in the future.

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  20. Iain it looks like your the top article on Pete Wishart’s (the wannabe Speaker of the House) Twitter feed.

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    1. Thanks I along with most of Scotland are barred from his Twitter feed but I now realise it is Mia’s article that is the root of the problem. Well done Mia and readers will be happy to know I have another Mia article coming later this week.

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      1. Looks like our resident Westminster rent boy Pete Pishfart now has you and your blog Mr Lawson in his sights for name calling.

        Take it as a badge of honour.

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  21. At 1.26 in the video:

    ‘I don’t support it [independence] as an end in itself…’

    Democracy for our country is not a thing of value in itself to Nicola Sturgeon.

    What other country would accept a leader like this?

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    1. It seems very doubtful that the FM or SNP MPs and MSPs really understand what independence is. If they did understand then Scotland would already be independent after the first National Party majority was elected in 2015. The UN seems clear on what independence is about and what it requires:

      “The United Nations Special Committee on the Situation with Regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, or the Special Committee on Decolonization (C-24), is a committee of the United Nations General Assembly that was established in 1961 and is exclusively devoted to the issue of decolonization.”

      If Scotland’s independence remains blocked including by its own elected national representatives who refuse to assert sovereignty then we are inevitably into the UN definition of independence, i.e. decolonization.

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  22. One answer to PAB’s viewpoint may emerge when the party release their membership figures. I feel the incoming trans activists will not equal the leavers, nor match their lost contributions post the initial stories about the elusive £600k. Which must have been forgotten under a seat cushion.

    I wasn’t going to continue my small contribution in the hope that someone with influence might have a Road to Damascus moment.

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  23. Peter A Bell says:

    “We are stuck with Nicola Sturgeon. So our only possible course of action is to bring enough pressure to bear on her that she is forced to rethink the Sturgeon doctrine. But that’s not happening. It’s not happening because most of the Yes movement has either given up or they’re away herding unicorns.”

    One might think the SNP are quite happy to have broken the back of much of the Yes movement (some honourable mentions excepted, including this blog). It appears to suit them to a tee. She and this flim-flam dithering nu-SNP have sucked the life and the energy out of the Yes movement, and either it is through sheer rank incompetence or it is through deliberate intentions. Regardless of which it is it has happened on her watch.

    So yes, I am afraid I am one of the Alba Party fantasists clinging to the notion that that party is some kind of alternative to the SNP, because what else is there to hope for?

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  24. Carrying on with the comments of Lochside PAB and others surely it is NOT impossible to gather a committee of independence Bloggers to get together and AGREE the wording of a letter to Nicola Sturgeon DEMANDING a meeting , for her to explain to the indy Bloggers who represent a substantial amount of SOVEREIGN SCOTS why she continues to FAIL those Scots by NOT calling back Scottish MP’s from WM , convening an assembly with all political representatives within Scotland to vote on dissolution of the TOU based on the numerous breaches of the Treaty by WM and the various governments

    The ONLY way we will win anything is by overwhelming numbers and at present those numbers are ONLY being informed by Indy Bloggers and that is through their own blogs or twatter or faceplook

    It may sound unachievable or unworkable BUT if enough of the new media journalists (bloggers) came together with their numbers and demands and she/her ignored or refused their demands it would only further highlight her incompetence and intransigence which will be published near and far and the next steps could be formulated

    EVERYONE is sick of sending individual emails to their SNP reps which they gleefully ignore and don’t respond to , if Sturgeon ignored the blogger reps demand for a meeting we could organise a MASS coordinated email splurge where WE demand THEY do something or they won’t get our votes , effectively they’re sacked

    Craig Murray , Iain Lawson , Roddy McLeod , Jason McCann , Peter Bell , Gareth Wardell , Bruce Hosie , James Kelly , and any others who REALLY support indy

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    1. When this winter of discontent hits hard and YES rises we could raise a petition – in the streets and online but mostly high profile in the streets – and demand action but it should be the actions the SSRG propose, not a referendum with a flawed franchise. It would help revive hope and purpose in YES. It would help move independence into the self determination space and away from an SNP manifesto space. Folk can find fault with the SNP (!) but who can fault self determination as you stand in the ruins of Brexit? A committee of bloggers, Alba and the other true indy parties, the SSRG, the Common Weal and other true YES groups could form a united front to back this up – is AUOB the vehicle? The petition should be delivered by as big a crowd of protestors as can be arranged at Holyrood, complete with pipe bands. Could that be an option?

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      1. The reason I proposed the bloggers Marion is because we are all engaged with them daily and they in their readership MUST represent a fair number of indy supporters , I would agree with your proposal but there must be someone as leader (ahem are you listening and available Mr Lawson) to organise and SHEPHERD the group and to make it CLEAR what the intentions are to FORCE STURGEON with no one going off the reservation ,

        As we all know large groups can be fractured by individual poseurs with their own interests and grievances this would need to be enforced and adhered to with dissenters removed

        It is simplistic , representative of independence supporters and could , should , have to work .
        Are you up for organising it with Roddy Mr Lawson ps I would also include Alf Baird with the SSRG group


      2. It most certainly could Marion.

        It was this kind of coalition that AFI was about in the political space. Alba eventually became the focus. But a coalition for self-determination throughout civil society is going to be necessary.

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    2. Response to Iain Lawson , Iain without disagreeing with you regarding the differing views , there will NEVER be a time when everyone agrees with everything , the bloggers I named in my previous comment ALL agree that we ARE going nowhere at present with Sturgeon and appear anxious and willing to hold her feet to the fire regarding either a plebiscite election or withdrawal of MP’s to declare dissolution of the treaty , even PAB admits eventually in his rancorous way that Sturgeon is a failure , BUT at present there is no alternative in sight , Also the bloggers I named have all previously been members of the SNP and are horrified at what Sturgeon and her cabal have done to the party so they cannot be accused of being unionists

      You and Roddy have proven that the Prism is successful and desperately needed , the guests are entertaining and educational and I have yet to see a disparaging comment , basically all I am asking is that you EXPAND on the Prism experience and success by gathering together fellow bloggers and renowned activists with a similar determination to FORCE Sturgeon to meet with your committee to give answers why she is failing to take the plebiscite or dissolution route , her answers could be conveyed back to the various readerships which consist of a very large part of the independence supporters

      You and the others are very aware of how desperate the situation is regarding Sturgeon and the missing independence , desperate times call for desperate measures , this fraudulent woman and her minions are holding independence supporters and SCOTLAND to ransom and imprisonment with her contemptible government , we need outspoken fighting patriots as the named bloggers are to CHALLENGE STURGEON on our behalf

      Iain you and Roddy are self made business men with a wealth of experience and knowledge which you have proven , you both are subordinate to no one and do not avoid a challenge , this is a challenge which independence supporters and your readerships will take with you both

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