Alba condemns SNP “soft acceptance” of nuclear weapons

For Immediate Release: Wednesday 18 May 2022

ALBA Condemns SNP Defence Spokespersons “soft acceptance” of Nuclear Weapons

Alex Salmond’s Alba Party have hit out as the SNP’s Defence Spokesperson hinted that his party could be open to a temporary leasing arrangement to host nuclear weapons in an independent Scotland.

ALBA Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP says that the “Soft  Acceptance” of Nuclear Weapons would open the door to Trident and its successor being hosted in Scotland for many years even after Scotland becomes independent.

His comments come as the SNP’s defence spokesman Stewart McDonald failed to rule out a temporary arrangement in an interview with the BBC. Commenting on the SNPs more enthusiastic embrace of NATO membership, Mr McDonald said:

“I’m not suggesting for a minute that we would turn our backs on what’s expected of us as an alliance member, but we very clearly wouldn’t become a permanent base for nuclear weapons,” he told the BBC.

Alba says this is a significant step away from the position agreed to by SNP conference in 2012 where“an independent Scotland would not have possession of or allow nuclear weapons in Scottish territory”.

ALBA Westminster Group Leader Neale Hanvey MP said that the comments indicated that a visiting nuclear-armed vessel from the US, France or UK would not be turned away, even if an independent Scotland’s position was against such visits.

Commenting Neale Hanvey MP said: 

“ The conditional support for NATO membership in 2014 was qualified by a reassertion of the commitment to unilateralism. Even from within an organisation where such weapons remain, an independent Scotland would not play host to weapons of mass destruction.  Words matter and are a critical factor.

“ The SNP Defence team are completely out of touch with the tradition of the independence movement. Alba continues with that tradition and believe that WMDs should be removed from Scottish Territory from day one of Scotland regaining the status of an independent nation. This is a galvanising red line for the movement and must be honoured by the parties negotiating with the UK Government following a vote in favour of independence.

“ Nicola Sturgeon is currently in the US and has been doubling down on the SNPs commitment to doing whatever NATO requires of Scotland. Upon her return, she must immediately set the record straight, dismiss the comments of her Defence Spokesperson and make it crystal clear that an independent will not play host to nuclear weaponry, permanently or temporarily. At a time of grinding poverty this will leave many wondering what happened to the unifying Indy movement cry of “bairns not bombs.”


Notes to Editors:

A) Link to BBC article containing Stewart McDonald MP SNP Defence Spokesperson Comments:

B) ALBA Party Policy on Nuclear Weapons:

22 thoughts on “Alba condemns SNP “soft acceptance” of nuclear weapons

  1. In the early 1970’s, on a visit to Japan I stood in the Peace Park at the epicentre of the atomic blast. This remains the most profound experience of my life. Before I listen to any politician pontificating on the benefits of nuclear weapons, I would ask them a simple question: Have you visited the Peace Park in Hiroshima. The SNP ditching off their 2012 Conference Resolution was a major factor in the leaving the SNP. Well done Alba for their stance on the removal of nuclear weapons on Day 1 of an Independent Scotland. I am a Proud Founder and Patron of the Alba Party.

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    1. Was there in 2006 and completely agree with you a profund experience.

      Couldn’t help the tears falling while in the museum.

      What happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki should never be allowed to happen again.

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  2. When Alex stepped down we all excepted change would happen, but who would have expected the chage we have got from the New SNP. The FM of northern Britian has the unionist backbone to deliver a truly one side agenda with no debate or thought of what her actions truly do for the people who live in Scotland, remember NS has a legacy to achieve and its the other part of this legacy that hasn’t happened yet i’m more worried about, Scotland and its people aren’t even in her thoughts its all about her.

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    1. Feeling betrayed by the current SNP government for resisting advancing independence given the many mandates to do so. Shame on them

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  3. The American jaunt? They will sell us out. I have no doubts about that. If we become independent, international law demands that the weapons be removed. I believe that Russia was given two years to remove all those from its satellite states. The only way the SNP would agree to a leasing – which would mean waiving the international legal requirement – would be if they were up to no good. Whether we are in or out of NATO will not make a difference now if we are sold out anyway. It’s not pragmatism, it’s spinelessness.

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    1. “If we become independent, international law demands that the weapons be removed.”

      Oh really?

      Have you got a source for that?


  4. ” What’s next ” ? What’s next is Scotland bending over to be brutally shafted by the full panoply of U.S/Globalist Neo Con/Lib Corporate / Military/ Identitarian * interests * ; all to burnish Sturgeon’s future career prospects .

    Her Janus-faced position ( supine ) on nuclear weapons – CND member v full NATO membership ( which compels continuing to * host * WMD ) – is irreconciliable : so we can imagine the scriptwriters are already busy composing * forms of words * to placate the restless and those pointing and laughing at the Empress’s lack of clothing .

    I suspect the fix is in and we’re being set-up to fail : either by a rushed Referendum with a failure-guaranteed franchise and external interference or yet another National / International * crisis * providing the pretext for more ” now is not the time ” deferrals . Though the imminence of a G.E by ” towards the end on 2023 * could just as easily supply the latter . We’ll see . Or maybe we never will . With this transparently opaque Government-by-Image Manipulation * Truth * is an nebulous ever-shifting concept

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  5. I think we all seen this coming…..!

    The house jocks know their place. Westminster was designed to entice the weak. The great Labour Party of the early 20th. Century turned into Red Tories within a decade.

    My dream of 2014 fades even faster now. They didn’t settle up. They settled in!

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  6. Surely this must be the last straw for those giving this administration “one last chance” to deliver on their promises. Even just the suggestion goes against everything that the SNP stood for. This for me proves that there are no longer any good, trustworthy or honest SNP MSP’s/MP’s. To sit back and allow this to happen without question or action shows them for the unscrupulous cowards that they are. House Jocks everyone!

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  7. Stewart McDonald is merely doing what his handlers require of him.
    McDonald attended a “Defeating disinformation workshop” at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Washington from 3rd to 9th Feb. 2020. Hmm, six days for a “workshop”, seems I’ve been in the wrong business all these years. The WWICfS is of course an “annex” of the State Department.
    McDonald ticks all the boxes the State Department values for its “recruits”; young, gay, no marketable skill that could draw a salary even a fraction of that he’s come to expect and a champion of identity politics.

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  8. The SNP should be accountable. If it takes on the mantle of personality cult it is because it is not being held accountable. Walking away in high dudgeon is counterproductive. «Redurection» will be from within.
    First it helps to know exactly what is wanted. What is not wanted is any bonding with the dehumanizing spirit of the times and the sentimental ideological claptrap that devilishly drives it, landing all in a more malign form of thralldom.
    An intellectual rigour in discerning what is important to Scotland and her people is essential, too much time has been devoted to timewasting capricious notions which lead to blank walls.
    Procrastination in the great matter has gone on long enough. Scottish independence is not an abstraction. It might suit some, however, if it were.

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  9. Anything left before you can say unchallenged that NuSNP has now morphed in to the British Labour Party in Scotland. Shame on all SNP members accepting what is happening to the SNP.

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  10. Sturgeon is touting for a job at the UN , this will be her reward from her Britsh controller’s.
    She has sold out our Oil , Gas , and Renewables ,she refuses to open our ports to direct Europe trade, keeping the straggle hold on our economy by our coercive tethered together neighbour, now she will allow foreign nuclear bases to continue in Scotland well after independence, making us the biggest target in Europe.
    This is the worst dud, treacherous person, ever to lead a Scottish colonial administration, or the pretend independence party .
    If American loves the British so much why did they have the Boston tea party. Why do we have to put up with the 300 year rape of our resources, hundreds of thousands dead in needless colonial wars to satisfy American corporate greed. I dont fancy replacing one set of imperialist with another set.

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  11. Simple question to Nicola Sturgeon and every elected member of her party. If SNP policy is for membership of NATO, a nuclear armed organisation which has a ‘First Strike’ policy would she or her elected members in an Independent Scotland within NATO push the button…YES or NO?

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    1. I agree and the prospects for the future, caught in a Westminster trap by our own government conniving with them to frustrate independence is unforgiveable but also massively depressing.
      Sometimes the articles on this blog buoy me up with hope that there is something we can do, but this one now seems utterly bleak.

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  12. Just as soon as Erdogan can be bought off, Sweden and Finland will be vying with each other to host the subs and their missiles. Jackie Bailey is likely to go pure ballistic!


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