The flag Nicola Sturgeon didn’t fly!

Why the SNP believe they can do so with impunity”

In my personal opinion, because they are being actively protected by the English establishment. The unionist press has created a convenient and thick protective fog around them too while they focussed on vilifying Mr Salmond instead.

For quite some time I have wondered if those currently in control of the SNP are not in Scotland, but in London. I have thought for a while now that many of those faces and voices that we constantly hear from the SNP trying to distract us from independence, pushing us back , dividing us or asking us to look the other way are really new labour operating under the SNP flag. 

It has been clear for quite some time that Scotland does no longer vote unionist parties. Labour as “the left” option is finished. They still survive in Holyrood because of the voting system. With the arrival of Alba and the prospect of a pro indy supermajority, the voting system was no longer enough to ensure their presence, so we are led to believe Sturgeon asked SNP voters to throw their list votes in the bin and denied us an independence plebiscite election to ensure the unionists parties retained their seats in Holyrood.

But I wonder, was she helping unionist parties to retain their seats, or was she protecting the union by offering a way to justify in the public’s eyes their continuous presence in Holyrood when the expectation would have been a pro-indy supermajority with Alba?

I have often wondered if the vote was rigged in the last Holyrood election to stop Mr Salmond getting into Holyrood as the ultimate damage limitation after the establishment’s spectacular failure to stop him with the civil and the criminal cases, and with Fabiani’s farce. 

Alarm bells started to ring for me when there was no exit poll and the ballots were left an entire weekend without being counted without no convincing reason to do so.

We are expected to trust that those ballot boxes were not tampered with and to trust in the honesty of a system that forced brexit on us against our will for the sake of England, a system that has stolen our assets and powers, a system that butchered the Scotland Act so the theft of our powers and assets could have a veneer of legitimacy, a system that actively misled the people of Scotland in 2014 for the sake of preserving the union so England could exit the EU without the fear of Scotland remaining in, a system that endorses malicious prosecutions to silence dissenters, and a system that waved off the civil service code of conduct so civil servants could work actively to frustrate Scotland’s independence and float an unlawful and tinted with apparent bias procedure.

Well, considering all the above plus the lengths the establishment has gone to stop Mr Salmond entering back politics and to protect perjurers, the gagging campaign on Alba and Sturgeon’s increasing allergy to independence, I feel asking us to keep trusting the system is asking far too much.

The worse thing that could happen to the union is an overt unionist party in control of Scotland’s gov and parliament. Why? because it has been clear for quite some time that Scotland does no longer focus in the concept of “left/right” politics like England, but rather “pro indy/against indy” politics. A unionist party would exacerbate that polarisation. Scotland and England are now two different worlds politically speaking and cannot be brought together without some gerrymandering.

If you think about it, the only way for the union to survive for a bit longer is by having unionists governing Scotland under a false flag and under the pretence they are seeking independence. But instead of seeking independence, they are pushing it back by pretending they can never reach it because of their being powerless. And voila! the next thing we have is them settling for more devolution hoping for a return to a “left/right” focus in Scotland’s politics, just like England. This is exactly what we have had for the last 7 years.

What would be today the quickest path for a revival of Labour in Scotland?
By returning as something else entirely. Is that what Sturgeon’s SNP is?

“Why is a sovereign nation state pretending it has no authority?”

Absolutely with you on that one. There is another point that was the clincher for me: the proportion of sovereignty.

England MPs, Sturgeon and many of the devolutionist seat warmers in the SNP have since 2015 been falling over themselves to make us believe the reason why they haven’t lift a finger in 7 years to progress Scotland’s independence is because they claim Westminster is sovereign.

But it is only very recently, since the Withdrawal bill to be more precise, that for first time, England MPs have dared to put in law what is at all effects only an English convention. Had we real pro independence leaders in Scotland instead of political frauds, and there is no way that withdrawal bill would have ever passed without ending the union. 

Instead, the withdrawal bill passed like a walk in the park and was stamped by Betty against the will of the people of Scotland because Sturgeon was conveniently looking the other way instead of acting to stop it to protect Scotland’s sovereignty, just as she did when brexit was forced on Scotland, or when A50 was triggered, or when the Scotland Act was butchered, or when a more advantageous deal was given to a section of the Kingdom of England (NI) in direct breach of the Treaty of Union, or when the “internal market” legislation was passed to ensure Scotland would be forced to accept decreased standards from England and forcing Scotland’s producers to reduce their standards too.

But the interesting thing for me is that considering the UK is a bipartite union, and the ratio of Kingdom of England MPs to Scotland’s, Westminster’s sovereignty would mean for us that England MPs would hold over 90% of Scotland’s sovereignty and over 90% of its own. This is an absurdity of the highest order and nothing like that has ever been stipulated in the Treaty of Union. Such idea would mean Scotland completely loses its sovereignty with the union while England not only retains its own, but gets all Scotland’s as well. Such absurdity would even mean London with 73 seats holds more of sovereignty from Scotland than Scotland itself. Yet, this absurdity is what England MPs, the useful useful idiots of Labour and Tories in Scotland’s parliament and Sturgeon and the SNP devolutionists expect us to believe and accept. Well I don’t.

Bizarrely, under this absurd logic, the amount of Scotland’s sovereignty that England MPs hold vary over time and of course may increase just on their say so. This is ridiculous. Recently they have changed the constituency boundaries so Scotland loses a couple of MPs while England wins a few. In other words, if you consider the principle of Westminster’s sovereignty valid, then England MPs have just voted to take away from Scotland another chunk of its sovereignty so they can award it to themselves without Scotland’s consent. The logic of this is simply laughable, yet, we are considered total idiots who should simply accept this nonsense without even question it. Well, I can’t.


Mia sets out a scenario that has more credence every day. Anyone who had studied the actions of the SNP over the period since Sturgeon took over needs to be blind not to see the pattern. the big talk, the quiet surrenders. The refusal to challenge when opportunities, big opportunities, appear. Instead we see a colonial administration content to administer the colony as instructed by the colonial power. For me the removal of the Saltires from Bute House during Boris’s trip to Scotland for COP26 was the ultimate concession. Who believes Alex Salmond, Gordon Wilson or Willie Wolfe would have bent the knee in this humiliating way? Nicola Sturgeon managed it with a smile on her face.

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland


Sadly some sites had given up on being pro Indy sites and have decided to become merely pro SNP sites where any criticism of the Party Leader or opposition to the latest policy extremes, results in censorship being applied. This, in the rather over optimistic belief that this will suppress public discussion on such topics. My regular readers have expertly worked out that by regularly sharing articles on this site defeats that censorship and makes it all rather pointless. I really do appreciate such support and free speech in Scotland is remaining unaffected by their juvenile censorship. Indeed it is has become a symptom of weakness and guilt. Quite encouraging really.


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  1. Well the next GE will be interesting, Take for example the Kirkcaldy constituency, if both nuSNP and Alba content it then I can only see a Libour win, and I think that will be replicated over most marginal constituencies.

    Ans does that bother me ? Not a jot because at the moment Scottish politics has been corrupted.

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    1. I will only vote for Alba, or any other party for that matter, if they include in their manifesto, in perpetuity, that a majority of pro indy MPs or MSPs is a mandate to end the union.

      For as long as the voting franchise in referendums, Holyrood and General elections is corrupted so damage limitation control can continue to be exercised by having hundreds of thousands of union activists from outwith Scotland temporarily requesting to vote in here to frustrate our vote by skewing the statistics towards the union, the idea that Scotland would ever vote over 50% for pro-indy parties in an election or yes in a referendum is a fallacy.

      The UK is a parliamentary democracy. All what was ever needed to end the union was a majority of pro-indy MPs. We have had that since 8th May 2015, and yet, this corrupt system and its minions in Scotland have been using smoke and mirrors and continuous deception for 7 years to deny us independence.

      I was fooled by Sturgeon and the devolutionists in her pretend party for years. But I will not make that mistake again.
      Unless I can vote for Scotland’s independence every single time, which is what I intend to do, I will spoil my ballots. I do not see why I have to waste my vote on helping put in power political frauds so they can pretend to be what they are not and patronise us by telling us we voted for the opposite we had actually voted for.

      I am who decides what I voted and what I will vote for, not any party leader.

      Party flags, rosettes size and colour, waffle, truckloads of empty promises, PR operations, selfies, spin doctors, the historical significance of a party that is now just the shell of what it used to be, or the number of years a politician claims to have campaigned for independence, means absolutely nothing to me.

      A manifesto that shows a direct commitment to end the union if a majority of pro indy MPs or MSPs are elected is all what I am after. I will only vote for a party which offers such direct and immediate path to independence where the control of that path is fully in our hands with our vote, not in Westminster’s hands, USa’s or anybody else’s. This is what I want. If I cannot vote for what I want, then my ballot will be spoiled.

      I am not asking for the moon. I am asking for the opportunity to vote for Scotland’s representatives to do their job. Scotland is in a bipartite political union and it can exercise its legitimate right to terminate that union unilaterally at any time of its choosing. The Treaty of union has been violated without Scotland’s consent and rendered voidable in the last 7 years more often than in the previous 3 centuries. If this was a democracy and we had real representatives in power instead of frauds, then that voided treaty would have been thrown in the dustbin of history a long time ago without us having to vote for it.

      I had enough up of being played for the last 7 tears by a profoundly undemocratic and corrupt system which only survives to see another day because it deliberately leaves the obvious options out to force us to continue voting for what we do not want. And when that trick does not work any longer, either the system moves the goalpoasts to make achieving our aim impossible, just as Sturgeon did in 2015 , when she took the wheels off the SNP by telling us that a vote for the party of independence was no longer a vote for independence, or by forcing us into a vicious circle where we are asked to vote for the same mandate over and over and over again so the political frauds dangling the mandate on our faces have the opportunity to frustrate the mandates by handing vetoes to foreign entities, or they simply let them expire with impunity by making up excuses to not deliver as they go along.

      It is time Scotland either beats this rotten system at its own self-serving and flawed game, or it throws it in the bin of history. Either option works for me.

      The bottom line for me is:

      No manifesto stating that a majority of MPs or MSPs is a direct and immediate mandate to end the union?

      Then no vote from me.

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  2. Let us face a harsh truth. The current SNP are the worst option on the ballot paper followed closely by the Greens.

    We have to break the spell that fools Independence supporters who still elect them.

    It is not MY fault that Sturgeon divided the YES movement.

    It is not my fault that she decided to dictate how Scotland will evolve instead of listening to the sovereign People.

    The wheesht for Indy arguement is false and perhaps the pain of a election defeat is needed. Perhaps then the Nicophants will remember that Scotland is more important than a selfie with Sturgeon.

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  3. So many of us have known this for a long time now, and as the old Indi2 carrot dangled before our eyes began to wither and blacken we have abandoned the SNP. Sadly some gave up their dream of independence for Scotland forever; others joined Alba (splitting the vote). It did not take a degree in politics to see that Sturgeon could not possibly have achieved this on her own, she needed Westminster’s backing (or was it the other way around?) The big telltale was the SNP MPs getting their feet under the table in Westminster, on committees, applying for the Speakers chair (job for life, grace and favour home, good wages, brilliant pension scheme, lots of perks) had to be better than scratching a living as a stand-up comedian in some small dive in Edinburgh. Scotland seems very unlucky for again the timing was all wrong, Alba came too late from them to gain traction before the Holyrood elections, (the Salmond case dragged out too long). Now we are coming up to the local elections and again the timing could not be worse with War Fever sweeping the country, Rule Britannia and all that shit. Oh well, C’est la Vie.

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    1. the Salmond case dragged out too long

      And the incurious inquiry, but that was the point of both.

      To remove the most talented and untainted politician from effective action.*

      *I have long viewed the vetting process for candidates as a method for selecting the most vulnerable and ineffective.

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  4. A other good summary of where we are.

    Yes the SNP are treacherously in the pay of Westminster.

    But what are we going to do about it?

    Well in the May council elections we could send a message and vote the SNP out.

    Vote down the card selecting Alba first then good independents, other parties and so on before ranking the SNP last.

    Choose choice, send the message.

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  5. Anybody got any good news on the independence front? Some hope – somewhere… anywhere? Cos this is all just too depressing.

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  6. Thanks for another compelling article, especially “This is an absurdity of the highest order and nothing like that has ever been stipulated in the Treaty of Union”… There ARE almost too many absurdities to mention here?

    The SNP ARE successfully distracting us from independence and into looking the other way; behaving like a ‘New Labour’, while operating under the SNP flag; I’ve ended my long membership of what had been a meritorious political party!

    We now have an alternative to my old party, the gradually enlarging Alba Party… So here’s to Scotland’s future of freedom from that Unreal Kingdom!

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  7. This is entirely feasible. Forget any far fetched notion of the security services recruiting sleeper agents in their teens and infiltrating them into the party. The security services have plenty of malleable raw material to work with without resorting to the stuff of spy novels.
    To control the direction of the party, the security services merely have to control a small clique around the leadership.
    There’s a massive disconnect between the bulk of salaried SNP representatives and the coven around Sturgeon.
    Reviewing their Wiki profiles, the SNP backbenches at Holyrood are a pretty decent bunch. Predominantly middle aged, from a variety of educational backgrounds, real-life experience from pre-politics careers.
    Even the most recent intake from last year conform to this broad description. The constituency parties were able to resist the pressures to adopt “Nicola’s favourites”. Individuals like Stephen Gethins, an obvious security services plant, a man who’s own brother maintains has zero interest in independence.
    The contrasts to Sturgeon’s inner circle are stark. Politics graduates with little to no real-life experience. “Careers” consisting of leeching off the state in one form or other. Folk with no real-life marketable skill, no “trade” to fall back on, whose career progression depends entirely on doing the bidding of management. In short, folk vulnerable to manipulative control by malign forces.
    This of course implies that Sturgeon’s inner cadre are true at heart to the cause of independence and have somehow been manipulated by the British state. This ain’t necessarily the case. The otherwise unemployable politics graduate, carpetbagging parasites that once gravitated towards Scottish Labour (Kezia Dugdale being a prime example) had to find a new home after they burned Labour to the ground. These folk have no genuine loyalties. Folk that live by Marx quote “those are my principles and if you don’t like them I have others”.
    At Westminster, this inverse relationship between ability and rank is elevated to farcical proportions. Real experts in healthcare and law languish on the backbenches while humanities graduates hold forth from a position of unencumbered ignorance.

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  8. This is an excellent aphorism «we have politicians because we are too lazy to do the job ourselves».
    Leave it to others but don’t be surprised by the disappointing, second/third rate result.

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  9. 2 excellent posts by Mia The “we need to vote SNP” post proves that it is gaslighting of the highest order as we only need to vote for an Independence supporting party.Regarding this post it is also spot on the SNP have been corrupted from both outside and inside elements and as a party is too far gone to save.Are they NuSNP or Old Labour in wolves clothing? They are certainly now not an Independence party but a Unionist/Devolutionist entity with their proclamations of “one more mandate”, “we just have to win over the soft No voters” really after 8 years? plus their ” Scotland wont stand for/wont allow- take your pick from dozens of proclamation,s, the old adage still proves true that actions speak louder than words and the majority of their actions have been against the people of Scotland not in support of them. For the nay sayer,s that say ALBA have come at the wrong time my personal opinion is they have come at exactly the right time starting small with Council Elections only a few weeks away and if they have a good showing there it is on in a couple of years to build for the Parliamentary Elections. The SNP were voted in on mandate after mandate to regain Scotland,s Independence they have quite simply failed to deliver whatever they may say to the contrary. The SNP are now a hollowed out shell compared to the party of 2014. Time for other parties and routes to get us there.

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  10. There are other examples of something not right about Nicola Sturgeon. When the Ukraine war started she said there were no comparisons to be made with Scotland. This is simply not true even at the basic level that Scotland and Ukraine are both being denied their right to self-determination. No true leader of the SNP would make such a statement. Then she doubled down on this by saying Scotland does indeed enjoy the right to self-determination in the UK despite 2 Section 30 requests (by her!) being turned down regardless of the several mandates. Both these statements are counterintuitive for a pro-independence leader.

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  11. Two great articles by Mia!
    The problem, as identified by the sandwich board person, is getting the message through to others in order to have a huge switch away from SNP/greens.
    Aside from protests which are inevitably going to be banned, I suggest crowdfunding a campaign for something similar to that of Led By Donkeys in London.
    Large scale projections on important Scottish buildings of some or all of Mia’s points from yesterday, would in my mind have a massive impact on the general public.
    If nothing else it would gain people’s interest and sow a seed.
    The time is nigh, let’s do it ALBA!

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  12. Mia
    Thankyou for a great article. and one that is a so good at clearly explaining the issues. We are surely going nowhere with the SNP.
    What are you thoughts on the use of terrorist law to shut down legitimate protest in the Parliament Square? Is it all part and parcel of preparation for a reckoning? That does sound rather paranoid but SN didn’t even bat an eyelid. This coupled with the deliberate removal of power from Holyrood by Westminster with only a whimper of protest suggests they have no respect for the Institution and that they have forgotten it belongs to the Scottish people. It is not a bunker!
    If the SNP have morphed into a devolution party then they are not even protecting that. At the very least I think there should been walkouts in protest at Westminster?

    Meanwhile, we must not fester and be grumpy (that’s hard) looking back at the missed opportunities. We must try our hardest to persuade our families and friends that a vote for SNP is a wasted vote if you want independence. Alba is our only route forward at the moment.

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  13. Agree with much of this Mia, Well done. Although, would there have been ballot rigging? God I hope not. That just blows my mind.

    A ‘faux’ pro-indy party in charge at holyrood is beneficial to London simply because it creates confusion. A labour/lib dem administration would create a target to vote out, simply because it’s a unionist administration. The faux Indy setup is better because it creates confusion and division. Is there London influence within the SNP? You bet. As I’ve said before I reckon they have more British plants than Kew Gardens.

    Even those who say that the SNP are the party of devo max are wrong. They haven’t even exercised the extents of the powers they already have. They’re more the devo-Goldilocks party – not too little and not too much. Just enough to keep them in power in perpetuity.

    When political tectonic shifts occur – like we are experiencing now, opportunities appear which weren’t there before. The 2008 financial crisis ‘which no one saw coming’ – (a lie – the economists who did were kept alway from mainstream media) presented wonderful opportunities for those on the inside and those who were tipped off. Then in 2016, even if you were a Devolutionist, the Brexit vote presented our politicians with an opportunity to boost the resilience of the Scottish economy by focusing their attention on land, domestic food, and ports policy. Instead they spent 5 years standing in parliament and writing articles warning about the impending disaster to our exports, inflation and food shortages. That is damning whether you want independence or not.

    I am in no doubt about the realities of the climate emergency. I have had a disapproving look from the odd greenie about my extensive career in hydrocarbons, yet the green/SNP administration don’t believe their own rhetoric. Their green policies, which included the declaration of a climate emergency, are more of a dark brown colour. This is simply because they prefer to defer the decision on what happens to Scotland’s hydrocarbons to London. Then they can say “it wisny us. look at what these bad people did!” This of course is the worst outcome for all of us. We don’t even see any of the fiscal benefits.

    An emergency is a ‘non-normal’ situation where all non-essential tasks are put to one side and all your resources are devoted to the emergency in hand. I know this having been involved in one. Yet the SNP seems much more preoccupied with other policies whilst the tories frack the North Sea and pocket the revenues. It is all more virtue signalling which really defines the past 7 years of the SNP. The “climate emergency” was just another badge for Nicola’s scrap book along with “wellbeing” (how do we achieve that in the current political setup?) to be wheeled out at a future TED talk.

    We need a different mindset. 2011-2014 was an aberration. We ain’t getting that back. There really isn’t a Scottish Parliament. There is a London administration in Scotland. This is what we are up against.

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    1. Would you trust anyone in the SNP admin.with deciding on say Scotland’s foreign policy? Given the nature of the times and the extent of interference ie meddling there would be in an iScottish state none of the characters in the Sturgeon circle stands out as having the wisdom, erudition and skill to handle the job. Join Nato, keep the monarchy, lets all hate Russia not to mention all that on trend wokery, you couldn’t get more «follow that leader».
      The SNP team is like all those people still muzzled in masks, scared of letting go.

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      1. Nope, if you’re already a weak person/leader and you surround yourself with people weak enough that you can control, you’re never going to have a team which even gets close to the sum of its parts.

        ‘Let’s all hate russia’, whilst I can understand the narrative as part of ‘realpolitik’ (Gorbachev didn’t rise to power by saying ‘let’s hate communism’), I certainly wouldn’t trust that lot to negotiate independence. The ‘solidarity payment’ on its own is devastating stupidity. I think the ‘no fly’ comment was a sign of someone so desperate to please her handlers that she overreached.

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      2. I think someone should remind the FM that foreign policy in the UK is a reserved power, she should really have said:
        “As a dependent nation within the UK I can offer nothing”

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  14. O/T – I’ve just read a report which says that Leslie Evans has refused to appear before the Finance and Public Administration Committee at Holyrood. She had been assured that she would not be asked about the handling of the harassment complaints but still refused to co-operate. The committee are said to be “disappointed”.
    She is still being paid from the public purse until she retires in a few weeks time, so even if she is on leave I cannot see why she cannot be compelled to do the job she is paid to do.
    Oh, sorry. She is doing the job she is paid by Westminster to do, i.e. to obstruct and derail all attempts to run a believable administration in Edinburgh.

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    1. Just ask yourself what she has got to hide that she is so terrified of public scrutiny, and has consistently sought to evade it. What could she possibly have to be so contemptuous of the Scottish public that she refuses to be accountable to the public on whose behalf she works for, and is paid by. What part of her job description and contract allows her to maintain secrecy on her official duties, and what possible area of her work could justify such cynical, ant-democratic behaviour? And why isn’t she compelled to answer by her superiors who one would think (lol) value public office and accountability as the gold standard of their occupation and positions? It is absolutely vital to democracy that people who occupy public posts are answerable for their behaviour and actions. Otherwise we have an autocracy with no accountability to the public they serve. It is not a secret society, or one where the office bearer picks and chooses what questions they want to answer. Or, maybe it is and that is the belief of our lords and masters.

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      1. She probably does not want to incriminate herself.

        Going through the external legal advice documents it is made clear that Roddy Dunlop QC and his team requested repeatedly that the Permanent Secretary should provide them with a comprehensive precognition statement to try and counter the claims of Alex Salmond’s legal team in regards to bias etc. That never happened. That is absolutely disgraceful conduct.

        Nicola Sturgeon, it should be remembered, chose to extend her contract.

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      2. Indeed.

        You would only need to show that one person close to Nicola Sturgeon was involved in any aspect of the process to tie her into it. However, there are actually two people at least: John Somers, her principal private secretary and Liz Lloyd her Chief of Staff who were heavily involved. Those two also often met with the Principal Private Secretary to Leslie Evans and apparently they are all good friends with each other. At least this is what John Somers himself admitted when he gave evidence.

        This rather odious individual, named in David Clegg’s book, and in FOI requests to the Scottish Government that were previously released but only ever referred to as Private Secretary 1 in the submitted evidence, not only shared Salmond’s lawyers letters with others despite giving assurances to the lawyer they would not do so but they also had access to the infamous Decision Report and tried to send it to the Crown Agent on 20 August 2018 along with Nicola Richards.

        There is an email (Found in Phase 1 FN11 on Page 4 of a 12 page bundle which is YY019) in the submitted evidence from Nicola Richards talking about the new policy and it contains the following:

        “I think we probably need to go with the PERM SEC/FM version rather than the deciding committee.”

        Further on:

        “I think we need some legal advice on former ministers because this doesn’t appear to be something on which there’s much precedent. We would probably have to design a bespoke process but unless it was likely to involve the Police I’m not sure what locus we would have to ask someone to participate. It would be pretty dependent on the party.”

        Leslie Evans actually wrote to Salmond’s lawyers and stated the procedure was established by her, although she later tried to backtrack on that. In fact it was established by her and the FM. Interestingly when Alex Salmond give his evidence he said Nicola Sturgeon acted as if she was ignorant about this brand new procedure when they met at her house.

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      3. You’re not wrong, Iain.

        There is more. In one of those meetings between John Somers, Liz Lloyd and Private Secretary 1 on 24 November 2017 James Hynd and someone else was also in attendance. The name of the other person is redacted in the FOI. James Hynd of course is the plonker who claimed he knew nothing about the sharing of the draft of the policy with any key individuals under oath. There is an email exchange between him and Nicola Richards that shows this to be false. Who was the other person at the meeting though?

        20 November:
        Ms A met with John Somers.

        21 November:
        Meeting with John Somers, Liz Lloyd and Private Secretary 1

        22 November:
        Ms A met with Gillian Russell and apparently Barbara Allison. A detailed note of her experiences was taken and then shared with Judith Mackinnon and Nicola Richards.
        24 November:
        John Somers met with Liz Lloyd, Private Secretary 1, James Hynd and (Redacted).
        Could be a SG lawyer.

        A complete timeline will help people with this. I am already working on it.

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      4. I take my hat off to you, John, for your assiduous pursuit of the detail. And it is in the details, the innocuous sounding emails which, once put into the wider picture, reveal a trail of deceit and cover up. It is extraordinary how many people do not want to know about this, and would prefer it just goes away, When you consider the scale of what has happened it beggars belief.

        If only we had a powerful investigative committee or procedure with legal powers and the compulsion to call witnesses and demand answers. In the US the Trump investigation has powers which means some witnesses are co-operating, admitting the truth instead of going to jail. If only we had a similar system, we might hear a different story.

        In the meantime, all power to John. Doggedness can have its own rewards, even if takes a long time.

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      5. Or, maybe it is and that is the belief of our lords and masters.

        I think that is the long and short of it.

        The grand guignol ghoul seems quite happy to let people know she shreds her own notes.

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      6. It’s just a shame she forgot to get rid of the email that shows she had arranged a back channel for Nicola Sturgeon to be kept fully informed of things via her principal private secretary John Somers. It is document YY075 and can be found in PHASE 1 FN23 as part of a 255 page bundle on pages 235-236.

        It reads:

        Leslie Evans: Spoke with John S last night
        (05 December 2017) we agreed you would send up tweaked codes in draft without any letters just now.

        The Permanent Secretary continually mentioned her duty of care to her staff when going after Salmond but when things went wrong she blamed it all on them! As unprofessional as Nicola Richards and Judith Mackinnon are they were doing what the Permanent Secretary had asked them to do.

        In the submitted evidence there is also a lengthy submission from the FDA and it includes this cracker in regards to Leslie Evans on Page 79:

        Extract from Email to Allan Sampson 10 January 2019

        For the meeting with Perm Sec couple of points:

        General mood in the office is one of anger/despair at the conduct of HR and one of support for Perm Sec feeling is she has been let down. Of course HR reputation is not in a good place anyway so this has just compounded it.

        It is truly beyond belief. The Perm Sec was always kept updated throughout by Nicola Richards. It is simply not possible that she could have been ignorant of what was going on.

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  15. What I find fascinating about the increasingly compelling debate in these pages is the detailed, committed and persuasive arguments being made with rigour and passion. Where, you might very well ask, is the SNP and their loyalist following displaying such knowledge, passion and commitment in the arguments for their point of view, ie softly, softly. don’t frighten the voters approach?

    Absolutely nowhere of course, it always appears the case that the last thing they want to discuss is not just independence but the road to it. They are embarrassed discusiing it and would rather grandstand pointlessly about international politics, the Tories, witches etc. The last thing they want is an open, factual debate, not least in their own party which has been cowed and manipulated into an empty rubber stamp for the executive. The autocracy is crushing.

    The absolute last straw for me was the sell-off of the future wealth and assets of our green energy. No party planning an independent Scotland would even consider such a betrayal. And that, as Mia points out, wasn’t the only one. Like Boris, they say this and that, want to sound like they are doing something, but do nothing, or actively do things they don’t want you to know or question.

    It is an absolute farce, a deeply cynical betrayal of Scotland, its people and what they voted for. A gigantic fraud, supported and never questioned by the spineless Scottish media, and with the active connivance of the legal and political establishment.

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    1. Absolutely nowhere of course, it always appears the case that the last thing they want to discuss is not just independence but the road to it.

      I think that sort of talk would be sternly seen as naively gauche at a charlotte square sponsored lunch, and that seems to be where the action is.

      You don’t get far in this world if you rub up the right people in the wrong way.

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  16. The «problem» has been rehearsed often, the matter is what is to be done? Operating within the conventions of «the system» as it presents, not very much I suspect. Thr last two years have seen the populace programmed, by induced fear/supersticion of the alien «other», to caution, no risk and trust the experts, not a state given to innovative or radical thinking.
    The Scottish government, in common with others, has grown fat on the health fears and worries of an ageing population. It has succeeded in pressing all the correct social conformist keys, it appears to know its constuency.
    Of course the door of Scotland’s «cage» has been unlocked for decades, it is only the mental preconception of the security of that cage that prevents exit. A party that aims to demonstrate the bogus nature of that security will need itself to have leadership capable of thinking beyond that mental cage. For’some that may be just too much freedom for comfort.

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  17. Sturgeon is controlled by the British establishment!!
    I have posted ma y tomes in tge past on various websites that the enemies of scottsh independence are hard at work in the SNP.
    They have been working for this scenario for years. Infiltrate and control the head if the biggest threat to the union. Discredited the organisation difecting all attempts at independence.
    This would never have happened under salmond!
    What sickens me is the snp politicians and activists who keep silent on this.
    Well done mia. Expose them!!

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  18. What a traitors nest Sturgeons SNP have become. The murrells have controlled selection, stifled desent replaced those who were genuine patriots. Should the MPs and MSPs not have rebelled against the Dark queens tyranny ,they are traitorous rats too , anybody who is a genuine independence supporter must now see through the lies and decept and cross over the floor to Alba.
    Alba and the other independence parties need to unite now to fight under one banner for independence. We must ensure debate and policy are not controlled by a party elite or the same thing will happen again. Apparently Scotland was near independence previously pre war however this was conveniently swept under the carpet with the First then Second world wars, The original labour party became a Unionist party the British state having used the same tactics to turn and infuriate and lead the gullible away from the doctrines of Hardy and McLean in the guise of spreading socialism, the struggle thus continues for our freedom. Soar Alba.

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  19. Can’t really add much to Mia’s excellent post and the perceptive discussion following, with special mention for John Smythe in admiration for his hard work examining and investigating the detail behind the conspiracy at the heart of Scottish governance.

    Elites throughout the ages have always sought to shore up their power and control over the ruled. We take it for granted that the rulers are always vastly outnumbered by their subjects but don’t really question why the subjects permit it. The age of revolutions was short lived and even in so-called democracies we have found that elites can still subvert the very idea of accountability. I can’t help but think that the nation state is too big for proper democracy which depends very much on assiduous scrutiny. I actually thought at one time that a small independent country I hoped Scotland would be, would be the kind of country where such openness could exist. Well, that was a vain hope, apparently

    One of the reasons in establishing Athenian democracy ( which wasn’t perfect either) was to break the disruptive influence of powerful elites and to give that power to those who voted ( only freeborn Athenian males it has to be said.) In modern democracies we could have that scrutiny carried out by an independent media which we don’t have. They have helped instead to allow politicians to conceal their machinations and subvert democracy.

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