Salvo and the Road to Scotland’s National Liberation

Alf Baird​

Who would have guessed it, the jolly old British State trying to wipe out Scottish constitutional history by eradicating the fact that the mankitTreaty of Union was always conditional upon the Claim of Right, the latter functioning as Scotland’s constitutional ‘get out’ clause. And with an evercompliant UK ‘Scottish’ Government and its SNP administrators seemingly none the wiser, the latter handing the Scottish constitutional ball to the UK Supreme Court, or so they think.

Salvo and the its probing research intellectuals and Scottish patriots behind it have uncovered Scotland’s ‘get out of the union’ veto –  our own Scottish constitution. And boy do we need it, considering we must have the most hopeless dozy bunch of ‘nationalist’ politicians ever, who couldn’t deliver a pizza never mind independence. So what next?

Perhaps a Salvo movement rather than any daeless political party is what is really needed to deliver National Liberation. In this task there is a need to gain the trust of the people, something politicians and political parties find ever more difficult to do. Liberation of the people is not just another policy add-on to any old party manifesto. Independence is a very special unique purpose so maybe we really need a special purpose vehicle to deliver it? And maybe we have one!

In terms of Scottish independence, we have another challenge, and that is the need to appoint and elect Scots who have the right skills necessary for the primary task ahead – that is, to withdraw Scotland from the continually violated and mankit Treaty of Union. That Treaty stinks to high heaven just as much if not more than any other deceitful one-sided colonial contract in history. Except in one way, perhaps, which is in the ‘condition’inserted by some savvy Scots which guarantees our veto, and perhaps the only veto we have to end over three centuries of ethnic oppression and exploitation.

Independence is never a job for career politicians anyway, the latter always looking for soundbites and with a propensity for developing party structures in the traditional sense, and diverting their attention towards pet policies for this and that. Scots can no longer afford such diversions, more blind alleys, more posturing and prevarication. Independence is ultimately delivered by the people rather than the politicians anyway.

Our people and nation are perishing, which is the inevitable outcome and aim if colonialism is allowed to continue. Every day we get closer to losing our sense of belonging, our identity, based on what remains of a moribund culture and a rusting Scots mither tongue deprived fae us and oor bairns through the forces of Cultural and Linguistic Imperialism, and population shift. Once the indigenous language and culture goes, the national identity disappears with it, and the reality of the nation withers awa.

Much as Iain Lawson’s example from Estonia demonstrated in his Salvo address last weekend, a people’s national culture and heritage is essential in removing an oppressor power. So much of the cultural heritage we see in Scotland is not Scottish, but rather is imposed on us to remind of our subordination. From the Duke of Sutherland statue in Golspie, to the very name ‘Cumberland’ on a street sign in Edinburgh, and hundreds more similar examples throughout our land, this is a legacy of Imperial oppression. As is being deprived o oor ain braw Scots langage!

Scots are still mired in what we might term the decolonization phase, sowe hiv tae gresp the thistle at some point to make progress. The 2014 Independence Movement is history, the SNP since hijacked by a colonial complicit parcel o’ rogues masquerading as nationalists in the pay of the Imperial Power. Their so-called ‘Civic Nationalism’ franchise never delivered liberation for any oppressed ethnic group, it’s all a deceit, and now we have another needless diversion and delay up a section 30 blind alley, to be decided in a furrin coort an aw!

The dominant national party elite has made its decision to cooperate with the Imperial power, a development which postcolonial theory reminds us has been played out in numerous former colonies. They feather their nests and build up their pension pots. They appoint their friends, and spend two thirds of their time looking over their shoulder, the other third mystifying the people with irrelevant policies and oppressive bills. They attack the real independence campaigners, aided by Imperial forces who are more than happy to persecute any voices shouting for a more rapid route to independence. And this is where the scourge of colonialism, which is racism and prejudice, sinks deeper into its fascist roots.

Despite the sickening realisation of deceit, the people’s understanding improves bit by bit and their focus then changes to that of National Liberation. This is necessary to rid the people of colonial Manichaeism, the embedded corruption and blatant injustices which, if allowed to continue, may descend into barbarism. Liberation Movements ultimately depend on the people to be mobilised, and to better understand their oppression. Such a task seems beyond the function or capability of any political party in its traditional form.

Here we need to consider the great anti-colonial liberators and movements from Mandela and the African National Congress, to Gandhi and the Indian National Congress, and so many more the world over, freeing their people from oppression. Poet and playwright Vaclav Havel’s Civic Forum Party played a key role in the Velvet Revolution that brought an end to the Communist system in Czechoslovakia. The priority in all cases is to have the right organisation or vehicle to liberate the people and to enable their self-recovery to begin. 

Salvo and the Claim of Right represent Scotland’s own distinct ‘model’ which is fortunately also part of our thus far hidden constitution. That is the Convention of the Estates (Assemmly o the Communities), which is our equivalent Scottish National Congress, and to be reconvened soon(SSRG Conference, Dunfermline 29-31 July). Salvo and SSRG will set out the violations, the misuses of power (whit is, the uise o pouer tae the injuro the cowmon guid) and by whom, and the remedies we have at our disposal as oor constitutional richt. 

The Convention represents the creaution an mainteenance o extrae-pairlamentary, representative bodies authoreesed tae applee the constitutionally available remeedies agin an abuissive, governing pouer.These remedies are built into our Scottish Constitution which has been hidden for so long by our oppressor. We must use them as they were intended, as is our lawful right.

We therefore need to support and elect people intent on and capable of delivering National Liberation, people who are able to negotiate the route out of oppression and transport our people a very considerable distance away from colonial exploitation. These are not necessarily the same thing as political skills, depending more on constitutional rights and obligations. 

This is an aspect Salvo (and SSRG) are already leading on and which could become the vehicle for our National Liberation, having found the main mechanism to end the union, and hence the means to deliver it also. What is necessary now is to build an organisation capable of delivering and securing a just conclusion to what is an unjust situation. 

And as the Estonian people confirmed, here there is also an urgent need to ensure the leadership of the nation’s key social institutions is changed upon independence, if not before. Key positions in a new independent Scottish state must be held by people holding an allegiance only to the newly independent state and not to other states, that stands to reason.

Fowk cannae ser twa maisters; thay aye luve ane ane laith the ither! An independent Estonia no longer recruits its heid bummers from Moscow and an independent Scotland need no longer appoint its senior people from London Imperial Metropolitan HQ. In an independent Scotland, Scots fowk wull dae juist fine, thank you very much!

There is no room for prevarication or naïve belief that everything can stay the same after independence. If everything stays the same then nothing will change, and the people will remain oppressed (doun-hauden) and exploited. The truth is that a great many things will have to change in order to eradicate our longstanding and ongoing oppression, economic exploitation and injustices, failing which true liberation and self-recovery of the people will never be fulfilled.

Here there is a need to change the prevailing culture from that of a dominant and oppressive colonial Cultural Hegemony, which is Anglophone and Unionist (i.e. colonialist), and where the values of the colonizer are always sovereign. Such a Cultural Hegemony will always view indigenous Scots speakers as inferior, depriving us as it does of our right to our own language and more, and the right of Scots to again be in control of our own land and destiny without external interference.

Liberation of a people therefore requires a cultural and behavioural transformation, and a change in the prevailing imposed values and direction, as well as a change in flag or political leadership. National Liberation cannot mean ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’! Liberation also requires a movement of a people to coalesce around a common cause, vision and leadership. Scottish Independence therefore means National Liberation, full, total and complete, and nothing less. That is what Salvo aims to achieve and with the peoples support, will deliver.


My thanks to Alf for this excellent article. There is probably nobody in Scotland who understands the colonial mindset better than Alf and has the ability to explain it in more understandable terms. He recognised the potential of Salvo as a grassroots powerhouse in the Independence battle capable of going to the areas political parties are either too feart or self interested to tackle. Well Scotland have you joined yet?

I am, as always



Sadly some websites that claim to be pro Indy have turned out to be only Pro SNP sites and have sought to ban any websites that dare to question SNP Policy or tactics. They seek to avoid the public being aware that alternatives to waiting for Westminster to “grant” Scotland a Section 30 to hold a referendum exist. Issues like the flawed franchise, the Claim of Right route, the work of the SSRG and Salvo fill them with dread. As this blog promotes all routes, including alternatives I am banned from these sites and am therefore very grateful to my readers, who knowing about these efforts to ban and suppress go out of their way to subscribe and to share my articles far and wide. It is a good thing that attempts to restrict free speech and censor are defeated in this way.


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  1. Excellent article.

    The key points for me.

    “What is necessary now is to build an organisation capable of delivering and securing a just conclusion to what is an unjust situation. “


    “….. we must have the most hopeless dozy bunch of ‘nationalist’ politicians ever, who couldn’t deliver a pizza never mind independence”


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    1. “….. we must have the most hopeless dozy bunch of ‘nationalist’ politicians ever, who couldn’t deliver a pizza never mind independence”I had a laugh at this but totally agree with it!

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  2. Extract from the Claim of Right Act 1689….

    Principles of the Claim of Right which remain applicable today include the following:

    1. The historic right of the people of Scotland to assert their sovereignty and their rights: ‘The said communities (of Scotland) assembled in a full and free representation of this nation do … as their ancestors in like cases have usually done for the vindicating and asserting of their rights and liberties…’

    2. The right of the people of Scotland to declare various acts of government unlawful including but not limited to:

    * any claim by government to an absolute power, or sovereignty, in Scotland

    * giving gifts or grants for the raising of money without parliamentary (or Convention) oversight (such as lucrative contracts to party donors)

    * imprisonment without charge or trial

    * granting personal protection (exemption) from civil debts (such as taxes)

    * interfering with/directing the legal process in order to attack political opponents

    * preventing protest or petition or criminalizing protestors or petitioners

    3. The right of the people of Scotland to overturn unjust rulings of the Supreme Court of Scotland (the Court of Session) and to declare the rulings unlawful. This also establishes that is is an unlawful misuse of the law and the Courts, by those in power, to employ the legal system and the Courts to punish political enemies:

    That the opinions of the Lords of Sessione in the two Cases following were Contrary to Law videlicet

    (1.) That the concealing the Demand of a Supply for a forefaulted persone altho not given is treason

    (2.) That persones refuseing to discover what are their privat thoughts and judgements in relation to points of
    treason or others mens actions are guilty of treason

    The prescribed penalty for, “the violation of the lawes and liberties of the Kingdome
    inverting all the Ends of Government”, that is forfeiture of power, or the right to govern.

    Suddenly I begin to understand why the Claim of Right might be making Nicola Sturgeon a little “nervous”… It’s not just the Treaty of Union who’ll shortly be standing in the dock. As far as Item 2 goes, Nicola Sturgeon quite literally ticks every box, from arbitrarily overruling Scotland’s “sovereign” Brexit result, stitching up political opponent Alex Salmond, no oversight of monies, even to banning protests outside Holyrood… It’s a full house! She’s got the lot. Given the contrived nonsense of the charges against Craig Murray, I think even the “imprisonment without charge” box can technically be ticked too.

    The failure to disclose thoughts and judgements as detailed in Item 3.2, doesn’t sit well with Sturgeon’s extensively redacted evidence and selective amnesia while under inquiry.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s problem with the Claim of Right isn’t that she hasn’t read it, but that she probably has.

    And incidentally, since the Scottish people can apparently overturn unjust rulings from the Court of Session, I take it that means we can also drop kick rulings by the UK Supreme Court from the half-way line.

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  3. Wonderful! This is exactly what we need. Now we are definitely heading towards independence. Anyone can become a politician but people with knowledge are essential to our movement. Grateful thanks to Alf and, of course, Iain.

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  4. The SSRG gave me real hope – now Salvo is turning this light into a roaring flame. We are finally getting off our knees!

    As an aside: have you noticed that in Brit films the Scot is always either the villain, the whiny coat-tail grabber or the servant – once you see it you can’t unsee it.

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  5. “A Terrible Beauty is Born” [ its name is Salvo!]

    If you must steal lines, steal them from the likes of Yeats, I say, a man who actually lived through his country’s struggle for national liberation.

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  6. I agree with almost everything here except ….
    Our “cultural health” is in many ways in better shape than it once was.
    When I was a bairn the presenters on BBC Shortbread had cut-glass, Morningside accents.
    I was given the belt in primary school for using Scots.
    There’s been a minor renaissance since then. What gives me hope is that this is driven by a mass, grassroots movement.
    Even our First Minister drops the occasional Scots word when addressing a predominantly English audience.

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    1. I think our cultural health is better in some ways, but absolutely critical, if not actually flat lining in other areas.

      For example, look at house building… An out of town Contractor will come along and build 100 kit houses to be sold for a kings ransom, but none of the money stays in the area.

      Those same 100 houses might have kept three or four local family businesses going for a decade, maintained the robust competitive market, kept skills alive and viable in the area, given local apprentices a future, allowed a village or town to grow organically rather than suffer an instant bolt-on Stepford Wives housing scheme that is utterly soulless, and virtually identical to every other housing scheme from the Home Counties to rural Aberdeenshire.

      Craftsmanship? Pride in your work? Built to last philosophy? All concepts buried deeper than the foundations. The point of sale is everything; most money out for the minimum put in, and countless families who think they’re “lucky” to be paying a hefty six figure mortgage to buy a stick built pile of crap. Tradesmen? They’ll be using maybe 10% of their skill and ability, wondering what to do with the other 90%.

      It doesn’t have to be this way, but once again, we’re indoctrinated by our Telescreens. You must conform citizen and get on the housing ladder so you can hand over a hefty whack of your wages for the next 25 years to a bank who did absolutely nothing to earn the money except facilitate your life long crippling indebtedness.

      Look at the spellbinding character of Scotland’s 19th century stonework, whether it’s a shop front, a New Town facade, or a wee Smiddy or Coach house turned into a cracking wee dwelling. How sad that such robust diversity, solidity, and character in our housing stock has been replaced by mock Tudor villas built from Swan Vesta off-cuts.

      I repeat, it doesn’t have to be this way, but change will now be difficult.

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      1. I know I shouldn’t laugh, Breeks, but your descriptive powers had me in stitches. Couldn’t agree more, except you forgot to add that most of the housing built nowadays goes to non-local buyers because locals can’t afford them. Pete Seeger’s ‘Little Boxes’.

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  7. I can’t get onboard with Sturgeons referendum or plebicite election both are set to fail, we will never win independence under her because she is in Alfs words a complicit rogue masquerading as a nationalist, she is one of them and she is not to be trusted, but this is the sort of talk that gives me hope, fighting, radical no nonsense talk, we’re no asking anymore we’re telling talk

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  8. A great insight. I’m struggling to decipher just how we make the claim of right demonstrably work, while at the same time being hugely enlivened by hearing about it.

    It’s like something precious was lost, and I never even knew it, and now its back. It is not easy reading however, a mix of auld braid scots and legalese. It will need to be translated into English – and I say that as broad Scots speaker.

    Good to have reference to other nations struggle. Can I remind folk that Ghandi, stuffed it at the 11th hour, when it came to negotiations, the Brits had been more liberal than Ghandi and he demanded they role back from that. A danger we need to be wary of when it comes to select our reps.

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  9. And as the Estonian people confirmed, here there is also an urgent need to ensure the leadership of the nation’s key social institutions is changed upon independence, if not before.

    I would hate to think that Sturgeon, or any of her cabal, had anything to do with negotiating the terms by which we regain our independence. Apart from their likely bias, they couldn’t negotiate themselves out of a paper bag.

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  10. I worked in Germany and met a German woman who spoke perfect English. She was shocked when I opened my mouth. She considered it an insult that I was using a language she didn’t understand to speak to her. I don’t see how promoting the extensive use of Scots can help us internationally.


    1. I would have thought she could understand Scots better than English as it is closer to German.
      I have found at times, in Germany, that my knowledge of Scots has helped me understand German better as my knowledge of it is otherwise at a very basic tourist level.

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  11. An excellent piece, Alf. I have to agree with all you’ve said. You have a real gift for making the complex simpler so that folks like me can grasp it easily.

    I spent today spreading the SALVO word because I though it was important and many responded that they had used my link to sign the SALVE pledge. But it made me realise so many people still don’t know about it. So it behooves us to make it known. It can only work if we work at it making people aware.But we’ve got some excellent articles to use as explanatory notes, thanks to you, Alf and people like Sara Salyers and many others.

    But all the talk of SALVO, the videos & the articles has filled me with hope, optimism and the feeling this could REALLY WORK – just as you said it would, Iain!! Many thanks for the pep talk! 😉

    I’m off to making a donation – if I can find the ‘Donate’ button. I’m gonna try the Home page… LOL! THANK YOU ALF, & everyone involved!

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