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The treaty of union was an instrument whose main and fundamental purpose was to ensure the exact same line to the throne down in England and here. Queen Anne in the 1700’s had not heir, and many in Scotland were of the opinion that on her death, Scotland should have a Scottish monarch, not one imported from elsewhere.

The union of crowns had happened some time before 1707. However, the several failed attempts to forge a political union between Scotland and England in the 17 and early 18th century before the actual treaty of union clearly demonstrate the powers that be knew the union of crowns would not last long unless they found another instrument to lock it. 

The Treaty of Union was that instrument. It is not coincidence that the Treaty of Union is also the instrument that has removed Scotland’s independence to pass new laws. The treaty of union was at all practical effects, and lawfully or not, England’s crown taking control of Scotland’s law making body and the line of succession to the Scottish crown.

If the union of crowns would not last in the 1700’s, it will last even less in the 21st century when so many people in Scotland see the monarchy as an anachronism and symbol of misplaced entitlement which has no place in a 21st century democracy.

Scotland’s independence, or rather the lack of, has and will always be about the monarchy and its survival. We are told the crown has very limited powers, yet the executive represents the crown in parliament and that executive is denying us the referendum.

Directly or indirectly, the crown appears to be controlling everything. The Crown prosecution service, for example, was at the center of the active suppression of information from the public in the Salmond case, including by gagging witnesses and threatening Mr Salmond and the parliamentary inquiry itsefl with prosecution if he defended himself during the parliamentary inquiry. This was outrageous. Let’s not forget that, allegedly, the English bill of rights gives parliament immunity from prosecution. We are told Holyrood is an extension of Westminster, yet the same privilege does not extend to Holyrood, it certainly did not extend to Holyrood’s parliamentary inquiry. Let’s not forget of Mr Murray’s case either. Were the actions of the COPFS even lawful in the context of the Claim of Right?

I wonder if the COPFS might also be behind the latest folly, which is the arrest of peaceful protesters in Edinburgh just because they explicitly oppose the monarchy in the third decade of the 21st century, in a so called “democracy” where, allegedly, we have freedom of thought and speech. Both actions, those described in the paragraph above and in this one have the appearance of being, besides an assault on democracy, a direct assault on freedom of speech and of the those people’s human rights.

The Claim of Right says:

“By Imprisoning persones without expressing the reasone and delaying to put them to tryall

By Causeing persue and forefault severall persones upon stretches of old and obsolete lawes upon frivolous and weak pretences upon lame and defective probationes as particularly the late Earle of Argyle to the scandal and reproach of the justice of the Natione”

These were considered in the Claim of Right unlawful actions going against the constitution of Scotland and justification to remove the crown from James VII. However, in the third decade of a 21st century democracy, and in light of what is happening and what was done to Mr Craig Murray and Mr Salmond, by the COPFS and what has happened to those protesters, it seems we are expected to forget the Claim of Right and consider unlawful actions and assaults on Scotland’s constitution by representatives of the crown, fair game.


I never believed for a moment it would be possible to be arrested for being in possession of a blank piece of cardboard and a marker pen. Or for voicing criticism of someone who required £12 million pounds to be paid to avoid facing criminal charges over his behaviour. These are a signal that we no longer live in a true democracy where freedom of speech is respected and defended. It seems totally counter productive to me. No family, royal or otherwise, should hold powers to override our basic freedoms. Those responsible for these fascist attacks on freedom are doing more harm to the royal family than good. Scots, historically don’t react well to unfair oppression. I suspect once the queen is buried next Monday there will be a very strong reaction to what happened in Scotland this last week. At least I hope so if our freedoms are to mean anything in today’s world. The Claim of Right was created to tame out of control Royalty. Worth remembering that!

I am, as always



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  1. He may have had to pay £12 million pounds compensation to women who alleged underage sex.

    He may also be unable to visit the US for fear of arrest on underage sex charges.

    But discredited as this man is, Prince Andrew was never the less out on show with the other royals doing a glad handing walk about photo shoot with crowds.

    Clearly the Jimmy Saville of the Royal family is back. And like Jimmy Saville he walks free.

    One law for some and not for others.

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  2. Agreed, these arrests by Polis Scotland are a massive misstep. This will backfire spectacularly. Republican sentiment in Scotland is not a obscure, minority belief (not that it should matter if it were). According to polling (excluding don’t knows) up to 43% of folk in Scotland want to abolish the monarchy. That figure was derived when we had a monarch with a sentimental, personal approval rating. The next round of polling will be interesting.

    Let’s remember that Polis Scotland don’t take an oath to the monarch (as do other UK Police forces), rather, they make a declaration to “ … uphold fundamental human rights and accord equal respect to all people, according to law.”. These individual officers should be reported for false arrest and breaching their duties.

    Perversely, we should welcome the heavy handed, fascist (a term I don’t use lightly) actions of Polis Scotland. Yesterday the scales were falling from eyes too long distracted by cultural frivolities, as to the true nature of our “democracy”.
    Even McPrävda redeemed themselves this morning with a front page protesting this assault on the populace by the fascist state.

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    1. “According to polling (excluding don’t knows) up to 43% of folk in Scotland want to abolish the monarchy. ”

      I thought it was 45% SUPPORTED the monarchy falling to 34% after the Queen’s then future death? Can anyone confirm?

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      1. Hot aff the press. YouGov field work 11 – 12 Sept.
        Excluding don’t knows and accepting that Scottish sub-sample is not large enough to be reliable.

        Support for the monarchy: UK net 50%, Scotland net 14%.

        Interestingly on; Do you think … Charles will be a unifying figure for all parts of Britain: UK, yes net 40%, Scotland, yes net 4%.

        Pyongyang levels of propaganda since Thursday and they can’t move the dial in their favour.

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      2. You are quite correct PP – from The Guardian 15.05.22:

        “However the poll, by the British Future thinktank, found that only 45% in Scotland said they wanted to retain the monarchy – with 36% saying the end of the Queen’s reign would be the right moment to move to a republic. Some 19% either rejected the choice, or said they didn’t know.”


        That is not the full picture though …

        The simple average of 3 polls conducted this year showed that the “monarchy” v “elected head of state” was 55% v 45% (excluding don’t knows) in Scotland

        A simple average of the 7 polls conducted in 2022 showed a “monarchy” v “republic” split of 71% v 29% – excluding don’t knows – across the UK

        So a majority of those expressing a view were in favour of continuing cap doffing and forelock tugging in Scotland as well as across the UK as a whole.

        However, 55% v 45% in Scotland is not massive (i.e. same as Independence referendum 2014 result) whilst the UK is 71% v 29% which is.

        If you were able to extract Scotland from the UK number then the difference between Scotland and rUK would be even more stark since Scotland, by definition, is dragging down the pro-monarchy proportion in the published UK data.

        Whilst polling suggests that the death of Liz Windsor may reduce support significantly in Scotland I have my doubts – survey questions about views and attitudes under future circumstances and scenarios are notoriously unreliable. We’ll have to wait a while to see.

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  3. Not sure if the establishment consider the arrests to be a misstep Vivian. This is what they do. The Police are but part of the corrupt mechanism of state that suppresses through all manner of means the crushing of democracy.

    Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst, Craig Murray, AUOB march organiser Manny Singh and many more are examples of Police intervention to take out, take down political opponents of the enchainment of the Scottish people. And make no mistake the Police Scotland are only one part of it. Digging deeper there is a partisan Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service, a civil service headed by crown agents who like the COPS will have MI5 agents like David Harvie. Aided and abetted to by an absolutely biased and propagandist media continually on message, at every level, spreading whatever needs to be spread, destroying reputations where needed, Scotland the colony is in the grip of a vice that will do everything to retain Scotland as a colony.

    But of course England has a long history of fighting to retain colonial control. Military men like Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson who fought anti independence campaigns from Kenya to Northern Ireland wrote books about. Books like Gangs and Counter, and Low Intensity Operations ( Faber and Faber ) he outline the strategies of using the police and the law to take out and incarcerate opposition politicians, of the absolute importance of controlling the media, of the neccessity to have agents infiltrate everything from protest groups to trade unions, to mechanisms of administration to political parties and movements.

    And of course, as the title Gangs and Counter Gangs suggests he was a proponent of using counter gangs to counter independence movement. Everything as he describes as that ” below symmetrical warfare ” the examples of the two Northern Ireland human rights lawyers shot and killed by Loyalist terrorists widely recognised to have been armed and directed by the shadowy undercover British Army Force Research ( FRU) the modus operandi of the British state in relation to colonial control is crystal clear.

    Our problem in Scotland is that we have for far to long not recognised the extent to which we are a colony and under the most insidious vicious control. Willie Macrae found that out as are many others now finding out.

    The claim of right is extant, the right to choose is very much alive, and all we have to do is take it. This week’s announcement of the cancellation of a peaceful democratic festival in Glasgow with the attendant message form Police Scotland that they cannot protect Alex Salmond is just the latest in the dirty war to keep Scotland a colony.

    Light however is the disinfectant that kills this sintering fascism – and yes, I think the cancellation of this Yes Festival, and the awareness of it’s cancellation and why will serve only to increase the wider awareness of what is actually going on.

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    1. I have no doubt the Union Bears, BNP & EDL are thoroughly infiltrated by MI5, what ever succeeded the Metropolitan Police’s Special Demonstration Squad and possibly some shadowy unit within Polis Scotland.
      What’s important to remember about Kitson’s counterinsurgency manual is that it has been deployed a great many times and has only proven effective as a delaying tactic. The fact that they deploy it at all is to some degree an admission of impending defeat.

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  4. Well our colonial police force carried out their duties to a tee yesterday arresting anyone who showed a modicum of rebellion or republicanism, or who dared to wave a placard that read Not My King.

    The British media has fawned over the demise of Queen Elizabeth night and day, for days now, but not one opposing voice is allowed to appear on the media, not one republican voice is allowed to say, well maybe the royals have had their day.

    Back to our colonial police force, Police Scotland, who had the Yestival cancelled until next month, on hearsay that unionist foot soldiers might cause trouble at it. Then there was the march in Calton, Glasgow on Saturday that our colonial police force kettled and forced to disband citing Section 12 of the Riot Act, even though it was a peaceful march agreed on with the GCC. The police commander has since been reporter for his behaviour.

    I see many people now writing on social media that the UK is slowly but surely slipping into fascism, if shutting people up and closing down peaceful protests and gatherings is a sign of it, then yes, I have to agree with them.

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  5. I have always said get rid of the monarchy before Independence. It just doesn’t make sense to be Independent and have someone else’s monarchy as your head of state. Why all these so-called Indy parties want to keep the monarchy is beyond me. How can Scotland want to be Independent and say how bad the Union is and then turn around and say but we want to keep the English monarchy, aren’t these idiots shooting themselves in the foot with their own words.
    On 18.09.22 we’ll all gather in George Square and when we leave what will have been achieved? There must be a great many like me who think I’m sick and tired of being in the Independence Cul-De-Sac with the same old people taken us around and around. I personally think hold a referendum to get rid of the monarchy, then you have a better argument to put forward on why we should be Independent, because guess what there isn’t Unionism at the heart of Scotland anymore, because we have got rid of their head of state.
    But one thing is for sure what we need on the 18th in George Square is somebody getting people to sign up to Salvo. There will be many people there who haven’t even heard of or never mind signing up to them. If this isn’t done then the action proposed by Salvo is going to take years and years and years, and Scotland just doesn’t have years, because the Unionists aren’t just waiting to see what the Nationalist will do, they are taking action and their actions will be decisive action, heed my words.
    The people who have been arrested for protesting against Royalty is a failure of the politicians to listen and act, who once again are failing to take the action that the people of Scotland want a Republic. We need to stop asking politicians to take action but demand it of them, or tell them that we’ll remove them from office! If we had got rid of the monarchy years ago, we wouldn’t be in this brainwashing exercise that we have all been witnessing in the last couple of days that’s felt more like years.

    It’s a pity we can’t record time, because a year from now nothing will have changed mark my word. We are all still in this Cul-De-Sac with no way out, because the same and old and boring politician are telling us the same old and boring bull “we won’t be taken out of the EU against our will” he F*cking loves Westminster now, this is what we are up against.

    I can’t be the only who’s think FFS what does it take just to say good bye!

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    1. I agree 100% YES! It’s a GREAT IDEA to have folks in Freedom Square gathering signature for SALVO & for LIBERATION.COM. As you say – we need far more signatories to make Independence happen and what better and more fitting day than 18th September!

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      1. Thank you, let’s get the job done. It would have been ben beneficial to set up a stall promoting these two websites during the summer period in which we could have greatly increased our numbers to our own goal. The UKG is laughing at us because we have a weak leader and an even weaker government in Scotland, who would rather agree with Westminster than defy them. But were heading into the winter, its going to be harder to promote during the winter months.

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  6. There is 50% of the Scottish population who want real change, there not interested in the Ref of 2014 or before there interested in whats going to happen in the hear and now and how we get rid of the monarchy and Independence, these should be our only drives in our lifes.

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  7. Breach of the peace is a common law offence, prosecuted in the Sheriff Court using the summary procedure.

    Neither of the reported arrests breach the Claim of Right Act 1689.

    Every case turns on its own merits in Scotland, as reported judgements clearly state.

    Meanwhile, the proclamations and Orders in Council from the new King go largely ignored, possibly as expected during a time of national mourning.

    Scotland is now exclusively in the hands of the Scottish Government., not Westminster Govt or Parliament

    Similarly, Wales is now exclusively in the hands of the Welsh Government.

    When we change the monarch, the constitution changes with it. Draft Orders in Council created by the Accession Council were approved and affirmed. Once Court of Session receives notice, that’s pretty much it.

    The administrative union is dead; Long live the King.

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    1. “Scotland is now exclusively in the hands of the Scottish Government., not Westminster Govt or Parliament”

      Scotland remains under the authority of the ‘sole corporation’ that is the ‘Crown as the legal embodiment of executive, legislative, and judicial governance’. In Scotland the legal establishment and British/devolved governments form the main parts of this governance, each being key elements of the Crown.

      The Crown spread through English and later British colonisation, its powers being diminished upon the independence of former colonial territories and only being completely removed on their becoming a republic. In colonialism the Crown represents Imperial power, and thus force, as well as compliance, much as we see.

      Independence/decolonisation is therefore about the removal of the Crown and its corporate ‘agents’ who control a territories executive, legislative, and judicial governance and which allows it to be plundered and its people exploited and subjugated. In other words, British royalty and Scottish independence / decolonisation are not necessarily separate issues.

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      1. With respect, you have missed what the new King actually proclaimed and assented to.

        In return for a Sovereign Grant, he has forfeited all inheritable property to the Scottish Government for the benefit of the common good. He unambiguously did not afford WM Govt any control over Scotland and its defined borders or laws.

        He clearly referred to his kingdoms of Scotland and England as separate entities and also, crucially, referred to the peoples (plural) of the nations that constitute these islands.

        The 1707 Acts were assented to for the better administration of Queen Anne’s personal business, not to incorporate 2 kingdoms into one homogenous entity or people.

        The new monarch has clearly expressed his view on how Scotland, Wales, England & Northern Ireland should be governed. As is his right, afforded by the common law of Scotland.

        The First Minister will be keeper of the new Great Seal of Scotland.

        The First Minister will be keeper of the new Seal for Wales.

        Secretary of State for Northern Ireland will be keeper of the new Seal for Northern Ireland, in line with the terms of the Belfast Agreement.

        England’s Lord Chancellor or such will do whatever they do with a new Royal Seal down there, outwith my jurisdiction that…

        Scotland is independent of Westminster again, save for any changes to the Privy Council deemed necessary for the betterment of advice to the King from his kingdoms.

        The monarch in Scotland is subject to the common law and pursuit of the common good like the rest of us, and has been for centuries.

        That’s an oft omitted, but certainly pertinent, aspect of the Claim of Right Act 1689.

        The political union is dead when confirmed at Court of Session.

        Nobody said it would be so easy, because the union of the crowns is a matter exclusively for the King or Queen & Privy Council via Order in Council etc;

        It’s a new day.

        Long live the King, as the body of his late mother leaves Scotland for the final time.

        Long live our crown, our parliament, our constitution and our people.

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      2. “The political union is dead when confirmed at Court of Session.”

        I have no doubt the Court of Session could (and should) make void the Treaty of Union given violations of the Claim of Right Act 1689 etc, but will they do it, and when?

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  8. Much evidence leads me to opine, for what that’s worth, that the whole Rule Britannia, United Kingdom edifice and everything that entails both socially and politically, is about to collapse to the ground in a panicked, crashing plume of smoke and dust reminiscent of a nuclear explosion. That the state “fire-brigade” and its auxiliary components will prove inadequate in the utterly transformed landscape will retreat in disarray at what confronts them, seems highly probable. Future historians will largely agree that everything might have remained, more-or-less, the same, had there been a degree of suppleness within the otherwise rigid structures of the, anyway, already crumbling edifice.

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    1. Wish I had your sparky confidence Roddy. All I can forsee is more thumb screws, double downing and lies. For a wee country england is a master at it. Of course with nicoliar in charge and master bates in waiting we’re screwed 🙄.

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  9. You know in your hearts that if the support was there they wouldn’t have to stoop to this level. It’s just a measure of trying to control the feelings of other human beings. Even the delaying of the Yestival is just trying to hold off the inevitable because once the ceremonies and obligations to mourn are over there is going to be little else for the newspapers to sell. You ladies and gentlemen know that the narrative is to try engage us in their unity which isn’t unity at all. It’s like a refusal to let go of something that they know is over and they keep touching their own wounds just to assure themselves that for now it’s not healed. If you have to force, cancel or try prevent natural feelings of other people then it’s not real it’s fake. The polls and papers and TV are not something that we can consider to be the truth.

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    1. It’s not really we that they are trying to convince, they are trying to convince themselves and the folk outside looking in.

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  10. In his thought-provoking book ‘Diana: The Lying Game’, Stephen R. Smith gives the following quote from a former (named) MI6 agent.
    ‘There is an arrogant faction in MI6, part of the Oxbridge clique, which doesn’t try to hide dedication to the royal family and their self-appointment as defenders if the realm’

    Smith goes on to detail how much material was unearthed by Mohamed Al Fayed’s private investigators – the vast majority of which was not made available for public consumption. Much of this information contradicts the official narrative and was, no doubt, instrumental in his belief that his son was murdered. Al Fayed, many will recall, was accused of sexual misconduct with members of his Harrod’s staff. Interesting.

    The choreography surrounding the death of the late Queen of Scots has been by any standards, impressive. Dare I suggest almost too impressive.

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  11. I was surprised that Piers Morgan was still around after his documentary Unlawful Killing. I feel sad for Dodi’s dad because you know if you watch anything that he has been in, it’s clear that he is a man who loved his son and whilst his son might not have been deemed as important in the eyes of the creator status doesn’t matter we all do.

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  12. Ladies and gentlemen if naebody told you today that you are amazing well I think that you all are and I am grateful that there’s people in this world and country like you. It’s been a long road and a battle without swords but they say the pen is mightier than the sword. The people of the past used their swords, then their pens and the archeology department (SSRG) and the other organizations found the treasure. The Scottish people are distributing the treasure. (Truth) Which is setting us free. Sovereignty. ♥️

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  13. “The political union is dead when confirmed at Court of Session.”

    I have no doubt the Court of Session could (and should) make void the Treaty of Union given violations of the Claim of Right Act 1689 etc, but will they do it, and when?

    – Alf Baird

    The new King spoke to his instructions being sent to the Court of Session at Accession Council.

    And his kingdom of Scotland, and its people.

    Every document was signed by the assembled AC individually, thus collectively; Ian Blackford used a pen with not enough ink and had to use a second to finish the job as Andrea Leadsom watched and waited.

    In return for a Sovereign Grant, Charles has forfeited his inheritable property (ie Scotland) to the Scottish Government & the new Great Seal of Scotland to the First Minister of Scotland.

    That ends ‘Westminster Parliament’ control and ‘colonisation’ of Scotland by any metric?

    The ‘nitty gritty’ of currency etc will be for another day, once official state mourning period ends?

    The treaty and related Acts will be repealed by proclamation and implication, but cooperation on defence should be expected by dint of loyalty to the wearer and function of the respective crowns in the kingdoms of Scotland & England, if the Orders in Council say what they actually say? [Don’t expect tanks at the border, or dissent from unionists or loyalists. The King has spoken & the union of the crowns remains peacefully and lawfully intact]



  14. What absolutely sickens and disgusts me is that we have all these politicians and legal minds standing by whilst ordinary Scottish people are charged with having an opinion , WHERE are all these public servants getting outraged and vociferous that freedom of speech is being SILENCED

    WHERE are ALL these politicians of EVERY PARTY that we pay to protect us , screaming that the polis and copfs are acting illegally and outwith their powers .

    WHERE is Joanna Cherry and ALL the supposedly independence supporting senior legal officers within Scotland when our fellow citizens are being arrested and charged by the CROWN for utilizing their rights as a sovereign Scottish citizen under the CLAIM of RIGHTS to decide and express their opinion that Charlie doesn’t represent me

    ARE the members of the world renowned Scottish Justice System going to sit idly by whilst Scotland’s legal system is trashed , ridiculed and destroyed by a foreign government in awe of a monarchical disgrace , is THIS COWARDICE what your great legal ancestors expect of you , ancestors who foresaw the lies and corruption of the english state and knew that they couldn’t be trusted so designed and ensured conditions and rules that would protect and serve Scotland , the people and the unique JUSTICE SYSTEM , if you FAIL to protect our people and our legal system you are a disgrace to yourself , your ancestors and your country

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      1. Michael she may have voiced her disgust on twitter but as a QC she is representative of the judicial system in Scotland , she and other legal officers who represent Scottish Justice and the independence of the Scottish Justice System should be DEMANDING answers from the police and COPFS .
        TBQH if I were a member of the Scottish legal system I would be incandescent with rage at the corruption and venality that has taken place over the past few years , corruption that has cost millions and made Scotland’s justice system a laughing stock of a banana republic

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      1. Iain every last politician of every party should hang their heads in shame , they are a disgusting disgrace and should be remembered by every voter for their COWARDICE
        Irrespective of whether you are a unionist or an independence supporter the actions of police Scotland and the COPFS signifies that there is NO DEMOCRACY , this is turning into a police state , what’s next getting your family or neighbour to report you to the secret police for harbouring evil thoughts
        STURGEON’S Scotland the place where FREEDOM OF SPEECH went to DIE

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      2. @thesnpleftme
        Is that possible/ strictly correct before the coronation?
        From some of the footage I’ve been told about the Scottish Crown was clearly on the Queen’s coffin in St Giles rather than, say, on (King) Charles’ head – where it might rather have been expected had all these signing ceremonies been as formal and definitive as you imply (unless and to extent the new Scottish crime of potty mouth/pen means he cannot wear it until his own alleged breaches of the peace outside Scottish jurisdiction have been formally expunged/ investigated)

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  15. For any who passes my house in Fauldhouse, you’ll see the Jacobite flag flying high in the sky. I though I’d just honor our fallen brothers and sisters.

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  16. O/T.

    I’m no fan of Laura Kuenssberg, but this is quite shocking in my opinion.

    ” You will be pleased to know hospitals are cancelling appointments for cancer patients on the day of the Queen’s funeral as a “mark of respect” and no, this one is not satire either. This island is getting a little too sinister for my liking.”

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  17. If you believe in salvo and well then you know that it’s going to be the people who are doing something about it. Everything happening now can be considered as evidence for when the time comes. Perhaps we need to think of getting the documents for signing via different methods. It’s a pity that we didn’t use the strikes as opportunities for getting them signed. Maybe the unions could be given information to pass on to members?

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    1. Did you miss the bit where the new King & Accession Council claimed and exercised the absolute right to administer the union of crowns using Royal prerogatives as defined in Scots law & separately but equally in English law?

      By Orders in Council;

      The kingdom and of Scotland was formally acknowledged and given to the Scottish Government for the common good of the formally acknowledged people of Scotland. The new Great Seal was given to Scotland’s First Minister.

      Wales was given to the Welsh Government, and its new Seal to its First Minister. For the good of the people of Wales.

      Northern Ireland’s new Seal was given to the Secretary of State, upholding the Belfast Agreement and for the good of the people of Northern Ireland.

      The formally acknowledged kingdom of England will also have a new Seal. For the good of the people of England.

      Once the late Queen’s official period of mourning has ended, the logical conclusion is that further clarity can and will be given….

      SALVO et al. would have succeeded in ending WM ability to enact and amend Scots laws through evidence of popular support (measured against 5% threshold forcing local authorities in England to hold a referendum, if that quorum of registered electors submitted a formal request to do so)

      Anyone was free at any time to petition the monarch directly seeking remedy for breach of Acts & treaty…without fear of punishment or prejudice to rights, but the always unknown future a new monarch brings has lawfully effected constitutional change by proclamation and affirmation.

      The union of crowns is secure, which should please everyone.

      The constitution changes whenever the monarch changes, but the rule of law in Scotland remains.

      The 1707 union is dead; Long live the King.



  18. How many events are on that we know there’s going to be people there, doesn’t need to be political events. We could arrange for foot soldiers to get to the places with the paperwork. Wee campaign if folk get together and dae a wee bit of thinking, ideas together and then action. Instead of thinking all of the things that are an obstacle look for ways to get over them.

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  19. I will tell ye a wee secret. Myself and two pals already done it years ago, lipstick oan, one guy nae lipstick oan paperwork in hand, information and yer best Sunday voice and a smile. It’s amazing what ye can dae in a few hours. We used bonfire night. Obviously it didn’t go anywhere but I am just saying that if we want to do this and we know that there’s naebody but us then we need to be willing to do the work.

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    1. I can’t recall who organised the paperwork however there was nae money attached and nothing to gain other than raising awareness and planting seeds of sovereignty. Afterwards everyone walked up to the Green for the Fireworks.

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  20. You know there’s an awful lot of music and videos that you can use to your advantage. Why do you think that the media is used to tap into your emotions and it’s the same with films?

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