Dear Editor,

Sir Keir has flip flopped on renationalising energy, first pledging to do so, then not, and now vowing to create a public company, GB Energy, powered with Scottish renewables. And Ian Murray, his faithful Scottish minion, claims Scotland will prosper under a Labour government. 

It’s the same old story. The UK feasts vampirically on Scotland’s energy to resuscitate its moribund economy, bleeding Scotland dry. Scots are penalised with higher bills, no new jobs or businesses are created from the renewables bonanza and Scotland gets zero revenue because it all goes south. 

To think this will change just because another BritNat party gains power in London, is a fantasy. English Labour knows that Scottish renewables have the potential to dwarf the income the UK got from our oil and gas, which is why they won’t let us go. 

It’s classic colonialism with economic exploitation the cornerstone. The union has resulted in Scotland being underdeveloped and poor. It’s why the Scottish economy lags far behind our prosperous Nordic neighbours, and over a fifth of Scots live in poverty. Our assets have been sold off to profiteering foreign conglomerates with the Scottish people receiving nothing in return. After our oil was stolen, the second great energy rip-off is underway. Meanwhile, the coloniser tells us that we can’t survive without the UK’s largesse and the ridiculous GERS, concocted by Westminster, reinforces the lie.     

The biggest threat to the British State is the Scottish people realising that sovereignty lies with them, not with the feudal British ruling class or corporate elites. Reclaiming our sovereignty means reclaiming our energy, land, ports, transport, health, education, civil rights, foreign and economic policy. It means reclaiming our future. Until we do, the plunder will continue. 

Yours sincerely,

Leah Gunn Barrett



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24 thoughts on “LEAH’S LETTER OF THE WEEK.

  1. The Scottish people ARE sovereign. There were riots all over Scotland when the Treaty of Union was engineered against their will. As the people of Scotland did not support this so-called Treaty – the Scottish Parliament was ‘prologued’, shut down, before the Treaty, so really Scotland was never legally bound into this Treaty. There was no Union of the parliaments. ‘We have catched Scotland and will bind her fast’ – as the then Speaker in Westminster said. The Treaty was only agreed to by a few high headyins in Scotland who had lost their shirts in the failed Darien Scheme and were recompensed for their losses if they signed away Scotland’s independence – which they had no power to do.

    So let’s keep this simple. We do not need to dissolve a Union we were never in. End this charade – or the people need to rise up and assert their Claim of Right and stop this colonial abomination.

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  2. I always quote the following when it comes to Westminster’s sleight of hand and creative accounting used to purloin the wealth of other nations. It is the same for Scotland as it was for Iran, and not just oil, but all our other natural resources too as Leah’s letter makes clear. The quote is from “Coup 53”, a feature documentary about Operation Ajax, the 1953 Anglo-American coup d’état in Iran:

    “When oil was discovered in Iran, Winston Churchill described it as “a prize from fairyland beyond our wildest dreams…” Thanks to Churchill, the First Lord of the Admiralty, he changed the British fleet from coal burning to petroleum based, and this was a life changing moment for the world because it made petroleum as important as it is today. Under the original agreement only about 16% of the oil revenue was supposed to be given to Iran, but that 16% was going to be calculated by the British, and no Iranian would be allowed to look at the books. We now know also that the amount was calculated after the oil company paid its taxes. Since the oil company was owned by the British government, when it was paying taxes it was essentially paying taxes to itself. So there was a lot of creative accounting, but in the end it was clear that nearly all the money from this tremendous resource was going into Britain and almost none was coming back to Iran.”

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  3. Keep doing what you’re doing, Leah—telling the truth! For those who couldn’t make it to the packed-out Glasgow-Hub inauguration yesterday. Maybe just as well, there were no chairs left in the room and not a lot of standing-room left either. A most auspicious occasion, indeed!

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      1. I do but the plan is not to reveal them until certain milestones have been achieved. We have still to run our first nationwide recruitment drive, we have been awaiting a safe, tamper proof website before we do. Our existing one was under a whole series of dirty tricks.

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  4. @iainlawson27 “Our existing one [website] was under a whole series of dirty tricks.” Yes, indeed Iain, it would appear that a whole lot of time, energy and tax-payers’ money is being expended on what amounts to old-fashioned spying in Scotland today.

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  5. Another very good article.

    Although I would prefer a more direct and demanding route to Independence I still admire the dedication and hard work by Salvo/Liberation. It is a painful truth that they are the only group actually doing any ground work on the Independence case.

    I would have preferred that Political Parties and the wider YES Movement had been the battering ram with Salvo/Liberation providing the calm rationale documented case. I have to acknowledge that Salvo/ Liberation are doing their part. It is others who are letting us down at the moment….specifically those forming the SG who seem obsessed with being a Vichy Government with a Colony status.

    When we look at anyone’s attempt to promote Independence we should back them regardless of our personal preferred route.

    If one person stood outside Holyrood every day with a placard demanding Independence they would have my admiration and support. I would not be writing…”How many people do you have”,”Why will that work”,”How will this regain our Freedom”……He is trying at least!

    We need People like those people in AUOB who just DO instead of waffling like Humza Useless.

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  6. Lets not forget the great Scotwind Give Away by Sturgeon, what next I ask myself our water, and eventually our lands as well if we don’t dissolve this union.

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  7. Off topic but I am fed up with politics and the media new and old. We got our boulder back from Westminster which seems to be important to some and that is about it. In the real world here on a pile of rocks on the West coast we have a ferry service that is a joke all being a bad one, an internet service that a third world country would be ashamed of and for the last few weeks no postal service. I would vote for anyone that would sort this out but sadly Mussolini was the last guy that tried to make public transport run on time and he came a cropper. The economy out here cannot operate without a reliable connection to the mainland both online and physical and none of the shower at Holyrood of whatever hue seem to be bothered as we count for so few votes so we are left to rot. Still at least a few inadequate blokes can play women’s sports and sit down to pee in the Ladies bathroom which is the SNP legacy of the last few years. Hell mend the lot of them and as for the rest of them the various shades of Tory at our parliament they can also do one. Rant over. Turned out nice again.

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  8. I absolutely love LEAH, this is a lady that walks the talk, I had the privelage of meeting her while we where “allegedly” removing Union Jack bunting from Waverley Train Station after returning from the AUOB March on the 6th.

    This is a great article, thank you Leah

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  9. Prehaps Ian Murray and his master Starmer, the self proclaimed Tory millionare should consider that 300 years of Colonial rule has impoverished Scotland and not benefited the indigenous Scots population in any way. We have had forced migration, genocide , poverty and all our resources looted for the enrichment of the UK state, we live in a colonial underdeveloped backwater as a result. The only time we get more than our fair share is when there is a War and they need cannon fodder to fight it. Better together the Vow , we have heard all their tails and lies before. They are only interested in the the big pie ,England and keeping their greedy hand on our Oil,Gas and Electricity.
    70 years the Labour party ruled Scotland, they did Nothing for us . The Vow, Scottish, Labour MPs ,blocked this and they paid the price. Devolution was the will of the people but they even tried to stop that and rigged the system to make it difficult to get a majority. Now Starmer is slavering about federalism, which in reality offers no real change, and just legitimises colonialism. Labour are even more useless than a Sturgeon/ Humza colonial administration. We dont want devolution we want independence nothing less.
    We are sick of the SNP granted but we will vote for other independence parties till we break free for our colonial paricitical neighbour.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  10. ‘The people are sovereign’ would be a good Anarchist slogan. That is undoubtedly not what the author meant, but she appears not to give her slogans much thought. I would imagine she really means the authorities deign to gift the people the authority/sovereignty to elect some of the authorities, the odd referendum if you elect a David Cameron, and the authorities sometimes listen to groups of people if they make enough noise or strike (therefore the people are sovereign, or something). However, as no-one here seems to want to bother to explain what they mean when they use this oft-repeated slogan that seems to be a blog foundation, I guess we will never know what it means. Without meaning it’s empty sloganeering, and a castle made of sand.


    1. I suggest you go to Salvo.Scot and read up on the factual information there. It might save you future embarrassment through your lack of knowledge.


    2. I’m curious Mr Woo, as a new face, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not trolling us all, and ask what your personal opinion would be if Scotland’s Claim of Right and Constitutional Sovereignty were not merely slogans as you put it, but were established as sound and extant principles under international law?

      Would you defend the truth of it honourably? Or would you simply ignore the truth, and look for some other ruse to subjugate Scotland?

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  11. @Mr Woo

    Looks like you’re new around here. That’s not a problem, but I would very strongly suggest that you do some research and familiarise yourself with Yours for Scotland so as to save yourself from jumping to unfounded conclusions.

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