This post comes from the site of Eva Comrie, (oneleggedwomanspeaks.Uk). I had been trying to write something similar but was just getting increasingly upset. I thought Eva’s article was excellent so here it is.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it – nothing more true in politics, especially today. 

Scotland’s history of radicalism is peppered by the influence and memory of brave characters who went to the grave for their beliefs. From workers driven to oppose injustice, seek better working and living conditions, social justice, social mobility – what our ancestors had in common was hunger, a tangible desire for betterment, for fair treatment, just reward. In desperation, faced with intransigence and ridicule, some brave, frustrated souls will revolt.

Their descendants today demonstrate, argue, shout and demand because they are cornered, afraid, skint; some already starving and so tired of false dawns, promises broken and trust betrayed. Polite begging letters, cap doffing meetings and out of touch politicians some of whom boast of riding a gravy bus to their comfy destination will not deliver for those in need. 

Inflation is at a 40 year high. 10.1% and rising.

Fuel bills are increasing at 20 times the rate of wages.

Food prices rocket as shelves become increasingly bare.

All this in a country which is a net exporter of energy, self sufficient in electricity, a gas and oil producer, recent host of a reverse auction for wind power – resources most of the planet would give their eye teeth for.

Scots emigrated or were cleared abroad where they built the world – engineers, builders, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, thinkers and doers – wha’s like us? Are we a’ deid ?

Tonight in Scotland some mothers will be greetin worrying how they’ll get through to payday, some will do without, so their children or the parents for whom they care can eat. Our single adult working poor will survive by boiling a kettle and filling a flask to make a cup of tea and a pot noodle for sustenance because the electricity is into the emergency supply. Families with disabled children will panic that the appliances needed for life, to feed, measure, clean, ventilate, lift, will fail when the meter runs out.

Tomorrow the postman will fire unwelcome missives through the letterbox; there will be gas and electricity demands, red letters, threatening letters and intimation of rent arrears or mortgage increases. There will follow family disagreements, separations, mental health issues and worse. Poverty and hardship, loss and constant worry have only inevitable horrible outcomes.

This must not be allowed to be. No more. Not one moment.

We have a government in Westminster which ran out of road long ago; an outgoing PM departing in disgrace, flanneling and foundering in the ordure of deception, decay and dishonour, about to be replaced by something worse. Untold billions have been disappeared into the coffers of cronies under the guise of ‘Covid’; we hear tell that workers don’t ‘graft’ and that Scotland somehow requires reined in, inspected, monitored, surveilled and checked.

What Scotland needs, for her survival, is that her elected representatives have the courage to grab their destiny with both hands, to alter the destiny of this nation; harness the power and desire of the people demanding the change for which they voted repeatedly, to which they are entitled. 

Scotland needs radical action without delay. 

Scotland elected with several majorities a set of representatives enjoined to hold a democratic event seeking to deliver our country’s independence. That need not await the inevitable judicial refusal or timetable hastily assembled a few short weeks ago – we know that the importance of the Battle of Bannockburn is that it ensured Scotland’s very existence as an independent country – had that been lost, so Scotland would have become a historical relic, a dusty memory hidden in ancient parchments as a has been, no mark. Today Scotland faces a similar struggle for survival – it is time that Scotland regained her status as an independent country – in the absence of autonomy, she is doomed to watch her resources continue to be swindled and her people belittled and hobbled.

Today, this very day, those in the leadership of Scotland sense a change in the national mood – growing rumblings of discontent and unassuaged longings turn to rage when ignored by democratically elected representatives. Leaders have a duty to lead, listen, respect, understand and act as required and entrusted so to do; that’s democracy. What it is not is a smart rebuke or pat on the head when a people are becoming desperate and scared, when there is an obvious route available, a roadmap for the nation.

There is a famous building in Edinburgh available, for a provisional government, every Friday from now until Independence Day – the leaders of this country, political, civic, trades unions, religious and others should assemble there this and every  Friday, get their sleeves rolled up, get to work. 300 years and more later, Scotland has come to the ring again – let us ensure that this time, before it is too late, we dance to our country’s freedom. As a united movement with one aim – the creation of an independent better nation.For all. And for a’ that.


I thank Eva for this excellent article. She advocates action, urgent action and she is right. It really is as simple as that. If nothing is done then many people will die this winter and all of us who do nothing will be partially responsible. Speaking for myself I have great difficulty living with myself if I don’t at least try. I hope you all feel the same. Scotland needs you, all of you….now!

I am, as always



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  1. Amazing how you can spot real empathy in an article!
    Not the fake language of so many politicians but someone who has the ability to express the reality of those in dire need.
    Eva you have written a wonderful piece which says a great deal, not only about the situation in Scotland, but about you as a person 👏👏👏

    This compassion is the motivation for Independence and it is a million miles from what we will experience from Truss and the Tories (Blue or Red)

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  2. Great article and sentiments included therein.

    So is The Gathering to be at the Scottish Parliament, Bute House, Queen Elizabeth House or The Royal High School? or all 4?

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  3. Eva has expressed my feelings much better than I ever could and she is so right about action now!

    Despite all the warnings about how this winter will result in hardship for so many people and for some death, large numbers are still sleepwalking into this situation. I have talked to many people about what is going to take place but they are so beaten down by the system that is supposed to support them that they believe there is nothing that they can do to change the outcome.

    Scotland already experiences poverty levels that are totally unacceptable in a country with so many resources. However the problem is that those resources are not at their disposal or under their control.

    When a body is under attack, it first sacrifices its extremities and so it is for the southeast of England and its extremity – Scotland!

    As Eva has so rightly stated “Scotland needs radical action without delay”. However, I cannot but foresee the Scottish Government spouting useless words but not supporting the people who rightly look to them for leadership and to stand up for their rights. Will they stand with those who take to the streets because there is no other way for them to express their despair and their anger, or will they meekly stand aside and effectively support the inevitable demands from the unionist elite for police action?

    However, from this impending disastrous situation may come opportunity if the people of Scotland who voted “No” in 2014 finally realise that they are expendable as far as their Westminster government is concerned.

    This will also be a time when the actions or inactions of the Scottish Government will also come under increasing scrutiny by everyone in Scotland. Will they take the radical action demanded by Eva and so many others? We shall see!

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  4. This is music to the ears of those of us who have held our wheesht for too long. I despair of our elected representatives in both Holyrood and Westminster, appearing to sit facing the wall, neither hearing or seeing except when it is in their own interest.

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  5. The Yes side are lucky to have such strong, intelligent, articulate adult human females – Eva Comrie, Mia, Sara Salyers, Gayle Miller, lorncal (I think this is a Lorna, apologies if not!). It’s just unfortunate that in pole position we’ve got a weak narcissist who’ll do nothing that might jeapordise her own future career prospects.

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    1. Yes, it is I, Dave, and thank you for the mention. I do what I can, but health problems hold me back more than I would like.

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  6. Excellent article Eva.

    “our elected representatives in both Holyrood and Westminster”. They appear to be in permanent hiding. I wonder why. The Scots word I mostly use to describe today’s SNP MPs and MSPs is ‘daeless’, which means ‘improvident, lazy, useless’. However their inaction and deceit is of course much worse, consigning a whole nation and people to oblivion.

    There is only one cure for the ‘colonial condition’ – liberation (Albert Memmi). Otherwise the people, culture, and nation will ‘perish’.

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    1. Aye, and McPrävda shatter the irony meter on their front page this morning. In their feature piece on Ruth Davidson’s performance in the HoL, they give prominence to a quote from Pete Wishart; “She fits in with the has-beens and cronies and never intended to push for change.”.
      At this point, NuSNP are just a trolling operation for the British deep state.

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      1. O/T but a postscript to The National’s front page irony.

        Some time ago their front page majored on the increased delivery charges experienced by those in the Away Counties. Those readers amongst you with green fingers may have noticed that by far and away, The National’s biggest advertiser is a company called ‘You Garden’

        If you care to read the small print in You Garden’s ad, you will see that they apply a surcharge for delivery to the unlevelled-up postcodes

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  7. Thanks Eva

    Nicola Sturgeon
    I believed you, we believed you, Scotland believed you
    You have betrayed me, you have betrayed us, you have betrayed Scotland.

    The anger is simmering and is at boiling point ready explode, so go and go now

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  8. I tire of implorations for our elected representatives to get up aff their collective erses and do something concrete. They’re bought and sold. £84k to park their bahookies on a comfy green bench. £64.5k for being a glorified toon Cooncilor.
    If they stoop tae show their coupons at a demonstration, it’s just performative. Just a gesture to try and preserve their comfortable, middle class sinecures.
    There’s an ocean wide disconnect between them and the communities they once emerged from. They’ve been captured by the British state. It’s what the British state has been practicing for centuries.
    The Dugdale / Gilruth hoosehold increased its gross income by £99k this year. It now accrues circa £250k pa. We dinna ken exactly how much ‘cause the John Smith Centre for Public Service has never published accounts. Let that sink in, a registered charity that’s never published accounts. A political influencing operation that keeps its sources of funding hidden. Nothing sinister in that eh? And yet oor Furst Meenister and her entire inner coterie cheerfully associate with it.
    Expect nae help from these charlatans, frauds and carpetbaggers. We’re on our own people, but united and determined, that’ll suffice.

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    1. Vivian I love reading your exposures it exemplifies the utter CONTEMPT these unmentionables have for our people , but unfortunately THAT is nothing new it has been going on for centuries , for decades the lying unmentionables in Liebour done the same thing promises and lies nest feathering with not a care for the voters , the Stinking Nonce Party are just mirroring them

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  9. Unless this government takes action on the fuel and energy prices, gets down to supporting people who will be in extremis, the misery of Covid will be but a little sniffle by comparison.

    Power poverty in a land of plenty is an absolute abomination. Scotland had all the resources a country could need to support itself with power. Gas, oil, wind, hydro we all know or should know what we had, what we still have.

    And it was taken from us. Our generation assets built by the state, owned and operated by the state for the benefit of the state, were sold off and are now owned by huge corporate entities whose function is to make profit and gouge as much money as they can.

    And we gave it away. Let it happen. And now we cry at then cold dark empty households to poor to heat and light their homes. The houses as Eva says might not have the power to operate life saving equipment, let alone the luxury of a light or a bit of heating. And the corporates have been planning for this. I don’t know the exact figures but understand that around 35% of households now have pay- as-you-go-meters. No Pay – No Power. It’s as simple as that. No wonder the growth industry these last years has been the ramp up of PAYG meters.

    But maybe that is the beggars lot. Our government and huge corporate vested interest are joined at the hip. Certainly absolutely and utterly so from our Westminster government. But also now too from our Scottish Government.

    We expect of course the pillage of our resources by the vested corporate interests of our mother England. What we didn’t expect was the same joined at the hip policies from our Scottish Government and the Nu SNP. No body should ever have thought that it was easy to reverse the plundering of Scotland or to bring back control. But now, our government is not even trying.

    Where has the policy for a Scottish state power company gone. Or the reform of land ownership. or the resistance to creeping privatisation of things we hold as dear as the NHS. Or even Independence itself. Certainly been sold short on pursuing that whilst our lardy MP’s all take shadow posts to mirror every department in the UK.

    Ach I could go on. And a good summary by Eva. The cold cold winter famine cometh and it will reap misery on our poor hapless populace. Even the more comfortable ones will suffer too. But you know what, Ireland suffered more in the Great Famines where corn was actually being shipped out of a starving country, and where the English Establishment deemed the misery an experience that would sharpen up the indigenous Irish. That was until 1920 when, after many many years of what could cynically, or is it euphemistically be called The Grumbles, Sinn Fein walked out of Westminster never to return.

    We should do the same. It’s our country, our choice, and we need to make that choice. No sense in having SNP MPs if they are just plastic Scotties keeping their bums warm on the Westminster payroll delivering nothing, absolutely nothing. Unless and until we take steps to take back control nothing will ever change.

    Let’s trust that many of us will support the show of support for independence at the forthcoming Yestival to be held in George Square on the 18th of September..

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  10. A wee bit topical advice to those folks on the margins…

    A depressing problem once the power goes is keeping yourself connected. Even supposing you’ve got a phone and data, it’s surprisingly difficult to keep a device or phone charged up if you’ve no power. You can do it from a car (if you’ve got one), but here comes the warning. It’s risky because you can deep discharge the battery if you’re not careful.

    Car batteries are not designed for a slow discharge, like charging up a device. A car battery is considered flat round about 12v, because it won’t turn over the starter motor, but it’s still got around 85% of it’s power. If you jump or bump start the engine, the alternator will recharge a healthy battery.

    But a device isn’t like a starter motor, and can draw too much power from a car battery but do it slowly, and you get what’s called a deep discharge situation, where the voltage drops way down to around 10.5v and the battery is physically damaged, frequently irreparably. You cannot get it to charge up again, nor hold a charge. Sometimes you can save it, if you take the battery to a specialist, but very often it’s fatal for the battery.

    If you’re planning to be “off grid” for a bit or rely on a car battery to charge up devices, get yourself what they call a Leisure Battery for a caravan or camper. These batteries look the same, but aren’t designed to crank over a starter motor and recover when the engine runs. They are designed for a less intense but longer discharge, such as running the lights in your caravan over a period of hours. The lead plates inside the battery are designed differently and the battery can recover from a deep discharge. Maybe get yourself a solar panel to trickle charge it, and then you’re really in a good place.

    So just be warned folks. Don’t rely on your car to keep your devices going. Use them occasionally by all means, but just be aware of the risk. It’s a dull one to lose the use of your transport and need to find the cost of a new car battery just because you wanted the phone charged up. And it’s one of those situations when finding out is already too late, and suddenly you’re looking to find three figures of cash just to get back what you had yesterday.

    This is a prime example of how miseries can quickly escalate and multiply when you’re short of cash and under pressure to improvise solutions. If you can, leave the car battery to look after the car… especially in the winter.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m deeply loving this Provisional Government option… Yes! Yes! Yes! From me!

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    1. Yes Breeks, a Provisional Government. That is what it will take. And as we know it has been done before. This time we have the luxury of the hindsight of history to guide us taking what is rightfully ours.

      And take it we will. Our nation in a Scotland of plenty will not cower and huddle in cold dark houses.

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  11. The politicians have abandoned us and can no longer be relied upon to solve the problems we face which they themselves have induced. We are going to have to come together as a nation and do it for ourselves. We are plunging headfirst into a new dark age of economic serfdom to private interests as public services are allowed to disintegrate and collapse. I think the ruling elite genuinely want to see us huddled round a candle, living in hovels, shrouded in blankets, and scavenging for food as our health crumbles and our hopes evaporate. We are heading towards totalitarianism and the concerted elimination of the poor. We have to make a stand now or perish forever. As Eva says, “let us ensure that this time, before it is too late, we dance to our country’s freedom”.

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  12. Well said, Eva. We are all so sick of this. You are right: this is a movement for the people and of the people. No mainstream party or politician (including the SNP) has harnessed our energy and disgust, nor intends to. How dare those sanctimonious persons lecture us about behaviours unbecoming when they are all responsible in some measure for the despair people feel now. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I heard that Ms Dugdale had netted yet another top job at a top-notch salary. Then I thought about it: she wouldn’t have got it if she was not a collaborator and sure certain to make no waves or even think. Lack of thinking ability is a positive attribute these days. So is being utterly shameless in spouting untruths.

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  13. Absolutely agree with this. Radical actions needs to happen. Right now it feels like the priority of our politicians will be about how folk should die with decorum. Can’t go around upsetting the establishment can we.

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  14. A fine article Eva. i’ll start my response by repeating again – I haven’t a clue of the strategy, plan, intentions of my MP with respect to achieving independence.I campaigned for her, drove her around the housing estates to leaflet.Since her election not a word.She does get TV slots mind you.

    So for me alas, it appears, MPs and MSPs are effectively useless as a means to achieve independence. Leaders they are assuredly not, and why do we accept the concept that they are leaders? They are administrators. Sara Salyers has said more in a few weeks on the means/routes to independence – leading us to possible actions – than my MP has ever said in her six (?) years since elected.

    “You don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it” – well cheerfully, lots of oil and gas are still in Scottish waters. The wind and tide will continue to provide renewable energy. We have loads of water.
    But we have a predatory neighbour, and as I note above effectively useless MPs and MSPs who will idly blab as our resources are commercialised off.

    There was an article in the I paper detailing the difficulties of English Water – opening with ” The abject failure of Thatcher’s privatisation of England’s water services” – underinvestment in infrastructure, sewage disposal to rivers and coastal waters – 400,000 occurences in the past year, Only 14% of English rivers are declared to be healthy. Substantial chief executive payments. Overseas shareholders – China, Abu Dhabi,Kuwait.And then the article contrasts with Scotland – public owned, Scottish Water – bills 14% lower to consumers, chief executive pay a fraction of England’s executives.

    Energy rich Scotland is facing a nightmare scenario of soaring energy bills. And a nightmare scenario of Truss or Sunak as the UK’s Prime Minister. And our First Minister? Well apart for finding time off to appear on the Vogue magazine – selfies hugging bairns? Nah, old hat – she found time to be interviewed by Libby Brooks – ” I’m trying to manage a pandemic and my predecessor is trying to bring me down”, dabbing her eyes.

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  15. In the face of record inflation, and the likelyhood of huge electricity and gas bills the thing that is obvious is that you should join a trades union. You have to live in a bubble to think your pay will keep pace with inflation and fuel costs will fall if only we have a referendum, get a yes vote, the SNP governmental types negociate seperation to the agreement of all, then instigate their pretty much non-existant inflation and fuel-costs policies.

    Sorry, but the current crisis is here-and-now stuff.

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    1. “join a trades union”

      Not everyone is in work and/or able to join a union. Many Scots were members of trade unions in the 60s, 70s and 80s but that did not prevent mass unemployment, de-industrialisation and out-migration. Moreover, they are mostly British trade unions with Scottish branch offices receiving instructions from London HQs. What have any British institutions ever done for Scottish independence?

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      1. Many of the trade unions are absolutely unionist in tooth and claw. Not for them Scottish democracy, Scottish choice. They are all too often British Nationalists and their local Scottish branches just have to put up with it.

        But like the Tories, the British trade unions do not hold sway in Scotland, albeit like Labour they try. However, over recent years many trade unionists in Scotland have despite their London masters switched to independence. And Scottish trade unionists, like and each and every one of us can have an important part to play in our liberation.

        However, the trade unions are a much neutered entity. The Tories have by and large castrated them. Moreover, as Alf Baird says many many people are not members of trade unions. The pensioners who were frightened into voting no, staying with their benevolent union. Who speaks for them now.

        Try living on a state pension with rip roaring inflation where electricity and gas prices by 2023 anticipated to rise by upwards of +100% and the risible +3.3% indexation of this years state pension is exposed for what it is. Crumbs absolute crumbs.

        And of the more comfortable in payment of occupational pensions do they think that their payments will be indexed to reflect maybe +15%, whilst all the while the backside of the value of their savings that they may have, may have saved a lifetime, for goes down the toilet pan. Who speaks for them, the Better Together trade union.

        So let us make no mistake in our land of resources. Our living standards are going down the pan. Nuclear weaponry fur coat and no knickers, a busted currency, and an economy slipping down the charts and reliant on Scottish resources whilst the locals suffer, even the genteel Better Together are going to squeak as the Great British state realigns itself to its economic reality.

        Time to exit!

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    2. I was a trade unionist and shop steward all my working life and can honestly say the idea is great but the trade unions especially the current ones are just businesses , far from working on behalf of their members they are more interested in promoting car insurance or house insurance companies where they get a kickback , and even those insurances are dearer than the comparison websites . The trade union heid yins are like the charity organisations heid yins GROSSLY OVERPAID , when charity organisations are BEGGING people for donations and to set up direct debits how can they JUSTIFY paying their senior management hundreds of thousands of pounds a year , how many donations does it take to PAY their salaries

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  16. It is simply not possible for a country with resources in excess of it’s consumption to be impoverished if correctly administered. However Scotland in this union with England is billed for nuclear weapons, a House of Lords, an extended “royal” family, infrastructure projects that benefit England – Thames water barrier, Crossrail, extensive motorway networks,HS2, and etc. – and so by essentially clumsy sleight of England’s hand Scotland has a deficit according to the Gers finance reports fiasco. But our elected politicians seem unable to even recognise or speak of this clumsy cheating.

    Unfortunately, as I wrote in an earlier response we are being “administered” by a bunch of insipid MPs and MSPs who meekly accept England’s bills.We need an authorised body assigned to interrogate our insipid bunch. Sara Salyers has indicated the way.

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  17. “we are being “administered” ”

    Yes we are, and as we have a colonial administration furthering only the interest of the dominant partner, so we have a colonial balance sheet, financially, culturally, psychologically and more.

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  18. That is a wonderful piece, and as usual really thought-provoking and revealing responses. What I don’t understand is, though, what stops us from a bit of civil disobedience? I know very little of how things work now, since as soon as I get to understand a new system some clever so-and-so changes it and I have to start over, but if we pay our power companies through direct debit as many seem to do, what stops us from withdrawing the payments? We can pay what we think we owe for what we have used if we want, by cheque, through the post, and deliver to our new corporate masters a bit of personally contrived inconvenience, but if we can’t act through our unions, and shareholders are not taking any action other than to pocket the money, what stops us from simply refusing to pay? Though I do know it isn’t simple really.

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