Sally Hughes

I was a front line Police Officer for 25 years, all of it on the beat.  I retired in 2020.

I’ve been a supporter of Scottish Independence forever.

And like many an Indy supporter, this Gender ‘stuff’ when it first appeared on the radar, at first seemed unconnected, a distraction, divisive even.

Sadly though, and worryingly, the concerns initially raised, proved to be all too real, and in many respects, the tip of the iceberg.

We are due a huge debt of gratitude to Wings Over Scotland’s creator and Investigative Journalist par none – the Rev Stu Campbell.  How I wish though, just once in a while, I wish he would get it wrong.

In my time on the beat, there was seldom a day, and certainly not a full shift went by when I was not dealing with domestic abuse.   Almost all of it – a female victim, a male perpetrator.

And not once, not once, in 25 years, did I deal with a hate crime inflicted on a transgender person.  And having asked long time-served colleagues, they too have no incidents to recollect.

For the 1st 15 years of my service, female cops on the shifts, including me, were always the ones to note rape statements.  CID officers, in my area, there were 4 teams of 4 plus a sergeant for each team – there were 2 women in total (neither were Sergeants) and neither of them ever left the office – they were desk bound, while the ‘real’ Sweeneys were out and about on the swagger.  God’s gift in their own tea break (I was uniform by the way, in case you hadn’t figured).

Female cops noting the initial rape statement was not out of any respect for women’s’ dignity, but because it takes a minimum of 4 hours to note such a statement (and then follows the medical), like babies they always get reported just as you were about to go off duty, and they were often emotionally, complicated enquiries not often with a ‘clear cut’ arrest at the end of it.  (All cops are simple souls at heart, give them a nice clear-cut story with a goodie and a badie, and a simple trail of evidence, leading to a straightforward arrest, and they’re happy.) 

A female victim, with a history of being sexually abused as a child, and an adulthood of drink and drug abuse, one abusive partner after another, and her own children taken into care…. On the one hand (and something that is often overlooked) on the one hand she is the most attractive victim – because no-one will believe her – and on the other she is the most infuriating witness, because trying to get a clear account, a comprehensive statement from her is often a nightmare.

It’s not like the movies folks – people in the real world have messy, messy lives.

A powerful male institute such as the Police does not have a good history in dealing professionally with these complainers, and women know it.  That lack of trust often leads to a delay in reporting, a delay in reporting leads to a loss of evidence, and so on and so forth.

I did not often deal with child abuse complaints or offenders, but of course there were times, being a response officer when I dealt with some, as first point of contact.

And that is really the purpose of this essay.  In my experience, the extreme domestic abuser, the rapist, the child molester – they all had one intrinsic trait in common…. GASLIGHTING.

Many, many times I’ve heard the point made, that concerns about Self Identifying males to females would pose no threat to women and children and that somehow to raise concerns is to besmirch those transgender people with GR Certificates and label them as predators.

This is clearly an apples and pears argument.

So, if I may, I’d like to swap that viewpoint around, completely.  Let’s approach this from the opposite end.

Imagine you WANTED to attract male sexual predators; how would you do that?  What would be your marketing strategy?  Hmm.  How would you rally them to your banner?

I’d suggest that if you made, front and foremost, GASLIGHTING, as an intrinsic part of the package – you would have to beat them off with a stick they would be so keen.

You see, for a sexual predator, GASLIGHTING, is the foreplay and aftersex cigarette all rolled up into one, mindfucking on steroids, with the added bonus (if successful) of undermining your victims confidence and credibility.

So, in such context, a biologically fraudulent statement, such as ‘Transwomen ARE Women’, and bending all the states arms of legislation and administration to your will, is the biggest mindfuck of all.

Gaslighting by daylight.


There has been some seriously, seriously brave campaigning going on for this issue.  Maya, Stock, Miller, Cherry, Burrell…. And Father Ted’s author Graham Lineham.  Women For Scotland, And others.

And while expensive, stressful court rulings have been won – landmark cases that are essential to tackling this nonsense… recently – just as the women’s movement have built up momentum, just as the dangerous reality of this ideology has started to get out there to the general public – recently I’ve heard talk of, victory, and ‘stonewall’ retreat.

I’m going to caution against such thinking.  Tactically it’s likely that the foot is being taken off the accelerator in order to take the wind out of the gender critical movement’s sail.  They have far too much money invested, for it to be over just now.

But that’s an essay for another day.

In the meantime, to all the many good cops out there (most of them as it happens – even the CID wankers), the many transgender people who just want to live and let live, and the many males and females out there who have found themselves in the firing line for stating biology is real.  Peace and love.

And one last point to make, about 10 years ago, Police policy changed, any person reporting a rape now, will have the initial statement noted by a Sexual Offence Liaison Officer, one who has received specialist training.  They will still be a cop on the beat, and depending on who’s on duty and where they are serving, it might take a while for them to get to the station to note the complaint, but they are there.  And the complainer will be asked if the sex of the officer noting the complaint is suitable for them, and every effort made to accommodate that.  For, what should be obvious reasons – most of the SOLO’s are female.


27 thoughts on “ABUSE BY GASLIGHT

  1. Don’t forget the young biological female police officers who are forced to strip search the men who self id as women and insist on a female cop To undertake the search unaccompanied. The abuse is happening in broad daylight under the eyes of the biological male officers.

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    1. If a trans women (though od male appearance and not having undergone any surgery or hormone treatment insists on a female cop to search them, she should not be alone. Could there be another female present?
      Also I would like to ask if there are any trans womwn in the police force and are they assigned to female roles eg taking rape statements, I note that Sally says thet a woman reporting has the right to choose the sex (not gender) of her interviewer. Can she object to a trans woman without being abused as a transphobe?

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      1. Sorry, my answer was not complete. I do not know if a victim can object to a Tranwoman interviewer at the moment, and her decision be respected. If the bill passes, I fear it would become a crime to do so.

        During my service there were 2 transwomen officers (both really good cops), I’m not aware of either of them asking for, or wanting to volunteer to carry out Rape Statement Interviews.

        Both are retired now, and I have heard through the grapevine that one is undergoing reverse surgery to untrans.

        All strip searches are carried out with corroboration as a matter of officer safety.

        The danger which is going to come, is when a transgender ‘woman’ prisoner, has to be searched and insists on female officers doing so.

        If they have not had any surgery, then they will be getting their rocks off, exposing themselves to female officers. And the difference in physical strength, if they kick off, will lead to female officers being injured.

        As many cops have partners in the job, it is highly improbable, from a risk management point of view, that the male cops are going to let this happen without taking steps to rectify the situation, one way or another. Understandable, but not a good road for a professional institute to go down.

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  2. Curious that the whole trans narrative is so prominent and so toxic in Scotland, in the rest of the UK, in the US and in very few other places. Over here in Eastern Europe this is a subject which is barely mentioned. I have a son and a daughter in their early- to mid-20s and they find the whole thing completely overblown by the Anglo-sphere. I have spoken to other 20- and 30-somethings in the Baltics on the subject. Their attitude is similar with some even suggesting darker motives afoot.

    There is no issue with “LGB” in this part of the world but the “T” part is regarded with suspicion and some of that suspicion comes from the the SNP’s GRA which is universally seen as BAAAD! Who would have believed SNP BAAAD? Who would have thought that a policy of the standard-bearers of Scottish nationalism would be regarded with suspicion in Europe? Divisive stuff.

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    1. “Curious that the whole trans narrative is so prominent and so toxic in Scotland, in the rest of the UK, in the US and in very few other places. ”

      I can only speak personally Phil, but much of the toxicity is Scotland has been generated because the Trans lobby, including Sturgeon, have infiltrated the Scottish Independence movement, hi-jacked the popularity of Independence for its electoral success, but then misappropriated the prominent political position thus secured, to repeatedly abandon multiple democratic Pro-Independence mandates, stab our movement and prominent activists in the back repeatedly, and press ahead with deeply, deeply unpopular and misguided crackpot transgender extremism. The SNP under Sturgeon are cynical con artists who have stolen what doesn’t belong to them and wrecked our much beloved and powerful YES movement, and deeply compromised our Nation’s interests.

      They were never made unwelcome to join in with the wider YES Movement, never excluded, but nor were they invited to subvert the cause, sabotage Scottish Independence and squander Scotland’s hard won momentum and opportunity to secure desperately needed Independence. What did we ever do to deserve the attention from these seditious brats and self-serving imbeciles?

      All I’ll say beyond that is that “IF” they’re sincere in their beliefs, (big “if”), not just plants deliberately trying to destroy us, then their delusions about science and biology are as deeply misguided as their apparent belief that their intimidating tactics, ballot rigging and vetting manipulation, and cancelling of critics is going to promote wider acceptance and greater tolerance for these social delinquents.

      I now boak at the very sight of a rainbow now, (sorry gay people everywhere, you need a new logo now), and if that’s now a prejudice within me, (not gay people, the logo), it’s a prejudice which wasn’t there before the SNP introduced transgender extremism.

      Just to be clear Phil, I’m only just addressing the toxicity issue. The actual substance of their Trans agenda is also thoroughly repugnant to me. Leave our children (and women) to explore the world themselves and grow up unmolested in body or in mind. I don’t care if that upsets Trans people, it’s not up for discussion.

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      1. Some years ago, before I knew much about trans issues, I simply vaguely though that it was about social justice and wasn’t particularly engaged. However, I then read an article online by a gay man who warned that it was a project that was masquerading as a human rights issue. He was American and so he had had experience of this movement operating for some time before it began to trickle across to our shores. He mentioned that he was gay since he had lived through the struggle for gay rights and been part of the movement. He did not recognise the trans movement as being the same, having lots of funding behind it and rapidly gaining prominent roles and support in the social and political arena. He contrasted that with the long and painful struggle for gay rights that he had lived through.

        It wasn’t just the rapid success of the trans movement that concerned him but the way they were waging their campaign and what principally alarmed him was the way it had positioned itself in antagonism towards feminism. In short he saw this as a sinister project to undermine what is generally called progressive politics and that the target of feminism was chosen, as he saw it, because feminism had been one of the oldest platforms for human rights and the one which had been a major support for all the other struggles for human rights. It appeared that to destroy the support and status of this iconic movement within the left/liberal consensus, which had represented progressive ideals for so long. would drive a wedge through progressive politics and divide the left.

        At the time, I thought his concern was a bit over the top. Now having watched it played out here over a matter of a few years later, I share his alarm and suspicions. As Breeks has pointed out, this movement does not appear to be about social justice but is antagonistic and authoritarian in its attitudes. It has been toxic to politics and just as the American writer of that article predicted it has poisoned the body politic and caused division amongst the left.

        Whereas before, it would be the mark of a liberal-minded person to be on the side of women’s rights and protections, unfortunately now it appears that it is axiomatic for many of the left to cast aside women’s concerns and deride and silence feminists. Misogyny has now acquired a progressive mask. It has also cost us our party of independence which has deliberately embraced these trans policies with the main aim of dividing the movement and getting real nationalists out of the party. They didn’t manage all of this without the aid of the so-called progressive media, of course, and shockingly, the silence of much of academia and medical authorities.

        I wonder, with all of this help from many quarters in the establishment, who or what is behind this movement and what is its ultimate purpose? I think back to that article from some years back and like the writer I can’t help but see this as a project. Like him, I have never seen a grassroots movement for civil rights rise so fast and achieve so much support from many of the establishment institutions like politicians, the police and judiciary. It certainly goes hand in hand with the general rightward drift of left wing parties lately. In fact, it seems to mark an acceleration in a growing authoritarianism.

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      2. @jgedd, yes this is a truly sinister development and, as I point out, a development in the Anglo-sphere. Isn’t it somewhat remarkable that the militant trans agenda is an English language phenomenon?

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  3. Sally Hughes writes this interesting and informative essay based on her own experience: “I was a front line Police Officer for 25 years, all of it on the beat. I retired in 2020.” This essay opens with her sketching a few details touching on the essay’s main topic(s) and it contains a mix of clear, basic language alongside touches of police descriptions and so forth.

    Her essay gives a good description of what most of us don’t know about, apart from what’s seen on TV or in cinemas. This essay proves that she herself was an essential part of the police service that we always benefit from – and for which we ARE always grateful!

    When ex-Police Officers compose and publish pieces of this high standard, it’s a positive sign of the calibre that was and is present and active in our country’s Police Service; I can’t help but wonder if they earn a good enough wage for what is truly an almost invaluable service; alongside their practical and well-informed knowledge, they’re certainly invaluable people.

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  4. You make good comment Ewen Morrison when you give praise to the many good cops within Police Scotland.

    Police Scotland however is rotten to the core. It is politicised in act and deed in what it does or doesn’t do.

    It is moreover politically weaponised. The political hounding of selected targets from Salmond, to Hirst, to Marion Millar to Manny Singh to the pursuance of Margaret Ferrier whilst others are ignored are absolute testimony of the vicious political weaponisation of the Police.

    I for one, like many many others have no faith in the Police Scotland. They are but a recreation of the old sectarian RUC, or the old apartheid South African Police Service.

    And I say this as an individual who has a commendation for giving public support to a police.

    But now, for many, the view will be that the Police are best avoided, and the loss of trust, respect and consensuality is an absolute tragedy.

    A political force becomes a despised force.

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  5. It really is depressing to read much of what is published here. Transphobia is rife and in almost every comment and article, from the simple to the complex. I really wish before any comment further on gender that you read about it and how complex it is – it is not binary. I suggest this as a starting point:

    and quote from it to highlight some issues particularly the second bullet point:

    “How can parents support transgender children, or those with gender dysphoria?
    Well-meaning parents who want to support their children may not know the best way to do so. A few strategies for supporting a transgender child include:

    • Accept your child’s identity. (Do not label it as a passing phase.)

    • Educate yourself about gender, sex, and the difference between the two.

    • Follow your child’s lead about their trans identity. Don’t make assumptions about how they’ll behave, what they’ll want to wear, or what they’ll want to be called. There is no “one way” or “right way” to be trans.

    • Don’t tell others that your child is trans. Your child should be the one to share that information.

    • Don’t misgender your child or call them by their previous name.

    • Therapy can be helpful for trans youth, but don’t automatically assume a child needs mental or medical treatment.”

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    1. @Noidletalk, re, ‘It really is depressing to read much of what is published here. Transphobia is rife and in almost every comment and article, from the simple to the complex. I really wish before any comment further on gender that you read about it and how complex it is – it is not binary.’

      Hello Noidletalk, firstly I’m sorry you find my essay depressing, but can I commend you for the care you have taken with your second sentence, ‘Transphobia is rife and in almost every comment and article,’ it is much appreciated that you did not in fact state that my essay was transphobic, just worded it carefully to imply as much.

      Sex is binary in humans, and scientifically proven to be so. Including in legislation and courts of law both civil and criminal.

      Gender is not legally or scientifically defined… which is a bit of a problem when it comes to legislating for it.

      Feel free to correct me if that above statement is incorrect. For example, other than male or female, what other genders are there, just name 2 or 3 of the more prominent ones as an example… and perhaps a description would assist us, also if it came down to the line of evidencing it in court, please signpost us to the scientific DNA peer reviewed studies that demonstrate this.

      Incidentally, all crimes in Scotland, if there is an appearance of hate crime motivation, such as racism or homophobia, or indeed, gender reassignment, then it would be recorded as a hate crime aggravation. Very good statistics to argue your point.

      If you care to do a FOI with Police Scotland, you will find that while there are around 6,000 incidents of Domestic Aggravated Crimes per year, where the female is nearly always the victim.

      Statistics for hate crimes aimed at Transgender people range from under 10 in some years, to below 100 in others. For the whole of Scotland.

      I deplore hate crimes against anyone, but in terms of dealing with a problem, resources should always be deployed appropriately.

      The above figures tend to disprove your claim that ‘transphobia is rife’. It is not. False, incorrect, claims that it is rife are though. And sadly appear to corrolate with lobbying the Scottish Government to access grants of money. Almost like a giant fraudulent scheme.

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      1. Relatively convenient that it gets deleted rather than referred back to me for adjustment. Also not particularly civil to have this deletion mentioned in this way not even a direct admission that it has been deleted with some explanation.
        For those interested there were links to UK ONS site and WHO for definitions of gender and to Stonewall for the listing of genders.
        Would it be unworthy to suggest a reference to Stonewall ensures a gag? It certainly has that look about it and of course there’s the curt and rude deletion.
        Debate being stifled? Information (actually asked for by the original author) being suppressed?

        Surely you aspire to something better than this?


      2. You seem determined to get victim status. It has been explained already that your post was automatically deleted by my system as it had too many links to other sites within it. That happens irrespective of what the sites are. Sorry to report you were not targeted you just made errors in posting. Any more cheeky remarks and you are blocked. Then you will be able to boast about that!

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      3. Since my more substantive reply, on the information you “wanted” by some rather passive-aggressive language, has been deleted, I will address the issues about crime statistics that you make. I do not challenge them and did not make any reference to that anyway, but you have inferred that I did by moving to state “The above figures tend to disprove your claim that ‘transphobia is rife’.” – my comment that transphobia is rife was (I think clearly) related to the comments here, and in the wider sense on this thread here and in many other threads here – and by here I mean “Yours for Scotland”. It is no wonder that the numbers of reported hate crime are low since the very reaction you give would deter any possible complainant, lacking in empathy and riven with accusatory language.


      4. You seem to desire victim status. Your previous post was deleted automatically as it contained more links to other sites than my blog permits for security reasons


  6. Two recommended books:

    (Named a Book of the Year by the Economist, and one of the Best Books of 2021 by the Times)
    (4.5 STARS – 6,342 ratings on Amazon)

    (Sunday Times Bestseller and a Times, Spectator and Observer Book of the Year 2021)
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  7. Good article, thank you – not sure I fully understand the point about the victim being a predator though, and hope its not something that gets ingrained during contemporary training for crowd control/ riot policing (aka Canada, etc).

    Worth noting that if the gaslighting is deliberate then it must be understood, and if it is indeed understood then so too must be its corollary, so its probably somewhat of an indictment that, despite nearly 25 years of Holyrood oversight, it is not the entire family (or at least 66% of it) that is being cared for long before things get so bad the state is able to convince itself its improving them with statutory kidnapping,

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  8. The Gender Recognition Act will be enforced by the Hate Crime Act. Thus revealing a binary bond between extreme individualistic subjectivism and extreme state authoritarianism. The autocracy of self-ID is mirrored by the autocracy of Sturgeon’s government. Non-negotiable power is common to both. Non-debatable Might now determines Right.

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