Is Monday 16th January an unexpectedly red letter day in the battle for Scottish independence?

What chance for principled politics for Scotland so early in the new year? Alex Salmond gave his all in leading the campaign for his country’s independence in 2014 but considered his duty to resign when his efforts came to naught.

The Labour Party in Scotland is left twisting in the Gender Recognition Reform wind since 80% of their MSPs voted for the Bill. Will they take a principled stance against both the Unionist government and their own London leader and take up cudgels to defend their right to legislate in Holyrood?

More importantly will Ms Sturgeon fall on her political sword having had her flagship policy fail to make it onto the statute book? A policy in which she invested much, some say a disproportionate amount, of political capital.

Her policy to ask the Supreme Court for their opinion on whether or not Holyrood had the authority to conduct a “gold standard” has failed.
Her continuing mismanagement of the ferries debacle goes beyond the pale

Our own countrymen and women are in the grip of a multi dimensional crisis conjured up by the failed state that is the UK. Ironic is it not that Nicola Sturgeon promised to set up a publicly-owned, not-for-profit company to sell gas and electricity to customers at low prices by 2021 at the 2017 SNP conference? I was there I was excited by the prospect. Blaming that failed state for our ills is increasingly feeble.

The FM ‘s previous omnipotent invincibility is clearly no longer what it was.

Her constant anthem during her eight year reign is “judge me by my record”. Well then, the Health service? Admittedly there’s been mitigating circumstances but Scotland’s Covid deaths on a population basis aren’t that clever on detailed examination.
Her principled stance at COP 26 against the development of new oil fields is likely too to be heading for humiliation given Westminsters current penchant for macho politics.
The Rule Britannia brigade have demonstrated yet again they have nothing but contempt for their neighbours in North Britain. Clearly her back is against the firmest of political walls.

Save us all First Minister from wasting further time and mandates. Stop jousting with the British constitution and Westminster’s conventions.

Resign now and bring on the de facto independence election to Holyrood with the best chance of a positive result for your country and its citizens.

Iain Bruce


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29 thoughts on “AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SNP

  1. The only way to salvage her reputation is to resign asap and create a Holyrood plebiscite on a United Scotland Indy front. Scotland needs independence now. Not in 2026, or later. Now.
    Her recent interactions with Westminster indicate how necessary and urgent this is.
    Scotland suffers in food and fuel poverty while our resources are plundered. Most Scot’s live in an unacceptable situation.
    Enough is enough already. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍

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  2. Wasting your time. Cult leaders are impervious to criticism, surrounded as they are by a sycophantic cabal that continually tell them that they are indeed wearing a fine set of new clothes.

    Her adoring followers in the SNP are beyond saving so our only hope is that the wider public can see the stark contrast between her “Och well” attitude to the refusal of an indyref and her willingness to scratch , hiss and fight like a Highland wildcat protecting her new-born kittens over her flagship biology-defying lunacy.

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  3. She doesn’t care about anyone’s OPINION about her recored.
    Murrell Enterprises is a very successful endeavour and the thrill of Cult Leadership is too intoxicating to surrender.
    If she looses Constituency seats, she will gain List seats. The Partnership with the Greens was a long term Holyrood control strategy. She will use Scotland just as arrogantly as any Tory Politician at Westminster.

    When a Party Leader removes all the Democracy safeguards from the Party Rule Book and Engineers all key roles it is not done to aid the Nation. It is simply about rigid total control.

    For those who can see, it is obvious. Those who can’t are lost in the Cults embrace and merely chant “We Believe, We Believe” over and over.

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    1. “ She will use Scotland just as arrogantly as any Tory Politician at Westminster.”

      I think you’re spot on with that Clootie.

      All I’d add to your comment is the withering damage she has done to Scotland, and her squandering Independence when it was right there in the palm of our hands.

      A good open letter too from Iain Bruce, although I’m not sure about omnipotent invincibility. Sturgeon has always been a great disappointment for me, from the instant she took over and allowed the Unionists to decide for themselves what the Vow commitment actually meant.

      OK, it might have been overly bold, but had she hit the ground running, sponsored a Scottish Plebiscite and had the Scottish people pick and choose the “more powers” which Westminster had committed itself to granting, I believe Westminster would have a very hard job to resist giving them; especially if the Claim of Right was backing up our snap Plebiscite. Instead she did nothing, absolutely nothing, and allowed Better Together to squirm out of the blind commitments made in their desperate panic.

      Just imagine how different life (and the entire Brexit debacle) would have been if Scotland had secured powers over Scotland’s Broadcasting in 2014/15. Even after defeat in 2014, by the end of 2015, Scotland could have elected to take back every reserved portfolio, and been Independent in all but name.

      I’ve never seen omnipotent invincibility in Sturgeon. I’ve seen a failure and a dead loss from Day 1. The only change in my opinion these past nine years of vilification for daring to express doubts about the Great Leader, has been coming to see Sturgeon being described as a dead loss as being overly kind. She was so much worse.

      Sturgeon isn’t strong. Sturgeon is a nasty and vindictive hood, who is merely surrounded by gullible weak willed nobodies and grifters lacking in intellect, integrity, and strength of character. It’s my sad experience that the SNP actually reflects the stifling and corrupt “integrity” you will find endemic throughout Scotland’s Local Authorities as they suckle an easy living from the State.

      I believe Scotland needs to look elsewhere for better Champions. Looking towards SALVO seems very promising. But people shouldn’t give up on ALBA either.

      Sturgeon’s “coronation” was a watershed of doom for Scotland and the SNP. But the SNP as it was under Salmond, had been on an altogether different trajectory, and had a much more honourable philosophy. I would dearly welcome the return of that philosophy and the leadership which rose above the norm to create and nurture it. So personally, I am happy to give Salmond and ALBA all the time, space and oxygen, and as many times as it takes to establish themselves as our replacement vehicle to move Independence forward, after Sturgeon steered our beloved Indy Bus into a ditch.

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      1. She will go when her job here is done and the big job and rewards are lined up. Of course she will gaslight to the end and claim victory but she will be a traitor to Scotland. She will also not give a sh1t.

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  4. An excellent letter from Iain Bruce.

    The quoted comments below on NZ PM Adern’s resignation seem rather appropriate also to Scotland’s failed leader, perhaps too kind even in view of the added ongoing deceit here over an entire peoples’ national liberation, which is a far higher bar:

    “Good,” journalist Sophie Corcoran wrote in light of Ardern’s resignation. “She was ghastly and authoritarian. The covid dictators are falling one by one-she’s gone, who will be next. The people are angry and rightly so.”

    And this from journalist Dan Wootton: “Good riddance.””Jacinda Ardern has resigned as New Zealand’s Prime Minister knowing full well she was about to be brutally booted from office by Kiwis who woke up to her Covid authoritarianism, Be Kind hypocrisy and an economic catastrophe she inflicted on an amazing country,”

    The other similarity between NZ and Scotland may be a possible national election this October, as Iain Bruce and many others propose. Though in that case Scots would also be voting for national liberation as well as a new leadership.

    I hear there is to be a public demo ootside Bute Hoose on 25 Jan, 12-2. The tide seems to finally have turned for this leadership, and on the dunghill that is GRR. Scotland will be free, and yes, maybe even in 23!

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    1. I hear all the dissenters to Sturgeon’s reign, it seems the Britnats are winning, I’m more worried that if we are divided that we will end up with NO Indy parties in charge, unless someone can tell me for SURE that Alba have the resources and media presence to replace them.

      Unlike the Britnats we don’t have any voice in the MSM, fine for folk like us, we have already sought out places like this, joined Salvo etc, but how do we get it to the masses?

      The GRR was weaponised by the MSM and many have fallen for it, a wedge has been driven, folk who saw the light perhaps kept voting for SNP, through gritted teeth perhaps, but the MSM and the Britnats made this a much bigger deal than it really is, in the grand scheme of things it’s a distraction. I’m not saying it’s important, and I’m not saying I wholly agree with it, but lets keep our eyes on the bigger prize, however I feel it’s already too late, despite cross party support, it being initially a Green manifesto, and been discussed for 6 years, Sturgeon has been singled out as ‘The Enemy’ they’ve done it, they have deposed ‘her’ even among her previous supporters.

      What I think could happen, Alba won’t get enough seats, Alex has already been ‘marked’ by the Media machine as ‘a ‘rong ‘un’ ‘touchy feely’ while my wife admires Alex political noise and passion, she doesn’t feel happy voting for someone who is portrayed in the media as someone not to be trusted, this isn’t necessarily my opinion but the media witch hunt was quite successful in damning the man. Convince me I’m wrong.

      SNP will loose votes, but many do not know who else to vote so may vote labour just because they aren’t tories.

      We may have to bite the bullet and vote for SNP in a plebiscite, purely for tactical reasons, not doing so we may end up with a Britnat Coalition in power in Hollyrood.

      How do we get out of this mess, how quickly can an alternative, passionate Indy party be formed and be ready to hit the ground running to get the SNP vote, it’s all well and good shouting “Sturgeon out”, but would we be better supporting her waiting until we are free, then ousting her if she is still there,? Golden handshake, fancy title, keys to Bridge of Alan and a thank you card.

      I’m hoping Salvo gains more support, but how long is it going to take to hit the magic number, we have no national media outlet, and the masses believe what they read in the papers snd hear on the telly.
      I remember when Michael LeVelle was accused of kiddy fiddling, after he was acquitted, I overheard someone say, “I see Kevin got away with it”

      I’m actually more worried that this division has already done for the movement, we have been assimilated, convince me please that I’m wrong.

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      1. Come on, don’t start getting feelings of hopelessness before we have even begun. I know everything has went digital and folk need to sign up to salvo online which does slow the process because with digital there’s always issues. I prefer a pencil or pen myself. The thing is if every member went around the doors and to events with the means for signing folk up on the spot just think how many we could collect between us. It’s doable of course it is. I learned a few lessons over the past few years and it was not to take on anyone’s doubts or fears because you could end up pulled into that type of negative energy. We should believe in ourselves more, encourage each other and stop listening to the media. We know they are not our friends.

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    2. Alf is there anyone available that’s been through the decolonisation process that could share their experience of what that entails as well as felt like?

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      1. Fae See, the mass of postcolonial literature is built on the many de-colonisations mostly of the 20th C. The literature outlines the process, pitfalls, and challenges.

        Of the more recent examples of independence, Lesley Riddoch documentary on Estonia is informative. Especially this demonstrates the significance of national identity as fundamental (based on national culture/language), preparation for the changing institutions of state, appointment of new leaders of social institutions from among the liberated people, seek international attention, vitally important is the courage of leaders to declare independence at the right time and not to hesitate!!!, declare it to the world, ask for recognition, yes a lot of noise internal/external at the time but most people were patient, accepted it was a democratic decision, things were soon sorted out and the nation moved on, never looked back.

        Listen especially @ 8 min and 38 mins here –

        In contrast, here in Scotland the national party leaders are still hesitating, lacking courage, not up to the task, and postcolonial theory tells us this may happen. See section on ‘Frantz Fanon’ here:

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    3. Well Said, Alf!

      Now that Jacinda Ardhern of NZ is going, may Nicola Sturgeon follow!

      Good luck to the demo outside Bute Hoose on 25th Jan from 12 noon to 2pm. I hope that TV cameras and other media are there to record our appreciation of our Dear Leader!

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    1. Robin clearly has more expertise on political campaigning than most.
      He appears to be saying that we need to be “marketing” a specific “offer” but doesn’t clarify what that would be.
      Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama marketed nebulous HOPE or CHANGE (without as I recall tying themselves down to specifics).
      Certainly, Sturgeon promises minimal change. Westminster 2.0.
      But what specific change or changes should be our unique selling point? I can form a list that would appeal to political anoraks like myself (written constitution, no honours system, a Civil Service wrestled from the grip of the humanities graduate Mafia and returned to STEM competent managers, gradual re-establishment of nationalised utilities, a democratisation of Parliament, a Constitutional Guardian body with real teeth).
      Would this gain a receptive audience in the schemes?
      Perhaps the (false) promise of automatically gaining ownership of “our cheep, plentiful energy” would win the argument, but Sturgeon couldn’t even get that off the ground when it was within the competence of devolved powers.
      CHANGE shouldn’t be a difficult sell if we present an actual destination that folk can appreciate. To be more like the Irish Republic or our Scandinavian neighbours seems like an “offer” most folk would grasp.

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      1. Not convinced the marketing approach will work when we are dealing specifically with a colonial (i.e. psychological) ‘condition’, which includes denial of oppression, as well as admiration and even love of the oppressor and his culture, and with that comes denigration and even self-hatred of ones own culture. People vote on the basis of their ‘values’, which are culturally determined, and not necessarily on what may be in their best interest. Brexit is a good example of that, as was the 2014 indyref. In colonialism, ‘cultural assimilation’ determines the values and hence the beliefs and loyalties of ‘a people’.

        Any independence movement therefore first needs to undertake “a reasoned study of the colonial situation” (Fanon), something which national party leaders often fail to do. Here the people need to better understand the nature of their oppression (which may be obscured), as well as what independence really means (decolonization), and why it is necessary (liberation).

        Its not a car we are selling, Robin – its freedom, and liberation of the mind as much as anything else. Here an oppressed people first need to understand and appreciate their ‘condition’, before they will consider accepting the only treatment, which is liberation:

        Click to access The-Socio-Political-Determinants-of-Scottish-Independence.pdf

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  5. I expect there is pressure on the first minster not to step down as the real fear among a certain group of women known by letters is that with Nicola gone those promoted well above their level of competence are toast. Their only hope is Angus Robertson filling her shoes as he is indirectly up to his neck in the whole sorry Salmond affair. Even with Nicola gone we are still left with the same group of chancers in charge of the SNP so unless a clean out the only option is to Scottish Labour the SNP and bury it though with the list system that will not be easy. Looking forward to the its no buts defacto referendum this October.

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  6. Hear hear Iain Lawson.

    Sturgeon has proved to be an absolutely busted flush of a First Minister who has delivered absolutely nothing other than to preside over failure and decline.

    Time she resigned.

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  7. Either of the two routes to an early Holyrood election (resignation of FM or change in rules using Scotland Act 2016) requires the support of the Scottish Greens to pass. Can they be depended on to do this or does Nicola know they’ve rendered her powerless?

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  8. If so am going to greet. It’s going to be a better feeling than removing yer bra, you know if yer a guy when you put on a kilt what I mean. Haha.That feeling a lot of us had after no sleep going to work after the riggerendum was something that I will never forget. God knows we need justice.

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  9. “Sturgeon promised to set up a publicly-owned, not-for-profit company to sell gas and electricity to customers at low prices by 2021 at the 2017 SNP conference?”

    I check my energy readings every morning and I have noticed that my bills seem to have risen over the last few days by about £3 – £4 per day. It didn’t have to be like this. If Sturgeon had applied herself to doing the job she was elected to do then the people of Scotland would be in a much better position today.

    How much more can people take? What is the breaking point?

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  10. Agreed Iain. Time for Nicola and It’s also time for someone more musically gifted than I to update the popular song from by the “English Beat’ the late 70’s and give it a more Scorrish flavour. …Stand Down Margaret/Nicola.

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    1. Or The Beat and Walkin’ Out On Love*… sorry, Walkin’ Out On Any Commitment To Independence.

      Sorry, disnae scan.

      *Fab record; well worth checking out. See also The Nerves and Hangin’ On The Telephone.


  11. We could be at the women’s events and rallies getting signatures or at the least letting the women and men know that we have a chance of holding those who do things against our wishes in the form of salvo. The very thing missing from all the negative happenings is possible solutions. There’s no empowerment of the people with just constantly dishing out the problems with no thought of a happy ending in sight. Vote for me or us isn’t a solution that’s going to empower us if there’s nae accountability. No where in the UK are we seeing this in politics.


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