Still the victim.

Lessons need learned and change is required.

The alphabet women and their allies have demonstrated the gross unfairness of granting anonymity to the complainants in sex cases while not affording the same privilege to the “accused”.

All Scotland has witnessed that unfairness and that it continues today brings shame on our political environment, media sector and in particular our police and. justice system which has witnessed a complete collapse in public support and respect in the last few years.

So how can it be repaired? Neale Hanvey MP yesterday on this site laid out the crucial importance of a proper separation of powers between Government, Crown Office and the rest of the Justice System. That “separation” has not been in place in recent years and enormous damage has been done.

Someone once wrote “Justice must be done AND SEEN TO BE DONE”. Put plainly that has not, and is not happening in Scotland and therefore urgent changes must be made to repair this situation. Not least because it is those functions that ensure our freedoms. Valuable freedoms that are crucial to our wellbeing and which, if lost will cause much damage, as well as heartache and perhaps even bloodshed to recover. This is no small matter.

I will leave it to those more qualified in the law to come up with the solutions to ensure proper separation of powers but I have a couple of common sense solutions to the problems created by the Alphabet women and their allies. I think there are two obvious solutions and also a strict condition that should apply in all cases where anonymity is granted. These are

  1. Extend anonymity to the accused as well as the complainants. This anonymity to be lost the minute the accused is found guilty of any accusation. The justification for this is completely evidenced by Alex Salmond’s experience who has been extensively smeared in advance of the trial through the malicious leaking of the charges he was facing. Also during the trial where the MSM studiously avoided reporting the defence witnesses evidence, and after the trial where the alphabet women, aided and abetted by the Government funded Rape Crisis Centre, thought it appropriate to issue the same smears all over again in a press release despite the fact that Mr Salmond had been cleared by a mainly female jury of every charge he faced. We now have a book being produced for profit using the same discredited “evidence” from anonymous sources.
  2. An alternative to the above would be to recognise the very significant privilege it is to be granted lifetime anonymity. It should not be handed out in every case. There should be a judgement made by a judge as to the severity of the accusation before consideration of anonymity should be considered. For instance one of the alphabet women who is currently enjoying lifetime anonymity made the accusation that Mr Salmond once touched one of the twirls in her hair while in a lift with other people, none of whom noticed the supposed “offence”.
  3. Anytime lifetime anonymity is granted and the jury find the accused innocent then any further public comment made either by the original complainant or through a connected third Party about the case or the innocent party should result in the anonymity privilege being removed and a suitable legal penalty should be applied in punishment, this to include possible imprisonment of the offender if it can be shown the damage inflicted on the innocent Party is sufficient to merit it.

Now of course I am aware that the reason anonymity is not currently afforded to the accused is the hope that by publishing their name other potential victims will come forward to strengthen the case against the accused. I can see that reasoning however as the Alex Salmond case demonstrates conclusively it can be grossly misused when a coven of politically motivated complainants plot a series of malicious, often trivial accusations, solely for the purpose of enabling the Moorev Doctrine to be introduced to make lifetime anonymity available for all the complainants. This doctrine can be used as a substitute in terms of evidence to suggest a pattern of behaviour or dubious character in terms of the accused. This explains the pathetic nature of many of the “charges” Alex Salmond faced. Indeed there are WhatsApp messages where one of the complainants boasts of discovering a way they can all be granted lifetime anonymity if only they can arrange these minor complaints. It was a tactic.

The alphabet women toyed with the justice system, by maliciously revealing the charges and the identity of Mr Salmond to the Daily Record they effectively removed any ability to review and dismiss many of the charges before they ever came to court. Given the fact it was a former First Minister that was the accused any such decision would have harmed Mr Salmond as it would be open to smears of favoritism. Instead they had to be eventually dismissed by a jury, as they were, at the end of a very expensive trial.

When I say an expensive trial it was not expensive for everyone. No the Alphabet women were not out of pocket. They made their malicious accusations, they never had any legal costs, no the Crown Office through the taxpayers covered all their costs. The “accused” however, even after every single allegation failed to attract a single guilty verdict, was left with a huge bill for his defence costs. There is no justice in this.

Readers should pay particular attention to this point with the Hate Crime laws coming there is nothing to stop people, even these same people, making malicious allegations against anyone, secure in the knowledge the accuser attracts no financial cost in doing so but which will, even if their target is eventually found innocent, have the impact of leaving them financially ruined. Let nobody tell me this is not a risk. I have seen it operate against the former First Minister of Scotland. If he can be targeted in this way and face huge financial cost, despite his innocence, then everyone of us, male or female could face the same problem. It becomes more likely if the Hate Crime Legislation comes into operation. Think about that would you?

It wasn’t just the anonymity issue that worried me about the Salmond trial. By far the most serious charge came from Miss H who accused him of “attempted rape”. As we all now know in the course of the trial that allegation was shown to be false. That Miss H was not even in the building on the night she alleged the attempted rape took place, there are even reports she wasn’t in the same city.

Now I am not saying attempted rape is not a serious offence. It is all too common but let me ask you this? Have you ever heard of a team of officers interviewing over 400 people in a series of over 700 face to face interviews in the lead up to trial. Worse those interviews turned up ZERO other offences to add to the list of malicious, minor allegations made by the Alphabet women. This is a scandalous level of investigation cost for such a crime. Does anyone believe there has ever been another named accused facing the same charge who has had their “crime” investigated at such cost to the public?

Who sanctioned this exhaustive fishing exercise at such huge cost to the taxpayer? Did the police not wonder after 100,200,300,400, 500 interviews that had turned up nothing what was going on? Who was directing this huge task? We are told budgets are tight, why was that particular case made an exception? Who decided that and why? I am told the police did ask those questions but were told by the Crown Office to forget any budgetary concerns on this specific case and do as they had been directed. Who has the power to make such a exceptional decision and where was this direction coming from?

The Alex Salmond trial from start to finish was a political plot planned by senior Scottish Civil Servants and Scottish SNP politicians. The Crown Office was complicit in this and acted as a barrier to disclosing the information required for the original inquiry. Those barriers will no longer exist in the subsequent legal actions Mr Salmond has initiated and we might finally get the information we need to cast the full light of a proper investigation into what happened, when and why it happened and who really was behind it all. I can’t wait. For all of us that live in Scotland and who believe in honesty and justice this disgusting example of political persecution and plotting must be fully exposed.

I am, as always



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  1. I wish I shared your confidence, Iain, subsequent legal actions Mr Salmond has initiated and we might finally get the information we need to cast the full light of a proper investigation into what happened, when and why it happened and who really was behind it all. I can’t wait
    I fear that there will be delays, obfuscation and probably an attempt to settle out of court, to pervert justice.

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    1. Would Alex Salmond wish to settle out of court though?
      I think he would more likely wish to see Justice done himself.

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  2. Excellent article . I agree fully with every word.

    These two statements stood out for me :

    “The alphabet women toyed with the justice system” and “For all of us that live in Scotland and who believe in honesty and justice this disgusting example of political persecution and plotting must be fully exposed.”

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    1. Not forgetting our friend, Craig Murray and the high personal price he and his family are now paying for his involvement in this disgraceful incident.

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  3. Scary times in Scotland for every Scot – mainly due to the Establishment, Authorities, the systems and the servants of these bodies.

    Not the Scotland I thought we had nor the Scotland I want

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    1. Albert Memmi describes the actual ‘situation of the colonized’ and background to the more blatant ‘concrete situations’ of colonial oppression which we are now witnessing as follows:

      “The ideological aggression which tends to dehumanize and then deceive the colonized finally corresponds to concrete situations which lead to the same result. To be deceived to some extent already, to endorse the myth and then adapt to it, is to be acted upon by it. That myth is furthermore supported by a very solid organization; a government and a judicial system fed and renewed by the colonizer’s historic, economic and cultural needs.”

      This is the Scotland we are lumbered with and which provides the rationale and urgency for independence.

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  4. Well said Iain, I agree with you, the anonymity should be removed from anyone who abuses it in the manner of the alphabet sisters. Miss H, should have been charged and stood trial for perjury. If you or I had done this, they would throw the book at us, and rightly so. But no, they even get promotion and a pay rise. The whole thing stinks to high heaven right from the start.

    I only hold the polis to a smaller percentage of the blame. They need to do what the crown office tells them. But the crown office, and James Wolfe in particular have a helluva lot to answer for. I also hold the judge Lady Dorian in the deepest contempt, her behaviour is very suspect to me. But for the honesty and common sense of the jury Alex would be in the clink for a long time. There should be a whole lot of people who should be doing time for what they have done, but, there they sit, gloating and snyping away thinking that they are untouchable. Beware, the truth has a habit of coming out, and when you least expect it.

    I no longer recognise my country and what this clique of horrors are trying to turn it into. It is something I don’t care for, nor wish to live in. So for me, rather than turn away from independence, it has strengthened my resolve to fight even harder.

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    1. I spent an otherwise pleasant afternoon very recently with a few people, all very close to me, with more degrees amongst them than a bloody thermometer, The level of ignorance amongst them regarding the likes of Craig Murray’s incarceration, the Marion Miller trial, the missing £600,000 and the generally decadent state of Scottish political life, amongst many other thing, was frightening. Like you: “I no longer recognise my country”, either.

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      1. Aime Cesaire noted that: “the petty bourgeois…has read everything, devoured everything. Only his brain functions after the fashion of certain elementary types of digestive systems. It filters. And the filter lets through only what can nourish the thick skin of the bourgeois’s conscience.”

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    2. I believe Lady Dorian is in line for a promotion too, but it’s at the behest of the F.M. Sorry I can’t remember what legal title the post has but I think it’s just below The Lord Advocate.

      It’s a funny old world intit’.

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  5. Great article.
    Another ‘feature’ of Scottish justice is selective prosecution.
    Committing perjury in this case clear perjury went unpunished, open reporting sent Craig Murray to prison.

    You are right – nobody is safe.

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    1. You say selective prosecution but its worse than that Marty.

      It’s malicious, unjustified, unfounded prosecution as a weapon. That is where we are. A thorighly rotten and corrupt police and prosecution services.

      There is no rule of law in circumstances like this. Only the law of the jungle. Just like 1030’s Germany or any other similar country in the world. Sadly in this case it’s shitty Scotland who is fitting the bill. Like animals in a pen submitting to the will of the big attack dog or its off to the abattoir for the unruly

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      1. I would cite chronic subservience to the Prosecuting Authorities as the problem with the Police Service rather than corruption. The only person able to direct Police Officers in the execution of their duties should be the Chief Constable. No ‘fishing trips’ on the instruction of outsiders with an agenda of their own.

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  6. Adultery isn’t breaking the law. If it was the planet would be full of politician, celebrities and world leaders who would all be classed as criminals.

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    1. @100%yes..

      Agree, Adultery has never stopped the BUFFOON that became PM from following his career in Politics. And if the “rumours” are to be believed, the FM is not innocent either..

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  7. I’m all for naming those involved when the accused is found innocent by the jury .Bu now that wee’ loophole’ of a jury may not exist should the SNP and some insane members of the judiciary get their way.
    I think this does endanger everyone but especially men .

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    1. That should concern each and every person who believes that independence will bring us a fairer, more just Scotland. The mind set of the current powers that be is that the jury didn’t deliver the verdict they wanted so they’ll attempt to get rid of juries. Appalling. In the true sense of the word.

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    2. Yes, there is not much being said anywhere about the proposed abolition of juries for certain cases but I will bet there is plenty of work going on behind the scenes to push it forward.

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  8. The Scotland on display at the moment is fast approaching the status of failed State. The aggressive self interest of a few is now shaping the future of our Nation.

    Who would want to live in a Country in which free speech, democratic debate and Women’s Rights are dictated and controlled by an unelected cult and enforced by a Police force and courts following Stonewall guidance instead of enforcing the Law.

    Do we want our children’s education guidance set by Stonewall or by teachers and parents?

    Does no one care anymore? Will those remaining members of the NuSNP continue to scream “wheesht for Indy”.

    Not only has Sturgeon destroyed the momentum towards Independence. She has made the very idea of a Independent Scotland run by a Green/ NuSNP Taliban a frightening and distasteful prospect.

    Vote Tory and see our children grow up in poverty with few prospects.
    Vote Green,NuSNP,LibDem,Labour and see our children face drug experimentation, mental health issues and potential targeting PLUS the destruction of Women’s Rights.

    Not quite the Scotland we thought was coming in 2014.

    My disgust with the silent SNP MPs and MSPs achieves a new peak every day.

    “All you need do to let evil prosper is …..nothing”

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    1. This is why we need Alba to rise up! The 2nd party started by AS and being set up the way the SNP used to be. Where EVERY member can have their voice heard. This would show the cabal that we won’t allow them to take away the powers of the NEC and would also show that at least SOME of us paid attention to the defence in his trial and see the whole thing for the stinking pile it is. It would also be a slap in the face for Herr Nic. So many disillusioned ex SNP now joining Alba because they see it is the party standing up to the power stripping our own govt are doing. We were worried about WM power grabbing but all the while there was the SNP illegally using money raised for their own purposes, taking power from the very groups that are supposed to ensure transparency. Add GRA and HCB to the list and where does it stop? So many ordinary folk are so unaware of the implications of these because they don’t read into politics. I know this from leafleting at the last election. And then got feedback from an SNP activist (through another source) that they weren’t happy we were telling people the truth about it! If it’s such a brilliant thing, why would they care that people knew the details?!
      There IS an alternative, please take it 🙏🏼

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    2. “The Scotland on display at the moment is fast approaching the status of failed State.”

      Ongoing events actually fit very well with postcolonial theory, reflecting closely where we are in the decolonisation process.

      A colonial state is always an under-developed state run by a mediocre meritocracy and with most of the people left to rot while their resources are plundered and stolen from them.

      Which in turn provides the real motivation for independence.

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  9. Iain I agree with all your points on anonymity of accused and complainants (and made some of them myself on yesterday’s blog).

    Your series of questions are most pertinent in your article:

    “Who was directing this huge task? We are told budgets are tight, why was that particular case made an exception? Who decided that and why? I am told the police did ask those questions but were told by the Crown Office to forget any budgetary concerns on this specific case and do as they had been directed. Who has the power to make such a exceptional decision and where was this direction coming from?”

    Who indeed?


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  10. This is a bit off topic, although still connected to the operation of the prison service which I assume comes under the remit of the ‘Justice’ Secretary. (Justice in Scotland is demonstrably under attack by those who were elected and appointed to uphold it.)
    Can I suggest that readers of this blog take action against a current injustice which threatens the life of an innocent man? The removal of a medically precribed device from Craig Murray is shocking.
    Write or email the ‘Justice’ Secretary asking for a justification for this potentially life-threatening action.

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    1. This is something I was unaware of. Can you say which medical device this is because I will write today and spread the word for others to do the same 🙏🏼

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      1. The details can be found on Wings over Scotland where the Rev has come out of retirement to point out what has happened to Mr Murray in Saughton. See his latest post, “The Canary”.

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      2. It’s a blood oxygen meter, aka an oxymeter. It’s like a gentle peg clipped on your index fingernail. Good luck!

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  11. I totally agree Iain. In my working life ,( I retired 21 years ago ), I used to represent teachers who were subject to allegations. Over 95% of such allegations turned out to be false / malicious. The accuser was always granted anonymity even after the accused being proved innocent. I believed THEN and I STILL believe that, where an allegation has been proven to be false, the accuser LOSES the right to anonymity, and THIS should be enshrined in law.

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    1. Pat,

      The problem now is that Scotgov funded organisations like Rape Crisis Scotland take the view that any man accused is guilty even when there is absolute proof of innocence. So it is not guilty until proved innocent – it is worse – just guilty. Get rid of the jury and bring in the hanging judge is the Lady Dorian approach.

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  12. As a rape survivor, I totally agree that the accused should be given anonymity until proven guilty. I also feel very strongly that, if a woman can be proved to have lied about the whole offence, she should be named and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    Due to the fact the multiple rapes I endured happened with no witnesses, I wasn’t even able to press charges. Without corroboration I was told no charges can be brought. So, although there were multiple complainants, it seems none had corroboration to their claims – and let’s face it, none of the claims were of violent rape! So I’d like an explanation of how having other women come forward can be classed as corroboration when they can’t corroborate their individual claims?!
    No justice for the women like me who suffered domestic rape but this claptrap got to the highest court in the country??
    On top of that, Craig Murray given 8 months for some secretive offence that they can’t even tell him what he did? The only offence I could have my violent ex charges with was one assault where someone walked in on him beating me up. He was found guilty and given a fine. So you can beat up the mrs and walk free but be jailed for something posted online that won’t even be explained to you??
    Our justice system is a shocking disgrace right now. Prisons overcrowded so violent offenders are given community orders to take the pressure off the system but an older gent who blogs gets jailed? What message is THAT sending out? And to know that rape crisis had a hand in this makes me want to throw up. They know how many women can’t get justice for horrific offences against them but are happy to join a witch hunt if Nicola tells them to. Disgusted.

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    1. “… I also feel very strongly that, if a woman can be proved to have lied about the whole offence, she should be named and prosecuted to the full extent of the law…”

      That is the legal position for false claims of rape and sexual assault, Gwen, and rightly so. This case doesn’t fall into that category of the woman/women having been uncovered as false accusers. The case for special courts and anonymity for both alleged victim and alleged perpetrator of sex offences is becoming unanswerable.

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      1. Really – they weren’t uncovered as false accusers.

        Hard to believe people still make these statements.

        Of course they are false accusers.

        Special courts – we need the police and justice system to do their job properly – not special ideas by Lady (jigsaw) Dorian. I wouldn’t trust any judge that convicts someone with no actual evidence of the crime being committed but it is all in the judges mind that a crime was intended. Also takes an eternity to complete her judgement and applies a jail sentence even though it is Scotgov policy to try to avoid under 12 month jail sentences.

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  13. one area that has not been fully investigated is that someone close in working with the FM either in her office or at the top of the civil service leaked the case to the media.

    The good news is that the FM is not going to last for ever and after she leaves a full investigation can take place and things like the GRA can be removed.

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  14. Thing is, how are these necessary changes going to be brought about when their implementation is under the control of those who’ve got most to lose from said changes? If we can’t ultimately rely on the courts to protect us then we’re well-nigh screwed. Where do you go after that?

    This is what 7 years of Sturgeon has brought us to? (Iain – delete that last bit if publishing it means you’ll be sent to a newly established Gulag on St Kilda.)

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  15. I’m not sure if folks have fully appreciated yet, just how colonised and corrupted Scots law and legal practice is. The convention of Parliamentary sovereignty is grounded in pre-Darwinian cosmology and political science that is incompatible with the theory of evolution. So Scots law stands under a constitutional order that isolates Scots law from scientific theory, international law, and universal moral reason. Which is why Scots law has become a rather effective tool of social oppression.

    Anonymity as a Legal Right: Where and Why It

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  16. I would have to agree, Iain. Anonymity has to be extended to both the alleged victim and the alleged accused in sexual offences cases, and these need to be held in special sexual offences courts. The whole system, from the police to the examiner to the solicitor to the defence and the prosecution to the judge(s) should all be trained specifically in this area of the law. Juries, too, require to be made aware of the common and widely-held prejudices that are endemic in society and instructed by the judge (at the beginning of the case) to take note. I’m not in favour of trials with no jury, although I can see why many would think that women would get a better deal. It is a very difficult area, but I do think it is something that has to be grappled with, and very soon.

    Mr Salmond was cleared of all charges and acquitted and the women were granted anonymity. The law should have stepped in the moment the women or others on their behalf started sniping from behind the shield of anonymity, and they should have been warned that the shield would be removed from them if it continued. This latest book dredges up old accusations that were struck down and were never used in evidence or were too evidentially weak. No one should have to bear this constant pressure unless wholly new evidence comes to light that is both powerful and new and which should have been used in evidence, but was not. The book’s allegations have already been struck down and should not be repeated ad nauseam. Public opinion will turn against those who perpetrate this constant barrage, so, perhaps, Mr Salmond should leave well alone and ignore it all. It is difficult and it is undoubtedly intended to wrong-foot him as leader of ALBA, which is perceived as a real threat to the SNP. I wish the women involved could see this for what it is: that they, too, have been used, however they regard the trial outcome.

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    1. For Lorncal

      I agree with everything you have stated save for AS “should leave well alone “ Extracts from David Clegg’s book and the book itself significantly undermines the Administration of Justice . Journalists, Editors and Publishers have duties and responsibilities in terms of the Lawfulness of their conduct , they are not contrary to popular belief afforded a cast iron defence . I hope AS Legal team are able to establish that he has a Legal right or claim that is of significant importance to justify overriding Section 10 Contempt of Court Act 1981 and Article 10 ECHR . I would add that removal of Jury is simply a tool designed to deal with the low conviction rate , this itself deserves dedicated examination and further consultation .

      Best Wishes Ms. C 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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      1. Sometimes, the Iron Duke’s pithy response is the best one: publish and be damned. The women always had the right to bring a civil case against Mr Salmond, too, but no lawyer worth his or her salt would advise such a thing except under very exceptional circumstances. Again, historical facts bear this up: Oscar Wilde. Or the old adage: let sleeping dogs lie.

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    2. ‘Mr Salmond should leave well alone and ignore it all.’

      I get where you’re coming from with the above statement, however, sometimes you just have to fight the good fight.

      There are very good people within the Police and Fiscal/Judicial service – they have some choices to make. Start doing the job properly, refuse to be corrupted, hold the line – or we all suffer the consequences.

      If Alex wins, he gives those folks a chance to shine a light. And if he loses, he is forcing the sheeple and the vichie staff into playing their hand and being identified.

      It was never going to be easy. Scotland is too valuable for England to lose, they simply cannot afford to do so.

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      1. Daisy, my reply to you would be the same as that to Welsh 1. In the end, it will be Mr Salmond’s decision, of course. Mr Salmond was very kind to me on more than one occasion, some years ago, and that is the advice I would give him today.

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  17. If we can’t secure Scots law from further ideological impairment caused by British nationalism and inept government in Westminster and Holyrood, there is little hope for Scots to ever enjoy open government and the benefits of open democracy.

    Political Jurisprudence or Institutional Normativism?
    Maintaining the Difference Between Arendt and Fuller


  18. Very good points Iain, on anonymity of the complainers, why has there been no charges brought against them or at least one or two of them, especially the one who claimed sexual assault only later for it to be proven that she wasn’t even in the building when she made her claim.

    Why has this person not felt the full force of the law? If I stood up in court and lied to my back teeth and then it was proven that I had done so, especially in a High court trial where I was a complainer, I’d soon feel the law breathing down my neck, is there a law for some but not for others that I don’t know about?

    Apart from Alex Salmond’s acquittal the law in Scotland is quickly becoming a laughing stock.

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  19. As someone who was employed by a local authority, I found some of the detail of the investigation into the accusations against Alex Salmond at best incompetent and at worst malicious. My colleagues and I all knew that any accusation of sexual misconduct was to be handled with kid gloves, and in fact handed over to someone who was TRAINED in such investigations as soon as possible. You did not ask any questions as that might might jeopardise a potential criminal case; you did not promise anonymity because that might not be possible. I find it hard to believe that civil servants employed by the government – Scottish or UK – did not have the same MANDATORY training as council employees. I think I read somewhere that the police had advised against pursuing the case – did I dream that? – but they went ahead anyway, as we know. Why? And if none of them were trained in dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct, was there no-one in the civil service who could have been seconded? The whole thing stinks from start to finish.

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  20. “It wasn’t just the anonymity issue that worried me about the Salmond trial. By far the most serious charge came from Miss H who accused him of “attempted rape”. As we all now know in the course of the trial that allegation was shown to be false. That Miss H was not even in the building on the night she alleged the attempted rape took place, there are even reports she wasn’t in the same city.”

    I just can’t understand how this ended up in court. Surely the police would have investigated and found out that Miss H wasn’t where she claimed to be?! And, now that we know this, should she not be charged with wasting police time or whatever it should be? The whole thing stinks.

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  21. With regards the funding of the Alex Salmond Police enquiry….

    Police, at a local level, can, and do, apply for UK Government funding for major incidents/enquiries, such as a Murder or a disaster such as a derailed train with multiple casualties/fatalities.

    This, inevitably means that when there is a newly promoted Inspector within a CID department, they try and make every serious assault to be classified as ‘attempt murder’ so that they can apply for this funding (they always get turned down – its an old trick and they didn’t invent it). They do this as – if granted – enables them to knock the arse out of the overtime budget – they like that.

    Funding for Sex offence crimes are not usually resourced in this manner, although it is likely that circumstances permitting, an exemption could be made. For example when ‘Cyrus the Virus’ was thought to be hiding in the woods near Perth following a rape attack, and having been let out on day release from a prison in England, where he was serving time for Rape – extensive enquiries and resources were thrown at that (quite rightly) and it would / should have qualified for that level of funding.

    From the evidence and charges specified at the Alex Salmond trial – there is no way on earth that it would have qualified for this funding.

    It should have been dealt with by the specific department that specialises in invistigating crimes of this nature.

    But I’d bet it wasn’t. That department does not have the resources to carry out an enquiry that large and widespread, and in addition, they have a large workload of real sexual crimes to investigate.

    It would be interesting to see if a Freedom of Information request would specify if the AS enquiry was funded by the UK Government under this system, but given the political nature of this prosecution, I suspect they will simply refuse to answer.

    I believe it was around 20 officers deployed to investigate Alex – it would be interesting to know:

    how many of them have been on the CID training course (and passed the exams)?

    how many of them were qualified SOLO interviewers (specially trained officers for noting statements from victims of sex crimes)?

    Where were they based? In theory it should have been an Edinburgh Police Station.

    and lastly, because I’m cynical that way, how many of them are in the masons, and how many, transfered from English Police forces, prior to joining Police Scotland.

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  22. There is no doubt in my mind that anonymity was purposely sought in this case as a political weapon to destroy the reputation of an innocent man (a victim) and to disarm him while protecting the reputation and credibility of the real culprits.

    But there is another dimension to that anonymity that I think is equally important : that anonymity was deliberately used as a political tool to supress evidence.

    I think it is evident that only by suppressing that evidence, Sturgeon can be today where she is and the civil service in Scotland still survives.

    In my opinion this anonymity has been fulfilling 2 important roles:

    1. That of giving certain corrupt an unprincipled individuals a 100% secure and permanent platform to destroy for years the political reputation of the only nationalist who is genuinely and purposely threatening the integrity of the union and threatening the credibility of Sturgeon.

    2. That of giving legitimacy in the eyes of the public to the active suppression of compromising and uncomfortable evidence the release of which is in the interest of that public and may well determine their political choices.

    What is interesting here is that for the public to perceive such legitimacy, the anonymity order could only have come from a judge. Because without a judge, it would be seen as yet another dirty political manoeuvre and abuse of power designed to cover the arse of some corrupt politicians and unprincipled civil servants with the uttermost contempt for the ministerial code and civil service code of conduct

    The presence of Mr Salmond in politics shows Sturgeon for the political fraud she is, shows the Sturgeon-Green agreement for the con act it is and shows Sturgeon’s SNP for the empty and useless carcass it has become under the duet Sturgeon-Murrell.

    The hatred of Sturgeon’s SNP for Alba serves only to reinforce the fact that this political fraud seeks to remain in power for a very long time without delivering independence. Because if she had plans to deliver independence within the present mandate, she would not have been bothered at all with ALBA presenting candidates for the next elections because if Scotland becomes independent in the next 4 years, she knows new elections must take place anyway. The only explanation for the deliberate attempts to suppress Alba is that this fraud has no intention to progress independence.

    It is my personal opinion that Mr Salmond’s criminal case served an additional purpose – that of whitewashing the corrupt and that of changing the public perception by stealth.

    A judge and a court case might have been the stage to change the perception of the public from disgust and utter contempt at the astonishing levels of corruption and recklessness of the SGov and civil servants, towards feeling sorry for some “innocent damsels in distress”, who are portrayed as being so helpless, so weak and so frightened that their identities must be protected at all cost. How much they succeeded in this attempt at changing public perception by stealth remains to be seen. One could argue that they relentless persistance on this suggests they have not been successful to the level they expected to be.

    The suppression of evidence was a team effort: we saw the COPFS, we saw the Deputy First Minister, the Crown Agent, the Lord Advocate, the press, judges, reporters and of course Fabiani’s farce all cooperating directly or indirectly to stop that evidence reaching the electorate. Because of this, there are some questions that for me still need answering:

    1. was the anonymity THE main objective? In other words, was the criminal case with the moorov doctrine a castle in the air built up on foundations of air with the only purpose of achieving that anonymity?

    2. Were Dorrian and that reporter who released the name before the anonymity order was enforced already part of the plan?

    3. Are the prosecutions of high profile bloggers such as Mr Murray and Mr Hirst and also of people who released the name of the culprits a deterrent to stop others digging deeper in what may have been the real reason behind Mr Salmond’s criminal case?

    There is no way this was just a Sturgeon and her acolytes’ doing. The number of players involved on this is so large and spans so many layers of command (COPFS, Parliamentary committee, press, justice department, the SNP, the civil service, MI5?) that there is no doubt in my mind this was a British state set up. There is no doubt in my mind either that Sturgeon is another pawn in the British state chess board, just like all those civil servants and useful idiots otherwise know as “the victims”.

    Despite Fabiani’s farce efforts to brush it under the carpet, the key question remains:

    What can possibly be that evidence hiding that has the british state exposing itself like never before by moving simultaneously so many evidently corrupt pieces, and by totally exposing its previously well hidden iron grip over Scotland’s “justice” system, the prosecution department in Scotland, the police in Scotland, its Holyrood Parliament, and Sturgeon and a British state infiltrated SNP, which until this case were believed to be “the” pro indy leader and political vehicle?

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    1. Mia, wasn’t it Mr Salmond who petitioned the court for anonymity for the women? If not, I believe that he agreed with anonymity for them.

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      1. “ No Lawyer worth his or her salt would advise such a thing except under very exceptional circumstances “

        I note your comments to my earlier points Lorncal but disagree . I consider AS Legal team can establish such circumstances exist and are in a position to advise their Client accordingly .

        I would be interested to hear any further clarification.

        Best Wishes Ms. C 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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      2. If I am not mistaken, Mr Salmond petitioned anonymity of the first two women, – ie the ones in the civil case about the complaints procedure.

        I am referring to the anonymity granted to the 9 accusers within the criminal court case. If I understood correctly was in the name of protecting the anonymity of these 9 that stopped the release of the evidence and what led to the Sgov covering in black most of the information released to the public and the Fabiani’s Farce.

        I understand that such anonymity is not by default in Scotland as it is in England and if I am not mistaken, it was sought after a reporter leaked one of the names in social media. If I read correctly, the reporter themselves said several times that despite mentioning the name, they did not commit contempt of court because the anonymity order was only implemented AFTER they mentioned the name. Convenient, huh? and a rather convenient excuse for that judge to impose the anonymity order too.

        It is a marvellous coincidence that at the time there should be a case going towards the courts against the individual who broke the law by releasing confidential information from the guts of the SGov to the editor of a newspaper, the said editor becomes the co-author of another character assassination attempt against Mr Salmond in the form of a book that is being released in instalments for long lasting effect. One would be forgiven for thinking the said editor is trying to protect their source by shooting blanks in the opposite direction.

        Isn’t a wonderful coincidence as well that Lady Dorrian is involved in so many different cases related one way or another to this anonymity order? Isn’t she the one who was also hoping to help Sturgeon to dispatch juries from the trials of sexual assault cases?

        Just imagine the prospect that this paints for the future: unprincipled and politically motivated individuals, protected by enforced anonymity, falsely accusing an innocent man whose reputation they want to destroy and whose fate lies exclusively in the hands of a corrupt judge.

        This judge seems to be everywhere. One would be forgiven for thinking she is the last judge left in Scotland.

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      3. Mia, study after study in both the US and UK (and elsewhere) have shown that the false accusation for sexual offences is more or less exactly the same as for all other criminal offences. That is what I mean about myths that revolve and circulate in society. Just because the evidence is not strong enough in a case does not equate to the witnesses having lied. That is an assumption too far. The evidence given in the trial might give the distinct impression that a woman had lied or more than one had lied, but the jury found Mr Salmond not guilty and he was acquitted. The evidence was far too weak to have reached any other conclusion. The jury, therefore, gave more credence to Mr Salmond’s defence than to the evidence provided by the women. That is how it works. It is not for the jury to decide on who is telling the truth or otherwise, but to weigh up the evidence in front of them and come to a conclusion based on that evidence. The allegations were first raised at civil service/government level way before any trial and the police took them on, searching out more alleged victims and incidents. That is not the same as a false accusation from an accuser.

        The book is a different thing again because it will bring out, if reports are true, other allegations and alleged incidents which were ruled out of court and never heard. They were not considered to be of sufficient weight to even be presented as evidence and it is doubtful whether the women had any direct hand in bringing them to light. David Clegg is an experienced journalist and will have dug out the information, done interviews, etc. Mr Salmond’s best bet is to ignore it all and concentrate on his leadership role with ALBA. His destablization appears to have been the driving motive behind the post trial sniping and, probably, the book, too, at least one of whose authors has links with Scottish government figures. It must be agonizing for Mr Salmond and even more so for his wife, Moira, but these people will not derail him or ALBA. The less publicity they all get, the better.


      4. Don’t agree Lorna, nobody can or should tolerate this drip, drip, drip of constant smear. That is originates from people in many cases I know just sickens me. They must be stopped.

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      5. Yes, Iain, I do agree entirely about the drip, drip effect. However, going after people can often have the opposite effect, with public opinion swinging their way. This might not have been instigated by the women. Everyone knows David Clegg’s track record and I doubt whether he has much time for the Scottish government either, and certainly not for independence. The Unionists are in total heaven at all the division in the independence movement. The best retort and response would be to build a credible alternative to the SNP in the two years left before the General Election, constantly hammering home that the SNP does not intend, under any circumstances, to bring in independence. Almost all of the hubris Scotland has had to bear since 2014 is down to a Scottish government that has allowed infiltrators to occupy the party and take it over. It is the leadership that has to go, and all those around it. The others – the civil servants and stooges – will fall thereafter as they are deprived of their oxygen. They are the ones who have done this. The women are the fodder for their shenanigans, no matter how you look it or how much they helped or did not help to try and nail Alec Salmond. There’s no point in blaming the bullet or the gun; it’s the hand behind the gun that you want to eliminate. They tried to nail Mr Salmond because he could have returned to the political fray. He is still in their sights because of that. That is what they all want to prevent – the SNP leadership and ‘woke’ coterie, Clegg, the Unionists. That is what they fear most. If Mr Salmond tries to beat them on anything other than his own ground, he could be risking it all.

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      6. Lorncal , pretty fed up with you and your standard stuff about there is no proof of fake allegations. I remember you suggesting Salmond was guilty way back years commenting on his trial. You consistently muddy and confuse other normal sexual assault cases with this obvious political fit up. You are wrong so give it a rest.


      7. “… You consistently muddy and confuse other normal sexual assault cases… ”

        Is sexual assault ‘normal’ in your opinion, then? The lads just having a good time? No, don’t answer that. You are one of those people who should never be let near a jury room.

        You are so wrong, Cubby. I have tried to muddy nothing. That you are incapable of understanding what I have said is your problem. I suggest you actually read the evidence from years back, way before the trial. Your black-and-white approach to everything misses so much. I believe Mr Salmond was set up. I believe he was set up for reasons that appear to have escaped your forensic skills, and that people have been used to set him up. I think you are incapable of a balanced view.

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  23. Great article Ian, I can’t begin to imagine what toll this must be taking on Alex.
    I honestly believe for Scotland to have any chance of moving forward now this cabal must be brought down, the quicker they are named and shamed the better and for the life of me I can’t fathom why that hasn’t happened yet, there has to be a way for this to be done legally.

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  24. I agree with everything you’ve written, Iain. I too believe that anonymity should be a case of ‘Abuse it & ye lose it!”. This constant harassment of an INNOCENT man has to stop.What I’m not understanding is why the alphabetties are allowed to get away with continual harassment of Alex.. Is it a case of the law wanting to point out us that if they don’t get the result in court they want, they’ll get you some other way? Is it that they’re okay with it because it teaches the Indy Supporters who is ultimately the boss and that ultimately we’re handless? Or for some other reason we haven’t quite found out about yet?

    Because, were I the judiciary, I’d surely be telling those women to back off & leave things as they are & not attract any more attention to themselves, given THEY LIED UNDER OATH. That continuing to harass Alex will only lead to people like ex-SNP INDY SUPPORTERS insisting on these women being prosecuted. While the judiciary can stall it, it may be their hands will be forced to the point they may actually have to start proceedings against the women. & so I’d think they’d be cautioning them to ‘ca canny’… They don’t seem to be doing that & happy to let them keep doing what they do.

    I can’t help but agree with Mia… There are too many clever people putting obstacles in the way of anyone trying to thwart Scotgov and those in Scotgov are not that clever. There’s too much money involved that Scotgov couldn’t, I don’t believe, pay up for all the bills they’re incurred so far & from the looks of things, more that are coming down the track, thanks to AS. Also – Scotgov are getting away with FAR TOO MUCH that the MSM are not holding them to account for. Why are they not doing that? Because ultimately MSM do as they are told & go after those they are told to bring to book. And they are NOT being told to go for Scotgov’s jugular. And Westminister don’t seem to be pressing too hard on the IM Bill at the moment. Strange that… or not.

    Who has the power to support Nicola, or to put the people in place who are being paid good money to do what they do, without fear of being fired? Nicola? No… I don’t believe so. She is happy to keep them on and even promote them & give they payrises… but I don’t believe she is the ULTIMATE POWER behind all this or the boss of t he ‘Scottish’ Civil Service. (Let’s call a spade a spade – they are unionist Civil Servants & they got medals last time for meddling in the first IndyRef). I just don’t think she & the rest of her cabal, are clever enough. This has to be people ALL POWERFUL, with unlimited money and people with the knowledge of & the ability to break the law with impunity. Who would that be, I wonder??

    The GRA & HC Bill is a a blind – a horrible, far reaching & dangerous bill brought out to DELIBERATELY make us focus on it & the rights it will take away from women, so that 52% of the population will stop thinking about Independence! It is being used to make women focus on protection for themselves & their children, so that we won’t push or vote for SNP and ultimately Independence. As far as I see it, THAT is what is at the back of this trans garbage.

    And so I have to say, anyone pushing Independence, thinking of other ways of getting it, will have to watch their backs! WM would ultimately give us a Sec.30 (you see unionists talking of that when notions of other ways of attaining Indy is talked about) because they KNOW they can manipulate the rules & criteria, And then they know they can manipulate the results. Fire alarms will go off, ‘yes’ papers in ‘no’ piles, etc, etc, etc… Dark Money played a huge role in the last IndyRef & they can use it again. But all that is contingent on having a Sec.30 – which they’ll give us at the hint we’ll use other methods to leave the UK. I believe its incumbent on those working on anything like that, to watch what they say should they be brought up on charges that WM can then influence COPFS to manipulate & maliciously prosecute. They won’t care they have to pay out millions, as long as they get the desired result – jail for the unwary activist that dares suggest UN intervention, MP/MSP National Assemblies to declare Indy, etc.

    These are dangerous times, in a dangerously governed country, by a government we can do nothing about for just less than 5 years. So those in the firing line – Be Careful Out There!

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  25. Another great expose/. Puts all John Le Carre’s spy thirllers to shame. If only we had a “George Smiley” to rid Scotland of all the corruption in the Scottish goverment.

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  26. Excellent article Iain. Enjoy your holiday. Your blog is great.

    Has anyone got any confidence in COPFS as a neutral objective institution of justice?

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