A guest post from Gordon Millar, formerly of the SNP London Branch. Readers may remember Gordon told his story recently about how a last minute suspension removed him from the Party Elections twenty four hours beforehand. The concern here is that the above named individual is still in post as an Equalities Officer despite his use of aggressive and threatening behaviour towards others.


An update on the Cameron Downing position, and why it matters.

Overall, the story has developed in some interesting ways but also, sadly, in some predictable ones. It’s been fascinating to see the original “Yours for Scotland” story ripple out, firstly through Wings, then through a couple of other blog sites including Reduxx and on to Twitter. And, then after a brief pause, it was picked up by the Daily Record and the Twitter reaction was even stronger although, by now, a lot of the comment was from people who had never read the original article.

The high spots, if a story like this can have high spots, were the interventions of Joanna Cherry and JK Rowling which forced a condemnation of Downing’s remarks from Mike Russell and a reluctant semi apology from Downing.

However, in the “sadly predictable” department we have had absolutely no comment from the SNP London branch itself, or from Karen Adam, who supported and introduced Downing. And Downing remains in post as the London Equalities officer.

However, we’re going to start by going back in time to 11 August, when I first contacted the London Branch convenor. This is what I said in my e-mail:

“Hi – – – – 

I’m no longer a member of the London branch nor of the SNP. 

However, I am still committed to Scottish independence, and the SNP’s actions affect the wider Yes movement. Therefore, I was astonished to see that Cameron Downing was elected as the London Branch Equalities Officer at the recent AGM.

How can someone who has threatened violence against women within the last two years be selected as a branch equalities officer?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

I am going to blog on this subject, but it is only fair to give you the chance to put forward your reasons for this appointment. So, would it be possible for you to let me know:

  • What discussion, if any, took place on the appropriateness of appointing someone to a sensitive position who had threatened women with violence and was a member of an openly misogynistic organisation?
  • ·       What discussion, if any, took place on the possible impact on the Branch’s reputation because of this appointment?
  • What discussion took place on Cameron’s conflict of interest as an Out for Indy office holder?
  • What discussion took place regarding the broader impact on the independence campaign among, say, women voters, of this appointment?
  • Roughly how many people voted for him?

Regards, Gordon Millar”

I should probably have included this in my original article because it highlights an important point which is that, despite everything, the SNP is still the largest, most visible, and most politically powerful element of the Independence movement. Given that, it has an obligation (which it has so far ignored) not to act in ways which will discredit the movement as a whole.

So, it seems perfectly reasonable for independence supporting non-members to raise issues like this and to expect the courtesy of a reply. However, prior to the SNP conference on 8 – 10 October, there had been no response from either SNP London or the Party’s leadership.

Other people, however, had been paying attention. Firstly, the story was picked up by Wings over Scotland

And then a re-written version appeared on the feminist site Reduxx

Next, it was picked up by Karen Davis on her excellent You Tube channel, You’re Kiddin’ Right?

So that’s almost certainly tens of thousands of people who are now aware and, judging from their comments, are remarkably unimpressed by both the SNP and their London Branch. 

Not to mention Twitter:

 However, if even being on the opposite side to Roddy Dunlop KC didn’t prompt a rethink, what would it take?

Maybe if there was some evidence of damage to the Party’s reputation?

But no, the silence continued. So, on 24 September, I emailed the London convenor again:

“I didn’t get any reply to my previous e-mail, so this is probably not worthwhile. 

But anyway – – – Are you still not going to issue any statement about how you appointed this creepy, misogynist, bully as the London Branch Equalities Officer Or about what you intend to do about it? (the appointment still shows in his Twitter bio, so I assume that it’s still current.)”

Well, OK, “creepy, misogynist, bully” was maybe a bit in-your-face, but the question was still pertinent.

Predictably, no reply was forthcoming. Although the SNP did take action of a sort:

First SNP London removed the “Committee Members” page from its website:

And then, as night follows day:

Although the blocking seemed a bit pointless, as Downing already hid behind protected tweets.

And there matters rested until the Daily Record picked up the story, during the SNP’s annual conference ,

Downing was forced to issue an “apology”, but this turned out to be the standard TRA non-apology:

Not a word about any offence or anxiety caused to women. Do he and those who appointed him really think that “I’m sorry I was caught and embarrassed my friends” is an adequate or appropriate apology?

Joanna Cherry certainly didn’t seem very impressed

Which appears to have forced Mike Russell to respond, condemning Downing’s language

But there has noticeably been no response from the SNP London Branch itself.

A major branch of the SNP has appointed a misogynistic bully, with a record of threatening violence against women, to the position of Equalities Officer. Despite substantial publicity on social media and widespread condemnation, they have chosen to maintain the appointment and to completely ignore criticism or requests for an explanation. This is quite extraordinary behaviour for a political party. 

So, what is behind it? Is it just complacent arrogance, or could it be something else? 

For example, consider this.

At first, this looks a little bit “nothing to see here”. After all, London SNP has always had a presence at Pride. Indeed, it would be odd for any London based group with LBGT members not to take part.

But this is different. Karen Adam MSP has been invited, as have representatives of Out for Indy. This is where Cameron Downing’s involvement with London Branch begins, under the patronage of Karen Adam. And this is not London Branch’s normal Pride appearance and the banners have not been “dusted off” – they are brand new and incorporate the new Stonewall prescribed “inclusive” rainbow colours. In other words, a special effort is being made. Probably more effort than London Branch have put into any independence campaigning for some time.

But why? You can view the Pride march as still being essential for protecting LGBT rights, as a good day out with likeminded people or as a gigantic corporate virtue signalling exercise. But whatever you think of Pride, and despite the smug and self-satisfied reference to people cheering for Scottish independence, no-one would seriously suggest that marching in London Pride was going to have any impact on Scotland’s independence campaign.

Well, Karen Adam MSP is a member of the supposedly neutral committee scrutinising the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. She is also, in an obvious conflict of interest, a member of the Cross-Party Group on LGBTI+ which is a pressure group in favour of the proposed changes, and she has been reported as wearing a rainbow lanyard to the hearings and being hostile to witnesses who are opposed to GRA reform.

So, this suggests that what’s going on here is nothing to do with Scottish independence and nothing, directly, to do with Cameron Downing. What’s going on here is that the London Branch, or at least its convenor and committee, is choosing a side in the current SNP civil war and that they have chosen to back the leadership and the gender ideologues who currently have control of the party. Cameron Downing, endorsed by Karen Adam, is just part of the package.

In other words, their main concern is no longer independence but maintaining Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP in power in a devolved Scotland. And, of course, vigorously pursuing the gender issues which seem to form the core belief of the supporters of this faction of the SNP/Green alliance.

As recent history has shown that this faction is perfectly happy attacking, bullying, and slandering their opposition and has been tacitly encouraged to do so by Nicola Sturgeon, it is perhaps unrealistic to expect action and an apology from either the London Branch or Karen Adam.



JK Rowling, possibly the world’s most famous living writer and a vigorous supporter of women’s rights, has now become involved. This should, if nothing else, get worldwide attention for SNP London, so well done to the convenor and committee!

And then there was the Scottish Conservative Shadow Equalities spokeswoman Rachael Hamilton telling the Scottish Daily Express that “the views expressed by these SNP staffers are totally unacceptable and Karen Adam needs to dissociate herself from them completely.” Whatever you think of the Scottish Tories, is giving them free ammunition really such a good idea?

But, at the end of the day, this is a question of decency, morality, and backbone and both the SNP generally, and the London Branch in particular, appear to be considerably wanting in these areas.

This was an opportunity for the SNP to show that they were taking a stand against the normalising of the unpleasant, misogynistic behaviour which bedevils Scottish politics, but they completely ignored the issue until the article in the Record pretty much forced Mike Russell to make a statement. But they did nothing else – Downing has not been disciplined or suspended and has been allowed to get away with a pathetic non-apology. Karen Adam claims that she has condemned Downing’s comments “a long time ago” but has produced no evidence to support this. But, for the icing on the cake, look who’s in a photograph with the Feminist-To-Her-Fingertips at last weekend’s SNP conference:

Admittedly, Downing is at the back and may have photobombed the shot and it’s always possible that Nicola Sturgeon’s advisers are so useless that they were unaware of a story that was all over social media before the Record picked it up, but both these things seem improbable at best.

And as for SNP London? Arrogance and cowardice writ large. Just consider:

  • They invited Downing to participate in their Pride march
  • They elected him as Equalities Officer despite his wish to “beat the f**k out of some Terfs” being in the public domain and well publicised on Twitter
  • When the story was published on Yours for Scotland they refused to comment
  • When the story appeared in other blogs and was all over Twitter, they continued to ignore it
  • The story spread all over social media and Twitter, doing significant damage to the reputation of both the SNP and the London Branch, but they didn’t comment
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, For Women Scotland and Joanna Cherry all condemned Downing’s language and the appointment. But no reaction from London.
  • Even SNP president Mike Russell was forced to condemn Downing’s statements but, again, no reaction from London

So, what does this say about SNP London? To me, it says that the Convenor and Committee of the SNP’s London Branch are cowards with no moral compass or sense of decency who refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions or the problems that these have caused. Other explanations may be available, but I’m afraid I can’t think of any.


My thanks to Gordon for providing this update as it once again reveals the appalling double standards that operate within the SNP. Not only was no disciplinary action taken the person concerned remains in place in the highly unsuitable role of being a equalities officer which clearly his highlighted previous behaviour demonstrates that he is the last person who should be considered for such a sensitive role. I am of course delighted that the original story on this blog resulted in so much knock on publicity as the story spread.

I am, as always



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  1. How could any independence supporter ever vote for the SNP again after reading this? I know I won’t, but what happens if there are no alternative parties standing in my area? Spoil my paper, ok, but that won’t get us any nearer Independence.
    I’m puting my faith in Salvo, SSRG and The Claim of Right to get us out of the union and install true patriots with real knowledge and skills to improve our lot.

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  2. Watch the new ‘code of conduct’ for Yessers being dusted down to discipline SNP members who oppose the GRA. That’s if any, other than Joanna, are prepared to speak up. It is blatantly obvious that there are rules for some and rules for others.
    This is just another example of ‘if your face fits’ you can say and do anything with impunity. Many within the Parliamentary Groups have gone rogue, saying and doing whatever they want, other than furthering the cause of Independence. The NuSNP have a bad case of entryism but nobody wants to tackle it!

    Liked by 18 people

    1. “the infiltration of a political party by members of another group, with the intention of subverting its policies or objectives”… (Instead of this one word: ‘entryism’ ) ~ although, normally, less is more.

      Liked by 10 people

  3. If there is one thing we know about Nicola Sturgeon it’s that she is all about control, especially with regard to image.
    Is it possible that photo with Dowling behind her is ‘accidental’?
    Perhaps, but highly unlikely.
    Imho, no question Dowling is supported at the highest level.
    Why no condemnation by Blackford who heads the London branch/Westminster group?
    Court date is due for the guy (ex? -SNP) who targeted Joanna Cherry with death threats. Still no words of support from ‘Dear Leader’.
    Why are all other MP’s /MSP’s silent on the subject? What happened to common decency or are they all too feart to cross the ‘leadership’.
    Bullying culture is at the heart of the SNP these days and that eminates from the VERY top.

    Liked by 20 people

    1. Never accidental always contrived by nicoliar who’s a bully, pathological liar and a total unionist. The YES movement are now having to fight the so called party of independence. Disgraceful and totally sickening. Aye, her that said ‘I’m going nowhere ‘ at conference…still more damage to inflict eh nicoliar!

      Liked by 17 people

      1. A good start on removing the nuSNP from the political landscape would be getting leaflets out to households showing the literature being given out to our school kids and the Tavistock/Sandyford “support” (coercion) for gender changes. Most parents will be horrified. I’m not able to get hold of these materials but there must be teachers in Alba/SALVO/other indy who could help stop this wholesale abuse of our schools? Maybe we need an FOI …

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  4. Gordon, I can’t really say that I get exercised about this low life’s intemperate language.

    Roddy Dunlop KC is probably bang on this keyboard walloper probably couldn’t beat an egg. I suspect also that out in the open and not without the protection of remote keyboard messaging he would otherwise open his mouth. He’s just a vile nobody. Probably sticks pencils through pictures of people he doesn’t like.

    What I, and a I guess most folk rail at is how the SNP has allowed itself to be peopled with folk like Downing.

    His comments, and comments like them are akin to the old calls for paki bashing, queer bashing, or wack a wog sentiment, and we know of course that would rally to that type of call.

    Totally totally unaceptable and why the failure of the party and the leadership to react and take action is so outrageous.

    But you know what? Sturgeon and her clique are vicious thugs themselves in thought and action. The conspiracy to jail innocent people, ruin their lives, and cause misery for their families is at the heart of the SNP.

    Downing is just a protected vicious nobody in the orbit of Sturgeon’s vile clique of control.

    Liked by 19 people

  5. ‪Excellent insight into the corrupt, deceitful, not-fit-for-purpose SNP leadership. This party appears to be heading for a massive fall from grace. ‬

    Any truly decent MP/MSP must now decide whether to leave or stay. Another two years and the SNP will be completely undermined thanks to the actions of the current leader. London must be pleased with her. How can Angus, Douglas, and Joanna remain in this cesspit?

    Liked by 15 people

    1. When the party does fall from grace, will ALBA be strong enough to replace it? Or are we going to have Labour inflicted upon us again? Even if/ when she goes, I think Sturgeon will be content to see a Unionist party in power.

      Liked by 7 people

    2. Peter I love your articles , they speak of realism and truth , but unfortunately I cannot agree with your assessment re good remaining snp reps , I don’t believe any of them are good or decent , it defies logic that any of them can remain within this corrupted cesspit , if they had any decency or morality they would EXPOSE the vileness and rancid decay festering like a suppurating boil hiding under the surface of a party filled with perverts and deviants , the very fact that they can remain silent and unchallenging only reinforces and exposes their greed and cowardice

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  6. I think that they are trying to destroy the independence movement given that the SNP are the strongest party in terms of the mandates that they were voted in on. As for the rainbow well I think that we should take it back because rainbows belong to everyone and if you believe in the biblical stories it was a reminder that God Wouldn’t get so angry again and destroy the world. Native Americans Hopi prophecy speaks about rainbow warriors who will come to save the earth.
    If I was leader of a party and anyone was threatening women they would be out and the police would have been called. It says that he apologized however we know his true feelings so apologize by all means but bye bye. I had read old tweets by Alyn Smith’s partner and I have to say that they too were not good but they were waiting time passed and planned to suit him up and run him as a candidate. It’s not on. Women are not on earth to be abused neither are children and we really need to have a mechanism for getting rid of politicians who are upsetting the public and causing harm in what looks like a deliberate attack on our democracy and human rights and safety.

    Liked by 18 people

    1. Men should not abused either just to be clear but you guys are physically stronger so therefore have this advantage if being attacked. Our society is failing when our men don’t protect against the vulnerable being a target.

      Liked by 6 people

    2. We also have to ensure that in any political party in Scotland the two top jobs are not held by a husband and wife team, or anyone with a close relationship of any kind.

      That should be in our constitution.

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  7. The supposed ‘threat to the union’ SNP being absolutely hammered by.. well, by 1 x only newspaper on Scottish news stands?
    Had Alex Salmond as much as crossed the road without waiting for the wee green man – and it is a man – then the 99% british press would’ve crucified him for it. Why would the stalwarts and defenders of britishness, your Express and Mail for example, avoid this story as somehow not important? We all know why, don’t we?
    It’s because this story is *genuinely* damaging to the SNP and would (will) turn pro-Scots away from this very british, defender of union, party.

    ‘Alistair’ is a friend of mine and I consider him a barometer of just how deluded many in our movement remain in the face of the most blatant anti-Scottish actions from the SNP. I visit Alistair’s twitter account from time to time (we still follow each other) and, exasperatingly, I notice he’s somehow still tweeting pro-SNP. What will it take – how much more face-slapping and insult – will Alistair accept before he and all Alistairs in our movement kinda see that the game’s a bogey as far as the very british SNP are concerned?

    Nice to see Alba are making advances, and that the true leader of independence is still as shrewd and able, and still a *genuine* threat to the union – and still winning despite the long knives.

    Liked by 18 people

    1. Alex Salmond and The Alba Party

      Nice to see Alba is making advances, and Alex Salmond is still as shrewd and able as ever and still a threat to the union, and still winning despite the long knives: these points still strike real fear in the London Government!

      ‘Saorsa’ is Scottish Gaelic for the following:

      freedom, liberty and/or redemption.

      We will soon regain our independence!

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  8. So, what is behind it? Is it just complacent arrogance, or could it be something else?

    It is something else and something we should all be very concerned about but something frighteningly so many either can’t see or refuse to see, we are living in very dark and dangerous times.
    George Orwell surely must have been someone who either had great foresight or he came from the future.

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    1. “So, what is behind it?”

      Political motives?

      If Sturgeon’s SNP were really pursuing independence, they would have delivered it already. I have no doubt that even those in the yes movement who choose to still bury their heads in the sand, might refuse to accept it, but they can already see this political fraud has flushed down the toilet the multitude of opportunities and mandates her party was given to deliver it.

      For 8 years our SNP votes have been both – misused to engineer obstacles to independence, and misused to find excuses to undermine Scotland’s popular sovereignty and right to self-determination. I do not think this could have been more obvious than with Sturgeon’s latest stupidity of submitting a draft bill to the Supreme Court, and by doing so, surrendering to England judges our democratic right to bring bills to our own effing parliament. And this from the individual who dared to claim “democracy is on my side”.

      How many legitimate leaders in the democratic world have ever sought to divide their own ranks jeopardising the party’s chances to win by putting them at loggerheads with each other?
      Sturgeon and the blairites are the only ones who spring to mind. Divide and conquer is a well known motto. Dividing the yes movement only benefits one side, which happens to be the same side that benefitted from dividing the Labour party when Corbyn was leader. That side is the British state and its allies with vested interest in Scotland’s assets and geographic location.

      How many leaders in the democratic world have ever been so monumentally stupid as to turn round and viciously attack their own ranks for the sake of keeping the opposition happy? Sturgeon, Starmer and the other blairites come to mind.

      Another two obvious similarities between the original SNP and Corbyn’s semi-socialist labour was that well liked leaders who were seen to pursue the party’s cause by members and voters, had to be removed and demonised by dubious actors within their respective parties, the mouthpieces of the British state and the new “leaders” in those parties. The other similarity is that large numbers of members and voters of the original party were actively and deliberately disenfranchised when those leaders were removed.

      It almost feels the SNP and labour are now the same thing and Sturgeon and Starmer two puppets moved by the same hands moving the “leaders” of the tory party. All in perfect coordination towards the same aim, which is in itself most unlikely if three genuinely polar-opposing leaders were acting independently.

      A good measure of how well you are following your path in politics is the decibels coming from your opposition in terms of screams and whinging. The louder they are, the more you can be certain you are following the correct path. Now, if the decibels are coming from your own ranks, you hear nothing from the opposition and the mouthpieces of the opposition start to give you an audience and air time, then you know that not only you have lost your way and are following the wrong path, you have now merged with the opposition.

      Women represent 50% of the population. They are still seen as the weaker sex and therefore it is instinctive for men in their families to seek to protect them. It is a natural reaction, and one that I personally welcome. So if you attack women, sooner or later you will have alienated not only those women, but also the men in their families and groups of friends. Alienating women is therefore the most stupid, ill-advised, crass decision a serious political “leader” could have ever made to progress their cause, unless of course what that “leader” is seeking to progress is the opposition’s cause.

      Sturgeon has made far too many “mistakes” for the assumption they were actually “mistakes” to be credible any longer. The number of “mistakes” in the last 8 years have been such, that it rather points to the more plausible possibility she might have been deliberately following a parallel agenda.

      Division in a political party is never good because it leads to the party’s destruction, by either its obliteration at the polls or by leading it to fragment into smaller parties- division of the vote. I think it is evident this is where Sturgeon (or her handlers) have been leading the SNP towards. Several pro-independence parties have already emerged and, because Sturgeon’s “mistakes” continue at pace, these parties are gaining strength, credibility and support.

      The reaction of Sturgeon, her praetorian guard and the mouthpieces of the British state when Alba was announced and, before that, how the ISP was demonised, suggest, in my view, four things:

      1. First and most obvious is that Sturgeon did not seek to deliver independence, but rather to hold full control of the yes movement. These new pro-indy parties threaten the SNP’s monopoly on being seen as the “political vehicle for independence” . Being seen as the only party of independence helps to concentrate the vote, but more importantly, if what you are seeking is to stop independence, it makes very easy to keep the yes movement on a leash – for example by claiming that a vote for your party is not a vote for independence. If and when the time comes that the SNP vote needs to be collapsed by the powers that be for the sake of making the UK look governable, this monopoly makes very easy to silence yes voters for example by alienating the voting base. But that only works if yes voters have nowhere else to go. If before the point of full alienation, yes voters can no longer be bothered in listening to you and can no longer be disenfranchised because they have other parties to vote for and other pro-indy organisations to listen to, all your power to restrain that movement vanishes.

      2. The mere existence of those parties is, at best, proof Sturgeon’s SNP never intended to cater for all pro-independence voters and, at worse, proof that Sturgeon’s approach to delivering independence is no longer convincing. Even worse, the existence of those parties helps the yes movement put more pressure for independence to be delivered, which is the precise opposite to what might have been intended with the monopoly strategy.

      3. The reaction to those parties denotes fear. This could be because the SNP leadership had all intention to continue delivering “mistakes” , but the possibility with each new “mistake” of more voters and members leaving the SNP to go to those other parties or to join alternative organisations pursuing independence through a path that bypasses political parties, makes those “mistakes” counter-producing.

      4. It is very easy to dismiss criticisms from unionist parties and the mouthpieces of the British state and allies as propaganda. It is much more difficult when those criticisms and scrutiny come from your own side.

      I have been convinced for some time now that the destruction of the party as an effective vehicle for independence is precisely what this political fraud and her handlers have been seeking from day one. In the same way it has been obvious the destruction of labour as a socialist party has always been behind the blairite’s and their handlers’ actions.

      From where I am sitting, plaguing the SNP and Labour with internal divisions and removing control from the membership to keep the leadership on a leash seems to serve a function: to render both parties “compliant” to the establishment’s view of what a UK political party must look and behave like. Only then, these parties can be allowed anywhere near UK government to give the party of the aristocrats and corporations a well deserved “rest” in the backbenches after it has created such an enormous mess that keeping in power would make disgusted English voters to come out with the pitchforks (metaphorically speaking).

      It is my personal opinion Sturgeon’s SNP is labour under a different flag and part of the strategy to deliver the much trumpeted “revival” of Labour in Scotland.

      I am convinced the GRA thing is just a trojan horse which has been fully unleashed after previous strategies to bring the SNP down by internal division failed.

      I am sure I am not the only one who remembers, years ago, before all Mr Salmond’s persecution started, that the MSM were already trumpeting a division in the SNP between Salmondites and Sturgeonites. I did not give credence to that at the time thinking the British State, via its mouthpieces, were seeking to create the illusion of division to damage the party’s prospects at the elections.

      I still think my instinct was right. It was however interesting to watch how the perception of division announced by the MSM at the time failed to damage the party’s prospects and did not translate into more labour votes. Then, along came the collusion with UK civil servants and the COPFS to launch the complaints procedure from hell. When that also failed and the culprits ended up with egg all over their corrupt faces (metaphorically speaking), along came the Criminal case and the continuous collusion of UK civil servants, Sturgeon’s government, the COPFs, Sturgeon’s praetorian guard and the mouthpieces of the British state to destroy Mr Salmond’s reputation.

      When that also failed to significantly destroy the yes movement and the party’s prospects, it was time to activate the scorched earth approach: if the SNP voters could not be brought to heel, then the party had to be destroyed. I am convinced the objective has always been to decrease the pro indy MP seats to less than half because they need to show the world that the UK is open for business and Scotland’s resources are available for sale because Scotland “does no longer want independence”. Clearly this task becomes much easier if all the yes vote can be concentrated in one party which can be then brought to heel with active “interventionism” .

      The existence of alternative pro-independence parties, the emergence of SSRG and Salvo, an increasing exodus of SNP members from the party, the decaying reliance on the MSM for news and the fact that a good proportion of the current pro-independence blogs are trashing this woman’s version of the SNP and her failed strategy, seem proof this political fraud is beginning to lose grasp and there is a risk she will soon be bypassed.

      I don’t believe in coincidences. I don’t believe the demonisation of Corbyn and Mr Salmond were coincidences. I don’t believe having Starmer, more right wing than the average tory, and Sturgeon, more unionist than the average labour voter, as “leaders” are coincidences. I don’t believe having an overt pro-brexit leader in the labour party, when the majority of the members were against, is a coincidence. I don’t believe having a devolutionist as leader of the SNP at a point when the support for independence is at the highest, is a coincidence. I don’t believe the flooring the UK economy by Truss and her chancellor was “a mistake”. Nor I believe the election of somebody as incredibly dim as Truss as tory leader was “a mistake”. I am convinced the tory party is sabotaging their own chances in order to get labour to win at the next general election – we have seen labour on its own can no longer achieve this.

      Personally I think the “one nation UK” narrative has hit the buffers and with the threat of strikes, crippling energy bills, raise in interest rates with their repercussions for mortgages and credit card debt, ridiculously high food prices and inflation, and erosion of real time salaries, things are only going to get worse, much worse. If you have been paying attention, I am sure that, like me, you will have noticed that some packages of food which a few months ago proudly displayed oversized UJs on them, are now beginning to either disguise the UJs by reducing their size or even starting to displaying discrete saltires on them. Presumably because the experiment of forcing down our throats the UJ’s to promote the “one nation” narrative, has failed and damaged sales.

      With Sturgeon losing grasp of the movement, and previous strategies of love-bombing, MSM anti-independence propaganda and excuses given by the “opposition” parties no longer being listened to, it seems they may have reached the critical point where the only way they have left now to keep the union on life support is by giving the people of Scotland more illusion of autonomy. I use the word “illusion” very consciously here because the only way Scotland can gain meaningful autonomy is with independence.

      The tories cannot be seen to be willingly delivering more powers to Holyrood, because it will bulldoze its staunch unionist voting base. Labour is seen as the party of “devolution”, hence if anybody is going to deliver FFA or any other brand of enhanced devolution, it will be labour. In that way, if the experiment goes wrong, and it will go wrong because Scotland is far too gone towards independence to be satisfied with more devolution for long, the party of aristocrats and corporations can use that “mistake” to bounce back in the polls in England and comfortably govern unchallenged for the benefit of the 1% for another decade before the same cycle starts again.

      An additional bonus of having Labour in power at a time when we are facing the biggest economic crisis in modern history, in part caused by the tories’ stupid brexit and their damaging policies, is that it will not be the tories who have to clear up their own mess and even better: not be seen as ever having to clean after themselves.

      In any case, labour is in “safe” hands: they could not have found a more right wing, pro-brexit, anti-Scottish independence, anti-socialist, fully compliant establishment figure than Starmer. Even Thatcher would have been impressed.

      Yessers are getting restless and difficult to control. The PR product appears to have reached its best before date, because once the booing has started, it will only get louder, particularly when the supporters realise no meaningful referendum will be delivered in 2023. The establishment compliant successor of the PR product does not seem that popular, so he would be the perfect pair of safe hands to lead the SNP towards losing half of its seats in the next GE. What are the odds that the Supreme Court Farce might offer an exit door to Sturgeon?

      Let’s brace ourselves folks. Sturgeon’s “plebiscitary GE” is going to be an even bigger farce than her pro-indy leadership in 2015. You can sense the moment to stitch up Scotland and send us packing with another version of enhanced devolution is fast approaching. This must be the moment Sturgeon has been working for 8 years her socks off destroying the movement and the SNP’s credibility as a party of independence.

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      1. This is why I have reservations about JK Rowling. She is on every outlet defending women’s rights. Not saying that it’s not for the actual cause however we know that she is Labour and very in favour of the union.

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      2. Excellent points, Mia, and they actually demonstrate how urgent our position is and how we must get together enough folk who believe in a constututional way to gain Independence , rather than through a referendom or so-called ‘plebiscite General Election. Lets get enough people supporting the Claim of Right to be able to appeal to an Intenational body, like the UC or cpuncil of Europe (the UK is still a mamber) as it is not a matter only for the UK, as that only exisits because of the Treaty of Unionwhich Scotland wants out of!

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      3. I support Independence and I am also a feminist who is actively involved in trying to stop reform of the GRA from being enacted in Scotland. For both of these reasons I am against Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership of the SNP and the Scottish Government.

        Most women involved in the fight to stop the GRA are aware that it is more than just the strange views of Sturgeon and her group in Holyrood who wish to pander to some men who enjoy playing dress-up. It is much more dangerous than that. The repercussions of the imposition of gender ideology (GI) will mark the waking up of adults in Scotland to what the SNP have done and thus the end of the SNP. Undoing the damage will take a very long time. It is sometimes difficult to see a broad picture when embroiled in the nitty gritty of an ongoing issue. However, GI presented the most ludicrous of elements that it was, and is, hard to believe any sane adult would fall for. That is why women were aware there was more to it than just wanting people to be kind to a tiny (at that time) minority of people. I am not entirely convinced that it was/is a Trojan horse to destroy the SNP (although it will), as governments across the world have also bent the knee to this toxic ideology.

        Mia, you mention not believing in coincidences and nor do I. There is a movement by those in power in the World Economic Forum to change aspects of politics and society globally – The Great Reset. GI is part of the societal change that they are attempting to engineer. The UK is fighting against it admirably, especially women who will be severely affected by it and children who will have puberty stopped and their bodies mutilated beyond repair. Other countries like Ireland had GI introduced surreptitiously, with no debate or consultation with the public, and women and children are suffering because of it. Canada, Germany, America, Finland and Norway are in similar situations. It is harder to stop GI when it has been imposed by governments. Conspiracy theory? Perhaps or perhaps not.

        Nicola Sturgeon may choose to leave before the SNP collapses and may possibly be rewarded with a job in a prominent position in Europe. She may or may not be successful in pushing the GRA through Holyrood but her work in Scotland is done and history will not be kind to her. Her legacy will be the years she has spent destroying Scotland in so many ways, not least the lack of Independence. It is up to women and men in Scotland to fight for Independence and to stop the imposition of Queer theory/gender ideology on Scotland.

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  9. Tweet Street Scotland had a good presentation the other night about the sex issue with a panel of people who gave some great advice, discussion and what is happening to people for speaking out. It’s definitely worthwhile watching and sharing.

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    1. I think that it was Neale Hanvey who said that it’s not good for the gay community either to have people like this hijack it. This is why putting a group of sexual orientation in one label is probably not the best idea. I get that people want to express their pride in being same sex attracted given that the horrendous treatment that was conducted by experiments upon them but I also think that what has happened is that folk with no good intentions get into these things and sometimes it can lead to them being targeted. Same thing is happening now with women and I can’t believe that if we who are straight even are being branded a name as if we are bad.

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  10. Concerned people who are angry about the SNP’s silence and tolerance about this remind me of YES voters in 2014 who wrote to the BBC to complain about the bias. What did you actually expect? We didn’t even put a wrinkle in the BBC’s pinstripe suit.

    The problem you perceive isn’t a fairness denied or going wrong, it’s evidence of a deliberate and wilful subversion going right. Job done for the Establishment!

    People didn’t see it with the BBC, except I believe they actually did see it, but understood that fixing the problem was immensely difficult, maybe too much to take on; like stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson when you’re still in your goonie and slippers. So they sidestepped the challenge. You see no way to win big, so you focus on making your point then melting away.

    The problem is we need to get into that ring and whatever the odds, knock whatever we find there on it’s arse and out of our way. We get in that ring, gloves off, and thrown on the canvas like gauntlets. Don’t weather the storm, BE the storm!

    Sturgeon isn’t going to repent or resign. She’s the damned architect of this deconstruction! The more you complain without doing anything, the more her narcissism will bask in your powerlessness. Look at the toxic relish on her face saying she plans to be in post for a long time yet. Do you see the monster yet, that’s laughing at us all?

    I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but even if it stalls our march to Independence for a year or two, we need this SNP and it’s rotten heart impeached and removed from the driving seat.

    In the name of God, Westminster is in absolute turmoil, the economy is circling the drain, people are about to be made broke trying to pay for electricity, and STILL Sturgeon bumbles on, doing NOTHING but selling us out, screwing up, promising all the answers are written out clearly in the next paper that’s just about to come out… What the fk is wrong with people? Does your angry button not work anymore? Is it your attention span or a memory thing? We have a dud round in the chamber!

    Impeachment, then Indy. I’m sorry, but that’s how I see it. It should have been done in 2016. It certainly should have been done on 31st January 2020. Better late than never, because I can’t stomach much more of this.

    Let her stick that on her CV for the UN or whatever Clinton foundation will have her; the first ever Scottish First Minister to be impeached by the people.

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    1. The front page of McPrävda this morning talks of “fresh doubts” regarding the impartiality of BBC Question Time. FFS! There are nae doots. That ship sailed with the Arc.
      NuSNP continues to collaborate with this unionist propaganda exercise. They ken weal whit their daein’.
      We’ve got the Irish Parliamentary Party when we need Sinn Féin.

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    2. I’ve been wondering how we get a proper Scottish media channel onto our TV. I can’t remember what the total figures are for Scottish tv licence payments v how much the BBC budgets for Scottish programming. In any case that is irrelevant since the programming comes with a London bias.

      So I wonder, could another company be approached e.g. RTE and a properly Scottish focused media channel piggy back upon such a currently established broadcaster? Obviously a budget would need to be created, but some of this could be raised by the would-be licence fee…

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      1. Alba really missed out as they had planned for our own film industry and TV however as Craig Murray pointed out it should not be government controlled either. We have to have real truth and honesty and good films that respect is rather than try make an arse of us, as much as I like comedy some of the folk who have ripped the arse at our expense need to quite frankly chuck it or gtf. I switched off a while back and I won’t be until probably the above happens.

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    3. Couldn’t agree more. The women ( or however she identify) needs to be gone now.
      The very shortly to pass, GRA reform is her legacy and passport to USA stardom. All except Biden and the Democrats are predicted to take a big hit on the mid-terms on this very subject.
      We owe a depth of gratitude to the XXXXL fake titted trans identified male teacher for exposing this ridiculous situation (worldwide viral on twitter). He, she, it, Must have trans ‘peaked’ a million. Democrats are going down and Sturgeon’s ambitions with it.
      As usual she’s too late and behind the curve, most especially for Independence.
      She could have gone down in history, as it is, it’ll be as traitor.

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  11. Having been involved with many political photo shoots the accidental theory doesn’t wash. You either have public photos with dozens in the background or a sterile area.
    It could have been faked but all the SNP had to do in that case was publish the original to end the bad press.
    That photograph was obviously a sterile area posed shot. If it was tampered with the SNP have the original. Why would the SNP not want to set the record straight if it is a fake?

    The SNP are now a lost cause and sadly that is down to the silent MPs and MSPs. Unlike the general membership or the public they KNOW the detail of what is happening yet still say nothing. They may justify their silence by claiming Unity, the Independence Cause, Protecting the Party, etc etc but deep down they know it is a lie.

    “People who value their privileges above their principles soon lose both”
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

    The Clans once selected the best leader from their ranks. It was the first act of the English to make the Clan Chief hereditary and ensure they whisked the children South for their “education”.
    Westminster was designed to massage the ego of the rebel. He is pampered. His life style elevated and suddenly the firebrand becomes a good little house jock.
    The Short Money has the same impact on Parties and the FPTP voting system ensures that either the Right in Politics are in Power or other Parties have to follow their policies to win power.

    We Field Jocks just have to wait our turn for some of the crumbs from the table to reach us eventually. The trickle down con has served London well for Centuries.

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    1. The native Americans still use the clan system and it’s women who are good that are the leaders and they choose the best men for the roles needed for the best outcome and obviously they need to present their case as to why they picked each male before it’s agreed. So I would be picking an expert on currency, one on safety, another for creating things that are productive but safe etc. Someone who was good at negotiating, a group of men for protecting the weans and women, some of them might be women as well chosen for their skills and ideas, it’s better than this current parliament who are daeing the opposite. The people would then be asked to decide what they thought of the ideas so everyone is included.

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    2. Clootie write above 10.48am:

      « The Clans once selected the best leader from their ranks. It was the first act of the English to make the Clan Chief hereditary and ensure they whisked the children South for their “education”. »
      The Acts responsible for this Scottish linguicide were not English, but Acts of the Privy Council of Scotland (under James VI) about a century before the Union of Parliaments:

      “THE QUHILK DAY it being understand that the ignorance and incivilitie of the saidis Ilis hes daylie incressit be the negligence of gaid educatioun and instructioun of the youth in the knowledge of God and good lettres: FOR remeid quhairof it is enactit that everie gentilman or yeaman within the saidis Ilandis or ony of thame having children maill or famell and being in goodis worth thriescoir ky, sall putt at the leist thair eldest sone or, having na childrene maill, thair eldest dochtir to the scuillis in the lawland and interteny and bring thame up thair quhill thay may be found able sufficientlie to speik, read and wryte Inglische.” (Statutes of Icolmkill 1609)(Collectanea de Rebus Albanicus pp119-20)

      “Thairfor that they shall send thair bairnis being past the age of nyne yeiris to the Scollis in the Lawlandis, to the effect thay may be instructit and trayned to wryte and reid and to speake Inglische; and that nane of thair bairnis sall be served air [heir] unto thame, nor acknawlegeit nor reid as tennentis to his Majestie unles thay can wryte, reid, and speik Inglische.” (Act of Privy Council of Scotland 1616)(Collectanea de Rebus Albanicus p 121)

      “Forasmekle as the kingis Majestie having a speciall care and regaird that the trew religioun be advanced and establisheit in all the pairtis of this kingdome, and that all his Majesties subjectis, especiallie the youth, be exercised and trained up in civilitie, godliness, knowledge and learning, that the vulgar Inglishe toung be universallie plantit, and the Irishe language, which is one of the chief and principall causis of the continwance of barbarities and incivilite amongis the inhabitantis of the Iles and Heylandis, may be abolisheit and removit…” (Act of Privy Council of Scotland 1616)

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      1. Ah we have it now Fergus..

        Twas the Irish language that was one of the principal and chief causes of the incivility and barbarity in the islands and Highlands.

        The Privy Council certainly knew a thing or two recording guff like this. In fact this type of narrative is still playing today.

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  12. And, then after a brief pause, it was picked up by the Daily Record and the Twitter reaction was even stronger although, by now, a lot of the comment was from people who had never read the original article.

    This seems to be the norm on social media. People are too lazy to seek out the source and check it for themselves. Yet they always find time to post inane drivel all day every day.

    It is hard not to laugh when you have a genuine group of perverts, feeble minded freaks and parasites trying to impose a code of conduct on anyone whilst ignoring all their own disgusting behaviour.

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  13. COINTELPRO originated in the pre-Internet world. Nonetheless it remains the basic instruction manual for covert, counterinsurgency as practiced in the developed world. Some additional tactics may have been evolved to suit the present day as revealed by the recent Al Jazeera documentaries on New-New Labour.
    Three of the six original techniques may have been deployed in the Downing case. I present them in order of application.
    2. Break down internal organization by creating conflicts.
    6. Restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities.
    1. Create a negative public image for target groups.

    An operation like this needs organisation and finance, so who’s behind it? Attempting to join-the-dots is frustrated by layers of front entities, but I’d wager on Foggy Bottom / Langley being at the root of the conspiracy.
    For clues, let’s consider:
    The John Smith Centre for Public Service admits to employing six staff but has never published accounts. This is clearly not as claimed, a neutral political influencing op., committed to fostering general involvement in politics from emerging generations. There’s a sinister, woke agenda behind their campaigning. Although fairly ineptly obscured, the links between the JSCfPS and the US State Department are many and varied.
    Ultra woke, yoof “engagement movement” for hire, My Life My Say are openly financed by the US Embassy in London. MLMS were present at Tony Blair’s, “The Future of Britain” conference this summer, alongside Baroness Ruth Davidson. The remit of this conference was clearly unionist.
    There’s a concerted effort being made to damage the independence movement where it’s strongest, in the younger demographics. This makes perfect sense, it’s what I’d do.
    Interestingly, the somewhat counterintuitive news revealed yesterday, that support for ALBA was highest amongst the over 55 demographic, points if not to success on the part of our opponents, then certainly failure on our part. Armed with this new information, we are better placed to finesse our messaging to counter the well financed but essentially AstroTurf efforts of the Anglo-American deep state.

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    1. The media is all full of Brit/ English celebs suddenly coming to Scotland, feeling Scottish, loving Scotland and of course the wee gestures of the BBC and other networks looking for Scottish contestants. Scotland areas recieving awards and other bullshit.

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      1. When I am in Scotland I feel Scottish. Dae ye, well does this mean that you feel cheated, robbed and made out as if you are second class? I mean ffs they really dae feed people pish and there’s folk who will be almost throwing their knickers to them in gratitude. 😂

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      2. Don’t be offended if you are English and living here nothing personal it’s the scripted ones who are paid to maintain the system that I am oan about.

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      3. Michael Flatley put it in a good way when he was interviewed on his show going to various places and he mentioned Glasgow but he spoke about the energy of the people, how we appreciate their performance and are on our feet even before they begin. At nae point was he saying that he felt Scottish although I think that a lot of Scottish people and Irish are closely linked from the past and still to this day. He was being nice and genuine.

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  14. Judging by that picture, it looks like the SNP now have the equivalent of those frightful Tory boys. They probably have their future all mapped out for themselves i.e. what’s the shortest time I can spend working in the real world before I climb aboard the devo gravy train?

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  15. When you see the inaction of the SNP with WM in an absolute mess, it gets you thinking that if Sturgeon was in charge in the 13th Century she would’ve insisted it was only fair to let the entire English army across Stirling Bridge first.

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  16. The SNP is drunk on power but has no sense of responsibility, under their current leader. They appear to have become rotten to the core, in the image of the narcissist who runs the show. I will not be voting for independence while Sturgeon is at the helm. She’s dangerous.

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  17. It would be a fine thing if the SNP would just get on with the everyday business of governance and the uncompromising pursuit of Scottish independence. All the evidence suggests, however, that both tasks are now quite beyond this present leadership. The party’s current dysfunctionality is, of course, a reflection of Brit politics and party culture, generally in the UK. This utterly farcical state of affairs, at least in the eyes of the world, into which the SNP has allowed itself to become mired as a direct consequence of its embarrassing, bumpkin-like seduction by Westminster, was always likely to neuter the party. Its elected representatives, in common with their English counterparts, have become little more than well fed,handsomely paid opportunists, bereft of common self-respect, or any sense of responsibility regarding their respective countries, their electorates, or anyone else beyond themselves and their parliamentary gangs(s).

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  18. Dave M says ‘SNP rotten to the core’. Exactly.

    Breeks says ‘Does your angry button not work anymore? Is it your attention span or a memory thing’ Possibly neither for those who do not want independence and see the SNP and Sturgeon as doing a good job to preserve the status quo.

    Sturgeon’s strength is built on her understanding that she has not been elected on an independence ticket – she only pretends that is the case. So she gathers in the support of independence supporters who are too gullible to see beyond the pretence, whilst at the same time gathering in the support of those opposed to independence by doing nothing to achieve it, which satisfies them.

    Given the 50:50 split ( with small variations) over independence it’s a win win for her.

    So half the people (the opposers) are not angry in the first place, have perfect memories and reliable attention spans.

    Of the other half (the supporters of independence) the gullible who are probably the largest proportion are not angry because they are blind to what’s going on and follow trance like in Sturgeon’s steps.

    Which leaves a small percentage who are ANGRY and frustrated (as I am and as you are) who want other supporters to wake up and see what she has done,

    The big problem is not just getting all supporters angry enough to get her and her troughers out. It’s how to attract many more opposers to change sides. As long as Sturgeon is in power, happy to pander to both sides, therein lies the problem.

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  19. The SNP has has a had pretty unquestioning leader adulation for 18 years.

    Does the person the article pertains to get elected by branch members? Can he be unelected? I guess there must be several SNP/ex-SNP branch member here that have done their part in molding the party.

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  20. I think the SNP membership are now even capable of unquestionally adulating Angus Robertson while the rest of Scotland snores.

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  21. That’s a generation of cap-doffing SNP members, and people wonder why they have become the most authoritarian political party in Scotland? The contrast to even the Lib Dems, or Sinn Fein is stark. Perhaps Scots actually want totalitarianism, complete with a McPutin.

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  22. Will the 4% support for Alba shown in the latest opinion poll push the complacent SNP leadership into some kind of radical action for independence? How much support for Alba is needed?

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    1. Join the liberation Scot. I have took the wee Alba books for giving out but I am not joining a party so I also took the leaflets for giving out. The books explain things for the people who don’t know and obviously the other leaflets are to get them involved in the one thing for us all that’s not about party politics.

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      1. Salvo. I love their black and gold flag. It would be nice to see this on our government buildings as a reminder to tow the line or else ye know what can happen if break the constitution.

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  23. An addendum to my whitterings above.
    The CIA has a classification of associate called “Change agent”. Rather than direct employees these are ostensibly independent individuals who receive covert funding to push a specific agenda approved by the CIA. The general agenda the Change agent concerns themselves with may be approved of or disapproved of by the CIA, the important thing is that the Change agent maintains their specific agenda within the bounds of acceptable thought defined by the CIA.
    In 2010, Wikileaks disclosed that long time, prominent, American feminist Gloria Steinem was registered by the CIA as a Change agent. That Steinem was pushing a feminist agenda was a matter of indifference to the CIA, the crucial thing was that Steinem’s feminism remained with limits set by the CIA. It is to be presumed that had Steinem started to draw links between sexual inequality and systemic, class income inequality or the dramatic wealth inequality between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, her funding would have been withdrawn.
    Steinem was a pioneer in the post war wave of feminism. In the context of the time, feminism could be considered “identity politics”. This would not be the last time that the CIA would latch onto identity politics, both to control the internal direction of the phenomenon and to use the movement as a tool to reward their confederates and damage their enemies.
    Of the seven Scottish elected representatives known to have enjoyed the largesse of the US State Department through the International Visitors Leadership Programme, only Humza Yousaf is heterosexual. This astonishing statistical anomaly cannot be dismissed as chance. There’s targeting at work here.
    What (likely subconscious) brief is being imparted to the subjects of this targeting? I would suggest a two pronged strategy.
    Firstly, to bring us back to the Change agent and their agenda, while the State Department / CIA is on record as being opposed to Scottish independence, in the event that this proves inevitable, the terms of independence must be within limits drawn by the American permanent state. This requires full, enthusiastic NATO membership, nuclear submarines at Faslane and full engagement with the economic warfare being waged against Russia and China. Military and economic neutrality are unacceptable, even if the latter could be an existential necessity for a small, fledgling, independent state.
    Secondly, the Change agent is to use identity politics to distract, divide and damage the agenda (independence) they purport to further. This brings us neatly back to COINTELPRO.

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    1. Your post is very informative and provides a good explanation for Sturgeon’s actions and the direction of travel of the SNP Government. Does this mean every SNP member of the Westminster Parliament and the Holyrood Parliament are complicit? If so, how could this be achieved?

      Or is it the case that some are completely ignorant; or that they know about it but just carry on drawing their large salaries and amassing their pensions for as long as they can whilst the going is good?

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    2. Am interesting commentary Vivian.

      Too many of us disregard the existence of influences like the International Visitors Leadership Programme and other such influences.

      Bought and sold for English gold may be an old saw now but the concept is alive and well.

      Coupled with blackmail, bribery does influence hearts and minds.

      Exposure and ruination or keep the head down, do the right thing, and a comfortable sinecure awaits you.

      It’s the way you do business. Paedophile ring at the heart of Thatcher’s government?

      Scandalous and vile you may say. But what a tool to keep errant ministers in line.

      And what if someone threatens to expose it.?

      Well there’s a cairn in the Highlands in memory to a man who in 1985 allegedly shot himself hours after declaring at an SNP branch meeting that he had the evidence to expose the Westminster government.

      Change agents, influence, or wild conspiracy. Or maybe why they called the Troubles in Northern Ireland the Dirty War.

      Or maybe ask Jeremy Corbyn or nearer to home Alex Salmond.

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  24. “the first ever Scottish First Minister to be impeached by the people.” Breeks. Exactly this.

    I said some time ago, that Sturgeon and Murrell will become the most hated people in Scotland’s history.

    And for ALL her MPs and MSPs ; “I was only following orders” is not a defence.

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  25. A few disjointed observations:

    The crisis for Truss is the view of “the Market” of her policies. And this “Market” isn’t the market for manufactured goods, for farm products, generated power, oil and gas. This market has an overly influential bearing upon the Uk’s finances. Basically the pawnshop for the UK I suppose.
    Grow the economy, says Truss, grow what, from where, and how? Higher level of pawnshop trading by the”Market”?

    Campaigning in 2012 I would describe to people the nonsense of the generated power scam, of the definition by Westminster of oil drawn from the N Sea as being termed as “ex-regio” , meaning not from Scotland. Of the huge divergence of population between Scotland and England, starting in the 1920’s. And I was met so often with skeptical, and blank faces.

    Well ye ken noo. Ye are being bare-faced robbed.

    And to close on a positive _ Andy Anderson, in yesterday’s National has a clear, easy to understand description of currency matters. So no more “What currency would you use?” jibes to endure.

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  26. Whit the hell are snp doing down in london anyway! Get back up here and FIGHT for our independence. Cowards on an effing jolly. GROSS.

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      1. When I joined the SNP in 1974, a mandate for Independence would be obtained when the Party won a majority of the Scottish MPs sent to Westminster. This “Big Bang Theory” was accepted by (almost) everyone, including Margaret Thatcher and, way before her, Winston Churchill. Devolution changed everything in the 1990s when Alex Salmond persuaded most Nationalists (including me) to accept Devolution as a “first step to Independence”. “If only we could show the poor Scottish people that, with limited self-government powers, we could make a go of running things for ourselves, surely the path to full-blooded Independence would be obvious!” This route was to prove an unattainable mirage.

      2. Salmond put far too much faith in Nicola Sturgeon in the old days, thinking he could control her. While he attended to constitutional and economics matters as FM, she was his deputy who had free rein over health, social care and other social matters – a huge remit. He trusted her, which he must bitterly regret now! However, she was not on the same personal agenda which I have discovered in my research. Whether they had a “lavender marriage” or not, the Murrells, Peter and Nicola, had a plan for private power and control in political life. I believe Salmond, who is on record as objecting to the pair being at the top of the Party and Government, stated when he was on his way out as FM. It was too late then and the Murrells just ignored him. He should have done something about it when he was in power, not complained afterwards. A few high-profile people, such as Kenny MacAskill, objected but it was also too late. Since then, Sturgeon has successfully ridden two horses as Leader of the Party, with her husband as a mere apparatchik, and, separately, as First Minister, . She has successfully convinced many people – for example within the MSM – that she has Chinese walls in her brain. No pillow talk between the Murrells, of course!

      3. One crucial thing that Salmond did was introduce a popular referendum of the Scottish electorate as a necessary step to go through to achieve Independence. “Surely after achieving a majority of SNP MSPs at Holyrood (as in 2011 but not repeated since then) and at Westminster (as in 2015 and thereafter), we could win a referendum of the people”. But it was not to be.

      4. This alternative Gradualism (akin to “Steady State Theory” in Physics), plus a a steady Party growth, allowed the SNP to attract: (a) lots of mediocre carpet-baggers who saw a career at Holyrood, one that they couldn’t achieve outside, and (b) lobby and other action groups to latch on to this new rising political movement, not just the usual lefty-liberal types but emerging forces like Feminism, LGBT and others, who seldom saw the pursuit of Independence as their cause, but a suitable “local” vehicle to associate with. These groups returned little to us but Sturgeon (and others) were receptive, new forces within politics to court – and with her particular persona and psyche, she reciprocated.

      4. From 1999 to 2007, SNP MSPs were mostly people with real-life baggage with them. In other words, they had earned a living and inhabited the outside world, free from immersion within the political bubble. Salmond did the right thing in 2007 in assembling a pretty competent government who didn’t make too many mistakes. The message was minority, but competent government. Sturgeon was one of the few who didn’t have much experience after she qualified as a solicitor – and a chequered short career it was too. Our circumstances changes in 2011 when in the Scottish Election we were able to “game the electoral system”, winning 69 seats out of 129 (53% of the total) with only 46% of the vote. (Labour choose the wrong “game” by concentrating on constituencies with no dual nominations to constituency and region.)

      5. We lost the Independence Referendum in 2014 by 55.3% to 44.7%, a huge margin of 10.6%. In my opinion, Salmond was wrong to resign – stupidly he thought he could still control Sturgeon who was “crowned” with his blessing. Big mistake. The MSP 2011 input had produced a cohort who often thought, largely, that they could rule the world but they had little experience of the actual world outside politics. Few had earned a living in trade, business and the professions. The result has been growing governmental incompetence ever since.

      6. Nevertheless, the Government and many MSPs were easy meat for Wokish lobby groups, either due to: their own orientation, being flattered by attention, seeking an easy, cumfy life, or occasionally thinking they were doing good. Also, the Party has been completely corrupted internally, starting in 2017 with the abolition of National Council and the reduction of ordinary member representation and the proliferation of overlapping special interest groups on the NEC. Now NEC controls everything, including direct candidate selection, through the Murrells, Angus Robertson (predictably), Michael Russell (sadly) and several others in the Nicola band of acolytes. Conferences for many years are just Nicola fan-club rallies.

      7. There will be no indyref2 next year and Sturgeon and her coterie will play us for sheepish fools until the Party collapses or they leave at their own choice.

      This is the story of many organisations, not just political parties. A complete change, either internal generated, or forced upon it, will be required to reverse out this cul-de-sac.


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  27. Aye I was not pleased with Alex for stepping doon. We don’t quit even if we lose or are cheated that’s why we are still around. Nae point dwelling on it, it’s happened and well he is out there and daeing his bit along with other folk. There might not be a referendum next year due to going to the international court so that all the things that you have brought up can be vindicated for all of those who have been cheated and quite frankly been decieved. I snuck in a wee prayer for Alex to come back a wee while back and I have to say next thing Alba formed. I posted a like the phoenix the unicorn rose up fae the ashes meme with the saorsa Alba. Somebody made it years ago so I took it and kept it for the right time. 😁 We are taking back the unicorn as well just so people know. Now what if a lot of people collectively put out a wee prayer and used things to make what looked hopeless happen?

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    1. I looked
      and I saw a white unicorn
      loping over Europe.
      She was like Enbarr of the De Danann.
      Lightning was her eye,
      thunder her foot;
      but she dragged a chain.

      I looked
      and I saw her astray in a great wood
      and her chain snared in an oak root.
      Her wailing ate at my heart like acid,
      and her eye was to my eye
      as mirror to mirror.

      I looked
      and I saw a white unicorn
      losing its footing
      on Sauchiehall Street.

      (from ‘The Midge’)
      Dh’amhairc mi
      is chunnaic mi aon-chòrnach geal
      ri cruinnleum thar na Roinn Eòrpa.
      Is ann coltach ri Enbarr nan Dè Danann a bha i.
      Bu dealanach a sùil,
      bu tàirneanach a cas;
      ach shlaod i slabhraidh.

      Dh’amhairc mi
      is chunnaic mi air seachran i ann an coille mhòr
      is an t-slabhraidh aice an sàs ann am freumh daraich.
      Chnàmh a caoineadh mo chridhe mar shearbhaig,
      agus bha a sùil ri mo shùil-sa
      mar sgàthan ri sgàthan.

      Dh’amhairc mi
      is chunnaic mi aon-chòrnach geal
      air droch sheasamh chas
      air Sràid Sauchiehall.

      (às “A’ Mheanbhchuileag”)

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  28. Couldn’t agree more. The women ( or however she identify) needs to be gone now.
    The very shortly to pass, GRA reform is her legacy and passport to USA stardom. All except Biden and the Democrats are predicted to take a big hit on the mid-terms on this very subject.
    We owe a depth of gratitude to the XXXXL fake titted trans identified male teacher for exposing this ridiculous situation (worldwide viral on twitter). He, she, it, Must have trans ‘peaked’ a million. Democrats are going down and Sturgeon’s ambitions with it.
    As usual she’s too late and behind the curve, most especially for Independence.
    She could have gone down in history, as it is, it’ll be as traitor.

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    1. Trans exclusionary radical feminist . IE a normal woman who cares about women and children. Nicoliar’s the opposite of this IE a pervert enabler

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  29. Just a small digression but how many folks have read about the taxpayer in April his year shelling out £622 for a flight to London and £1,020 for two nights in a hotel so that Nicola Sturgeon could appear on the chat show Loose Women.

    The gravy train queen certainly knows how to piss all over the taxpayer with grotesque expenditure like this. Tip of the iceberg without a doubt, and just like her party.

    And who in government signs off on expenditure like this.

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    1. I saw someone post this a long time ago and it stayed with me and when a comment like yours comes up obviously it reverts back.

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    1. Yeah people should look at RFK jnr and their Children’s Health Defence team. There’s a new film being released and free to sign up to on.


  30. Everyone should know about WEF it’s not a secret but on what you said in regards to fighting against it, well for Scotland this would be Salvo because it allows for the convention of estates as Sara put it and we literally are holding those accountable for crimes against the people of Scotland.

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    1. When you think about these documents and how Sovereignty of the people and everything that they are asking us to sign up to and educate others, well it makes perfect sense that if we don’t then they will continue to do as they please unless we do something about it. So if you are going to implement this and have a convention of people to see who committed those crimes etc I would think that this would covered. Now if you listened to John from the Arlington Institute in the USA they are trying to override their constitution which would allow for the people to have less rights.

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  31. “After all, London SNP has always had a presence at Pride.”

    This must be some new definition of “always” I was previously unaware of.

    As a committee member of London Branch from about 1992 to well into the 2000s, the word “Pride” was never mentioned. It never came up. Not at all.

    People didn’t enquire as to the sexual orientation of other branch members. Alyn Smith was on the committee at the same time I was, and at least once we had a committee meeting in his flat. In hindsight the flat was too tidy and well-appointed to be the home of a straight single man, so there was that, but I can’t ever recall his sexual orientation being mentioned. For all I know he wasn’t “out” at the time. It never crossed my mind.

    So no London Branch and Pride have not “always” been a thing.

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