Well it’s been some week has it not?

Well it’s been some week has it not?

I can’t remember a better story for a journalist than the one presented by the Scottish National Congress Group on behalf of the Scottish Liberation Movement which revealed Westminster has been illegally involved in extensive fraud and deception while plundering the North Sea of hundreds of billions of pounds. What is more, not only was it well argued, substantial PROOF was provided. Checkable proof!

It’s been all over social media, lots of screaming comments and ridicule from The supporters of English parties in Scotland but nobody has tried to contest the facts. Nobody has provided any evidence to prove that Scotland in 2022 is anything other than a sovereign territorial nation. Is that important?

Well YES it is because sovereign territorial nations are entitled to all the assets and land within those specified territorial borders and no other nation is permitted to illegally exploit and plunder those resources. In international law it is a very serious offence. The more so when the resources are owned by the people of that nation.

It is of course not the only offence. Not a single member of the MSM printed a word about it. Not one. Now either Scotland is burdened with the most incompetent and blind journalists in the World ( definitely a possibility in some cases) or the STATE has issued a D NOTICE banning any publication of the content of the paper or release. I have been trying to establish if this did happen but there seems to be a D NOTICE on telling me because those I spoke to were unwilling to confirm or deny anything.

It’s getting to the stage in Scotland with the media where it is possible to compare them with Pravda and come away with the impression that Pravda could be viewed as more liberal than any of them.

Of course they hope we will be discouraged. We are the opposite, when this type of censorship is engaged it enthuses us because it demonstrates to people just how dangerous our message is. They have no desire to contest our story or even ( if they could) refute any of the content. No censorship it must be. Keep the people ignorant of the truth. Keep a lid on it. They are feart..big time!

To be fair it has worked in the past, look how the McCrone Report that outlined the wealth the Scottish people could enjoy if we received a fair deal on the oil in our waters. Huge amounts of money was purloined by Westminster while using the Goebbels tactics of the big lie that we were all subsidy junkies. Both Labour and Tory parties went along with this deception. They still do today!

Well it isn’t going to work this time, people are signing up to Liberation.Scot we have very innovative campaign ideas commencing in January that will take place across the country. They are going to be fun and very effective. Tactics never seen in Scotland before. We even have plans on how to deal with a cowardly media who strive to deny our citizens key information. We are far from helpless and at their mercy.

So take heart my readers Liberation.scot is on the move and you ain’t seen nothing yet! Please share this article, the people of Scotland deserve hope. The Union seeks to stamp that hope out. We will not allow it!

I am, as always

Yours for Scotland 


Unfortunately some pro Indy websites are not pro Indy. They are pro SNP sites and ban any content on their sites which dares to question the SNP or the SNP leader. They seek to censor discussion and free expression. Fortunately many of my readers share the articles on Yours for Scotland frequently and because of this the attempted censorship is proving ineffective. This support is very important and I thank everyone who share and protect freedom of speech and choice.


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The progress of Salvo has been the most encouraging development of 2022. It is doing sterling work educating Scots about the Claim of Right and spelling out what it means that the Scottish people are sovereign, not any Parliament. All donations to this site for the remainder of 2022 will be forwarded to Salvo to support them in developing and expanding this valuable work.


Please register at Liberation.scot and join the mass membership organisation that will be the signatories to our application to the UN, debate and organise a new Scottish Constitution. The membership of Liberation is also where the first members of Scotland’s National Congress will be balloted for selection.

23 thoughts on “Well it’s been some week has it not?

  1. Very interesting post and the level of its importance can be gauged by the media silence. I am guessing there is much more to come. It looks like fun and games ahead with the SupremeCourt decision giving the game away and the establishment caught on the back foot.

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  2. It goes without saying Iain that the mainstream media is under the control of the state and not publishing and or publishing misinformation.

    This can be achieved as you are well aware through various mechanisms with D notices, formal or informal being only part of it.

    History is written in the Victor’s tongue. Similarly, perception is predicated on the colonisers narrative.

    In its basic manifestations it is when you look not difficult to see the lie after lie promulgated to the average Scot.

    But this is all part of the way that you run a colony. Misinformation, disinformation, outright lies, the inculcation of false beliefs, its all part of the picture and its been well practised.

    Brig General Sir Frank Kitson, still alive as a very old man, fought many anti independence campaigns from Kenya to Northern Ireland.

    In his two books that were redacted from publication, Kitson amongst many things ranging from using the law to take out political opponents ( like Salmond today or internment NI) to infiltrating every societal organisations from tenants groups to trade unions to rights groups, to local government also promoted the absolute importance of controlling the media. And if you couldn’t control the media he recommended setting up ones own.

    Hearts and Minds campaigns as how he saw the media. And boy, isn’t that just what we are now seeing here across Scotland.

    Poor Scotland, reliant in England, a region of the UK that has no voice, a hidden submerged sovereignty now being exposed by Salvo et al, as opposed to subsidiarity to Westminster, is it any surprise that our media is the way that it is.

    Is it any surprise that debate is being suppressed. Or any surprise that the Chief Constable recently released a press statement to say that he feared social unrest from independence. Cue the real message from that. We’re watching you and in the future potential marches, rallies or whatever will be banned – on security grounds.

    This is a war, a largely hidden war, being perpetrated by a colonial power with its tentacles all over Scotland.

    But the dissemination of truth, the exposure of the lies, the removal of the wrong sayers, is the disinfectant we need.

    This is why we need to wake the people up to what is going on. Do that, and like others before us, we win.

    That is our challenge.!

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  3. We are going to have to go round, over and under the media outlets to get this information out so it’s great to hear that you have anticipated, and have plans to deal with, the blackout (as well)!

    Once independent, and having dissolved the Union, the current press organisations will be dissolved here – there will be no demand for their lies and deceit once their complicity has been exposed.

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  4. While the MSM are silent on a matter that is absolutely vital to the future of Scotland, there is a huge difference nowadays – the proliferation of social media. Silence and misinformation from the MSM, as well as ensuring fear is spread throughout the land (as they did in 2014 and on numerous other occasions), are their weapons of choice.

    However, we have weapons of our own, weapons of peace but just as effective in spreading the truth to a colonised people.

    In 1922, Mahatma Ghandi is said to have stated “Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

    This is as true today as it was 100 years ago!

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  5. Yes Iain, it has been some week and you have played a big part in that by getting this information out to your followers on this blog, while allegedly being on holiday and taking a break form the poltics!
    I appreciate that, while you have help through guest articles, you still have to ensure they are ready for publication here and to monitor the comments, no small task when there are trolls around, spreading didinformation.
    So, a big thank you to you Iain and I hope your readers will rise to the challenge of spreading the word as far and wide as we can, despite the obstacles thrown in our way, for example by Facebook, which i get round by posting a photo of a headline of an article since they will not let me share many pieces directly., whether to do with Scottish politics or anything criticising the despicable government in Westminster.

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  6. The McCrone report is a reasonable comparison. I always had a dozen copies of that available on the stall during 2013/14 and, even with the report in their hands, people refused to believe the evidence in front of them.
    The State, including ALL Political Parties, control the information fed to the public. The “Royal Family” is the story that dominates as the main news to ensure we remain good little “Subjects”.

    We are a Colony, and for more than 300 years the narrative has been tweaked year after year until it becomes the official and “ACCEPTED” story. It has been very effective. We are as conditioned as any Country that was invaded by force and put under Martial Law

    The English left the EU on the basis that “They” will not be subject to Laws written by the Members of the Union. From War to immigration every policy is dictated by what England wants. When the UK joined the EU they had a veto. Scotland has never had any ability to challenge or amend what England wants. It is now confirmed that we can NEVER change the situation.

    Where is the story on the Supreme Court Power. How did that body come into existence. Why was it created, Who created it. Why does it interpret the Law in Scotland.

    So few People realise the Power Westminster has with it’s designed inbuilt majority for England. They can close Holyrood completely. They can pass Laws the reverse every devolved power tomorrow. However they don’t have to. They simply say “you can’t” in the knowledge that 300 years of conditioning will make us line up to thank them for looking after our assets on our behalf.

    Compare our current SNP politicians to the any previous Country seeking Self Determination and I see no comparison. When I compare them to the Vichy French Government I see remarkable similarities.

    Look hard at the language London use. An example of that is that on Independence we would lose our trade with England and have a hard border. Does that sound like a friendly neighbour? Does that sound like the deal between long standing partners ending on good terms?

    Even with the clear evidence of the theft of our assets fo Centuries Sturgeon still talks about taking a share of the debt for the Money spent in England on their infrastructure. The rob us and then present a Bill for CrossRail. HS2, The Thames Barrier, London Sewers, etc,etc.

    India had £45 Trillion stolen from their Nation. Wales was colonised and neglected once the coal was taken. Ireland saw 8 Million people leave, and an unknown number die, due to the mismanagement of London. The theft from Scotland has been far higher than from India. Like Ireland our population forced out and like Wales colonisation is underway.

    Keep up the good work. Keep getting the facts out there. The SNP won’t deliver Independence that much is obvious now.

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  7. Last Saturday there was an AUOB Rally at the BBC. For years I have been one of the livestreamers for Indy/Live and that was my primary purpose in attending.

    But I also decided to try something else – which involved actually going in (first) to the BBC and ask to speak to either a journalist or someone from the newsroom (freelance journalism is a small part of my life). Saturday’s are not a day to expect many such staff, so I was told that those available were not available.

    What next – off to STV – it’s a short walk. Same result.

    But then a bit later a journalist did make contact – he had seen me in the foyer and simply wondered who I was and why I was there – brief chat ensued and contact to follow up in due course was established.

    If you head to the Indy/Live F/Book page – it is all there – livestreamed for the record.

    Call it a total co-incidence – but the BBC Scotland evening news last Saturday included coverage of the rally.

    Sometimes in life – it’s not what you do – it’s the way that you do it.

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  8. I’ve just seen on Twitter , possibly from Sara, that the UK and Scottish governments are looking for sites to set up ‘free ports’ in Scotland, This is another example of theft and I suggest we look at ways in which this can be resisted.

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  9. More power to you Iain, and Salvo/Liberation, I’m not surprised there’s not been anything in the Britnat media about the mega-theft of Scottish assets, thankfully social media gives us an outlet to spread the word and young folk use social media far more than they watch the Britnat news. The tide is turning in our favour.

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  10. The SNP has no intention of fighting for Scotland’s independence. Sturgeon can’t even be bothered anymore to hide her disdain for the independence movement. She just wishes we’d all go away. Getting rid of Sturgeon would be a start except Scotland is running out of time demographically.

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    1. Doug, I wonder how many of us thought that we would ever see the day that it would be an advantage to the Yes Movement, and for Scotland itself, to see the weakening of the major political party originally allied to the cause of an independent Scotland?

      It has only taken 8 years since the referendum for that party to get to this situation and there is one major reason that it is where it is today.

      Apart from individuals, the loss of the founding credentials of democracy within that party has resulted in rancour, division and the loss of many thousands of its members. the majority of which were their most experienced orators and campaigners. Not only has that party been fractured but it has also caused the loss of cohesion within the Yes Movement that was so evident during the 2014 referendum.

      Following the decision taken by the UKSC last week, it is now clear to me that no political party will be able to achieve self-determination and independence for Scotland playing by the rules set by Westminster but the anger that decision has created has reinvigorated the Yes Movement.

      However, we are fortunate indeed to have Salvo and the work already undertaken that has shown there is another way forward and a way that does not need to rely solely upon political parties to achieve our objective. The creation of the Scottish Liberation Movement and a future Scottish National Congress has at last lit a beacon of hope in what had become a depressingly gloomy picture.

      It is now up to us to fan those flames of hope until it becomes a conflagration that finally releases us from what has always been an unequal and abusive union.

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  11. Here is another tool of the Colonial State. The SG and the Scottish People are against Nuclear Power. Westminster has been screaming that a Renewable rich Country should build Nuclear Power Stations.

    They need a wedge to put in the door to force acceptance and along comes a Unionist ally….Any bets this is given full Westminster support and will be a test case requiring the Westminster Government to “step in” to ensure that Devolved Government or planning Rules don’t hinder this wonderful progress.

    Ineos, the chemicals company owned by the billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has held exploratory talks with Rolls-Royce on nuclear technology that could eventually be chosen to provide zero-carbon energy to the Grangemouth refinery in Scotland.

    A deal between Ineos, one of the UK’s biggest privately owned companies, and FTSE 100 engineer Rolls-Royce could help Ineos with the tricky task of decarbonising the giant refinery, while also providing Rolls-Royce with an early customer for a new technology it hopes will transform its prospects.


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  12. Really interesting the thought that D Notices might be in play.

    I’m going to suggest not this time. Firstly, if it had, you would have been served.

    Secondly, it would have provided concrete evidence of the validity of the subject matter – for an international court.

    And on an International level, I suspect the evidence of its existence would have leaked in foreign countries.

    And thirdly, with £9 million gifted to the MSM by Scot Gov (Interdicts are very expensive these days, its not just the price of butter that’s gone up), our well trained MSM know what is expected of them and how to win treats.

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  13. Trying to enthuse the Scottish people by telling them they are being robbed of their natural resources is a pretty thankless task to be honest , ordinary folks just don’t get the concept of them owning these huge resources in remote places that need huge capital investment to exploit those resources. They don’t see them as belonging to them and those that put together the effort to extract them probably deserve the rewards.

    How do we change this into righteous anger about the theft and exploitation that we put up with ?

    Do you remember the SNP’s “It’s Scotland’s OIl” back in the ’70’s , a campaign which was maligned for its selfishness but , boy was it successful!

    Scotland elected its first tranche of SNP MPs, investment in infrastructure started to happen (albeit only what was required to get and move the oil), decent jobs and new industrial opportunities bloomed in the North and East , whilst the West of the country was run down. The SNP at that time was doing its job and getting at least a share of the cake for Scotland.

    That spirit of demanding a fair share, at least, has disappeared from the SNP which has transformed from a party that wanted to encourage home-grown business (Tartan Tories was the insult then) into a kind of social work department that’s all things to all men (people!)

    Forty years on we find ourselves in a Scotland with little public aspiration or appetite for fundamental change, cossetted by decades of a minimal benefit system and patchwork infrastructure projects we are not match-fit for the new challenge of Independence , some would say that this has been intentional, but it is where we are.

    If we are to get back on track then the vision has to be personalised, , individuals , families and communities need to be given real , specific tangible benefits to independence , make those commitments and better well-paid jobs , better housing , better infrastructure , better education , better health , a better future will follow and then they’ll want it . People want these things now , not just for their children at some nirvana in the future.

    All the SNP are doing presently is managing the decline , they hardly talk about these subjects anymore , that’s why the cause is faltering , tell the folks they can have these things and more with independence , trying to nitpick with Unionists will get us nowhere , they are just playing for time and they are winning.

    Overcoming apathy and scepticism about how good the near future could be is our biggest problem thanks to the nu-SNP , the media and the I’m alright Jocks amongst us but it can be sold , let’s take a leaf out of Johnstons book and start boosting independence and believe that we can deliver when the time comes.

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    1. People are managing, the sites are under attack but persistence pays off. Trying changing and use another browser. People tell me Firefox works well. If there is difficulties it is not from our end but others.

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